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The Astrology Of 2023: Cellular Effervescent Overflow

2023 is a different year than we’ve had for a while, mainly because of Saturn’s March ingress into Pisces, distancing himself from Aquarius for the first time since March 2020 and leaving dignity by rulership for the first time since December 19th of 2017, meaning we will be dealing with a significantly less strong Saturn than we have for around five years. For the most part we will likely enjoy having looser restriction, more relaxed regulations, but we might also feel some confusion when we search for authority and find it both no where and everywhere simultaneously. As we head towards spring of 2023 Pluto moves into Aquarius, departing Capricorn for the first time since 2008. We might see whatever Saturn successfully designed and installed is emphasized by Pluto’s presence in his diurnal sign for the next twenty plus years. 2023 is just a taste of an Aquarian Pluto, although I’m sure the ingress will be noticeable, not only does the outermost visible and outermost invisible planet change signs in the same month, but the other malefic, Mars, finally leaves Gemini in March as well, after having been there since August 20th 2022. Pluto, Saturn and Mars are generally the planets people tend to worry about, not saying that this will be a disaster moment, but it would be logical to assume everything to do with what is currently serious business changes character, and this could be something of a plot twist. About a month later we get the first Aries eclipse in the series scheduled for April 20th 2023. Looks like an active and thoroughly dynamic time, although with Saturn in Pisces we lose the squares to Uranus, and in fact, 2023 includes more sextile relationships between outer planets, so there is a noticeable smoothness in the program compared to 2021 and 2022’s jarring clashes and ongoing tension. Overall we might become compulsive to take action for ourselves and initiate things by the North Node in Aries and since we have the opportunity to do so by Jupiter’s time in Aries from late December until mid-May, but his March conjunction to Chiron probably suggesting we are a bit rusty from years of being more contained, and rushing into activity as the regulations relax and maybe even dissolve completely we need to attend to our atrophied skill sets and confidence. Not surprising that the ultimate result of that finds Jupiter in Taurus, where expansion and growth takes on a much slower and long term momentum building shape after the next phase of right now readiness going a bit awkwardly. The North Node will keep pressing the Ram’s button over the next year plus so there is plenty of time to rush ahead and go do either way. Pluto’s powerful shadows expressing from futuristic and coldly alien Aquarius will certainly bring new unnerving elements to fixate our fears on and the copresence of Saturn Neptune as Neptune begins to get into orb to sextile Uranus and have the unreal collaborating with the unexpected suggests that accompanying the incoming smoothness and relative relaxed atmosphere is a world slipping into weirder and weirder waters with something ominous on the air.

(image above Max Ernst)

Pawing through the last millenia plus of Pluto in Aquarius periods, the last century or so of Saturn in Pisces as well as Saturn-Neptune copresences, looking into the last few sets of Jupiter in Taurus and Aries-Libra eclipse series for historical cycle shapes revealed a lot to re-comingle and model into whats oncoming in 2023. Aquarius Pluto seems to be always decentralizing in the extreme, last round seeing the world wide trend of overthrowing monarchies coming into revolutionary fashion. Saturn in Pisces shows up as every combination of Saturn archetype and Pisces archetype you can possibly imagine, and in many cases seems to resemble Neptune whether or not Saturn is configured to him. There seems to be lack of regulations imposed upon society symoultaneously with a lack of restraint in the actions of authorities themselves, opening borders, relaxed laws and disarmament efforts side by side with genocides and the ignoring of peace treaties. It perfect mutable style it doesn’t trend one way but distributes Saturn in Piscesness omnidirectionally even paradoxically overlapped with no regard for positive or negative ends. Jupiter in Taurus of course does the coherence that economies and commodities are fucked up and it would be good if we began to slowly get them stabilized and back on track, but surprisingly there seems to always be something about Mars in the earlier decades and exoplanets in the later, as there’s an expansion into new ground, an extension of physical resources, even if that is off planet. Saturn Neptune together finds the first sex reassignment surgery as well as the first face transplant and Saturn Pisces the first animal fetus grown in an artificial womb and both that cycle and Jupiter in Taurus include events with the Human Genome Project. Aries North Node and Libra South Node eclipses are big on rash rushes into invasion mode paired with lacking or exceedingly convoluted expressions of diplomacy woven in but also there are more recently some strange social media events along the timeline; Facebook launched just before the last Aries-Libra set (in the parallel nodal arrangement), Youtube arrived right around an eclipse in that series as did Twitter. Notably the first Youtube video was titled “Me At The Zoo”, effectively including the “you” of Libra and “me” of Aries.

Andrew Wyeth

We might expect the strange and even queasy, irresponsible openness of Saturn in Pisces paired with the array of outer planet sextiles and copresences contributing to softness and fusion of expression and the general lack of tension in the nocturnal signs which circumstantially allows for the extreme decentralization and invasionary elements coming from the diurnal signs to rush in, as if when reality lets its guard down society and culture changing activity enters without resistance. The historical cycles reveal probable shapes when we can see the commonalities that pop up across multiple periods, and of course as we look through the things that occurred on a world scale we also have to convert those dynamics to what that might mean in our personal lives as well. If you know your rising sign and where the rest of your houses fall it can clue you in to what life layer is getting paradoxically relaxed and what life layer is about to undergo a new period of extreme decentralization, where you might experience a stabilizing trend of improvement, where you might rush in and invade, where you are pairing down your diplomacy and which parts of your existence are likely to collaborate and work synchronistically hand in hand as the world gets even weirder around us.

Since there is so much to consider I’m building a database of historical events within the contexts of the various ingresses and transits which apply to 2023 which can be scanned for reference found on my website. As events emerge in the present I’ll add them in to the current cycle category. I refer to many of these historical occurrences in summary throughout this article considering 2023, refer to the database to expand the scope.


Paolo Uccello

Pluto In Aquarius

Extreme decentralization is at the heart of the Pluto in Aquarius dynamic and in all periods this plays out generally through a combination of reform and either revolt or raid. Each period varies in nuance and this can be sorted for the most part by which triplicity epoch was Pluto’s Aquarius transit embedded in, i.e. which element were the Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions playing out in. The last period was a fire period, which contained BOTH the American and French revolutions as well as the anti-monarchic revolts and movements which followed. Being a fire period this was extremely loud, bright and active. Before that Pluto went through Aquarius in a Water period, where we find the reformation and the decentralization of the papacy’s hold on religious control and ideology. Prior to that was an air period, which is what we are about to go through over the next several years. Societal structuralism, i.e. feudalism broke apart amidst many sectarian conflicts and abnormal climatic disruptions resulting in the removal of power from wealthy elites. This sounds pretty much exactly like now just swap out “feudalism” for what people refer to as “capitalism” and you have today, and prepare for the extremely rich to probably end up holding the shit end of the stick by 2044. I would not want to be a billionaire, oligarch, or authoritarian figure over the next couple decades, if history repeats then its their ass. Before that the transit occured in an Earth period when the great schism in the church led to Eastern and Western forms of Christianity, while other regions of the globe experienced more fragmentation all leading to geographical territory shapings. Before that Pluto crossed Aquarius as a water period shifted into a fire period, and appropriately we find the cultural reforms of Carolingian Renaissance followed by the abrasive impact of the Viking Raids.

-4/5/1777—12/25/1798: Fire period: Monarchic revolutions

peak excitement, zeal, intensity, non sustainable energy level, eats itself-— American revolution, French Revolution, decentralization of British dominance, wave of new treatise and alliances, American frontier, various outpost networks extended and established worldwide, curt reform to policies, enlightenment, space discovery, aviation firsts, updated industrial infrastructure, global/collectivist rights notions, penal colony Australia, regularly disseminated information via media, separation of dogma belief and theological study, conflicts between colonists and colonized , American revolutionists form confederacies with economic structure and army, ; telecommunications, battle with by air surveillance, monarchic overthrow in France, executions of monarchy, aristocracy, and tax collectors etc., antimonarchist wars, French Republic battling all monarchy, rise of Napoleon, imperialism, territory, control, siege, immigration issues, territory naturalization etc, vaccination invented, theaters established

-2/2/1532—12/3/1553: Water period: Reformation

reformation decentralizes papal supremacy, sectarianism within protestantism, information dissemination control, expansion to the new world by catholics creating multipolar catholic network, avant garde literature, amoral ideology, arrest and corporeal punishment on ideological basis, new biblical translations and reinterpretations, multidirectional conflicts, firearms distributed to the east, schools established, foods are introduced into Europe from colonies

Paolo Uccello

-10/28/1287—11/28/1308: Air Period: Feudal / Noble power break up (parallel to now by triplicity)

sectarian sieges, invasions and multi directional disruption displacing peoples and stressing nobles and arms, the transition out of feudal societal organization and the reduction of noble wealth and power— break up of the previously established crusade states, climactic disruptions: floods, droughts, odd seasons, etc.

-2/4/1041—9/12/1063: Earth period: The Great Schism

-sudden decline of Byzantine power and a rise of Norman domination over much of Europe

-Christendom experienced a formal schism in this century which had been developing over previous centuries between the Latin West and Byzantine East, causing a split in its two largest denominations to this day: Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy.

-high point for both classical Chinese civilization, science and technology, and classical Islamic science, philosophy, technology and literature. Rival political factions at the Song dynasty court created strife amongst the leading statesmen and ministers of the empire

-fragmented Abbasid realm

-It saw the final Christianisation of Scandinavia and the emergence of the Peace and Truce of God movements, the Gregorian Reforms, and the Crusades which revitalized a church and a papacy that had survived tarnished by the tumultuous 10th century. In 1054, the Great Schism saw the political and religious culmination and a formal split between the Western and Eastern church.

-a growth of population in urban centers gave rise to an early organized capitalism

-3/25/795—12/31/818: Water into Fire period: Reform and Raid

-The Carolingian Renaissance and the Viking raids

-literature, writing, visual arts, architecture, music, jurisprudence, liturgical reforms, and scriptural studies.


Theodore Gericault

Saturn in Pisces

As previously stated every kind of Saturn archetype expressing in a Piscean mode can be found in each Saturn Pisces period, even when they directly contradict each other. This makes sense as Pisces by nature is everything at once mixed together. We can’t really say that Saturn in Pisces is good at forming any one thing, its more that things get nauseatingly swirly, and really become a total sketchy mess when Saturn makes problematic aspects to other outers or to Mars. Fantasy worlds are built, like Vegas and Epcot, animations always get assembled, hurricanes, typhoons and tsunamis become obstacles, culture gets watered down and over dramatized, there are a variety of mass murders, suicides and genocides that commonly include a why didn’t someone stop them component in the story, large ships splash into the seas, and many vessels are famously sunk, all kinds of advancement in radio takes place, likely as it is a form of ambient invisible structure to systematize the airwaves. There are naval battles, mushroom clouds, fascist expansionism, disarmament efforts, open borders, psychedelic drugs, the dissolve of authority structures and infamous otherworldly parties on a grand scale.

Michael Arnmitage

-1/28/1994—4/7/1996: Jupiter in Scorpio—Sag—Cap:

disarmament efforts, conflict dissolves, regulations lacking, world wide web, Waterdown culture, historical nostalgia, financial meltdown, hurricanes?, cult mass suicide, mass murder, same sex marriage, XTC

-3/23/1964—3/3/1967: Jupiter Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer::: Pirate radio, arts, disarmament, crowds overwhelm authorities, last execution, world killing bombs, non violent resistance, free speech, big price heists, ships and sunk ships, civil rights dissolves segregation, worse hurricanes and flood, aids related medication, topless bikini, free (solar) energy, — authorities overwhelm people, recognition of war crimes and genocides, outerspace photography, grim messy chaos as Saturn opposes Uranus and Pluto, martial law, military surges, seaman strike, multiple martial law declarations, artificial and synthetic merging, skater-rasta cultural events, serial murderers, world systems expansion, cultural revolution: dissolve traditional elements, LSD, casino

-2/14/1935—1/14/1938: Jupiter in Scorpio, Sag, Cap, Aqu:

no restraint, nazi non recognition of rules, coups dissolve leadership, environmental blot out, conservative religious visions, epic official fantasy party, intoxication limit, worst hurricane, water boundary, stream system, tower phase out, military retreat, phony vote, unions, population control, synthetic radioactivity, Hitler's expansionist plans, deadly weather, train of the stars, luxury ocean liner, photography system, ambient pressure recognition, helicopter, axis powers disorganized commingling, worse flood, monarchic dissolve, big bridges, naval mutiny, radio remote education, big gas explosion, concerned religious leaders, large massacres

Coenca Rami


religious freedom, largest ship, execute everyone, abolish execution, mind expansion, casino, naval battle, colloidal biology, naval technology, numbing drug, coal mine explosions, color over realism in painting, Xerox, earthquake typhoon tsunami, rights of women, political imposter, fake leader, submarines, radio, cinema, liquid earth, ships sunk, masses of people, population expansion, stolen jewels, airwave communication, financial meltdown, -sodas and supermarkets, largest ship sinks, first times square ball drop, boy scouts: utilitarian romanticism, circumnavigations and around the world car race, childrens encyclopedia: soft knowledge


Exiel Elysion

Saturn Co Present Neptune

In March 2023 Saturn becomes copresent with Neptune. Their conjunction isn’t until February of 2026, although their copresence is significant as they will be speaking the same language for the next many years, as Jupiter basically spoke exclusively Neptunian for the last couple off and on. Modern astrology says Neptune rules Pisces where as traditional claims it is Jupiter’s domicile. I joked recently that Jupiter in Pisces might have been called Jupiter in Neptune for how much influence the invisible outer planet of illusion and unreality had over Jupiter’s water sign, and I’m expecting as much for Saturn’s time with the most high-saturation planet as well. Their co presence and conjunction last round which occurred in Capricorn in 1989-90 is famous for breeching the Berlin Wall (with help from disruptive Uranus) and dissolving the Soviet Union. Exactly what they did together all the previous times isn’t as clear cut as you might like, something par for the course for Neptune, but either way its safe to say boundaries get dissolved somewhere if not all over the place when they come together. For instance their 1952 conjunction in Libra appropriately hosts both the first sexual reassignment surgery and the first successful separation of siamese twins, breaking down gender and relationship borders in Venus’ air sign as governance and national territory structures where melted away in Saturn’s Earth sign. 1917’s Leo conjunction kisses goodbye to diplomatic ties during loud and outrages WWI. Whatever boundaries, limits, structures and systems are about to be thrown overboard we will likely start to see the nature of this year foreshadowing 2026 eliminating flush, so keep your eyes peeled.

Indre Ercmonaite

-3/3/1989: Cap

-breech of Berlin Wall and dissolution of soviet union

-A geomagnetic storm causes the collapse of the Hydro-Québec power grid. 6,000,000 people are left without power for nine hours. Some areas in the northeastern U.S. and in Sweden also lose power, and aurorae are seen as far as Texas.

-Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke weeps on national television as he admits marital infidelity.

-Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann announce that they have achieved cold fusion at the University of Utah.

-Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann announce that they have achieved cold fusion at the University of Utah.

Exxon Valdez oil spill: In Alaska's Prince William Sound, the Exxon Valdez spills 240,000 barrels (38,000 m3) of oil after running aground.

-Gun control: U.S. President George H. W. Bush bans the importation of certain guns deemed assault weapons into the United States.

-– Iran breaks off diplomatic relations with the United Kingdom over Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses.

-March 9 – Revolutions of 1989: The Soviet Union submits to the jurisdiction of the World Court.

-March 12 – Tim Berners-Lee produces the proposal document that will become the blueprint for the World Wide Web.

-11/21/1952: Lib

-Nuclear testing and Operation Ivy: The United States successfully detonates the first hydrogen bomb, codenamed "Mike", at Eniwetok Atoll in the Marshall Islands in the central Pacific Ocean, with a yield of 10.4 megatons.

-The first successful sex reassignment surgery is performed in Copenhagen, making George Jorgensen Jr. become Christine Jorgensen.

-The first successful surgical separation of Siamese twins is conducted in Mount Sinai Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio.


-1/31/1917: Leo

-The United States ends its search for Pancho Villa.

-– Pershing's troops in Mexico begin withdrawing back to the United States. They reach Columbus, New Mexico February 5.

-WWI: Atlantic U-boat Campaign: Germany announces its U-boats will resume unrestricted submarine warfare, rescinding the 'Sussex Pledge'.

-February 3 – WWI: The United States severs diplomatic relations with Germany.

-– WWI: Walter Hines Page, United States ambassador to the United Kingdom, is shown the intercepted Zimmermann Telegram, in which Germany offers to give the American Southwest back to Mexico, if Mexico will take sides with Germany, in case the United States declares war on Germany.

-5/12/1882: Taurus

-Old West outlaw Jesse James is shot in the back of the head and killed by Robert Ford in St. Joseph, Missouri.

-May 2 – The Kilmainham Treaty, an agreement between the British government and Irish nationalist leader Charles Stewart Parnell to abate tenant rent arrears, is announced; Parnell is released from Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin.

-May 6 – Phoenix Park Murders in Ireland: Lord Frederick Cavendish, the newly appointed Chief Secretary for Ireland, and Thomas Henry Burke, his Permanent Undersecretary, are fatally stabbed in Phoenix Park, Dublin, by members of the Irish National Invincibles (militant Irish republicans).

-May 8 – The Chinese Exclusion Act is the first important law which restricts immigration into the United States.

-May 20 – The Triple Alliance is formed between Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy.


-Ferdinand von Lindemann publishes his proof of the transcendentality of pi.


Jupiter in Taurus

It can be a little harder to pinpoint what Jupiter was up to in any given period as history like the news, is a catalogue of wars and disasters and technological infrastructure firsts rather than tale of wisdoms, celebrations and philosophical epiphanies. Much of this feeds into the pages of literature and other cultural expressions although as Jupiter is only in a sign for about a year at a time he’s out of there and on to the next dynamic before you start finding the pattern. I’ll likely go much deeper into investigating Jupiter’s previous times visiting Taurus as we get closer to the ingress in May, but we can observe that what we gain coherence of, want to improve upon, feel philosophical about, find some spiritual sense in is food, stuff, craft, commodity, resources, soil, and the stability there of, which usually means in the modern era economics in the material sense. As previously noted, the interesting and odd occurance of Mars-cum-exoplanet attention during Jupiter in Taurus is not to be ignored in a time period where Mars expansion is at least semi real, more possible Earthlike places keeps space programs busy and asteroid mining is a solution for trace minerals deficits.


Paolo Uccello

Aries North Node -

Libra South Node Eclipses

We get a hybrid Aries-Taurus eclipse on April 20th 2023 with the North Node in Taurus but the Lunation on the final degree of Aries, a solar eclipse with both the Sun and the Moon present. This is followed by the last Scorpio Lunar eclipse of the cycle. In the fall we get the first Libra solar eclipse followed by the last Taurus Lunar eclipse. By spring of 2024 its all Aries-Libra, meaning that nodal wise 2023 is a year that spans two zodiacal axis from a nodal perspective. The Aries-Scorpio-Libra-Taurus flip flop will blend themes from the past year and a half with themes that are newly emerging, both on the world scale and in your personal life. Poisonous injections, needlings, deadly crowd surges, trucker blockades, digital currencies, supply chain disruptions, and the need to release traumatic emotional damage will be blending with and interweaving with the uptick in impulsive, autonomous, independent, direct, conflict approaching, action oriented, and capability concerned Aries during a need to purge, release, eliminate and refine dirty or dysfunctional forms of culture, diplomacy, equality and social accord. This makes sense in the wake of a nightmarish episode of collectivism which stressed Aquarius’ tendency to mistake same with equal— a homogenizing, monocropping, inflexible Borg mind is not the same as cultural equalibrium and social balance. Shaming, canceling and literally forcing your friends and family into injections they don’t want for the sake of the collective is not diplomatic. We can see how the upcoming eclipse set is in context from where we just came from, and reflects Jupiter’s time in Aries becoming coherent of autonomous energetics and the trines and squares made from Libra to Mars, Saturn and Pluto over September, October and November as foreshadowing episodes to what needs to be shed in Venus’ diurnal domicile.

Over the past few recent cycles of North Node in Aries and South Node in Libra eclipses we have Facebook newly established, the Orange Revolution begins, Dimebag Darryl murdered, The trial of Saddam Hussein, first person with HIV cured, Youtube and Twitter launched, Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip, first modern Pope to visit a synagogue, Nepali popular rebellion, a treaty signed officially ending the Three Hundred and Thirty Five Years' War, the Chernobyl disaster, Top Gun released (just before ‘U.S. President Ronald Reagan signs the Goldwater–Nichols Act into law, making official the largest reorganization of the United States Department of Defense since the Air Force was made a separate branch of service in 1947’), Reagan-Gorbachev cold war missile scale back talks, the Iran-Contra affair, Klaus Barbie trial, Pope embraces AIDS sufferers in San Francisco, Black Monday for the stock market, The Apollo program, Afrocentrism and Black Power movements, MLK assassination, Vietnam protest movements, Paris Student riots.

Heri Dono

This might be just a constant in the historical record but I noticed Pluto in Aquarius, Saturn in Pisces as well as North Node in Aries feature prominent, catalyzing assassinations— In Pluto-Aquarius for decentralizing power shifts, in Saturn-Pisces under the dissolve of leadership, and in North Node Aries instigating rebellious reaction. As much of the 2023 skies look more smoothly strange than they do clanging and thundering what transpires this year and beyond are seeds for later tumult, but again the permeable barriers of a Saturn in nocturnal Pisces is all that is needed for revolutionary Aquarian syndicates and cells to rush in a la Aries Eclipses without much resistance.



Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

2023 dynamics by Month

What follows is a turn away from historical mundane affairs and uses purely the sequence of expressing astrological archetypes to scan 2023 in a month by month manner.

Jan: adjusting the strategy to get the paradoxical activities properly multitracking, fun might not be a priority but it feels good to install new systems, integrating network effects, which eventually leads to a flow state for creativity and pleasure expression

Feb: Creative and romantic flow states drift into peak high saturation mid month, as we get our energy dispersal back more into a workable array, focusing on new concepts and thinking about hypothetical systems foreshadow big emerging shapes the following month, we reach a sober moment considering the implications of what we’re innovating towards, and it feels pleasurable and wise to take action and act in the now, we could be in a opportune flow if we got our skills tuned and our game together.

March: It feels good and expansive to understand where the faults are in our skillset and training and seek fun opportunities to get out of our comfort zones and deal with our hang ups and weak spots, there’s a poetry to he flow state and some structures that hold everything together are too subtle to see but you can feel the dynamics of them in the field and work with them holistically, you just have to let go of relying on hard boundaries, we have a lot of things we want to do at once and for that you need to be aware of your weaknesses and flow with and around the natural dynamic structures of holistic organization, we’ve been here before, history repeats itself, and there are traces of todays trauma in stories from almost 50 years ago, and 50 years before that, and before that, its a very confusing moment in history and almost impossible to grasp and find focus in, so its imperative that if we are going to craft an existence we desire we have to ground in the real here and now which requires letting go of what we once thought was real and get a feel for the current atmosphere. As spring dawns we become compelled to make our desires fertile and manifest, radically change our baselines and resonate with our dreams. The world is right now becoming frighteningly futuristic, we are being powerfully pushed beyond all conceptual ideas, we’ll have to protect our resources if we want water to drink, food to eat and our children to be safe, this must be true for the entire world.

Apr: Desiring change to the underlying grooves and rhythms works in concert with a strong sense of the unreal and the all permeating, there is something very ominous in the air that will initiate us into an entire new collective experience in which we’ll be forced to conceptualize reality in new ways, It’s a time to get tactical and focus our energy considering resources of all kinds are clearly being threatened, if we are going to succeed we have to take the opportunity to be real about where we know we are not fully capable and follow opportunities to level up, thinking about real stuff and the consistent methodologies around securing it while having fun talking to many people about it, alot to discuss considering incoming technology and decentralizing pressure, its time to take action and be intependent and self sovereign and secure assets so they can grow into independent wealth, causing a rethinking of how value and commodities are being disrupted, experimented with and revolutionized, resources are not safe and need guarding, authority seems to have lost their grip and secret syndicates are striking fear especially concerning focusing on a stable plan and how stuff of value is approached.

Venus separating from Uranus and applying to sextile Neptune

May: Some of the ominous new concepts, decentralizing syndacates and future concepts are not quite ready to fully emerge and begin to recede into the background, there may be specific information pertaining to the way we plan and prepare to have stable supply and measure value for exchange, there’s a dream of protecting resources for the world in general but unfortunately people have many polarized and paradoxical desires, some trauma induced survival instincts need to be shed as there is a serious situation surrounding threatened resources and lack of regulations as commodities and money are disrupted and undergoing major shifts, taking pleasure in comfort, safety, food and drink in a lack of restriction, a feeling that a new decentralized order will over-throw the old, collecting our thoughts and reporting on basic preparation and planning things leads to a feeling for a major expansion of coherence around planning, method, making things, the value of stuff, how to stabilize momentum of production and a philosophy of working to make foods and supplies grow and positive practices, a focus on such dreams in concert with the protecting of resources, taking action to establish self soveriegn identity in a display of power as a response to ominous technocratic advancements and feeling urgent to act, Focus on telecommunications resonates with decentralized networks in a time of a concerning lack of structure where authority is diffused into the field totally.

June: Compulsion to find stability and grounding via expanding our knowledge of sustainable permacultural systems and improving labor conditions, analytical planning and preparation acuity, headed into a les turbulent period, desire to escape, and vacation amongst fantastical abundance and enjoy nice comfortable things, the desire to express oneself and be glamorous needing to face the emerging power dynamic ideas of the new decentralized system, power reverting back to hierarchal shadow government systemic oppression, the construction of subtle all permeating systems slowing down and an atmosphere of needing to let go and be patient, focus on nesting and comfort resonating with a period to let go and pause, increased high saturation illusory atmosphere


H1: Direct and new, fearful of future, resource protection, dissolving restrictions, holistic concerns, commodities and substances coherence—

Yue Minjun

H2: stalling out, losing steam, getting sludgy, re-evaluating self in new circumstances, blended evaluations good and bad at once, trying to relax into new shapes but haunted or soothed both directions forward or back


July: desire and action to express yourself and be authentic clashing with the disruptions in supply and turbulence in the rhythms of life’s baselines, compulsion to be more individual, independent, capable and effective and readiness to release and purge cultural equilibriums, decrease diplomacy, refine relationality, tactics of specific processes and operations facing the lack of structure, dispersed authority shape, and holistic systems, focus on self expression and attention, re evaluation what we love about personal aesthetics and what are our authentic desires, many layers of existence retracing steps.

Aug: Focus on self clashing with coherence of improving stable grounds, wisdom in planning, expanding positive production of commodities, as well as in tension with experiments and revolutions of the same dimensions, specific realization of newly located taste, desire or aesthetic nuance, operational activities and processes resonating with experiments and alterations to the methods of production and baseline rhythms of existence, attention and experience of self clashing with shifts to the substance and material of reality, rethinking processes to correct the engineering of operations, relational conflicts and challenges of disequilibrium arise in connection to re-evaluations of self expression aesthetics and authentic desires, tidal change in the shifting of how substance, food, money, stuff, and methodology is disrupted and how it is shifting.

Sep: Concluding a re-evaluation of self expression, aesthetic authenticity focusing where the energy of our desire is truly directed and having acquired new tastes motivated against opportunities to grow into new rhythms of craft, substance and baseline stuff has us turning tide to gain coherence of what we are currently planning or preparing surrounding physical and material understanding such as direct sensory and sensual experience which resonates with corrections and adjustments to how things are engineered to process and operate. A profound reference back down the timeline, retracing steps, revisiting things, slow down in the progression, reflection, sorting stuff out before moving forward. Things begin to make rational sense as certain corrections are made in the context of a general lack of structure and empathic/intuitive/psychic/holistic sense of system and strategy— programming reality in the atmosphere of anything might be possible. Relation al challenges and cultural disequilibriums easier to attend to now that we know who we are and what we want for ourselves. This can be vexing but finds us busy changing our most baseline layers and methods as we re-engineer our revolutionize our existence.

Oct: Being fastidious in how we operate our lives resonates while living in a corrupt system which causes cultural disequilibriums and relational issues to flare, we can become excessive in the specifics of what we value which gets faced with the fact that the system is largely an illusion and there’s a challenge to let go adherence to specific structural shapes, the past is destined to become the future, its time to release outmoded cultural ideas and refine relational dynamics, the mood shifts to survival instinct mode, which resonates with a lack of order, systemic oppression and manipulation pressurizes awareness of relational balance and diplomatic language, theres specific things we want which can expand our material holdings and revolutionize how we grow, make and have things, if we get in touch with our animal instincts lack of structure resonates, compelled to physically ground and gradual momentum building as tactical approach.

Nov: Building subtle systems, holistic strategies, impressionistic constructions, romantic designs, mystical infrastructure, with desire for the arts, culture, and charming social experiences, a raw real analytical ability to see the animalistic power dynamics in a corrupt system and think within it but agitated where the system doesn’t hold to its own or any specific shape, critical responses of instinctual survival having to face a disrupted material basis and turbulent pace of progress which gets our direct attention, time to refresh our tactical faculties, in acceptances that the world is permeable, malleable and unreal, if we are to coexist with the machinations of a corrupt society but whenever we get ourselves set in motion on a trajectory the game seems to shape shift and change, making it difficult to get a fix on the rules.

Dec: Rethinking the traditional or rational strategy, what we want passionately as a core desire in balance with philosophy of material method, sensory experience of craft and the changing nature of material culture. Attention, focus and action applied to goals but having to deal with confusion, deception, simulation and permeating unreality. A specific piece of strategic or structural information is located which proceeds into a rethinking of the best trajectory to be on energetically, core desires resonate with total escape and dissolution, we can see a strategy that uses loose, subtle and fluid structure, rethinking energetics of trajectories becomes a tactical approach toward achieving goals, deepest, most raw and insatiable animal desires are cognate with what causes systemic corruption but the vampiric current is challenged to obtain blood as structures to manipulate melt away.


What’s in play now which might catch wind or move with the waves?

I’m keeping my eyes on a number of concepts, ideas, activities and technologies considering the cycles discussed above. For the most part this will be the meat of the next article to drop, but for now keep your eyes peeled for power pivots into decentralizing syndicates, the building of unrealities, gambling empires, lack of attention to restriction, infamous fantasy parties, varied societal meltdowns, all things oceanic or on the airwaves, rushes to action and conflict, increased autonomy, decreased diplomacy, and an expanded understanding of resources that could verge on sci fi.

Obviously all the things apply: nuclear fusion leading to a paradigm shift in energy, quantum computing leading to a paradigm shift in digital capability, the metaverse actually happening, radicalized DAOs decaying social and economic order, mass encryption causing surveillance black outs, crime syndicates targeting influencers, elites and celebrities, revolutionary syndicates targeting technocrats and oligarchs, relaxing borders, medical authority disenchantment, commodities boom, off planet extraction, renewable super yachts on the high seas, thoroughly watered down culture, liquid structure, unfortunately genocides, mass-murders and/or suicides, whatever the next step is with 5G, neural networks and machine learning spewing a whole new dizzying layer of media junk food, mass blue light blindness (perfect prequel to neuralink), premature Alzheimer's, and of course the exponentially increasing occurrence of haunted AI— which is more or less an Air triplicity period constant which leads to the need for religious leaders and exorcists by the upcoming Water Triplicity period in less than 200 years, and though that is in a way a whole other story, 2023 is a perfect year to host some pivotal events on that unfolding.

Joseph Edward Southall

Some of what I mentioned in that off the cuff list sounds positive and some sound negative, its our job to be on what we feel is the right side of any of it from all the capacities: intellectually, emotionally, energetically and materially— air, water, fire, earth. Right for whom or for what? That’s why I just say elementally. Ultimately my hope always is that one or more of these aspects, ingresses and configurations triggers ecosystemic, symbiotic, and synergic awareness, and why not let that be culturally dynamic and autonomously sound at the same time. In the effervescent frothing slop copiously sloshing over the edge of the quickly leaking container that is 2023 I’m not so sure we’ll see it as a whole, but with Jupiter spanning Aries and then Taurus there is potential to majorly permeate the whole with a coherence of better practice, and dispel old holds on power while you increase your autonomy.

I'll add things that seem relevant to the cycles at hand into the 2023 database on the my website at the bottom section as the year rolls on. Let’s hope that no matter what else happens, healthy soils, clean waters, vital energy, holding your own power for yourself and the end of remote control.


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