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I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.


I consider my work to be about cycle modeling, narrative navigation, spirit dialogue, metaphysical design, influence tuning, spatial conditioning, and sublunar embodiment.  My approach is informed by the practice of astrology, cartomancy, necromancy, geomancy, goetia, the tao, the Mediterranean, ancestry, lineage, subculture, light, darkness, initiation, paradox, terrestrial existence, and living amongst animals.  I see fate as a dynamic river system that can be felt, engaged and negotiated with.

 I was raised in a household where Tarot, spirit contact, and charm making were woven into all mundane activity, being lucky enough to observe my grandmother with her clients everyday.

I reside in rural Maine in a 200 year old timberframe, dividing my time between the forests, fields, waters, skies, cemeteries, wells, old roads and edges; busy with forecasts, articles, client work, research, poetry, images, music, dogs and all else.



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“Crssy’s practice is very thoroughly researched intersectional astrology incorporating magic, herbalism, dream work and spirituality. With major personal transits laid out like a weather report, I find their overall approach to be both practical and vast. Their Saturn return guidance took a pragmatic form, whereas their read on the star placement in my chart lead to an ongoing conversation about alchemy and the body. They are a discreet and brilliant guide in a process that is inevitably complex and personal.”

-Francesca Caruso, 2018

"Crssy has been an incredible eye-opener into deeper worlds of
communication and spirit magic.  They have offered an insight,
resources, rituals, and patience to explore these relationships around
me, and to trust myself in those spaces.  We have worked together on a
few different projects, both astrological remediation/talismans for the
year, and cleansing a new house.  When i moved into a space that I hope
to be at for many years, Crssy was the first person i thought of to help
guide me into deepening my relationship to the land and structures, so
that I could build long term mutualistic relationships with the places I
inhabit. I have learned so much from this person, and am so appreciative
of their magic and willingness to share." 

-August Sender, 2018

I had always wanted to get my chart done and found that having my chart read was just the beginning. Working with Crssy has been an insightful way to better understand myself, and to learn what my questions are. Meaning I didn't understand how I could really incorporate magic into my daily life. I would say I had cultivated a spiritual sense but using magic as a tool felt just out of reach. Working with Crssy is helping me to ask my own questions and find practical and approachable ways to use magic in my everyday life. 

-Tyler Caruso, 2018

Personal tool selection is a very important skill.  If you are looking for a tool for the cultivation of your growth, you have an opportunity before you.  Soliciting a reading from Crssy is an offering to the self.  You are delivered a very unique narrative, verbal portraiture painted with words fueled by the passion he has for what he does so well.  The information in this individualized portrait is yours to hold and do with what you feel is most productive for you at the time.  Although the tone of the depiction is ultimately objective in nature, advice and suggestions do make their appearance.  They are, however, woven organically into the grain of the written material, pointed toward the direction of growth.  Imagine, if you will, the brushing of an animal’s coat, detangling and grooming done for the benefit of the psyche.  If you are like me, you feel the constant stream of emotional forces competing for your attention at most times.  It is like the fuzz you see on the periphery of your vision.  You are aware of its presence but have yet to turn your head and focus on its outlines, curves, textures and fine details.  His words invite you to do just that, turn and focus.  In this way, my experience receiving his report on my natal chart was wholly positive, and it did for me just that.  The forces which had been asking for my attention spoke the loudest to me via his words.  There is such deep identification available in his offering that you are carried, if willing, to both tears and laughter.  All of this is portrayed through his inimitable use of language, which is both distinguished and refreshingly unconventional, with an emphasis on the notion that all energy operating in your life is power that can be used to your detriment or benefit.

-Hannah Fallon, 2017

Highly recommend.  If you're interested in natal chart / astrological readings. Thorough, authentic & even suggestive of Grimoire or ritual practices to help you along your way (if you're into that). Feeling very appreciative & motivated to step outside myself and reflect for my Saturn returns year. I've never done anything like this before, but feel like I was just handed a field guide to getting my life on track. Thank you, Crssy!

-C. Lavender Suerez, 2017 

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