Detailed report on your planetary placements and their influence, insight on cycles that are playing out through the course of your life. How to polish benifics and remediate maelifics to conjure greater focus and fluidity. You will receive pdf files of your chart, an extensive written report, and a live review of your chart in person or via skype.


 Aid in timing out actions in your life whether they be when to throw a party, take a trip, or specific magical acts.



We meet over the phone or in person to discuss the upcoming astrological transits that most effect you and how you can best navigate or strategize to play the space weather to your advantage.  You'll receive pdf files of my notes and an image of your chart.



I grew up in a Tarot reading home, learning from my grandmother, who had a steady stream of loyal clients coming to her for cartomancy, palmistry, connections with dead relatives and charm work.  I continue that tradition here.  You can book a Tarot reading or have me contact spirits on your behalf with specific questions.  Both include pdf files of the reading, a written report, and a phone meeting, unless you are local and can meet in person.


Cartomancy Quick Read

I'll pull a few playing cards to answer any question on the fly for $15.  No appointment necessary.  If I'm not currently with a client I'll drop everything and give you a concise, concrete reply to your query.  DM @maresnest on IG to initiate exchange, or email


Spell Work

I can help you apply the right influence to accomplish a wide variety of goals and desires, such as financial affairs, romantic issues, creative concerns, protection, and most other things.  I work primarily with spirits (of the dead, of the Saints, of the grimoires, of the land and of the planets) and begin every contract of spell work with a divination session where I establish what direction and materials might suit your situation best.  We might end up harnessing planetary forces, involving herbal allies, calling on specific spirits, constructing charms, applying prayers, or creating sigils, employing oils and dusts among other methods.  Every working is tailor made, dynamic, flexible, informed and alive.

price varies per project

Talismans and Tools

The appropriately elected construction of planetary talismans, sigils and zenexton medicines to channel desired influences for a wide variety of results and goals such as protection or increase of memory, etc..  The process entails everything from herbal preparation, metallurgy, perfumery, poem, prayer, suffumigation to collection of locative materia, animal, vegatable and mineral.  These are to be worn as amulets, hung place specific or set on alters, used as incense, anointments, or as ritual objects.  Each will be a commission and collaboration beginning with a correspondence between you and I.               

contact for quote

Star Tours

Join me under the stars to chat about the sky and the stories which pour out of it.  Look at how the art of astrology and the stars are entwined as we point to particular planets to discuss their current as well as their general astrological influences, their orbits and cycles.  We'll discuss how to see the chart by looking up instead of at a screen, and through mythology, lore and an ongoing tradition that stretches into the vanishing point of human history, let the stars speak for themselves.  I can meet in all seasons, weather and visibility permitting.

Contact me to schedule a meeting at your location if local to Midcoast Maine and the surrounding area.  For additional fees I can travel most anywhere.  In the Summer months I deliver tours on boats out in the Penobscot Bay.

$200+ depending on travel

Power Garments

Bonnie Christin Cavanagh Reppucci can construct for you a talismanic garment based on your natal placements as well as current goals, mundane or magical.  With a background in fine tailoring she can manifest your vision for everyday wearable fashion or for ritual.  Garments are only worked during careful astrological timing with prayers going into every stitch, and further enhanced by stones and suffumigations.  Contact for commission and quote

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