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Jupiter Aries: Jupiter-Chiron-Mars Cycles: Part 1

A few months ago I delivered a presentation on Jupiter in Pisces to the Big Apple Astrology Group with astrologer Elodie St Onge Aubut. While putting all the astrological cycles into context I needed to look at the Jupiter in Aries period, especially as Jupiter would ingress Aries May 10 2022, retrograde back into Pisces in late October until most of the way through December. I was looking at each time Jupiter was in Aries for patterns, seeing the usual uprisings in the streets of people angry at the management of the global economic system, last round the Occupy Movement, the Arab Spring series of revolutions in Egypt and Syria, and the previous cycle the Seattle WTO protest and the successive World Bank protests to follow. I went back a few more rounds and saw that in 1975 and 1976 happened to be the last time Jupiter was copresent in Aries with Chiron, and timed for around their conjunction we saw the H1N1 Vaccine Fiasco of 1976. This seemed relevant.

On 1976, with Jupiter in Aries copresent Chiron an outbreak of what seemed to be a rather severe strain of H1N1 among some soldiers sparked off the accelerated nationwide push to vaccinate the entire population, including the president being injected on national television. Within only a few months there were complications and many people were reporting diagnosisof Guillain–Barré syndrome following injection and the whole thing got rolled back. It made sense. Aries being impulsive, Mars happy to penetrate with sharp objects, Jupiter bringing it to the everybody scale in the context of helping people and Chiron rendering it a medical issue. It was flawed, it was a little disaster, a large scale accident, much like the micro wars you see during a Jupiter in Aries run. Prior to the 911 global security upgrades there tended to be more revolutionary coups than there were rowdy rallies. But then I noticed something strange.

1975-1976, specifically 3/18/75—3/26/76, wasn’t only the last time Jupiter was co present in Aries with Chiron, but the nodes were also in the Scorpio-Taurus axis, although reversed, the North Node now in Taurus was then in Scorpio, so its a nodal opposition then to now. Also Uranus was in Scorpio, so now is also the Uranus opposition to then. This brought up a lot to think about, the periods definitely seemed to be linked. I should look at 1975-6 more closely. Here’s some of what I found:


-First lyme diagnosis

-Bill Gates, founds Microsoft

-UK votes to stay in EC

-Rockefeller commission investigates CIA

-Jimmy Hoffa disappearance

-Mars Viking 1 launch

-Multiple assassination attempts on President Ford by Squeaky Fromme and later Sarah Moore

-Weather Underground bombing

-Watergate scandal

-Nuclear power in response to oil crisis



-H1N1 vaccine fiasco

-First Mars landing photo

-Apple computers founding

-US Weather Warfare defense program suspended

-US Biowarfare defense program suspended (both being rolled into programs referred to as “environmental manipulation”)

-China: Cultural Revolution

-Russia: Cold War

-Richard Dawkins, Memetics, coins the term “meme

-Patty Hearst kidnapping, and activity in Simbianese Liberation Army

-of cultural note, punk goes public with Sex Pistols, Ramones etc.

Clearly we can see threads weaving then to now, even for instance Roe vs. Wade, taking place over 1973-4, even though it precedes Jupiter in Aries, by 1975 the effects of Roe were beginning to effect policy outside the courtroom. We are tied to this period and should give these shared topics extra scrutiny. For instance, something really important seems to happen for Bill Gates each time Jupiter goes into Aries, which makes sense as his Moon is at 10 degrees of the Ram’s sign. Also lyme disease is worth giving another look, especially in light of this seeming to be a cycle which connects to biowarfare activities. The debate about Lyme and what went down at Plum Island and previous ties to bioweapons utilizing disease carrying ticks dropped out of airplanes and nazi scientist being picked up US defense programs after WWII are obviously never going to be officially settled and will naturally get strong push back. Read whatever papers and draw whatever conclusions you want, just pointing to the biowarfare theme in the astrological plotwork relating events of 1975-6 to 2022-23.

The assassination attempts of Gerald Ford don’t seem too out of place in Let’s Go Brenden America. One was at the hand of Manson Girl Squeaky Fromme herself, the second being carried out by a Sarah Moore, who had recently become obsessed by the stories spinning out of the media concerning Patty Hearst’s kidnapping and subsequent terrorist turn. Truly spicy stuff, even for the counter cultural aficionados. Spiky hair, safety pins, leather jackets and pogo dancing are showing up on TV suddenly and the punk styling goes viral into the culture following the 100 Club Punk Special. It’s the mid to late 70s, average people are throwing Gravity’s Rainbow into their beachbag as a vacation read. Pop music got literate, angular and smart for a few years; Berlin Bowie, Exile On Mainstreet etc. The floor fell out of disco. There was soaring inflation. Society was artificial. People reached for something raw, and ended up commodifying it in the process. Enter the 80s. But we’re not quite there yet. For the meanwhile look round and keep your eyes peeled for people not really giving a fuck anymore and flipping the bird becoming a more common expression, if it hasn’t already. Fuck Biden flags flap in front of outbuildings all up and down my rural road. It might not be Johnny Rotten and Joey Ramone this round. After all both the nodes and Uranus are reversed.

Obviously Mars needs no introduction. Cryptographic key protocols then lead to BTC, ETH, DeFi, Web3, and everything else on the blockchain today. A big up for computer conglomerates comes as no surprise, but whats in the works? Russia and China are more than in the air. The uplifter and organizer of the Union movement mysteriously disappearing I’d say finds some contextualization with what we saw go down in Ottawa. Have you heard much about the Truckers recently? An investigation into the CIA? Who would conduct it? Themselves? Oh, and Memes are a thing on this cycle, so I guess they’ll be come even more of a thing, in what way?

This is a sort of initial round up. I’m going to be looking way more into this but wanted to get the ball rolling and throw these first thoughts out here. There’s more to this than just Jupiter’s 12 year return to Mars’ yang abode. One thing I noticed was aside from Chiron, the Nodes and Uranus being in very relatable places, Mars was also retrograde in Gemini back in 75-6 also. In fact Mars ends up at around the same degree of late Gemini post retrograde in the moment of the last conjunction of Jupiter and Chiron in Aries 1976 as the upcoming conjunction in 2023. That’s notable I realized, and went looking through the cycles. What I found is the occurrence of conjunctions of Jupiter and Chiron vary in years: 14, 19, 14, 14, 17, 16, 14, 14, 19, 14, 14, 20, 13, 14, 20 roughly. But, every third conjunction is 47 years apart and has Mars in late Gemini after a retrograde, since 1882. So 3/12/23, 3/3/76, 2/24/29, 2/9/1882. Before that every 47 years saw Mars retrograde in early Virgo. Another rhythm was 2023, 3/3/76 and 2/24/29 all have the nodes in the Scorpio-Taurus axis, again tying these periods to a larger cycle by more factors: Jupiter and Chiron conjunct after Mars retrograde in Gemini while eclipses are taking place in Taurus and Scorpio every 47 years since the late 1800s. Here are some notes if you want to look it over:

Jupiter conjunct Chiron Aries: 3/12/23

-Mars at 29 Gem (after RX)

-Uranus in Tau

-NN Tau, SN Sco

Jupiter conjunct Chiron Aqu: 7/12/09

-mars 0 Gem

-Uranus in Pisces

-NN Aqu, SN Leo

Jupiter conjunct Chiron Cancer 6/17/90

-Mars 12 Aries

-Uranus in Cap

-NN Aqu, SN Leo

Jupiter conjunct Chiron Aries 3/3/76

-Mars 23 Gem (after RX)

-Uranus in Sco

-NN Sco, SN Tau

Jupiter conjunct Chiron Pisces 5/27/62

-Mars 27 Aries

-Uranus in Leo

-NN Leo,SN Aqu

Jupiter conjunct Chiron Libra 10/19/45

-Mars 21 Cancer

-Uranus in Gem

-NN Cancer, SN Cap

Jupiter conjunct Chiron Taurus 2/24/29

-Mars 25 Gem (after RX)

-Uranus in Aries

-NN Tau, SN Sco

Jupiter conjunct Chiron Pisces 5/12/15

-Mars 19 Aries

-Uranus in Aqu

-NN Aqu, SN, Leo

Jupiter conjunct Chiron Cap 1/24/01

-Mars RX 11 Virgo

-Uranus in Sag

-NN Sco, SN Tau

Jupiter conjunct Chiron Tau 2/9/1882

-Mars 27 Gem (after RX)

-Uranus in Virgo

-NN Sag, SN Gem

Jupiter conjunct Chiron Pis 4/9/1868

-Mars 28 Pisc

-Uranus in Cancer

-NN Virgo, SN Pis

Jupiter conjunct Chiron Cap 2/26/1854

-Mars RX 8 Virgo

-Uranus in Tau

-NN Gem, SN Sag

Jupiter conjunct Chiron 6/26/1834

-Mars 5 Taurus

-Uranus in Aqu

Jupiter conjunct Chiron Aries 3/6/1821

-Mars 3 Pisc

-Uranus in Cap

Jupiter conjunct Chiron Aqu 3/4/1807

-Mars RX Virgo

-Uranus in Scorpio

Jupiter conjunct Chiron 6/15/1787

-Mars 1 Tau

-Uranus in Cancer

So what does this imply? I will be going over many more historical cycles in upcoming articles to tease out what the longer arcs of these occurrences are, but we can assume 2022-23, 1975-6, 1929 and 1882 are all part of one larger story cycle. For the meanwhile let’s look at the astrological components individually that are currently in concert:

Jupiter in Aries: philosophy of action, coherence of individuality, understanding of conflict, martial spirituality, performative philosophy, wearing ones heart on their sleeve, walking the walk if you’re talking the talk, birds eye tactical awareness, youth in revolt.

Mars retrograde in Gemini: (which we will get this upcoming fall. Check my 2022 article for more) tactical problems and conflicts regarding misfires and malfunctions in communications, transportation and exchanges. Essentially money, internet, communications, social media becoming weaponized and tasks and obstacles in those layers becoming much more difficult than normal. For previous periods replace social media and internet with radios, newspapers etc, and obviously in person dialogue as well. Basically however information and integers are moved around.

Nodes in Scorpio and Taurus: the transference of to and fro of intense, primal and often traumatic survival struggle to methodical, gradual, plans to end up with something nice eventually. Sick of always fighting tooth and nail to secure a few bones? Maybe let’s put our heads down and plow up a garden plot and grow food instead. Sick of being traumatized by all the intense conflict? Let’s get grounded and put efforts into something more productive. Thats the general direction this period but in others it flowed the opposite. For instance, sick of laboring endlessly for a flower or two? Take control of your power by any means necessary and wrench what you need back from your opponent. Sick of things being sugar coated and dulled down, lets hear the real deal no matter how fucked up it is, let’s deal with it.

Chiron in Aries: A wounded sense of the individual. Not being able to act comfortably. Also, just wounds, infections, psychological trips and phobias as a theme in general. Traumas as well. 75-76 for instance was post Vietnam.

Uranus in Scorpio: In this case its worth pointing out that now is the Uranus opposition to 75-76, so people and things who have nativities from that period are experiencing the transit, which can be much about the urgency to change things and make life more exciting. It’s like getting a jolt of teenage energy when you have the maturity to channel it into healthy experimentation and not simply blow everything up. Though that can still happen also, and it might need to. In the macro it refers to volatility and the need for revolutionary measures in resources, commodity, labor, food, production, power, control, manipulation, animal nature, primal reality. What needs to get done to survive, who does the labor, who controls that, what webs are woven, what is produced, and whether or not people get what they need or have to fight and steal for it.

I’ll leave it at that for the time being. Let it soak in and we’ll revisit soon with more examples to look at and see what takes shape. Jupiter in Aries should be energizing. He’s at home in Pisces, but after the downs of his time in Capricorn, the tight control of him under Saturn’s Rule, and the wide dispersal and transportive dislocation of Pisces, it might be nice for him to do the Aries to Sag stretch again for the next decade, and just be normal Jupiter for a while rather than be so much in the extremes. As I say that I realize Mars is definitely going to push things into the extreme, it’s what he does. Energy and instigation doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Just get coherent on what this world is and how you are wanting to be in it and when ready aim and fire.


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