I write my astrology forecasts for the magically operative and creatively active, so benefic influences can be harvested and also turbulent energies can be processed and put to good use, rather than being ducked, dodged or taken with a wincing restraint. 

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September 1, 2020

Walton Ford 

          This month is highly characterized by the persistent Square between Mars and Saturn, so we will explore the dynamics of the month as a rundown from one perspective then the other.  Mars squared Saturn on August 24th initially, and since Mars is stationing to retrograde and Saturn is stationing to turn direct they remain in close configuration for an extended period of time.  You might imagine that they are two forces in different corners of a fighting ring squaring off to one another in a fight that goes into several overtime rounds.  Saturn is delivering the overcoming square and Mars gets spun into retrograde, so in many ways Saturn has the advantage naturally, but there are many dynamics at...

August 24, 2020

          Well well well, here it is, the first installment of the Mars and Saturn squares perfect today at 2pm Eastern.  This is not a sudden event, but has been cranking together like a ratcheting jaw for some time now in its gradual grinding motion with some friction sparks as cold metal and torch flames come into contact.  Mars has some agenda to employ some actions and make some alterations, cutting back this, severing that, meanwhile Saturn more than suggests everything stay locked tight exactly how it is, no time for discussion.  This is largely the conflict of tactics versus strategy, critical response versus how things have been planned.  With Saturn still sidling up to Pluto and the technocratic plots and geop...

August 17, 2020

        In any direction beside straight down is infinity.  Straight down leads also to infinity but first traverses through the gravitational center of our earth’s sphere and out the opposite side of the planet into an endless space where direction is contextualized very differently than on the terrestrial plane.  The Neoplatonists’ and subsequent Gnostics’ conceptualization of the ascending spheres from what they perceived to be presumably dogshit ghosts and slaves up through woman to normal men and male children up through planets and their Angel’s in order of speed becoming more and more objective and less and less subjective until you get beyond the whole problematic mirror world of illusion, out of creation to the...

August 1, 2020


          We need resurrection, as in Phoenix, we need Angels, Micheal in particular, we need the flaming sword and the vanquishing pounce of Micheal from 100 B.C. Thebes to arrive ablaze at dawn in winds that shriek and whistle IAO ABRASAX.  We need Lions with the bodies of Serpents, we need Dragons, encircling the sky, peeling away by lightening flash and thunder roll the scroll canvas of corrupt writ and false law.  We need healing and health; in truth, in clarity, not pharmaceuticals and more poison, forcing us to perpetually extend our alchemical efforts and thwart our progress in the work.  Black Dragon, Green Dragon, Red Dragon.  Nothing Is True, Everything Is Permitted.  Assume op, assume manipulation, trust no...

June 30, 2020

          What did we even like about culture anyway?  Why were we connected with anyone at all in the first place and are these relationships we have still working?  Or have the others on the opposite of the exchange become dangerously polarized, and are now a part of some kind of collective group think or another?  Is there anything outside of the virtual, or are we naked in the world with all our personal aesthetics uploaded or posted elsewhere, away from our bodies or physical space?  A space in some places roiling with upheaval, and rightfully so, as the shadows cast into the foundations of all the structures which contain our world have sickened, are infected and the walls need to be demolished then everything rew...

June 22, 2020

          As we have in the past few days experienced a Total Solar Eclipse in the first degree of Cancer and Mercury’s retrograde station not far ahead in the same sign that which supports the most basic human needs, keeps us safe and supports our development are all absolutely on the table in a rather extreme way, as performative or not, policy makers are being swayed by the demands of the people who will not withdraw their presence from the streets, and triggering reconsiderations of how massive amounts of resources flow and who gets what.  That Mercury is moving backwards in Cancer editing the resource budget quite literally in the Crab’s sign, the North Node was just over the sign border in his sign of Gemini when...

June 8, 2020

          In a year marked by ingresses, eclipses and stations upon equinoxes and solstices the volumes of transits are turned up several notches and more leverage for change accompanies their actions.  The archetypes arrive, speak up and do things.  When a year like this arrives with a prominent threshold cross also in the mixture, we see even more rarified and pivotal activity cueing up.  The passage into eclipse season with the nodes having recently changed signs and a dramatic Total Solar Eclipse on Summer Solstice traveling over Africa and India certainly ushered in and triggered expected narratives lying in wait within the passage of slow moving outer planets.  We can point at more routine movements, like Mars’ th...

June 1, 2020

DISCLAIMER:  I wrote the following forecast right before events broke out in Minneapolis and there are notes throughout which comment on this fact.  For some context about what is currently going on I suggest reading articles I wrote a couple months ago about the shift from Earth to Air triplicity Epochs which we are currently undergoing, here and here

          Basically the narratives of hierarchy, resource exploitation, territory control, border defense, systematic capitalism, industrial incarceration and rationalist materialism generally are going to rapidly fall and be replaced with decentralized information networks and mutating multipolar governance geared toward increased mobility, collectivist...

May 4, 2020

          May’s transits and configurations form a complicated interwoven mechanism of activity that chews and snags on the narrative that gets fed into it and might come out the other end different than how it came in.  There is a strange quality of new clarity, curiosity and inspection mixed with major hang ups, hold ons and wait a minutes amidst considerable reevaluation.  The themes interlace along multiple lines, which is perfectly fitting for such a Gemini heavy month, a sign rife with multiplicity and paradox.  We begin with Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, in Taurus and Taurus’ ruler, Venus, in Gemini, so let’s begin with these two signs.

Venus Ruled Taurus

          Right of the bat Mer...

April 1, 2020

          Suddenly, as if out of no where you wake up and there is a 7 headed Dragon in your kitchen, or so you are told— an automatic metallic pigeon outside the window delivers the info to you via sonic centrifugal signal, and the steady stream of nonsense numbers projected across your nutrient depleted body conforms to a narrative that corroborates the story.  You’re worried.  You’ve never dealt with either a dragon or something with more than one head.  How do you do that? You reach for your blade, which has been sharpened to impossible thinness over the past few years, having to multitask with it due to a lack of other tools.  Cooking, cutting wood, slashing down assailants etc.  You proceed down to the kitchen on...

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