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SV DRIVER is a 33' steel sloop designed by Gilbert Caroff and built in France in 1980 by Joel Perret. It was famously sailed in high latitudes (Iceland, Norway, Scotland etc.) by the Martin family in the late 90s and early 2000s. Ja Ja and David Martin photographed and wrote about their journeys (one photo appearing here with iceberg) in their book Into The Light, as seen in their documentary Iceblink, as well as many contributions to magazines. It was aboard Driver (and their previous boat Direction) they raised their three children Chris, Holly and Tiega. You can find more information on their website as well as Holly's continuing sailing adventures on her you tube channel Wind Hippy Sailing.

When the Martins sailed into Round Pond, Maine to build their home and give their teenagers a life on land Driver was eventually sold to sailor and craftsmen Lee Spiller who sailed Driver in Maine and Canada as well as brought her on land for refit at his home.

I acquired Driver in 2023. Aboard I sail, live, host Star Tours, write, paint, practice divination, give astrological consultations, and travel to specific sites for ongoing research.

Another Gilbert Caroff designed steel sloop can currently be found sailing on the YouTube channel SV Hakluyt Expeditions

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