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Spatial Conditioning

I have a background in organic farming, fine gardening, landscaping, various kinds of construction, primarily Timber Frame Restoration.  I can bring my building and layout skills in combination with astrological, material, magical, timing, directional, energetic and animist considerations to alter the relationality and metaphysical function of a space so that it acts like a large scale talisman to assist in navigating towards the change you'd like to see in your life.  This takes on the form of light construction,  design, renovation, installation, sculptural components and so on.  Outbuildings, pathways, walls, balconies, living spaces, etc.


Spell Work

I can help you apply the right influence to accomplish a wide variety of goals and desires, such as financial affairs, romantic issues, creative concerns, protection, and most other things.  I work primarily with spirits (of the dead, of the Saints, of the grimoires, of the land and of the planets) and begin every contract of spell work with a divination session where I establish what direction and materials might suit your situation best.  We might end up harnessing planetary forces, involving herbal allies, calling on specific spirits, constructing charms, applying prayers, or creating sigils, employing oils and dusts among other methods.  Every working is tailor made, dynamic, flexible, informed and alive.

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Talismans and Tools

The appropriately elected construction of planetary talismans, sigils and zenexton medicines to channel desired influences for a wide variety of results and goals such as protection or increase of memory, etc..  The process entails everything from herbal preparation, metallurgy, perfumery, poem, prayer, suffumigation to collection of locative materia, animal, vegatable and mineral.  These are to be worn as amulets, hung place specific or set on alters, used as incense, anointments, or as ritual objects.  Each will be a commission and collaboration beginning with a correspondence between you and I.          

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