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​Join me under the stars to chat about the sky and the stories which pour out of it.  Look at how the art of astrology and the stars are entwined as we point to particular planets to discuss their current as well as their general astrological influences, their orbits and cycles.  We'll discuss how to see the chart by looking up instead of at a screen, and through mythology, lore and an ongoing tradition that stretches into the vanishing point of human history, let the stars speak for themselves.

Star Tours depart at sunset from the public dock in Belfast, Maine Thursday-Sunday conditions permitting and run for roughly three hours. Some snacks and refreshments provided but feel free to byo

$240 per cruise, or $40 per person, 6 person limit. Once enough people book the scheduled tour gets underway.

Fill out contact form below with subject STAR TOUR to book

Astrological consultations and cartomancy readings also available aboard Driver. Fill out the form with the subject CONSULT ABOARD to book

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