I consider my work to be about cycle modeling, narrative navigation, spirit dialogue, metaphysical design, influence tuning, spatial conditioning, and sublunar embodiment.  My approach is informed by the practice of astrology, cartomancy, necromancy, geomancy, goetia, the tao, the Mediterranean, ancestry, lineage, subculture, light, darkness, initiation, paradox, terrestrial existence, and living amongst animals.  I see fate as a dynamic river system that can be felt, engaged and negotiated with.

 I was raised in a household where Tarot, spirit contact, and charm making were woven into all mundane activity, being lucky enough to observe my grandmother with her clients everyday.

I reside in rural Maine in a 200 year old timberframe, dividing my time between the forests, fields, waters, skies, cemeteries, wells, old roads and edges; busy with forecasts, articles, client work, research, poetry, images, music, dogs and all else.



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