Talismanic Protocols

 -moon free of malefics

 -moon non combust

-moon not applying to eclipse

-soft aspect to benefics

-seperating from one fortune while applying to the other

-on asc 

-in diurnal sign in daytime and nocturnal sign at night

-quick effect in signs of short ascension;; 

 -direct, long, oblique in signs of long ascension

-aspects to planets in signs of short or long ascension modifies effects

-avoid slow motion, less than 12* per day)

-avoid via combusta (8 or 15 libra to 3 or 15 scorpio

-avoid ends of signs, terms/bounds of malefics

-avoid 9th house (cadent)

-if contradicting guidlines place jupiter or venus on the ac

-if you want to do evil, reverse protocols, i.e. aspect malefics etc.


-phase: full and filling with light

-lunar day

-dignify moon by sign ruler

-moon free of SN

-moon day? Moon hour?

-moon on mc depending on application

-soft aspects to dignified planets



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astro.com : chart generation


renaissanceastrology.com : Christopher Warnock


medievalastrologyguide.com : Ryhan Butler


-1: Al-Sharatain-“Horns of Aries”


-image: warrior with spear

-elec: journeys, medicine, beginnings, relationship hostility, discord

-talis: destruction, depopulation

-det: Iron ring, black wax: Geriz

-PGM: Ox

-GV: Lucifer: Chief Spirit, red when angry, offering of mouse

-QUI: Exu Lucifer


  • m:1: Pretty obviously the start of the sequence in the spring on the ram and the horns with a warrior and a spear in Mars’ sign, and the Ox as another symbol of the Horns and fertility and Lucifer, the chief spirit of the whole hierarchy as Goetic and as Exu.  The Picatrix mention ‘black wax’ corresponds to Lucifer and colors and candles pretty readily.  Also to note is the associations of Lucifer’s role with Apollo’s into antiquity and this being Aries is the Sun’s exaltation and the point of more light than darkness.


-2: Al-Butain- “The Little Belly”

-12*51’ Aries-25*42’ Aries

-image: crowned king

-elec: dig wells/streams, treasure, planting crops, destroy buildings, set people against one another, firm incarceration

-talis: removal of anger

-det: white wax, mastic, form crown king, lingam aloes: Enedil

-PGM: Vulture

-GV: Satanachia: Lucifer deputy, seal: horned bird or insect

-QUI: Exu Marabo, associated with hunter deity Oxossi


  • m:2: here we have an image of a crowned king and the first deputy of Lucifer, a prominent role, then the animal a Vulture and a GV seal depicting perhaps a winged bird or insect, either way there are parallels to carrion birds (birds of prey, carcasses, flies etc.) and the Exu associated with a hunter deity as well as mention of the belly, which contains the entrails, and entrails association with the underworld and carrion birds, an overarching theme in general (sky, stars, underworld, primordial body of universe, beasts, the dead, the moon, etc.)


-3: Al-Thurayya- “Many Little Ones”

-25° 42' 51'' Aries – 8° 34' 17'' Taurus

-image: seated woman with right hand over her head

-elec: safe sail, alchemy, works of fire, hunt, love, firm incarceration

-talis: aquisition of good things

-det: musk, camphor, mastic, aromatic oils, wrap in cloth: Annuncia

-PGM: Bull

-GV: Agliarept: Lucifer Deputy, seal: horned man

-QUI: Exu Mangueira, chief of line, deputy to Lucifer


  • m:3: the little one refers to the pleiades which are seen as oracular women and we get a seated woman doing some ritual gesture, Sybils and oracles famously visited by heroes and nobility etc., varied elections including fire and we have another of Lucifer’s deputies in both GV and as Exu, the Exu’s name meaning mango tree, and trees usually related to oracular sites.  Agliarept may be an allusion to ‘flying raptor’ or bird of prey, which keys in further to the Lucifer stories (Enoch, etc.) and the animal here is a bull, denoting the entrance into Taurus and the echo of the horns from the primary Ox, and the seal from GV displays a man with horns and horns for eyes with a horn through the nose.



-4: Al-Dabaran- “The Follower”

-8° 34' 17'' Taurus – 21° 25' 43'' Taurus

-image: armed man riding war horse holding snake in hand

-elec: destroy cities, marital discord, destroy fountains, destroy treasure seekers, kill and bind reptiles and venomous animals

-talis: obtaining hostility

-det: red wax, red myrrh, storax: Assarez

-PGM: Scarab

-GV: Tarchimache: Belzebuth deputy, Lucifuge Rofocale (light flee-er)

-QUI: Exu Tranca-Ruas, “Who-Locks_Streets”, nude copper skinned man with pointed ears and hooves


  • m:4: Here we have the follower , as in follower of the Pleiades, but possibly following as in pursuit as the image is a mounted man armed and holding a snake with elections and talisman for discord and destruction.  The animal is the scarab, associated with the Sun, rolled the “dung ball” of the Sun for food and a brood nest and where used heavily in funerary rites and mummies etc., contextualizing the solar-celestial underworld dynamic, they were carved of hardstone and glazed, and the Exu here tends to be copper skinned, resembling beetle shells, and syncretizes a dangerous deputy to the more serious of the three chiefs and the Scarab “follows” the Sun, Tarchimache “follows” superior Belzebuth.  Interesting, Tarchimache is said to also be Lucifuge Rofocale from the Grand Grimoire etc. who’s name means “fleer from light”, as perhaps many insects seem to, and also Belzebuth might translate to ‘lord of flies’, and this ‘insect’ associated spirit is his ‘follower’.  The image is of a warrior, who probably theoretically answers to someone, and carries a snake and its a mansion for killing and binding venemous creatures, which would include many insects and snakes etc.


-5: Al-Haqa- “White Spot”

-21° 25' 43'' Taurus – 4° 17' 09'' Gemini

-image: head without body

-elec: earning, save travelers, return quickly, improve buildings, spousal favor, destroy friendships

-talis: receiving favor from kings

-det: carry seal, put in bed for visions, silver, sandalwood: Cabil

-PGM: Falcon

-GV: Fleruty: Belzebuth deputy, seal: large nose man

-QUI: Exu Tiriri, messenger of Ogum, uncrosses hexes & rights injustices, most dangerous, chief deputy


  • m:5: the image is a head without a body, so interesting the name is ‘white spot’ and the verum seal is just a man’s head, in fact a more humanoid head than any other, the talisman is for receiving favor of kings and he is an associate of superior Belzebuth.  The Exu is a messenger and uncrosses things but is dangerous, as Belzebuth’s hierarchy is said to be ad is in the tropical territory of Algol, perhaps the most dangerous star and is seen as the Gorgon’s head.  The talisman also requires bringing to bed for visions and the Exu as noted is a messenger to a higher power, so a kind of intermediary, as ‘magical heads’ tend to be across wide traditions.  The animal is a Falcon, both winged and predatory and powerful, so it fits all descriptions and more bird of prey associations to satisfy corrolations to “Fallen Angels” and the Lucifer mythos.


-6: Al-Hana- “A Mark”

-4° 17' 09'' Gemini – 17° 8' 34'' Gemini

-image: two people embracing

-elec: destroy cities, place armies, vengeance of king’s enemies, destroy crops/ trees, destroy medicines, improve hunting, cause friendship

-talis: love between two people

-det: white wax, images face to face, wrap in white cloth, amber, lingum aloes: Nedeyrahe

-PGM: Crab

-GV: Belzebuth: 2nd Chief: appears as giant cow or he-goat with long tail, vomits fire

-QUI: Exu Mor, Exu 9 Luzes, ‘the Great’, ‘Nine Lights’


  • m:6: here we have Belzebuth himself and elections for vengeful kings, placing armies, destroying cities etc. but also causing friendship and love, which reminds of the malefics in Cancer and indeed before precessing to 2019 would have been in Cancer and the animal is the Crab and the image is two people embracing, reminding of an ‘alls fair in love and war’ dynamic.  The Exu is ‘the Great’ so both powerful and terrible.


-7: Al-Dhira- “The Forearm”

-17° 8' 34'' Gemini â 0° Cancer

-image: man clothed in robes with hands to heaven praying

-elec: increase merchandise, profit, safe travel, increase crops, beneficent sailing, cause friendship/allies, expel flies, destroy officials, favor of kings/nobles

-talis: aquisition of good things

-det: name on breast, sweet smelling things, carry seal: Siely / Selehe

-PGM: Dog

-GV: Sargatanas: Astaroth deputy, seal: moth type insect

-QUI: Exu Veludo, ‘animal hide’, ‘shaggy’, messenger for hunter god, ‘velvet night’, ‘velvet’


  • m:7: The animal is the dog, the spirit is a deputy of astaroth, mistress of beasts, the mansion extends to the precessed position of the dog star, the Exu is ‘shaggy’ with velvet hides and again a messenger, all mercurial symbols and indeed the elections and talisman are about merchandise and acquiring profit and traveling safely, and allies and the favor of kings, which is one of Astaroth’s abilities, and Astaroth’s day is Wednesday, paralleling Mercury again.


-8: Al-Nathrah- “The Gap”

-0° Cancer – 12° 51' 26'' Cancer

-image: eagle with man head

-elec: love and friendship, safe travel on wagon, friendship/allies, firm incarceration, destroy/afflict captives, expel mice and bugs

-talis: victory

-det: tin, inscribe on breast, sulfur, take into battle: Annediex

-PGM: Wolf

-GV: Nebiros: deputy of Astaroth, could be related to Cerberus

-QUI: Rios, ‘of the Rivers’, works with water element, deputy 


  • m:8: The Gap is interesting for a divinitory spirit associated by Exu with water and in Cancer.  The water of the Exu is rivers, alluding to The rivers Styx, Phlegethon, Acheron, Lethe, and Cocytus all converge at the center of the underworld.  Nebiros is a spirit of necromancy and divination, a deputy of Astaroth (mistress of beasts) and the animal is the Wolf, drawing up parallels to Cerberus who waits across the Styx gaurding the underworld entrance and is held in chains by Hekate herself, who is often connected to Astaroth by the transformation across cultures of forms of Sumerian Inanna into Ishtar then Ashtoreth etc., all associated with gates and animals and underworld ordeals; and Nebiros has been said to show up as both a wolf as well as a crow, and the image is an eagle with the head of a man, another bird of prey, and across cultures the crow and eagle might shift in transposition.  Both Astaroth’s deputies show up in mansions with elections for expelling flies and bugs and mice, and they follow Belzebuth’s mansions (lord of flies) and Lucifer’s (who’s offering is a mouse in Honorius) {{-8th: Interesting also that the Arabs knew this mansion as “The Gap” (Agrippa calls it misty or cloudy, more moist and mysterious connotation.  Nebiros appears to me as a black nebula of fur and feathers with a sort of central face) and Ashmole says it good for all works of water, so being Nebiros’ mansion again we find a connection with hydromancy for a divinatory spirit, and both the 8th and the 15th are seasonal zero points in the solstitial/equinoctial cross. ::: “dowsing”

-digging wells and finding streams and treasures shows up in 2nd Mansion, so one off from zero Aries.  No water associations with zero Capricorn.}}}


-9: Al-Tarf- “The Eyes”

-12° 51' 26'' Cancer – 25° 42' 51'' Cancer

-image: man with hands covering eyes

-elec: destroy crops, unfortunate journeys, evil, division, hatred, defense from attack

-talis: causing infirmity

-det: lead, name on neck, pine resin: Raubel

-PGM: Serpent

-GV: Astaroth: 3rd chief, black in human shape, gives favor of kings and lords

-QUI: Exu Rei De Sete Encruzilhadas, ‘king of the 7 crossroads’, superior


  • m:9: The mansion called the Eyes who’s image is a man covering his eyes reminds of the ritual gesture to greet a Chthonic god by covering an eye and turning the gaze away while curtseying.  This would have been the gesture to greet Hekate, who has been associated with Astaroth as previously noted, Astaroth also associated with Sumerian Inanna and thus Babalon and here we find the Serpent as the animal, a symbol of sexual as well as Chthonic nature and this combined love/sex/lust/war/death goddess is in a mansion with elections for destruction of crops and evil and infirmity as well as defense from the same, classic apotropaic use common in antiquity, such as with the Gorgon or Hekate herself who share some significations.  This is the time in the Northern Hemisphere of most abundant growth and also change from growing light to decreasing and the Exu is that of 7 Crossroads, a number associated with both Venus and Babalon and crossroads being sacred to Inanna as well as Hekate.  These were also stars seen by the Arabs as the eyes of the Lion constellation, and Inanna was associated with Lion’s.  Unprocessed this puts the mansion in Leo and indeed Astaroth brings the favor of kings.


-10: Al-Jabhah- “The Brow”

-25° 42' 51'' Cancer – 8° 34' 17'' Leo

-image: head of a lion

-elec: spousal love, strengthen/complete buildings, love allies, mutual help, destroy enemies, firm incarceration

-talis: cure infirmities and ease childbirth

-det: gold or latone, head of lion, name above, amber, drink liquid it was washed in: Raubel

-PGM: Horse

-GV: Scirlin: central intermediary (emperor or Duke Syrach), rules 18 spirits

-QUI: Exu Calunga, ‘cemetery’, ‘ocean’, ruler of 15 subordinates


  • m:10: The 10th Mansion is just on the other side of the solstice point which was thought of the “gate of the gods’ and indeed the spirit which falls here is the intermediary who can bring all the other spirits to the magician.  The name is the Brow and the image is the head of a lion and magical heads are associated with such intermediary spirits across traditions.  The elections are of allies and mutual help, where such spirit work would be collaborational and of mutual approach in the GV, continuing the Lucifer hierarchy top and the ‘fallen angels’ watchers and intermingling with the daughters of men and teaching them magic, astrology and civilized sciences etc.- motifs.  Interesting that the talisman eases childbirth (in cancer) and Scirlin brings forth the other spirits.  The talisman calls for amber, which is also called for in preparing the circle in GV.  The animal is the Horse, and Scirlin is the ‘vehicle’ of the GV tradition, the horse also alluding to possession but being a solar animal as this extends into Leo.  The Exu is of the cemetery, which means graveyard as well as ocean, and rules 15 specific subordinates as Scirlin rules 18 in his alias as Duke Syrach. {{{-10th: interesting that the 10th (Scirlin) facilitates childbirth and Scirlin brings spirits, and also the animal is a Horse, for transporting spirits and also for “riding” i.e. possession: also it is a good mansion for allies and mutual help i.e. collaboration; also was the ‘brow’ or forehead of the Lion and magic head making, hard to not think pineal gland also and ‘spirit sight}}}


-11: Al-Zubrah- “The Mane”

-8° 34' 17'' Leo – 21° 25' 43'' Leo

-image: man riding lion holding lance in right hand, lion’s ear in left

-elec: rescue captives, trade and profit, safe journey, stable buildings, increase allies wealth, besiege cities

-talis: pride and receiving good, people fear and respect you, favor of kings

-det: table of gold, name in front: Necol

-PGM: She-Goat

-GV: Claunech: riches, treasures, merchandise, wares, wealth wisdom

-QUI: Exu daPedra Negra, ‘of the Black Stone’


  • m:11: the mane as name is prideful and the talisman is for people to fear and respect you as they would a lion, especially as the image is a lion riding man holding a lance in one hand and the lions ear in the other; and the spirit, “much beloved by lucifer” i.e. respected by the hierarchy top, brings wealth as also does this mansions elections and the Exu is ‘Black Stone’ or perhaps black marketeer.  The black market master allusions fits the image of someone on the vehicle of a feared and powerful animal with a weapon and also controling what the beast hears; coercion and power manipulation.  The She-goat here doesn’t readily produce a connection and is seperated by the kid goat and he goat in the list by the asp which comes next, and the ‘black lead’ of m:12’s talisman echoes of ‘black stone’, and m:12’s name the changer wouldn’t be too unfitting either.  The overlap doesn’t end there though as we will see next.


-12: Al-Sarfah- “The Changer”

-21° 25' 43'' Leo – 4° 17' 09'' Virgo

-image: dragon fighting man

-elec: increase harvests/plants, improvement of allies, captives, officials, servants be honest/reliable, destruction of riches and ships

-talisman: separation of lovers

-det: black lead, name in front, bury the image: Abdizu

-PGM: Asp

-GV: Musisin: power over lords, affairs of state, power over aristocracy, 

-QUI: Exu da Capa Preta, ‘of the black cape’, fearsome reputation


  • m: 12: The Changer also increases harvests and deals with allies and officials and shows a man fighting a dragon, which is likely why we find an asp here (asps in egypt would have more meant cobras) and indeed the spirit here has power over the aristocracy and affairs of state, the Exu being of ‘the black cape’ or perhaps some kind of ‘black op’ or secret ‘knight’ etc., an enforcer who can deal with secret, mysterious, surmountable or supernatural powers, old alliances and secret societies etc. (dragons were the gaurds of treasure and commonly were/are symbols of old powerful families and syndicates)  The talisman is for the seperation of lovers, which in this context sounds very much like kidnapping, and indeed, the Exu here has a very feared reputation.


-13: Al-Awwa- “The Wings”

-4° 17' 09'' Virgo – 17° 08' 34'' Virgo

-image: man desiring coitus with woman

-elec: increase trade/profit, harvests, good journeys, complete buildings, freedom of captives, bind nobles for favor

-talis: unbinding of men impotent with women, love between man and woman

-det: red wax, white wax, embracing, amber and lignum aloes, wrap in white silk, wash in rose water, write desired person’s name, carry: Azerut

-PGM: Young-Horned-Goat

-GV: Bechaud: storms, tempests, rain, snow, hail, winds, frosts thunder, rain of blood  /toads/ etc., weather in general.  offering of a walnut

-QUI: Exu dos Ventos, ‘of the winds’


  • m:13: The mansion named the wings ends up being the home of both the spirit and the Exu dealing with weather in all forms, and the elections, though not uncommon for Picatrix at all speak of increased harvests and good journeys, both reliant entirely on weather.  The theme sort of splits as the image is of a man desiring coitus with a woman, the animal is a young-horned goat and the talisman is for sexual arousal which all go together, but the match up to the weather component is through the ‘stirring’ of the passions which culminate into a kind of stormy deluge of erotic action.


-14: Al-Simak- “The Unarmed”

-17° 08' 34'' Virgo – 0° Libra

-image: dog holding tail in mouth

-elec: love of man and wife, heal sick w/ physic-medicine, destroy harvests/plants, destroy lust, destroy roads, benefit kings, sail well, friendship/allies

-talis: seperate men and women

-det: red wax dog, dog and cat hair incense, bury image: Erdegel

-PGM: He-Goat

-GV: Frimost: love, lust, sex, human passions, miscarriage; treat respectfully, give him first stone you find

-QUI: Exu Quebra-Galho, ‘branch-breaker’


  • m:14: We continue here with more overlapping significations between spirit significations, maybe something systematic of 11 onward as they are the subordinate 18.  There are many variables that could potentially scramble things, time, transmission and translation being only a few.  Interesting that the mansion named the Unarmed has for an image a dog with his tail in his mouth, a rather ineffectual image, but one of particular anxiety and fixation.  Again the elections speak of love and lust and the talisman seperates men and women and the spirit here Frimost rules over all matters of love and lust and sex and passions.  The Exu is ‘Branch-Breaker’ and is known to bring things to conclusion and ‘break out of tough situations’ and weilds some muscle, and indeed, the animal is the He-Goat, a symbol of virility, sexual potency and general yang.  The ‘Unarmed’ connotation may be that of when you need a hand or need assistance, which makes sense as this brings us right up to 0 Libra, where we most explicitly start to look to and involve others.


-15: Al-Ghafr- “The Covering”

-0° Libra – 12° 51' 26'' Libra

-image: seated man holding various scrolls together in hand

-elec: digging wells, seek underground treasure, impede travelers, separate spouses, discord among friends/allies, scatter enemies, destruction of enemies’ houses

-talis: aquisition of friendship, all good things desired

-det: ink and parchment, frankincense, nutmeg, carry image: Achalich

-PGM: Baboon

-GV: Klepoth: spinning, turning, dancing, music, tells other player’s cards, see dances, dreams, visions

-QUI: Exu Pomba Gira, ‘spinning dove’


-15th: digging wells and pits significant to hydromancy, scrying, orphic/goetic ritual and given to <lepoth, makes sense as divinatory spirit, also with the Baboon as animal we see a Thoth/Mercurial connection to divinatory arts, and Klepoth is expert in gaming/gambling/etc. and the image from Picatrix is a man with scrolls, echoing Thoth and scribes as well as paper/writing and cards.  Also Ashmole says council no learned man and the associated star lore with this section of the celestial zodiac (via combusta) is connected to Corvus and “evil wind” gossip and cursing, social meddling etc. as Klepoth whispers secrets of what others have in their card hands, i.e. Libran focus on the other.  Also the arabic “covering” as reffered to as what is hidden and card hands etc. -additionally, the ‘covering’ may allude to the covering of light with darkness at autumnal equinox.  The Exu and the Spirit are female and this is Venus’ sign of rulership and both are associated with music and dance in some way, both Venus’ territory.  Pomba Gira means ‘spinning dove’ and indeed Klepoth spins, and being a equinoctial point, one rooted into the earths rotation, we see parallels to the ‘World-Turner’ Exu of 0 Capricorn.

-Corvus, Morrigu, conflict catalyst, seasonality in Tain, late grimoires, Hekate: mistress of Beasts, animal transformation, lunar mansions, and parallels between TOS and Tain

-also by roman period Egypt etc. Libra associated with judging the dead


-16: Al-Zubana- “The Claws”

-12° 51' 26'' Libra – 25° 42' 51'' Libra

-image: man on throne holding scales

-elec: destroy merchandise, destroy harvests/plants, discord in love/friendship, destroy women, impede journeys, liberate captives

-talis: making profit in selling/buying, 

-det: plate of silver, splendrous odors, leave out under stars 7 nights

-PGM: Cat

-GV: Khil: earthquakes on houses and towns

-QUI: Exu Sete Cachoeiras, ‘7 waterfalls’


-M:16: The claws refer to the claws of Scorpio which transitioned into Libras scales, which is why the image is a man holding scales and likely why the talisman is for a profit in buying and selling echoed into the electional section but with so much broad destruction.  The animal is a cat, seemingly inoxious, but as an animal of Saturn, there’s a reason a black one crossing your path is a bad sign.  Saturn finds his exaltation in mid Libra, so this fitting, and we might blame Saturn for the hardship brought by earthquake, of which the spirit Khil rules over, matching the destruction mentioned in the elections and the sinister nature suggested by ‘the claws’.  The Exu is ‘of 7 waterfalls’, and waterfalls are things of tremendous power and deep, loud rumbling sound as are earthquakes, and the Picatrix here suggests bringing the talisman out under the stars for 7 nights, a number repeated operationally in the GV, especially as relates to number of invocations, which has precedent in the PGM itself.


-17: Al-Iklil- “The Crown”

-25° 42' 51'' Libra – 8° 34' 17'' Scorpio

-image: monkey in iron seal holding head above shoulders

-elec: deception, besiege cities, firm buildings, safe travel by water, lasting friendship/love, 

-talis: thieves not enter or plunder house

-det: iron seal, monkey hair and female mouse hair incense, wrap in monkey skin, bury in house: Adrieb

-PGM: Lion

-GV: Mersilde: transport, teleportation, 

-QUI: Exu Sete Cruzes, ‘7 crosses’


M: 17 Al-Iklil is one over from spirit Khil (M:16), so more of that overlap with boundary neighbors characteristic of the matching systems, and maybe symptomatic to lunar nature in general (as the Moon has ben said to have an orb of 13 when other planets given only 3 degrees, due to her quick motion which echoes her general changeability.).  This name translates to ‘the crown’ and despite this likely referring to the head of Scorpio, the animal here is The Lion, part of a feline set beginning with the Cat, which might allow for the overlapping throughout the system, as in general the mansions are sets of 4 7’s between solstice and equinox points with various sets of 3’s as it takes 3 mansions to traverse a zodiac sign.  The image displays a monkey in an “iron seal”, and the Exu is of ‘7 crosses’, which we might imagine as made of iron as much Quimbanda altar pieces are, and Monkeys, renowned for agility, maneuverability and cleverness are not inappropriate to a spirit of teleportation and transportation.  The talisman prevents thieves from entering the house, and if you are moving things discreetly or illicitly you are transporting and essentially ‘teleporting’ them or ‘making them disappear, and Monkeys are indeed notorious thieves, and this is the start of Scorpio, the stealthiest sign hands down.


-18: Al-Qalb- “The Heart”

-8° 34' 17'' Scorpio – 21° 25' 43'' Scorpio

-image: adder holding tail above head

-elec: conspire against kings, vengeance against enemies, build strong buildings, free captives, separate friends

-talis: take away fevers

-det: wax snake, staghorn incense, bury in vessel beneath house or carry if ill: Egribel

-PGM: Leopard

-GV: Clisthert: day/night, light/dark and the pleasures of either there of

-QUI: Exu Tronqueira, Exu Offertory Niche, ‘dark sanctuary’


  • M:18: The Heart here refers to the heart of the Scorpion as this mansion was originally pinned to Antares, which makes sense that the image is an adder holding its tail above its head, another venomous creature, and why the elections are typically scorpionic, vengeance and conspiracy.  The talisman is made to take away fevers, or probably to banish the poisons from the body.  Interesting then that the Exu is ‘Dark Sanctuary’, kind of a convalescent room or even Asclepian temple of healing.  The Heart in antiquity was also thought to not only be the centerpiece of the body and soul but related to both the digestion and the mind.  The spirit Clisthert can give you day or night at will, and a spirit that can summon and control the mixture of solar vitality or lunar rest would be useful in a healing application, but also as the mansions suggest in espionage, sabotage and other covert operations.  The animal is the Leopard, equally suited to night or day and golden colored but covered in black markings.  The talisman also requires you bury a vessel under a house, which would be in a cool dark place, the kind of spot you’d find a snake.


-19: Al-Shaulah- “The Sting”

-21° 25' 43'' Scorpio – 4° 17' 09'' Sagittarius

-image: woman holding hands before face

-elec: destroy wealth, expel people, better travel, increase harvests, flight of captives, destroy ships, kill captives

-talis: hastening women’s menses

-det: brass, liquid storax, hang around woman’s hips (as contraceptive, (or safe birthings?): Annucel

-PGM: Feildmouse

-GV: Sircharde: see animals real and fantastical, teaches of animals, reveals treasures, comes as king, offering of bread

-QUI: Exu das Sete Poeiras, ‘7 powders’


  • m: 19: Moving on to the Sting, which obviously relates again to Scorpio we have the image of a woman holding her hands before her face and a talisman to hasten a woman’s menses, appropriate as Scorpio does relate to the genitals and the reproductive system.  The elections speak of expelling people and the talisman speaks of contraceptives perhaps, the elections of increased harvests and the talisman maybe also of safe birthing (preventing miscarriage).  The animal is the felid mouse, which has been thought of at times to be a symbol of ‘legion’ as indeed mice are quick breeders and notably prolific.  The spirit causes one to see animals real and fantastic and to have animal knowledge.  This makes sense in the context of animal legions that can penetrate through most any structure or wall.  Sircharde even receives an offering of bread, which mice are wont to chew.  The Exu is ‘Of 7 Powders’, not much to go on here other than the abundance of powder based spells across traditions dealing with conception/contraception and incorporating animal ingredients. 


-20: Al-Na’am- “The Beam”

-4° 17' 09'' Sagittarius – 17° 8' 34'' Sagittarius

-image: head and arms of man and body of horse holding a bow

-elec: tame wild/disobedient beasts, road travel and quick return, men to come when you wish, good people join together, firm incarceration, bring evil to allies’ riches

-talis: hunting in fields

-det: tin plate, wolf hair incense, carry image: Queyhuc

-PGM: Deer

-GV: Hiepact: brings people from far away, 

-QUI: Exu das Matas, ‘of the forests’, ‘of the bushes’


  • M:20, The Beam in particular may come from the forest, and the image is certainly Sagittarius itself, a centaur, the animal is a deer, the talisman for hunting, the spirit Hiepact brings people from far away’ and the Exu is ‘of the Forest’, (the Exu for Aglaisis is an Exu of smell, both suggestive of abilities to track)  The elections speak directly about people coming when you wish them to.  This one is absolutely dead ringer.


-21: Al-Baldah- “The City”

-17º° 8' 34'' Sagittarius – 0° Capricorn

-image: man with two faces, one forward one behind

-elec: strengthening buildings, increase harvests, firm profit, safely go through towns, seperate spouses

-talis: for destruction

-det: sulphur, carabe (dried tar), vessel or bag, bury at target: Bestue

-PGM: Dragoness (multiform)

-GV: Humots: brings books

-QUI: Exu das Sete Pedras, Exu of Seven Stones


  • M: 21 The name here is the City, a place of commerce and the elections to ‘firms profit’, is fitting. A Dragoness (guards treasure) and the Multiform makes sense for city itself. Humots brings books (which normally you buy in a city and are expensive) The an Exu is ‘of stones’ (i.e. coins) similarly as Claunech, who brings wealth is Exu Black Stone, the black market coin ;;; maybe the seven stones could be the planets and the black stone Saturn (?), but just conjecture.  Interesting that this approaches the 0 Capricorn degree and the name depicts construction, system, hierarchy and empire.  Also the image is that of Janus essentially, a man with two faces, as in the city you have to watch your back and look both ways etc., and indeed the talisman is fittingly for destruction, as cities typically engender ruination.


-22: Sa'd al-Dhabih- “Lucky One Of The Slaughterers”

-0° Capricorn – 12° 51' 26'' Capricorn

-image: man with wings on feet wearing helmet

-elec: cure illness, cause social discord, servants/captives flee, cause goodwill between allies, captives escape

-talis: binding tongues to prevent evil talk / safety of fugitives

-det: iron ring, mercury incense, / make seal in black wax: Geyel

-PGM: Mare / Virgin

-GV: Segal: appears prodigies, monsters, chimeras

-QUI: Exu Gira-Mundo, ‘world turner, world twister”


  • m: 22, Exu world turner on the solstitial access and interesting that Mare and Virgin are here at the “gate of men”, near Christmas Christ’s birth, the Virgin mother miracle incarnate.  Also, M:15 and Klepoth and Pomba Gira on an equinoctial point also associated with spinning.  Plus we get a Mercurial image on a world gate point, the winged helmet wearing one crossing through thresholds.  This is interesting as beginning with this mansion we have a dual list, this being wear the objects and non animal 7 in the list commence while simultaneously the Arabic names switch away from anthropomorphic, animal or human focus to favor situations and concepts, dividing at “the city” of the previous mansion, we now are in a mansion called the “Lucky One Of The Slaughterers”, and indeed the elections cure illness and speak of discord and fleeing captivity, so a helpful Hermes would be handy to have on your side.  The Spirit Segal is likely quite powerful to boot, as he brings prodigies, monsters and chimeras and known as an Exu as World Turner.  After crossing the city we meet many outrages and dangerous spectacles, a pair of gods over the past two mansions and a someone who makes the world go round.


-23: Sa'd Bula- “Good Fortune of the Swallower”

-12° 51' 26'' Capricorn – 25° 42' 51'' Capricorn

-cat with head of dog

-elec: heal illness, join friends, divide spouses, captives escape or flee

-talis: destruction/devestation

-det: iron, dog hair incense, display image to stars with Moon on AC, bury at target

-PGM: Bitch / Torch

-GV: Frucissiere: brings whoever dead or alive, revives the dead, necromancy by bones

-QUI: Exu dos Cemiterios, ‘of the cemeteries’ 


  • m:23, in the ‘Good fortune of the swallower’, we find the image of a cat with a dog head, require burning dog hair for incense, the animal / cult symbol of bitch and/or torch find themes of underworld access, a specifically necromantic spirit and Exu of cemeteries /Picatrix asks to put moon on ac with image on stars similar to the GV spell to bring a girl to you by displaying image to highest star during crescent moon at midnight on the mansion of a spirit that brings people (live or dead).  The Swallower might be the same dog as the dog is a Chthonic animal for feeding on carrion and corpses.  This extends the Mercury imagery across a third time and also continues the string of female animals begun with dragoness/multiform, the same dividing point where we ran into cult symbols in the list and a definite step change in Arabic mansion names. 


-24: Sa'd al-Su’ud- “Luckiest Of The Lucky”

-25° 42' 51'' Capricorn – 8° 34' 17'' Aquarius

-image: woman breastfeeding

-elec: increase merch, profit, spousal goodwill, soldiers report victory, not meet official, destroy money

-talis: increase herds

-det: ram horn, mundatura (clean part of horn), hang from neck of ram, (in bull horn if cow herds): Abrine

-PGM: she-wolf / Lightening

-GV: Guland: cause or heal sickness, offering of singed bread (edible charcoal?)

-QUI: Exu Morcego, ‘Bat’


  • m:24, Not surprising the mansion named ‘luckiest…’ increases merch and profit, as well as herds via talisman, and there can be a connection between the image of breastfeeding, being fed, entering into the ‘water bearer sign’, increasing herds, and spirit who can heal illness and talisman to increase herds, which are normally afflicted with maladies that reduce or keep their numbers low.  The animal is the She-Wolf, which at least in ancient Rome has a very prominent breast-feeding lore to bolster it.  The Exu surprisingly is a Bat and the Cult symbol Lightening, and even though this isn’t sufficient logic, they have shared many a Halloween motif together.  Lightening is a symbol of Zeus though, and it is worth noting that another element of the equation brought us to Rome, as in the Picatrix we also get a Ram horn, another cult symbol of Zeus, who is intimately tied to Hekate herself.  The Exu in question is an alchemist and works with fire, so the explosive volatility of lightening as well as the attribution to healing/medicine is appropriate.


-25: Sa'd al-Akhbiyah- “The Lucky Star Of Hidden Things”

-8° 34' 17'' Aquarius – 21° 25' 43'' Aquarius

-image: man planting

-elec: besiege cities, revenge on enemies, message conveyed quickly, spousal separation, destroy harvests, bound against sex, bind body parts, firm captives, secure buildings

-talis: guarding trees and crops from evil

-det: fig wood, tree flower incense, put in tree: Aziel

-PGM: Cow / Garland

-GV: Surgat: opens what is shut, opens locks, reveals treasure, dangerous, asks for a hair but give him a fox’s: Aquiel, Aquiot

-QUI: Exu das Sete Portas, ‘7 doors’


  • m:25, the ‘lucky star of hidden things’ includes elections about binding, a spirit who opens locks and an Exu of doors.  Separately we have the cow as animal with protection of crops and trees and garland as symbol  with man planting as the image.  This is one of the areas that seem to be crossing with adjacent mansions, namely the 24th, especially as the 25th is attributed Garland (could be healing wear) and the spirit of the 24th is named Guland.  The connection of trees, flowers, tree flower incense and figs is instantly pertinent, as garlands are typically made of flowers and berries.  The fact that there is some sort of element left out of the connection is almost fitting for a mansion self described as having something hidden and including spirits and exu’s which deal in locking and unlocking, access open or denied, and this applies to body parts and even sexual organs.  The Cow is often related to reproduction for obvious reasons, and that separation of spouses is also mentioned, the hidden things might be private parts and the garland might imply ephemera of romance equivalent to modern bouquets and jewelry.  Indeed, the image mentioned is a man planting, which can likely relate to sowing seeds.


-26: Al Fargh al-Awwal- “Fore-spout of the Water Bucket”

-21° 25' 43'' Aquarius – 4° 17' 09'' Pisces

-woman washing and combing her hair

-elec: bind in mutual love, safe travel by road, strengthen buildings, firm incarceration, cause evil to captives

-talis: creation of love

-det: white wax, mastic, pleasant odor: Tagriel

-PGM: Camel / Heralds Wand

-GV: Morail: make you or anything invisible

-QUI: Exu da Sombra, ‘shade’, ‘shadow’


  • m:26: The camel as animal with a spirit of invisibility and Exu of shade and shadow and camel travel would commonly occur at night to avoid the brutal sun, but also you travel by night when sneaking around.  elections for safe travel and also symbol of heralds wand, mercurial, who is stealthy, clever and can move freely.  The water spout and woman washing hair suggests an oasis which would typically provide shade, and also the associations with camels storing water and seeking water sources.  This is interestingly Aquarius spanning into the early degrees of Pisces, so the arid and dry deserts ending in a lagoon,  ocean or oasis makes perfect sense.  Roads in antiquity used to be exceedingly dangerous, or even almost certain death, so stealth in travel would be incredibly appreciated.


-27: Al Fargh al-Thani- “Lower Spout Of The Water Bucket”

-4° 17' 09'' Pisces – 17° 8' 34'' Pisces

-image: winged man with empty perforated vessel in hand and a bone

-elec: increase merchandise and profit, unite allies, increase harvests, heal illness, destroy riches, impede building, peril at sea, prolong captives incarceration, whatever evil 

-talis: injury of springs

-det: bake red earth, asafetida, storax, bury image at spring: Abliemel

-PGM: Dove / Child

-GV: Frutimier: prepares feasts and banquets

-QUI: Exu Tranca-Tudo, ‘all-locker, locks everything’


  • m:27: A man with a vessel, in a water sign, which is perforated (either needing closing to keep the contents or is perhaps copiously freely flowing) with a waterspout name, elections to increase merch and harvests, talismans to injure springs, an Exu who locks things up and a spirit who brings feasts.  Seems to be about opening or closing resource flow in a sign (Pisces) that too freely lets everything go.  The Exu might be more about holding on to goods opposed to the spirit who provides goods.  Safe travel is mentioned in the elections, and when you are traveling you need abundant resources fast and cheap if you can get it.  Also uniting allies is mentioned, and such events are almost always accompanied by feasting.  The acquiring of dowries and marriage gifts might merit increased security, more money more problems.  Interesting that a spirit of feasts is associated with a mansion whose talisman is baked, the only one, and the image includes a figure with a bowl and something to stir it, and though this is a perforated bowl, a bone and the fellow has wings, well, this is high Pisces after all.


-28: Batn al-Hut- “Belly Of The Fish”

-17° 8' 34'' Pisces – 0° Aries

-image: Fish (wishing fish?)

-elec: increase merchandise, besiege cities, increase harvests, get rid of things, destroy area, destroy treasure, safe road travel, spousal peace and concord, firm incarceration, evil to sailors

-talis: for congregating fish in one place

-det: brass, name on, sea fish skin incense, tie string on and put in water: Abliemel

-PGM: Sphinx / Key

-GV: Huictigaras: causes sleep or insomnia

-QUI: Exu Maraba, ‘crossbreed’


  • m:28: The final stretch of Pisces and the name of the fish which might be referring to the Arabic ‘wishing fish’, and the elections increase merchandise but also speaks of sailors, so more water, and a talisman to congregate fish in one place and the animal of sphinx so compare wishing to riddles and sphinx lore/ wishing lore to dreams and we have a spirit of sleep and an Exu called ‘Crossbreed’ as Sphinxes are mixes of animals and the symbol is key and Sphinxes let you pass if you answer correctly, thus giving access.  After the feasting mansion more food amassing is mentioned and even the belly itself is pointed to, which it is again skipping over just one mansion to the second one of Aries.  I may be searching too hard to connect the brass used in the talisman to the key, but its more of a match for instance than white wax and garland or iron ring and child.

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