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Astrology of 2024 Overview: New Time Zero

Features of 2024 were already present in 2023, especially in the Spring, mostly clustered around late March through April. Pluto had gone into Aquarius after having been in Capricorn since 2008. We had the first North Node eclipse in Aries right next to Jupiter. (review my thorough historical database of these transits from last year) There was serious progressive shapes emerging out of the sheer conceptual and a lot of yang impulse to seek action, independence and autonomy. A whole new programing and the electricity to activate the array flashed into the mix. Then by May Pluto stationed retrograde to return to Capricorn in June and not make it back to Aquarius until January of 2024. The following eclipses were in Scorpio, then the first in Libra in the fall followed by the last in Taurus. In May Jupiter ingressed Taurus, and with Saturn in Pisces, Uranus also in Taurus, and Neptune also in Pisces this meant there was an excessive amount of yin dynamics at play. Venus’ retrograde in Leo, despite being in a fire sign, did not help stabilize an inspiring atmosphere. We had become aware of what was inauthentic and very sensitive to our circumstances. By September all the outer planets were retrograde and two of the inner planets, Venus and Mercury, were also in backward motion. Our life vehicles were sinking in the mud and we were no longer making progress. The tide had gone out and left us beached.

[above image Juan Travieso]

What seemed to help was curating our atmospheres with substance of real physical value which contributed to a vibe in which we felt at flow and free of friction. Smoothness was the order of the day, and like lazy cats, we sought out our favorite chairs to relax and recuperate. For some this was a soothing immersion in the moment, for others a stagnancy nightmare. For either there were valuable lessons in how to let go and relinquish control just enough so that you can feel the way things are naturally flowing so as to form strategies around this motion and surf it advantageously through the chronology. For most this seemed to work as much as it didn’t, blending the positive-negative spectrum into the all, which we were forced to swallow and accept. Extreme receptivity and coming to grips with reality.

Andie Taylor

Saturn was a major factor in that dynamic, and he intends to remain in Pisces obligating us to be responsible for what we are immersed in and adding form to the flow so as to stabilize our holistic participation in the world. On a mundane level Saturn in Pisces makes the world more emotional, and usually coincides with massacres and genocides to which people ask “why can’t someone stop this”. Empathy wells up globally but authorities are frustratingly lack and non responsive to the obvious emergency. Events in Gaza have a history within this cycle, as well as in the South Node Libra and North Node Aries eclipse cycle, which lessens diplomacy and increases direct action and conflict. On a personal level we can approach this latter dynamic to find increased capability and effectiveness in our autonomy while shedding relational excess and refining the scales of valuation and simplifying the harmonics of how our lives equalize. 2023 didn’t tie together the two ends of the Aries—Libra spectrum in one go, but instead gave us two Mars ruled eclipses in the spring and two Venus ruled eclipses in the fall. 2024 on the other hand introduces how the shedding in Libra and manifesting in Aries works in tandem and runs as a meaningful transfer of emphasis across a polarity of life layers in our nativities.

So in 2024 Saturn keeps forcing us to face the let go and flow, the nodes are busy making us more autonomous and less caught up in peoples judgements of us. Pluto will make headway in Aquarius from late January to September and then take one final dip in Capricorn from then until November before he carries our obsessions, fears, control lusts, mystery magnetism, overwhelm about the unknown and so on into innovation, update, upgrade and a conceptual, new paradigm of mental frameworks, networking interface and general decentralization until 2044. I, as well as many astrologers, wrote extensively about Pluto’s transit through Aquarius last year which is still relevant and worth a review. My take aways are to the tune of last time Pluto was in Aquarius during an Air period we saw changing temperatures in Europe, the distribution of diseases and impossibly disadvantageous wealth and property systems lead to the relatively rapid collapse of the feudal system and the increasing irrelevance of feudal lords. The very few wealthy elites holding all the land and wealth via subjugation of a serfdom lost the fulcrum of their sway as people ceased to acknowledge their authority and many wandered southward towards the Italian peninsula as the Renaissance was set to initiate. This was a largely an entropic process. Even non-astrological economists equate our contemporary moment to the transition between the 12-1300s and expect the current neo-feudalism of Amazon and Meta to break apart as new networking optionalities emerge. I see this as a turning point between the stacking up of systematic constructions over the Earth period we just lived through the tail end of and the redistributing action of the Air period we are now effectively headlong into. The thing we might not yet grasp is the accelerationism we are accustomed to (‘they put a man on the Moon’ style) has turned tide and we are now in a de-escalating episode where the “Global North” comes to resemble more the “Global South”, as the power and control dynamics move from hierarchies to syndicates and horizontalize across society linkages. This means a lot of different things across many fractalized layers of the world, positive, negative, neutral and otherwise, but if anything it is out with the old and in with the new in profound ways. That this accompanies the North Node in Aries at this time implies we will see people increasingly prioritizing being quick on their feet and free to act fast.

Todd McLellan

Widely noted, the Lehman Brothers bust, subsequent bailouts and recession which coincided Pluto’s 2008 ingress into Capricorn echo the Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse and its depegging of USDC stablecoin as Pluto first dipped into Aquarius in spring of 2023. Pluto returns to Aquarius on January 20th 2024 this time with the Sun traveling across the sign border with him. Over the next month Mercury, Mars, and Venus all pass over the newly ingressed outermost planet and we get a look, feel, analysis, call to action and understanding of what’s attractive about how the world’s power basis is drastically changing. The parade of inner planets immediately march over Saturn in Aquarius in the several weeks which follow, which implies a direct connection between what the world is doing and what we feel we must do within it, from the outermost mundane layer to the most internal and emotional within.

Soon after equinox we arrive at the next Aries North Node Eclipse, this time tightly conjunct Chiron and adjacent retrograde Mercury and also copresent Venus. Mars, who rules Aries is applying to conjoin Saturn at the time. Jupiter stands out of this array, but also as he rules Pisces, is involved in the loop of planets conducting whatever this expresses for you and for the world. Although, this is not Jupiter alone, but Jupiter applying to conjoin Uranus, spelling out opportunity via volatility of baseline materials and dependable substances. That Jupiter sees red via Venus in Aries caught up in an initiating and uncomfortable North Node Solar eclipse which slashes across North America. There is definitely some you gotta break some eggs to make an omelet in here, so prepare for some squeamish squinting as you can’t completely look at what it is you are about to actually do. Mars and Saturn together are as much industrious as between a rock and a hard place, or out of the frying pan into the fire, but the inherent tension of them in massively watery Pisces has overall tumult and churned seas spelled out everywhere. In the throws of a limit lacking conflict the impulse of those on the ground to move independently and freely despite there being awkwardness in being so individualistic in our impulsive desires to act according to the new emerging societal frameworks plays into opportunities to seize valuable basics as regular rhythm goes into a chaotic cadence. There’s talk of real estate markets plummeting then immediately spiking in which a lot of money can be made for those who act fast despite everything being a confusing, murky mess and you might not normally be so direct and impulsive or step on anyone else’s toes. Equally as likely and already precedented, if Pluto once again disrupts a cryptocurrency stablecoin upon entrance in Aquarius there might be a rush to make tactical maneuvers in the ensuing melee to set oneself up.

Victor Fota

New Time Zero


Mercantile Concept Cluster

De-Escalation and Forensic Retro-Assembly

Thought Prediction

Societal Syndication

Entropic Unstacking of the Hash

‘Proto-Dank-Sharding’ Cultural Commerce Chains

De-Humanism and Alienaizationism

Many Internets

A Post Search Engine World

Non Linear Horizontal Synchro-Self-Organization

Welcome To Intelligence

A Lot To Talk About

We Have To Talk

Chthonic Self Programming

Mimicry, Imitation, Curation and Staging

Theological Form Acummulators

Child Martyrdom

Financial Tidal Wave

Digital-Feudalism Disassembly

Tokenized Bodymorph

Scientific Authoritarianism

Totalitarian Surrealism

Psy Op Normalization

Multiversal Spatial Overlay

Perverse Frontiers

Lost In The Sauce

I Lost Count

Wind and Waves

Overseas Internet Infiltration

Simultaneous Ebbs and Flows

Computer Religion

Directly Unrelated

This concentration of activity across Pisces through Taurus throughout April is a key piece of the 2024 story. It’s after and in the context of this that Jupiter ingresses Gemini on May 25th, paraded in by the Sun and Venus and not long after, Mercury similar to how Pluto crossed into Aquarius with an entourage in late January into February. Not only that but Pluto and Jupiter immediately trine one another once Jupiter is in the Twin’s abode. This is a distinct shift from the 2023 shape to the 2024, as we got used to Venus curating our entire planetary pallet by chains of rulership while Jupiter was in Taurus ruling Saturn in Pisces. Now Mercury takes over that role, and since he moves much more quickly and frequently, the modality shift will be distinct. Prepare for the resonating of innovative new networks linking across expansion of information exchange opportunities and growth of data scan interfaces. This is an interesting thing to see up ahead in a world already more than burnt out on the internet. Obviously this looks like it speaks to the digital, but likely in a progressively new and unexpected way as we move through Pluto's Aquarian time towards 2044. We know that by 2025/6 Uranus will be in Gemini, and Saturn and Neptune will be Joined in Aries. At that point all the yin of this past year will be history as ideas and actions will be the dominant factors in the upcoming world. The lull of 2023 or calm before the storm has served to calm some of us down from the anxiety state of 2020 through 2022, but also to let go of the trauma, accept and digest the brutality of Saturn’s over 5 years in rulership. Pluto in Aquarius, Uranus in Gemini and Saturn/Neptune in Aries all abound with war signals historically, especially for the US. But, the US as a governance state didn’t exist yet last Air period, so the decentralized version of the Revolutionary War, Civil War and WWII is to a degree unscripted. What we do know for certain is we are headed far and away from the status quo, if we even have any sense of that in this limbo period between global lockdown and the hyper-activity to come. 2024 is a turning point in this timeline, and one in which to keep one’s eyes peeled for what is being dismantled, what is being assembled with the new modular components, where you’d like to put yourself and/or how you’d like to travel. Navigation, negotiation, exchange, communication and information will all be paramount. One obstacle is Pluto’s “plutocratic” nature. That not only will this be a proliferation of information networks, but the syndication of data and intelligence control grids. In Pluto we face our fears, society collectively as well as us personally. Some find it empowering, others terrifying and most both at once. Stablecoins depegging and governments confirming intelligent alien life publicly in early 2023 is just the beginning, literally, of a 20 year process.

It’s worth noting that as Mercury gets transferred the dispositer reigns in May 2024, his retrogrades from Earth signs into Fire signs is of dynamic importance.  Noticing something is askew in the particularities, components and logistics of things and then setting out to correct, adjust and articulate the mechanisms present in our physical and material lives finds itself very quickly leading back to assessing the fire and fuel of what keeps things running. That means not just what is technically working or not but also how enthusiastic we are about functions in our lives, how much energy we have to feed into the inertia and what gets us excited in the first place. Mercury goes from Capricorn back to Sagittarius in December of 2023, from Virgo back to Leo in August of 2024, but files his April 2024 retrograde solely in Aries. How things have been built and the historical sequence is not strategically advantageous, we’ll need to adjust our energetic trajectories and how we navigate to our holy grail— The nuances of our tactical maneuvers, the voice of our independent impulses, the negotiations of autonomy and direct communication need to be applied more effectively— The procedures and operations and engineering of our life processes are inefficient or altogether faulty and going off track, what is an authentic way to express ourselves from the spirit and reveal a more true voice while we articulate the spotlight charismatically. These things will filter into the curiosities and option expanding coherence Jupiter will bring into us, and by extension will influence how we strategize around what we immerse in and how we formulate our vibe.

Reian Williams

Venus’ retrograde in Leo last year will return to mind as Mercury reconsiders the same zodiacal space, connecting August and September of 2023 to the same months of 2024. The year concludes with Mars moving backwards in Leo as well, and proceeds into Cancer in January of 2025 where he remains retrograde for the first couple months of next year. It appears what Venus began to re-evaluate about truth, authenticity, honesty, and that which our animating spirit is focused on resurfaces when Mercury comes to analyze the same topics for something in need of adjustment and Mars more directly as challenges arise there, conflicts ensue and obstacles render energy erratic. Apparently the regularity of the solar principle or the intention of our divine intelligence or the objective truth of things in the light of day isn’t so easy to adjust in some senses and way too easy to obscure or subjugate in others.

2024 concludes on a hot note, and maybe an agitated one, echoed by the North Node Eclipses in Aries. New concepts, major power shifts, society restructuring surprises, and a proliferation of ideas and options combined with a relative lack of control combine into the plasmic recipe which injects the year with pointing heat and focused intensity. There's belligerence and impulsivity and combativeness cooked in on a mundane scale which introduces the raising temperature of 2025, but on a personal level this could translate as the bravado and gusto necessary to take stabs in radical new territories.


Todd McLellan


Major Features

-Pluto in Aquarius: power, control, obsession, fear, mystery, unknowns, underworlds in the mode of frontiers, pioneering, new systems, updated structures, innovative mental frameworks, concept and hypothesis, cutting, edge, collectivism, like minded enclaves, avant garde, progressive thinking, networks, syndicates, horizontalism, decentralization

-Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus: coherence, expansion, growth, opportunity, understanding of what is stable and of value in the real and substance based fusing with experimentation, radicality, volatility, sudden shifts, turbulence, revolution, epiphany, chaos— opportunity via volatility and rapid mutation of norms

-NN solar eclipse in Aries: pull into manifesting via an ideology of autonomy, independence, effectiveness, direct action

-conjunct Chiron: impulsive action that is awkward, uncomfortable, ultimately healing but likely at first wounding and severing

-Mercury RX in Aries: rethinking autonomous actions, correcting independent communications, re-organizing direct activity

-Venus in Aries: desire for action, attraction to boldness and directness, battle aesthetics, pleasure in competition

Uri Lifshitz

-SN Lunar eclipse in Libra: releasing, shedding, purging, refining relational balance, cultural values, and diplomatic harmony, and equalization of aesthetics

-Venus separating sextile Jupiter in Taurus and conjunct Saturn in Pisces: the above in collaboration with the real opportunities of things with substance and able to release control and move with the flow

-Jupiter in Gemini: expansion of options, proliferation of ideas, abundance of paradoxical and polarized notions, increased exchanges, dilation of communications

-Mercury becomes dispositer: Jupiter and Saturn and everything in Jupiter and Saturn ruled signs answering to the speeding up, slowing down, many aspects, sign switches and disappearances and reappearance of Mercury making many loops in the plot line and overlaying a nuetrality and cleverness— also the variability of quality or fidelity in communications and thinking processes

-trine Pluto: opportunities in harmony with the new and incoming societal era

-square Saturn: growth opportunities in tension with what is possible in the natural flow of thing and dictated by not having much control over circumstances, or joy subject atmospheric currents

-Mercury RX in earth to fire signs: rethinking what is practical based on how exciting something is or how much fuel there is to animate things


Brian Morris

Month By Aspects

Jan: confusion about trajectories as tactical responses to staying on course are muddied, the coherence of the rhythm of the moment jiving with the way things have been flowing, combiing tactics and actions to maneuver chess-like through territory within the parameters of facilitation, taking opportunities to achieve ground from basic understanding of whats worth real value, and in this fashion involving our strategic intelligence, suddenly a new era of innovation is visible and external events usher in new ominous concepts.

-MercuryRX and Mars square Neptune

-Saturn and Jupiter close to sextile but separating

-Mars sextile Saturn

-Mars trine Jupiter

-Mercury trine and sextile Jupiter and Saturn

-Sun Pluto Aquarius ingress

Feb: We look directly into new concepts emerging in our lives and the world and network connections throughout upgrade of power dynamics objectively, subjectively, in values, intellect and critical responses, all of which challenges the understanding of the status quo

-Pluto conjunctions, inners square Jupiter

March: Forced to accept the way things must flow and what we can do about it as far as controlling the vibes we acclimate in accord with obsessions to pioneer and dream of what else might be as a refinement of diplomacy and release of outdated relational considerations is required.

-Saturn Conjunctions

-Sextiles to Pluto

-Neptune conjunctions

-Libra eclipse

Kenny Scharf

April: Intense energy to step into direct, autonomous action no matter how uncomfortable it makes us and others as we reorganize around independence principles and desire bold moves in accord with a pioneering paradigm. Though non linear and subject to ebbs and flows an ambiance of industriousness emerges as we understand how we need to shake up the basic program and experiment with safety and stability philosophies.

-Aries eclipse

-Mercury RX Aries

-Venus sextile Pluto

-Mars Saturn conjunction

-Jupiter Uranus conjunction

May: moment of needing to come to terms with and digest the progress into new concepts thats been updating mental frameworks, a love of basic, natural and organic things clashes with cutting edge ideas, although proving that taking direct action and following impulses directly for swiftest effects can jive with the pioneering emphasis, still our thoughts are on simple pleasures and how to plan around them. Inevitably, our desires and creative pleasures volatize and we become attracted to shaking things up more. At this point ideas and options begin to buzz at an exponential rate. Everything we think or say seems in harmony with a progressive shift into an updated new and unfamiliar era. Perhaps we can operate on stable principles in respect to holistic limitations as we become increasingly experimentally minded.

-Pluto stastion RX

-Venus square Pluto

-Mars in Aries

-sextile Pluto

-Mercury square Pluto

-Venus conjunct Uranus

-Jupiter ingress Gem

-Sun, Venus and Jupiter trine Pluto

-Mercury sextile Saturn

June: Pausing to take our desires to heart in the context of all the new options opening up and what would be the smoothest strategy, being slow to take action and needing to get energetic momentum going at cross purpose from pressure to upgrade conceptually and be progressively minded, Freely flipping from idea to idea even when contradictory is clever but not in service of a continuous and congruent whole. Having to make a choice between desire paths is not easy when pleasure is so high saturation and vision is blurred by fantasy. Analysis and desires tuned to comfort, sustenance and refreshment harmonize to the chronology of the flow state and fall into a constructive atmosphere. We are called to be patient.

-Venus Cazimi square Saturn

-Mars square Pluto

-Mercury square Saturn

-Venus square Neptune

-Mercury square Neptune

-Sun square Neptune

-Mercury and Venus trine Saturn

July:  Self expression and sovereign exchange challenged to balance with new collectivist programs. Dreams turn into delusions and escapes, though sometimes in a pleasurable and nourishing way. As momentum builds the flow state can be surfed. Desires for authentic art and romance as resonates with the true self vs ominous new progressive societal ideas. Effort and action gaining momentum methodically climaxing in turbulent moment and threat of going off the rails but if tactically ridden can lead to revolutionary results, hot-roding the plan. Leads to multitasking and omnidirectional attack in the new cutting edge paradigms. From our own center we get a clear look at the future, and our thoughts become uproarious and unable to accept restriction.

Mercury opposite Pluto

Neptune RX

Mars sextile Saturn

Venus opposite Pluto

Mars conjunct Uranus

Mars trine Pluto

M Tchaikovsky

Aug: Desires to be our true selves clash with disruption to the norm. As we desire a correction on logistical operations we realize we have to rethink how things are engineered and who exactly we think we are and how to communicate about it. There are an abundance of opportunities we’re heaqring about to take a lot of various paths and make a variety of connections especially if we act quickly and hit many points at once but the way things are set to naturally flow doesn’t always conform to what is technically in potential to do and we have to be patient, there is opportunity in expanding into only what is frictionless. We might focus on what expresses ourselves most truly but it could also come up against resistant in how things have changed basis, as we’re finding flaws in what we’re immersed in and its hard to be precise about our preference when so many different things are happening which require our attention. At some point we need to just let things go and simply escape into decadence to get through the process as desperate times require desperate measures, which can bring us into harmony and accord with the hypothesis of the times and bring us into relation with unfamiliar people of like mind.

-Venus square Uranus

-Mercury RX in Virgo

-Mars square Saturn conjunct Jupiter

-Jupiter square Saturn

-Mercury RX square Uranus

-Venus opposite Saturn

-Venus square Mars

-Venus opposite Neptune

-Sun square Uranus

-Venus trine Pluto

Sep: Attempts to decide between paradoxical courses of action contend with illusion and slippery circumstances or the generally unreal. We slide back into old structural narratives or are haunted by our pasts for finalization of an ending of an era. Coming to terms with how we think and talk about ourselves and our authenticity or self sovereignty clashes with disruptions to the normal program or natural pace of things. Looking at flaw and friction from a flow state perspective. Cultural, relational and aesthetic balance and harmony harmonized with expanded communication channels and opportunity to exchange in a variety of ways. Specific details struggling for clarity amidst big info bloom. Having the patience to process in a situation thats messy by nature. Looking towards revolutionary methods to tie up loose ends and finish procedures. The pleasure of creative culture vs corrupt society, which does haver its benefits from a procedural perspective especially when approaching things as a neutral technician.

-Mars square Neptune

-Pluto returns to Cap

-Mercury square Uranus

-Sun opposite Saturn

-Venus trine Jupiter

-Sun square Jupiter

-Mercury opposite Saturn

-Sun trine Uranus

-Venus square Pluto cap

-Sun trine Pluto Cap

-Mercury trine Pluto Cap

Oct: Shedding outdated cultural and relational balances as particular insights arrive. Uncompromising passions, edgy sensitivity to resources and sustenance and going with the flow combines across instincts and intuitive intelligence stirring emotions. We begin to slow accumulation of information so as to understand all the new ideas being talked about, with a focus on harmonizing relations. Animal passions challenged by disturbances to baseline substance, saturated in illusions of permeability, and in tune with heavy power games. We pull into impulsive action and an independent modality. Our most intimate thoughts are part of the fabric as our excitement around ultimate attractions clash with reality of the ebb and flow.

-Libra eclipse after Mercury cazimi

-Venus trine Saturn and Mars, grand trine

-Jupiter stations RX

-Sun trine Jupiter

-Venus opposite Uranus

-Venus trine Neptune

-Venus sextile Pluto

-NN Aries Lunar eclipse

-Mercury trine Saturn

-Venus square Saturn

Nov: Desire for the ultimate vs understanding all the facets. Triggered by resource manipulation we head off map. Navigational enthusiasm in a backwater, so we’ll have to proceed by instinct no matter what deception is afoot, that way we’ll feel when we’re on the right side of the tide. We can convince everyone to get on board if we understand some of every dialect. We’ll have to if we are going to globally network and decentralize society. But easier said than done.

-Venus opposite Jup

-Mars opposite Pluto Cap

-Mars ingress Aqu

-Mercury square Saturn

-Sun trine Saturn and Neptune

-Saturn direct

-Mercury opposite Jup

-Pluto ingress Aqu

-Mercury station RX

Dec: Erratic and belligerent chauvinistic displays of personal prowess and aggressive cock walking that are challenging for desires to create collectively, which causes confusion in communication and needs sorting out so as to be able to move on intellectually with the mission. Love of new concepts harmonizing with a proliferation of data but so much so you have to be careful not to drown in ideas that ruin the mood, which challenges keeping mojo directed to keeping things on track. Love of unfamiliar and ideosyncratic ideas or desire for progressive updates drastically disturbs the status quo.

-Mars station RX

-Venus opposite Mars RX

-Mercury RX trine Mars RX

-Mercury direct

-Venus trine Jupiter

-Jupiter square Saturn

-Mercury opposite Jupiter and square Saturn

-Venus square Uranus


Laurent Proneur

Months By Features

-Jan: Tactics, strategy, subterfuge, efforts to mobilize valuable materials methodically along territorial tact and in acceptance of a lack of total control. New era suddenly emerges into context, new infrastructural formats reality wide, revolution is in the air, time to innovate and experiment. Beginning of progressive attitude.

-outer planets direct except Uranus

-Pluto ingress Aqu with Sun

-Uranus stations direct

-Feb: Vision of, feeling of, analysis of, action catalyzed by and attraction to elements within the newly emerging conceptual decentralized society networks, syndicates and frameworks. Progressive power and horizontal control linkages. Releasing and establishing shapes simultaneously. What must be let go and how do we move with the flow of things.

-Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus all get a look at Pluto

-Mercury and Sun conjoin Saturn at end of month

-March: Obligation to what you are immersed in, refining balance and equilibrium, thinking and talking about taking action

-Mercury in shadow Aries

-Venus conjoins Saturn in Pis

-Mars in Piscs


-Libra eclipse

-April: rethinking direct action approach, correcting impulsive navigation, pull into manifesting autonomous power and independent effectiveness, awkwardness and uneasiness being bold and individualistic, desiring excitement and explosiveness, contextualized by formulations of the flow around you and tactically flowing amongst fluid laws, opportunity via volatility, growth from destabilizing of the status quo, reaching epiphany via radically experimental methods, commodity revolution mutation.

-Mercury rx

-Aries eclipse

-Venus Aries

-Mars conjunct Saturn

-Jupiter conjunct Uranus

John Tenniel

-May: Plot turning moment for innovative new networks and decentralizing power frameworks, potency increase in direct action tactics, skills of combat, fiery performance, vision and attraction to the expansion of curious new information and proliferation of pollinating data exchanges, opportunity of optionality, glorious channel expansion

-Pluto stations RX

-Mars in Aries

-Sun and Venus proceed Jupiter in Gemini

-June: buzzing infohive, dilation of data clashing with obligation to the reality you are immersed in, multipolar information soup, applying effort and energy to get the ball eventually rolling, form flow emphasis on patience

-Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Moon in Gemini

-square Saturn

-Mars in Taurus


-Saturn stations RX

-July: Volatility, experimental tactics, revolutionary conflict, dangerous unpredictable beast. Multitasking, omnitool, paradoxical efforts, procedural intelligence, detail engineering

-Cancer, Leo

-Mars conjunct Uranus

-Mars ingress Gemini

-Mercury ingress Virgo

-Aug: Rethinking procedures and operations, correcting processes, logistical turn, criticizing aesthetics and romantic malfunctions are a component, a lot of hot air in communications, vigorous expansion of contentious opinions based on a small or singular critical cue, beauty flaw internet scandal, forced empathy vs slim parameter on attraction, analysis of authentic self-expression and exhibition, stripped down values of equality, harmony and balance of beauty

-Mercury Stations RX in Virgo

-conjunct Venus

-returns to Leo

-Mars conjunct Jupiter

-Venus opposite Saturn

-Mercury direct in Leo

-Venus ingress Libra

-Sep: temporary return, final episode or haunting of old, hierarchical, conservative, traditional nightmare, disruptive and destabilizing turbulence in momentum to bring plans to fruition, overprotectiveness and sensitivity to safety threats in harmony with primal attractions and animalistic desires, thinking and communicating about the balance of justice and harmony of culture needing a clean up.

-Pluto Regress Cap

-Uranus stations RX

-Mars in Cancer

-Mercury in Virgo

-Venus in Scorpio

-Mercury ingress Libra

Beatrice Wanjiku

-Oct: shedding cultural baggage, lessening diplomacy, disposing of false social justice, time to understand and gain coherence on all thats being said exchanged and disseminated, final motion of old regime, stealthy communication, spying logic, incriminating information, pull into uncomfortably direct circumstances and impulse to manifest autonomy and independence through awkward attempts and traumatic maneuvers, attraction to and enthusiasm for higher purposes and pursuing exciting objects of desire.

-SN solar eclipse Libra conjunct Mercury

-Jupiter stations RX

-Pluto stations direct

-Mercury ingress Scorpio

-NN Lunar eclipse in Aries conjunct Chiron

-Venus ingress Sag

-Nov: Evangelical talk, propaganda ideas and salesman lingo, pleasure in construction and desire for status, display of power, pissing contest, belligerence, constructive turn of flow formulation, the new era of networks and infrastructure has arrived in earnest and it triggers personal power displays and flaunting of sovereign boldness, rethinking enthusiasms, needing to correct aim at targets, adjusting course to promise land

-Mercury in Sag

-Venus in Cap

-Mars in Leo

-Saturn stations direct

-Pluto ingress Aqu

-opposite Mars

-Mercury stations RX Sag

-Dec: attraction to new concepts and pleasure in cutting edge innovation in the context of ominous societal progressiveness, belligerent sovereigns acting erratically, messy conflict around truth and authenticity, dangerous power displays, proliferation of information for informations sake which attempts to be convincing sounding but has no regard for truth leading to vision of future and where things should be headed that is intoxicated with power, sovereignty and acting unpredictably as understanding how to speak about where things should ultimately shoot for gets straightened out.

-Venus in Aqu

-conjunct Pluto

-Mars stations RX Leo

-Mars RX in Leo, Sun in Sag opposite Jup RX in Gem opposite Mercury RX in Sag, both ends square Saturn

-Mercury stations direct


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