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Outer Planet Shifts: 2025 and beyond: Futurismo

Fortunato Depero

The art of astrological interpretation is not bound to past, present or future but is able to investigate and articulate the dynamics of either sequential directionality. We look at nativities to explore who we are, where we came from, how we developed, what is likely afoot in the now and what we might expect in the days or years to come. To be able to make predictions about what might be occurring tomorrow we refer to the known archetypes playing out, such as planet and sign, but also we look at what occurred in previous cycles of any transit to identify patterns which might illuminate or clarify what is setting up in the midst of the moment and assembling into future events and circumstances.

We have recently stepped into an Air Triplicity period with the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius in December of 2020 and all witnessed the very noticeable alterations in authorities as well as collectives which catalyzed the ushering in of a new epoch where society and even the fabric of reality is organized around information, language, communication, ideas, data and intellectual concepts. Being almost three years in to this big shift we are coming to approach another significant change over but rather than on one larger consolidated scale, that of Jupiter and Saturn’s combined synodic cycles, we are instead about to witness, experience and participate in the changing of signs of all of the outer planets within a short period of time, so every dynamic we have gotten used to them running on will switch modes and also every layer of our lives by house will quickly be shuffled around spelling out considerable change in our personal and collective stories.

All these slower moving planets spend a different amount of time in a sign and for some that varies almost not at all and for others the variation is quite significant.

Pluto: 12—20 years

Neptune: 13—15 years

Uranus: 7 years

Saturn: 2.5—3 years

Jupiter: 1 year

This means that Jupiter’s change of sign is nothing monumental, but still contributes to the net effect of being in a very different state of affairs between 2025 and now. We can see this by looking at the dates they all make their next ingress.

Jupiter: 5/25/24

Saturn: 5/24/25

Uranus: 7/7/25

Neptune: 3/30/25

Pluto: 1/20/24

Pluto already made his first ingress into Aquarius in March of 2023 but in June retrograded back into Cap, which he’ll repeat this process twice more. Saturn, Uranus and Neptune also plan to move back and forth across the sign borders so this migration into the future though relatively swift will as come about with some foward-reverse-forward motion on various time scales. Either way, by July of 2025 we will be introduced to all the factors which will be playing out for the next long while taking dynamic and archetypal residence in the story of our lives over the next big episode. This is partly defined by thinking about Pluto having been in Capricorn since 2008, Neptune being in Pisces since 2012, Uranus having been in Taurus since 2018, Saturn in Pisces since 2023 all moving over from yin elements, earth and water, to yang elements, fire and air. We can already expect the next episode from 2025 onward to conform to a much more active and energetic time period. Things being exciting and action packed can mean they are more fun but also more dangerous, and both are likely to be the case. A separate evaluation of each of the planet’s general mode as well as track record in each of the signs they are heading into is wise to develop ideas of what to expect. It is also worth noting that by moving into diurnal signs all together this puts them in trine and sextile aspects with one another, meaning they will be expressing in chorus and interrelatedly. Along the more dangerous lines this has “perfect storm” connotations and along the more generally exciting lines this might have a ‘it all just came together so such and such could happen’ momentousness typical of watershed historical cascades written all over it.

Patrick Watson is a skilled astrologer who makes keen mundane calls about what he sees about planetary activity across the world scale and wrote an interesting article about Saturn in Aries noting instances related to gun control. This seemed poignant as I reflected in my 2023 year ahead article on previous Saturn in Pisces periods including many instances of massacres and genocides which might be filed under “why didn’t anyone stop them?”— where gun control with Saturn in Aries may be an attempt to do so. This doesn’t mean that Saturn in Aries periods are calm by any means. Rather, the opposite seems to be true. On my recent review of Saturn in Aries 1790-1793, 1908—1911, 1937—1940, 1967—1969, 1996—1998 it appeared that like with any transit in repetition throughout multiple eras there is noticeable variation due to societal and technological development, political climate and also the differences of all the other planetary configurations at any given time. Both the variations and the more general patterns are worth noting, as Saturn in Aries has brought X variety of things as well as seems to bring Z each and every time in one form or another. Typical to these periods are rapid military mobilizations, motorized manufacture and vehicular development, the establishment of power tool industries, aviation feats, space travel advancements, bombings and bomb tech, explosions generally, activity related to combustion fuels, assassinations and executions, historical fires and the organization around responding to such disasters and maybe a little more surprisingly each period contained something prominent to do with centralized economic infrastructure (maybe related to me first and competition style economies?). When you look into the specific instances of this transit and see the variations per era you see protest here and fascism there, holy war declarations and rock and roll music, fast cars and polar exploration.

-Saturn in Aries: 5/24/25—9/1/25, 2/13/26—4/12/28

-laws of battle, limits of energy, test of capability, autonomous structures, individual obligation, independence regulation, direct restriction, competition rules, boundary conflict, negated action

1908–1911: polar exploration, aviation, fires, power tool / motor vehicle manufacture, mining explosions

-1st north pole

-1st commercial oil claim


-Model T

-furthest subarctic


-Tel Aviv founded

-Joan of Arc beatified

-coal mine explosions

-China into Tibet

-Frankenstein first horror movie

-Stravinsky Firebird

-Great fires, Barn and Blowup

-oath against modernism

-infrared photographs

-Hitachi, Suzuki

1937—1940: bombs, fascism, industrialized death, aviation, massacres, bombings, deathcamps, automotive manufacture, superpower characters, nuclear power / weapons


-Hindenburg disaster

-soviet drifting ice station

-Debre Lebanese massacre

-memorial day massacre


-Amelia Earhart

-Fox vault fire

-soviet executions and gulag, great purge

-marijuana tax act

-Stalin, Sino-Japanese war, Spanish civil war

-parsley massacre

-quarantine speech


-new deal

-Hitler rise to power

-nylon toothbrush


-Japanese killing spree

-yellow river flood

-ballpoint pen

-wrong way Corrigan

-night of broken glass


-Nazi Germany -Otto Hahn


-Einstein–Szilard letter

-televised baseball

-WWII begins

-Gone with the wind


-Hitler and Mussolini meet at last day of transit in Alps

1967–1969: cult icons and organizers, oil spill, tool / Moto manufacture, musical revolution, protest, riots, activism, assassination, space craft development and deployment

-north sea gas

-Jimmy Hoffa sentence

-Cambodian civil war

-Velvet Underground album

-Grateful Dead album

-Manson released

-Vietnam war protest

-Torrey Canyon Oil Spill

-Jimmy Hendrix album

-Sgt Peppers

-Space probes

-Monterey Pop

-Greek military regime

-Summer of love

-race riots

-Piper at the gates of dawn

-UFO Shag Harbor

-Bigfoot film

-Abortion act British parliament

-Apollo program


-student activism

-MLK assassination

-Led Zeppelin


1996–1998: massacres, bombings, plane crashes, militant activity, strike attacks, veteran acknowledgement, centralized economics, space activity

-Israel, operation grapes of wrath

-Qana massacre

-Port Arthur massacre

-Bhai Peru bus bombing

-Iraqi disarmament crisis

-Everest disaster

-plane crash Miami everglades

-Bangladesh tornado

-X Prize foundation space development competition

-MV Bukoba

-Trappist martyrs of Atlas execution

-Ariane 5 rocket explosion

-Sao Paolo shopping centre explosion

-Fire cracker factory explosion

-Dolly the sheep

-Dehiwala train bombing

-Centennial Olympic park bombing

-three parent baby

-rain kill 80 campers Spain

-firework rocket kills people Peru

-Bin Laden declaration of Jihad

-Russian jetliner crash

-Operation desert strike

-Lima flight crash

-La Planta prison fire

-Indian cyclone

-airline mid air collision

-Russian bomb

-Tasmanian shooting spree

-garley building fire hong kong

-Ethiopian flight highjack

-Tupac Amaru takes 72 hostages

-F174 sinking

-South Korean largest strike in history

-Assam train bombing

-American emergency alert system

-Rwanda Hutu militia

-Lebanon helicopter collision

-Iran earthquake

-north Hollywood shootout

-human cloning ban

-gender reassignment incident David Reimer

-russian plane crash

-heavens gate mass suicide

-algerian massacre

-first space burial

-Algerian massacre

-trains crash

-chemical weapons ban

-Iran earthquake

-computer beats chess champion

-secret war veterans

-texas tornado

-Pol Pot

-UK total handgun ban

-space collision

-African Eve

-Harry Potter

-Thai hoitel fire

-Versace shooting

-Algerian massacre

-Korean plane crash

-Diana death


-first new york times color photo cover

-Luxor militants


-Billy Wright assasination

-Monica Lewinsky

-Cable car disaster

-Afghanistan earthquake

-Kosovo war

-Lancet antivax movement

-Jupiter’s moon and earth’s Moon water

-Good Friday agreement

-German Red Army Faction dissolves

-first euros coins minted

-Indonesian riots

-Indian, Pakistan nuclear tests

-Afganistan earthquake

-European central bank

-train disaster Germany

1790—1793: revolution, execution, gas commodity, centralized economics, industrialized manufacture

-DC established

-French Revolution happening

-Russo-Swedish war

-Algerian tsunami and earthquake

-Russo-Turkish war

-Big Bottom Massacre

-US Post Office

-Gustav III assassination

-Russo Turkish Crimea war dispute ends

-Guillotine chosen for French executions

-United States mint coinage act

-French Revolutionary Wars

-First French execution

-New York Stock exchange

-Mount Unzen earthquake and tsunami

-First Columbus Day celebration

-first blast furnace

-gas lighting

-Mary Wollstonecroft

-Vampire heart burning in Vermont

-first us presidential cabinet meeting

In society’s story we often see Saturn describing what authority is up to or what kind of authority is being implemented for the duration of his transits. For instance Saturn in Capricorn emphasized Trump, Putin and Byron Johnson where as Saturn in Aquarius ushered in medical lockdowns and put science and tech in charge of control protocols. This pair of transits is much more noticeable as Saturn is in rulership and practicing control and restriction for their own sake. In Pisces he works for Jupiter, and since Jupiter at this time is in Taurus, they both answer to Venus and as she moves quickly around the zodiac, the planet that is currently ruling her is calling the shots and influencing Saturn’s behavior from down the line, so there is much less of a hardcore authoritarian consistency in these times. The planet who will be feeding Saturn cues while in Aries is Mars, who spends roughly 8 weeks in a sign when direct and around 6 months when a retrograde occurs. Perhaps Saturn’s most alarming passage through Aries beginning in 1937 hosts WWII deathcamps, rampant fascism and begins with the bombing of Basque town Geurnica just over 24 hours after his ingress. This was Saturn in Aries with Mars retrograde in Sagittarius and Jupiter in fall in Saturn ruled Capricorn. Towards the end of this transit Mars went retrograde again in Capricorn while Jupiter was copresent with Saturn in Aries, following along with the populist aggression and totalitarian militarization themes of the era. The 1908—1911 transit of Saturn in Aries began with Mars in Taurus conjunct sign ruler Venus and saw automobiles manufactured, polar exploration pursuits, Joan of Arc made a saint and the first horror movie produced rather than widespread warfare across the world.

Aries is a sign of the impulsive, initiatory, athletic, individual, independent, autonomous, capable, effective, skilled, and trained. Saturn brings obligation, responsibility, limit, contraction, systemization, strategy, history, structure and chronology to this active and energetic dimension of existence. Neptune’s passage through Aries augments our experience in a different manner, by bringing to the Aries dynamics of reality fantasy, illusion, intoxication, dissolve, dream, hallucination, mystification, simulation, deception, projection and pretend. Mechanized society and machines in warfare in the mid 1800s while Neptune was present in Aries has a different connotation than the mechanized warfare we might have seen during WWII, as the 1860s were in the main swing of the industrial revolution and media had not yet been able to reach every individual, meaning the first mechanical submarine, first underground railway, 1st transcontinental road, 1st transatlantic telegraph cable and so on were the stuff of dreams, fantasies and nightmares emerging into reality. Unbelievable things people were doing and now able to do. The International Exhibitions in London then later Paris put these types of inventions and feats of ingenuity on display. Frequently the innovators behind such industrializing devices were painters, farmers or barbers, so there was a rogue quality to the period. Similarly the 1800s installment of Neptune in Aries includes the archetypal characters of the Wild West whereas late 1600s to early 1700s passage of Neptune in Mars’ fire sign highlights the infamous exploits of pirates such as Captain Kidd. Another pattern that sticks out is the blend of militarization with theology in the formation of the Salvation Army, other independent, individual or autonomous religious groups such as the Bahâ’i Faith or the Seventh-Adventists. Fires which occurred in the 17th to 18th turn of the century Neptune transit were still inspiring the formation of fire-brigades in the mid 19th century Neptune in Aries visitation. Continuing the theme of mobilized and activated care in response to conflict we find the Geneva Convention as well as the first paper money printed to pay soldiers as well as the first surgical antiseptic. Mendel’s laws of inheritance seems apt in the spring has sprung yangification of Aries as does the bicycle craze which swept society also while Neptune was catching the collective imagination in this individuating and activity inducing sign.

It is not hard to imagine well meaning militias emerging in the coming years, reparations are certainly in demand, in the panopticonic surveillance grid established over the recent years going rogue seems very desirable, piracy or desert law isn’t surprising in such a highly overpriced world, an activity craze is fitting after a forced sedentary episode and individualist religions compliment our identitarian and curatorial culture for better or worse.

-Neptune in Aries 3/30/25—10/23/25, 1/26/26—5/23/39

-independent dreams, simulated battle, synthetic autonomy, energy drug, high saturation individuality, hallucinatory action, illusory conflict

4/13/1861—10/1/1861, 2/13/1862—4/7/1875:

-American Civil war: first industrialized war: steel warships and machine guns

-Mexico: French occupation of MexicoMaximilian I, Benito Juárez power struggle

-Paraguayan War

-Austria-Hungary union

-Unification of Italy

-New Zealand Wars

-1st underground railway

-1st transcontinental railroad

-first mechanical submarine

-dynamite invented

-1st transatlantic telegraph cable

-light nas electromagnetic radiation

-surgical antiseptic

-Mendel’s laws of inheritence, genetics

-August 18 1868: helium detected during solar eclipse in India with spectroscope

-total eclipse at 25 Leo with Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Aries

-Solar prominences

-International Exhibition

-Salvation Army

-London Fire Brigade

-Florence Nightingale

-Bahâ’i Faith


-labor unions

-Geneva Convention

-Les Misérables

-Alice in Wonderland

-Victorian culture

-bicycle craze

-Wild West


-last mass execution for witchcraft in western Europe

-first service in st Pauls cathedral after great fire of London

-Palace of Whitehall fire

-Captain Kidd


-The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge

-first us paper money to pay soldiers

-Canadian fur trade, Hudson Bay Company

Much discussed in articles, podcasts and lectures by other astrologers is how Uranus in Gemini was present for the American Revolutionary War, the American Civil War and America’s involvement in WWII. The Civil War episode even included both Uranus in Gemini as well as Neptune in Aries. Extreme political polarization and racial unrest are at boiling points today, and seem disturbingly encouraged by the media and political theatre infrastructures. Evaluations on this can be found in Nick Dagen Best’s book ‘Uranus USA’. Austin Coppick has pointed out that if the Revolutionary War was inside vs outside the States, the Civil War was inside-inside, WWII was again inside-outside, if this next episode continued this pattern would also be inside-inside, which would match what happened when Uranus was in Gemini while Neptune was in Aries last time. As we can see from other outer planet parallel periods, they don’t always spell out war despite following certain repeated themes each installment. Whether or not this round brings some kind of civil war in the USA or not Uranus by nature tends to disrupt and leave the state of things radically different than they previously were. Air signs are social in nature, so the social fabric is effected by Uranus, as is the way we exchange information, so communications technology also volatizes and technology develops which alters how we connect. Money is essentially a negotiation language, so also our monetary exchanges modulate when Uranus moves through Gemini. We can also expect the marketplace in general to shift and mutate with new ingenious yet ephemeral items to buy, and this may be related to the changes in commodities established during Uranus in Taurus coming into manifest distribution. Oxygen was discovered and steam engines developed, highlighting how we saw the airy physic state, the world of gases. Big Ben and radio carbon dating both emphasize our changing relationship with data and how we integrate it into our knowing and functioning within the world we live in.

-Uranus in Gemini: 7/7/25—11/7/25, 4/25/26—5/22/33

-information revolution, radical data, communication chaos, polarity turbulence, volatile exchange, digital technology



-jets, computers, nuclear

-Hiroshima, Nagasaki

-First Kashmir war

-First Indochina war

-United Nations


-Iceland, India, Indonesia, Vietnam independence

-Bretton Woods

-Gandhi assassination

-The Atanasoff-Berry computer

-Colossus Computer: codebreaking

-The Z3 as world's first working programmable, fully automatic computing machine was built.

-The first test of technology for an atomic weapon (Trinity test) as part of -the Manhattan Project.

-nuclear test

-The sound barrier was broken in October, 1947.

-The transistor was invented in December, 1947 at Bell Labs.

-The development of radar.

-The development of ballistic missiles.

-The development of jet aircraft.

-The Jeep.

-The development of commercial television.

-The Slinky.

-The microwave oven.

-The invention of Velcro.

-The invention of Tupperware.

-The invention of the Frisbee.

-The invention of hydraulic fracturing.

-quantum theory and nuclear physics.

-the development of game theory and cryptography

-radio carbon dating

-Hitchcock, Orson Welles, Technicolor, Noir

-mens fashion for women

-Swing and Sinatra


-comet donati, first photographed comet

-Lincoln house divided against itself speech

-Pikes peak gold rush

-Darwin-Wallace joint presentation, On the Origin Of Species later

-fingerprint identification

-1st transatlantic telegraph cable

-Big Ben

-nyc: Macy’s and Squibb Pharma

-North American simoon

(Below in red are overlap events which include the returns of both Uranus in Gemini and Neptune in Aries)

--American Civil war: first industrialized war: steel warships and machine guns

-Mexico: French occupation of MexicoMaximilian I, Benito Juárez power struggle

-Paraguayan War

-Austria-Hungary union

-Unification of Italy

-New Zealand Wars

-1st underground railway

-1st transcontinental railroad

-first mechanical submarine

-dynamite invented

-1st transatlantic telegraph cable

-light as electromagnetic radiation


-Britain Quebec act

-end Russo-Turkish war

-oxygen discovered

-Goethe Sorrows Of Young Werther, sturm und drang

-Fairfax County Militia

-James Cook

-First Continental Congress assembly


-Revolutionary War

-Fall of Rome study published

-first submarine attack, Turtle New York Harbor

-Mozart activity

-Catherine the Great period

-steam engine developments

This leaves Pluto in Aquarius to the outermost of our outer planet sign shifts. Since Pluto has already begun this transition with his March to June 2023 visit to airy Aquarius you may refer to my 2023 article for a more in depth analysis. Since it is now currently October of 2023 we have some recent lived intel on what Pluto in Aquarius might focus on. Pluto’s ingress into Capricorn in 2008 coincided with the real estate loan bust, subsequent bank bailouts and recession which followed, which set the stage for the gentrifying, rent hiking and plutocratic and oligarchic dominated present day, where as Pluto’s March 2023 ingress into Aquarius directly coincided with the Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse which temporarily depegged Circle’s stable coin USDC and sent fear and uncertainty through the crypto market and digital economies generally.

Historically, Pluto in Aquarius periods are decentralizing, and I’ve noticed that depending on which elemental Triplicity Period they are embedded in informs which modality the decentralizing effect runs on dynamically. Last round included the American Revolution and the French Revolution but as this was a Fire Period it was exciting and explosive. The instance previous was a Water Period, where the decentralizing effect was based on the Protestant Reformation causing the Papacy to lose its theological consolidation. Before this was the period most similar to now, the last Pluto in Aquarius period that was embedded in an Air Triplicity, in which changes in climate throughout Europe as well as instances of the Black Plague led to the very wealthy few of land hoarding nobility to lose their power, leverage and holdings as serfs wandered away from the ills of their localities, mobility increased as migration to warmer climates down on the Italian peninsula drew away labor force from central European feudal economies eventually ushering in the first phase of the renaissance. This period in particular has an observable decentralization from conditional entropy dynamic playing out through it which could be synonymous to our current moment when people simply can’t pay the rent and refuse to acknowledge landlords and merchants absurd price tags which results in hierarchical power loss draining the leverage of the very few in top tier positions weakening managerial control over populations.

-Pluto in Aquarius: 3/23/23—6/11/23, 1/20/24–-9/2/24, 11/20/24—2044

-power dynamics of networks, hypothetical unknowns, ominous concepts, science conspiracy, criminal syndicate networks, initiation into decentralization, pioneering beyond frontiers of fear, progressive corruption, alien ideas


-4/5/1777—12/25/1798: Fire period

-1777 : Fire period: peak excitement, zeal, intensity, non sustainable energy level, eats itself-— American revolution, French Revolution, decentralization of British dominance, wave of new treatise and alliances, American frontier, various outpost networks extended and established worldwide, curt reform to policies, enlightenment, space discovery, aviation firsts, updated industrial infrastructure, global/collectivist rights notions, penal colony Australia, regularly disseminated information via media, separation of dogma belief and theological study, conflicts between colonists and colonized , American revolutionists form confederacies with economic structure and army, ; telecommunications, battle with by air surveillance, monarchic overthrow in France, executions of monarchy, aristocracy, and tax collectors etc., antimonarchist wars, French Republic battling all monarchy, rise of Napoleon, imperialism, territory, control, siege, immigration issues, territory naturalization etc, vaccination invented, theaters established

-2/2/1532—12/3/1553: Water period:

reformation decentralizes papal supremacy, sectarianism within protestantism, information dissemination control, expansion to the new world by catholics creating multipolar catholic network, avant garde literature, amoral ideology, arrest and corporeal punishment on ideological basis, new biblical translations and reinterpretations, multidirectional conflicts, firearms distributed to the east, schools established, foods are introduced into Europe from colonies

-10/28/1287—11/28/1308: Air Period:

sectarian sieges, invasions and multi directional disruption displacing peoples and stressing nobles and arms, the transition out of feudal societal organization and the reduction of noble wealth and power— break up of the previously established crusade states, climactic disruptions: floods, droughts, odd seasons, etc.

-2/4/1041—9/12/1063: Earth period:

-sudden decline of Byzantine power and a rise of Norman domination over much of Europe

-Christendom experienced a formal schism in this century which had been developing over previous centuries between the Latin West and Byzantine East, causing a split in its two largest denominations to this day: Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy.

-high point for both classical Chinese civilization, science and technology, and classical Islamic science, philosophy, technology and literature. Rival political factions at the Song dynasty court created strife amongst the leading statesmen and ministers of the empire

-fragmented Abbasid realm

-It saw the final Christianisation of Scandinavia and the emergence of the Peace and Truce of God movements, the Gregorian Reforms, and the Crusades which revitalised a church and a papacy that had survived tarnished by the tumultuous 10th century. In 1054, the Great Schism saw the political and religious culmination and a formal split between the Western and Eastern church.

-a growth of population in urban centers gave rise to an early organized capitalism

-3/25/795—12/31/818: Water into Fire period

-The Carolingian Renaissance and the Viking raids

-literature, writing, visual arts, architecture, music, jurisprudence, liturgical reforms, and scriptural studies.

A highly detailed catalogue of events throughout Pluto in Aquarius cycles can be found on my 2023 planetary database.

Some other era defining descriptors are the final outer planet the usually more beneficent Jupiter and the reality morphing Nodes which instruct the results of eclipse cycles, in brief we would have:

-NN Aries, SN Libra: 7/17/23—1/11/25

-more action less negotiation, more autonomy less relationship, more direct less considerate, more impulsive less fair, more combative less just

-NN Pisces, SN Virgo: 1/11/25—7/26/26

-more ambient less specific, more holistic less procedural, more atmospheric less complicated, more romantic less technical, more flow less friction, more relaxed less critical, more mixed less separated

-Jupiter in Gemini: 5/25/24—6/9/25:

- coherence of information, expansion of data, polarities of understanding, multiple philosophies, communications opportunities, abundance of exchange




-Cancer: 6/9/25—6/30/26

-abundant resources, philosophy of comfort, expansion of nurture, nesting opportunities, psychological philosophy

-Jul 2013—jul 2014

-jul 2001—Aug 2002

-Jul 1989—Aug 1990

-Leo: 6/30/26—7/26/27:

-big image, inflated charisma, wise leader, jovial performer, gregarious personality, celebrated philosophy

-jul 2014—aug 2015

-aug 2002—sep 2003

-Aug 1990—sep 1991

-Virgo: 7/26/27—8/24/28

-broad details, process philosophy, technical wisdom, procedural expansion, opportunities to assist, coherence of utility

-aug 2015—sep 2016

-sep 2003—oct 2004

-sep 1991—oct 1992

-Libra: 8/24/28—9/24/29

-cultural understanding, diplomatic benefit, growing graceful, relational wisdom, philosophy of balance, opportunity for harmony

-sep 2016—oct 2017

-oct 2004—nov 2005

-oct 1992—nov1993

Jupiter changes signs every year but the above can help lay a lens across more specific sections and nuances of say the longer 2024—2044 transit of Pluto in Aquarius. To reach towards a synthesis of much of what we’re throwing onto the table we can simplify and review

-Saturn in Aries: 5/24/25—9/1/25, 2/13/26—4/12/28

-Neptune in Aries 3/30/25—10/23/25, 1/26/26—5/23/39

-Uranus in Gemini: 7/7/25—11/7/25, 4/25/26—5/22/33

-Pluto in Aquarius: 3/23/23—6/11/23, 1/20/24–-9/2/24, 11/20/24—2044

If we stick with the Saturn period following his current transit in Pisces we can bracket the majority of an upcoming time from 2025—2028 which includes this entire cocktail all aspecting one another all from air and fire signs. As we know we are in an Air Triplicity, where the social fabric, cultural climate, exchange of information and distribution of things are all at the forefront and decentralizing, horizontal organization becomes increasingly dominant. Pluto in Aquarius will very strongly stress and emphasize these very dynamics and decentralize by activating power dynamics within pioneering conceptual network and cellular syndicates where we will see the loss of control from centralized and top down hierarchical infrastructures. Neptune in Aries, as Aries is about the doing of things, ushers in unreal and unbelievable ways of getting things done across all aspects of life which ultimately increase our autonomy, like the industries of power tools and automobiles led to driving ourselves around and manufacturing things on our own. Uranus in Gemini has a special resonance for the USA which connects with next year’s Aries eclipse ripping across the North American continent from top right to bottom left saying here the action occurs. We can expect polarized parties and ephemeral technologies to leave the American landscape altered after an episode of considerable turbulence. In todays globalism though there is no reason to think this upheavel will conform to national borders, as its precisely these type of constructs Pluto is likely to deconstruct. The nodes have us up until this big sign shift collection becoming more independent and less diplomatic and once we are in the other side of these outer planets in their next long term phases the nodes lead us towards being more formless and less efficient, more amorphous and less specific. This last bit reminds me of the progression from the last time Pluto was in Aquarius in an Air Triplicity period during the fall of feudalism amidst spiraling entropy catalyzing power and control draining migrations. In the 2025 to 2028 world this entropy might come about with more turbulence and pockets of conflict than its 13th to 14th century older sibling, but either way the exponentially progressing technocratic totalitarian world of AI and Great Reset agendas organized by roundtables of 1 percenter billionaires and their corporate and governmental ministry lackeys are likely to experience a slipping through the fingers as chaos has its way with us and societal cohesion comes from yet to be seen components of the mundane plot. We’re officially in the third accounting revolution in human history and it is unlikely the extremely wealthy and powerful are going to successfully surf the Big Kauna without wiping out. Where that leaves us is largely our choice, in the autonomy heavy and socially networkable power structures of tomorrow. What we think and what we say is about to get even more wildly bifurcated than it already is across culture, and this probably follows into paradigm fractalizations and multiple internets that don’t communicate with each other. The entropic and chaotic curveballs will probably lead to less money to fund big tech and the all encompassing march into the digital space will have a bit of a parallel to the migration to suburbs ending in dead malls and decrepit McMansions haunting it as cellular communications and social apps hosting our everything become increasingly unkempt while its possible AI instead of advancing towards outrunning our intelligence begins to look a little vintage and smack of a bygone age as development slows as tech sectors buckle. I’d imagine encryption increases and dominates the digital discourse, and the Web3 operates more like Web1 than Web2 dynamic becomes familiar to everyone as we’re forced to turn to tinkering with outdated computers and hacked operating systems to keep telecommunications going. Power structures will probably attempt to advance with technocratic agendas but it will only serve to alienate and divide the population as the some will volunteer for genetic modifications, surveillance implants, control allowances, and merger with machine learning while others will simply stop using the conventional internet very much at all, as it is increasingly censored, surveillance driven, and plagued with AI phishing scams. I’d expect new devices and hard tech innovations to parallel the initial industrial revolution as artists, makers and laid off tech people begin to overnight invent personal device alternatives and local technology cultures to emerge with mosaics of unique internets to proliferate and be as diverse as languages on earth.

I’m not a predictive astrologer, but I exercise via narrative modeling. These are speculations. We can see trouble up ahead, and in fact we are already in and have already been in quite a bit of trouble for a while. I have no use for utopianism, but as we look to our own upcoming natal transits to best game our life outcomes, we can also do the same with mundane transits scheduled to pop off in a little more than a years time. I believe its time to take responsibility for what reality is, each of us on an individual level, and not rely on hierarchical infrastructures to explain our own experience to us. If we are to collaborate on small scales as well as mass scales we must first be able to read our senses and dialogue with what being in existence is outside of indoctrination and then make choices which preserve the well being of reality itself, as organs within a body in mutual support. To achieve this positive and healthy feedback loop we must cast off multiple addictions, the first of which is based on excessively high yields and surplus of stock as success stemming all the way back to the agricultural revolution and the plantation-ization of the human behavioral condition. It may or may not be destined to be this round, but I suggest you use the decentralizing and pioneering nature of this upcoming period and the establishing of new and fantastical levels of autonomy for those or similar purposes in your own life and see where we end up as participants in a story of a world by what we choose to participate in actively or even passively make quite an accumulative impact. The guilt behind this is being slung at us as a behavioral control mechanism, so being present within your own power and autonomy will aid you in finding your particular way as systems arrive which allow for departure from the phalanx of digital dominance in its current form which is zombified with us inside it as it vampires amidst our intellects and nightmares our collective consciousness. Put on your oxygen mask then begin to make tactical decisions on how to help others do the same. That is the persistent gnosticism of Air Triplicity Periods. You will be sold or coerced into totalitarian gnosticisms until you decide to author your own Philip K Dick.


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