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The Astrology Of 2022: Watch For The Hijack

Then, Now, and Then : Through The Eye Of A Needle

As we ponder what 2022 has in store we are forced to look back in the timeline and up ahead into where the astrological historical cycles are bringing us. We are in the middle of so many comings-around of wider astrological shapes that this is obviously not just any old year with New Years resolutions to save money or lose a little weight; we have to think now about what is transpiring at societal, cultural and generational levels as the long game is weighted with notes so sonorous and profound the bells will be tolling for the rest of our lives.

Glancing backwards to the start of 2020 we have a conjunction of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn on January 12th 2020. The last time these two heavy motherfuckers paired was in Libra in 1982 which saw the first execution by lethal injection in Texas and the Computer as Man of the Year on the cover of TIME magazine with Reagan and Thatcher topping the Occident’s governance and the AIDs epidemic rearing up. Ok, so we might then observe deadly injections, technocratic media take over, warmongering leadership, and a virus that has long been scrutinized as being possibly eugenic and lab created directed most dramatically at homosexual men. Stepping back to the previous Saturn Pluto pairing in Leo in 1947 we find the National Security Act initiating the US Air Force and CIA in one go, as well as the World Trade Organization popping up also at this time, McCarthyism getting into the swing, begetting a climate when anytime someone accused you of anything outside the status quo you could be taken into custody, interrogated and your carer destroyed. We can expect that if the CIA was born during a Saturn and Pluto conjunction they’d be quite busy every time the two planets come back together, every 40sh years, so we might wonder what the CIA was up to when the Corona Virus first hit the news around January 12th of 2020.

When we look at last time Saturn and Pluto conjoined in Capricorn it flashes us back to 1518, when Charles the I King Of Spain signed for the exportation of human cargo from Africa directly to the Americas initiating the transcontinental slave trade. Ok, noted, when Saturn and Pluto conjoin in Capricorn massive events of human bondage and incarceration, flash forward global lockdown. Another strange occurrence here was a wave of mass hysteria in the form of people not being able to stop dancing, it swept across country sides from town to town; once people saw others dancing they’d start dancing and couldn’t stop, often until collapse and even death. For different reasons obviously but the sequence of global lockdowns straight to global uprisings in 2020 seems a significant parallel to things we find in 1518. Another step back into Capricorn conjunctions to the 1200s and we find the minting of the first Gold Ducats in Venice, the hard currency which would dominate exchange in Europe for 600 years. Ok, big economic currency consolidations from geopolitical centers and mass human bondage, contagious hysteria states, lethal injections, centralized intelligence agencies and possibly manufactured eugenic bioweapons all as precedents we might look for in 2020. The audacity that people would scrutinize whether a “conspiracy” was afoot in the months/years which follow any Saturn-Pluto conjunction is total absurdity. There is simply always a climate of global conspiring for the consolidation of plutochratic control when these configurations occur, as a rule.

Much has been said about the Elemental Triplicity shift from a 200 year Earth Period to a 200 year Air period taking its final threshold step on December 21st 2020. The most relevant thing to point out here is that whenever this occurs the most prominent empires assembled during the Earth Period scramble to grab and hold total control over the entire known world while meanwhile other disruptive conqueror-merchants step in and shatter the overly tightened superstructure which leads to the unbelievable happening: a complete collapse of the imperial dominant body in power leading to a buzzing mosaic network system of smaller poles. We are literally in that totalizing moment before the shattering of societal authority systems right now. Pay attention, It’s all coming crashing down. But not lightly I’m afraid, expect it to go out with a bang, kicking and screaming.

With Saturn and Uranus staggered similarly across the zodiac as the sequence leading up to and through WWII, and Gemini planning to host Uranus for the first time since Americas involvement in WWII, previous to that Uranus in Gemini saw the American Civil War, and before that the American Revolutionary War, we know we are headed for a long stretch of society reshaping conflict. Throw in Pluto in Aquarius which will ingress in 2025, last time around saw him entering just after the American Revolutionary War and before the French Revolution, when the unbelievable event of violently toppling crowns and lopping off monarchy heads caused historical chain reactions. How about Uranus Now in Taurus, back around for the first time since the Great Depression, Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces which resulted in the first synthetic dyes and the start of the chemical revolution which brought us eventually the whole artificial world of plastics and pharmaceuticals, and you can see we are in a point in time when many major historical transition points happen to be mixing into the soundtrack all simultaneously for an uproarious cultural transformation, hinging on control plots organized from the top to dominate, enslave and oppress everything which comes very dramatically crashing down in a conflagration of conflicts that leave no stone unturned. If you trusted the narrative the past two years, I’m sorry, the skies strongly disagree with the party line, and suggest most of the concerns held by so-called “conspiracy theorists” were not necessarily bulletproof but more than legitimate considerations, despite being woven with madness and paranoia. The plot has certainly been thickening, it’s clear in the skies.

We start 2022 with Jupiter in Pisces, who on his last full round in 2010 saw the WHO declaring the H1N1 pandemic, which persisted through Jupiter’s last visit to science worshiping Aquarius in 2009, officially over with flu levels returning to normal levels. Literally, the last “pandemic” occurred with Jupiter in Aquarius and ended with Jupiter in Pisces. Not only that but the World Health Organization was revealed to be economically tied up with the pharmaceutical companies producing the vaccine they were pushing and curtly brought under investigation for fraudulence, which led to such revelations as batches of samples they were referencing as data sets having been thrown out without ever being studied, meaning that numbers they were reporting were fictional to begin with. The previous pass of Jupiter in Pisces in the late 90s saw medical journals incepting the modern anti-vaccination movement, so apparently, Jupiter in Pisces seems to dissolve vaccination narratives in general and focuses on both empathy as well as holistic approaches to health, which tracks as coherence that pharmaceuticals are essentially antithetical to the ecosystemic well being. No one would assert that drugs leeching into the water table is net positive for humanity, animals and the earth. A related Jupiter in Pisces phenomenon is the leaking of information which reveals the malefic things Jupiter was forced to give opportunity for growth to while he was under the rulership of Saturn for the two years it takes him to pass through Saturn’s signs. Last time Jupiter returned to Pisces we got Wikileaks making public hundreds of thousands of confidential classified documents exposing criminal warfare, with parallel precedents going back every 12 years during Pisces homecomings.

Jupiter in Aries, coming up in May, last round brought us the Occupy Movement as well as Arabic revolutions and protest surges, and the time before that the wave of protests against the WTO, most famously in Seattle. As Mars and Jupiter enjoy copresence, then mutual reception then conjunction in Aries the first half of the year we can be sure things will be getting quite rowdy. We find the first Scorpio eclipse on the South Node among these configurations, which is hard to not note considering the context that the South Node makes one sick and need to purge and is active in the sign associated with the venomous pincer, i.e. sickness and death by injection. The North Node in Taurus where we find Uranus has already shown up as volatility spreading throughout the working class, setting the stage for labor uprisings in the face of vaccination mandates. As we know full well we are headed towards similar shapes as the American Civil War in just a couple more years, we might want to think carefully about where we stand at this moment with the full holistic, empathic, and intuitively coherent scope of Jupiter in Rulership in Pisces. The Civil War is remembered generally as being about the fight for abolition, which of course it was, but we should consider what other elements were also at play. The North was not only egalitarian and Abolitionist, they were also federalizing and industrialist. They were the more egalitarian and progressive voice of the time, but their industrialist agendas also led to a wrecked ecosystem, a growing security state and eventually opportunities for mechanized globalism. We might then consider the current moment where the more progressive voice seems to also be the most technocratic and authoritarian. Was there in the mid 1800s much space for the abolitionist individual who was also not pro industrialist? If so where did their literature go? I might suggest at this point in 2022 that we are talking about the story of authority systems authored during a period recently rendered irrelevant. The governmental structures from the Earth period that have been oppressing us are all going to fall over the next several years. We are currently in this process. Asking them or expecting them and their control mechanisms to help us and protect us is obsolete. The past two years of isolation and alienation has been intentional. I wish you all a joyous 2022 of coming together in empathy, compassion and healthy intermingling during Jupiter in Pisces and an autonomously coherent Jupiter in Aries and may the fight to not be dominated, manipulated, controlled and oppressed lay the zombified society and its authoritarian psychopaths down swiftly and effectively.


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Q1 Q1 Q1 Q1 Q1 Q1 Q1

We turn the first calendar page to 2022 with Venus retrograde in late Capricorn conjunct Pluto. We know she will meet up with Mars by February and move in Terminator like lockstep back towards the frightening void in a matter of weeks, passing quickly through the tunnel and ingressing Aquarius simultaneously on March 6th. The interesting thing about that is it echoes the movements of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars throughout much of 2020, as if we are not only merely haunted by the year everything changed, but still in its clutches and dealing with the reverberations into our personal lives. Venus marched our desires and attractions and need for creativity, love and pleasure up to the black hole the plutochratic manipulations left in our lives, society and culture mid December 2021 and decided she wasn’t ready to take the leap across the shadow zone and turned around for a regroup, and then blinked out of sight as we initiate ourselves into what is and what simply is not possible in the current shape of the world. If you had a dismal, disrupted or remarkably sober holiday this was a contributing factor.

The other was the third Saturn and Uranus square, the third and final complete aspect in the set, harkening back to the radical and innovative updates we need to the broken down systems in our lives exhibited mid February and mid June now cropping back up maybe a little bit more integrated than they had been the previous two times but still presenting blaringly obvious issues in our methodological norms which need to be completely reworked and redesigned, but big the problem being: how do we bring our lives to a total stop so we can make the necessary changes to them, then set them going again? Easier said than done, life is always happening, and certain balls set in motion are not so easy to cease and set back on course as if nothing happened. This aspect loosens up into 2022 somewhat but then later returns in the fall, even though it never again goes exact, it comes incredibly close, so we might be getting over the grind of 2021 somewhat as circumstances advance and we can at last explore some knew operating systems and their capabilities, but the trial period is long from wrapped up, we’ll be tinkering with and trouble shooting these modifications all year.

Damien Deroubaix

After January Venus’ about face march in unison with Mars weaponizes our desire drive and doesn’t take no for an answer, moving us step by step with acute stratagem incrementally towards whatever we are truly attracted to at all costs. By March this lands us in altogether new territory, beyond the frontiers, exploring new concepts aesthetically and trying out hypothetical tactics in the face of ongoing protocols and dispassionate mathematical models. There might be some freshness available here, but the air is so sheer it tends towards harsh, so out of the dungeon and into the desert as they say. A hard blast of sand in the face is not really what the proverbial doctor ordered at this point in our progress towards having at least some, any enjoyment of life. Especially, with Saturn and Mars squishing Venus in the malefic vice, but keep on keeping on, as escaping the old system requires going up against the new one which is equally serious about destroying us, so a torch on our ass can actually help us pick up our pace and utilize updated maneuvers which deliver our joie de vivre to a much more immersive mode where we can fully let go and relax into the flow of what we want and the opportunity to expand upon it. We don’t really get to take this plunge until after spring equinox, so expect more mad science in March to be the primary place for deriving satisfaction following the run across the darkened sewers of initiation you fight your way through from late December through February.

As noted, Jupiter is in his rulership in Pisces and planning on sailing all the way across this oceanic sign of empathy, holism, compassion, intuition, romanticism, nostalgia, the mystical, the amorphous, subtle, free flowing and the everything mingling All One. Aside from holistic health, mystical spirituality and the exposure of previously shielded deceptions this transit will allow for expansion and growth in one house of your natal chart and thus at least one layer of life for the next few months. This doesn’t subdue the dispassion, alienation, exile and progressivist authoritarian technocratic scientism of Saturn in Aquarius, although it does lubricate the works so that we aren’t simply grinding our gears as we have mostly through the past couple years defined by hard squares and excessive dryness. Before everyone is suicidally depressed or dead from being experimented on or both Jupiter in Pisces floods parts of life with joy and hope that has become otherwise only a distant memory for the past couple years. This is especially true as the Nodal axis switches signs out of Gemini and Sagittarius, where the Dragon’s Tail has been rendering our ability to believe in our dreams and quest for noble goals only so much vomit and excrement, while The Serpent’s Head in Gemini polarized us politically with social media turned up to hyper-speed. By the force of this great toilet flush of everything we once strove for the world has been forever altered, we might have had to permanently cancel pursuing the Holy Grail we sought after in 2019, but we now can begin finally, at last to legitimately set our sights on some Ultimate once again, even if the target might have morphed considerably in the interim.

Rus Khasanov

The nodes now begin the process of shipping out excess from Mars ruled Scorpio and ushering in new substance and attention in Venus ruled Taurus. We are sick of intensity and conflict and we want to feel good, we are sick of being manipulated and we want to get back to reality, we are sick of hungering like animals we want a fertile groove, we are sick of being hunted down and made to play predator prey, we want to labor for love and see the fruits of our efforts. We want art not war. We are sick of being lied to, put the proof in our hands. We are sick of being coerced into poisonous injections, we want to take a natural path.

This is all very seriously augmented by Uranus in Taurus who turns the voltage up on the Taurus end to volatile levels and vibrates the normal groove to radical extremes. We might be heading into market crashes, unexpected booms, commodity disruption, and preparing for the long haul through a tumultuous time. No better moment to get rich on crypto, lose it all overnight and be left with nothing other than the toilet paper you hoarded two years prior and all the inflated paper fiat stuffed into a coffee can buried in the back 40. More on this in Q2, but for now, observe how we’re switching tracks and headed into very different territory, and with Jupiter in Pisces upon the bends during the switch, it will serve to magnify and make coherent where we are going, whats coming in and whats going out.

Wangechi Mutu

This tow into Earth signs is echoed by Mercury’s retrogrades all year which begin in Air signs and regress into Earth signs where he stations direct. He performs the first of these turnabouts from Aquarius to Capricorn during the first quarter of the year. In many cases 2022 is the year we begin to rethink everything we signed up for during 2020 and 2021 and realize how we’ve been massively deceived only to straight away be deceived once again while we desperately grapple for solid ground. My advice to everyone is ‘watch for the hijack’. With Mercury and the North Node and the initial Venus retrograde trending to Earth the ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’ attitude begins to dominate our outlook and operate our headspace, something sorely lacking in the past two years, unfortunate, as we took the bait of wildly inflated and scrambled data and glued ourselves to the information overload while ceasing to trust our instincts and ignore our own senses completely. 2022 is back to reality in some sense, but as we’ll see in Q2, its not so simple as the slap on the face which wakes us out of the trance. The trance has only just begun. We might note Mars’ square to Neptune on January 11th, conjunction with Neptune on March 17 and following retrograde square to Neptune on November 19th as points along the plot of deception worth noting.

Dr Fritz Kahn

And on that note let’s announce the Sun’s ingress into Pisces February 18th, bringing Jupiter into combustion, pulling him from the sky while he is burned up, reset, purified and reborn anew, the cazimi being on March 5th, just as Mars and Venus perform their prison break into desolate territory. We’ll likely have some sudden realizations here and altogether new perspectives suddenly so keep your eyes peeled, this could be the info leak we’re expecting. Not surprising that Mercury conjoins Saturn on March 2nd not long after, putting the squeeze on internet and communications access. Mercury having wrestled his way past Saturn, our thoughts subsequently squeezed through a vice finds the Messenger eventually make it to Pisces by the middle of March as Jupiter is preparing to re-emerge in the pre-dawn sky. Amorphous Pisces is a confusing place for analytical Mercury but with Jupiter assisting we might enjoy intuitive intelligence and a combination of scopes across holistic patterns of all size. I wouldn’t be surprised if internets go down for the first time in 2022 when Mercury conjoins Saturn (with subsequent blackouts hitting later in the year), and with Venus trying to make it through both malefics after Jupiter gets to use the Sun’s eye as a lens on March 5th, information is leaked and people begin to realize after doing what they were told to for the past two years their obedience isn’t doing anything to loosen restrictions, that this has all been about something other than what was proposed. The choice to be in each others company becomes more comfortable and less fearful with Jupiter in Pisces but control mechanisms continue to increase and tighten exponentially with Saturn in Aquarius.


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Wangechi Mutu

Q2 Q2 Q2 Q2 Q2 Q2 Q2

The spring season of 2022 is quite action packed. We are at least moving beyond boring at this point for what its worth. Probably the major theme here is Jupiter’s application to, conjunction with and separation from Neptune while Venus, in full ecstatic abandon, joins Jupiter in the pool of hallucination and splashes across psychedelic Neptune to her highest degree of exaltation culminating in a North Node Solar eclipse in her rulership of Taurus near radical Uranus. That’s more than a mouthful, but as far as anomalous looking astrology this has full blast phenomenon written all over it. For one, joy and pleasure are through the fucking roof here, but also is mass trance and revolutionary upheaval. Best case scenario we get something that blows Woodstock out of the water. Not exactly worse case but alternately the Webb telescope maybe finds a full alien civilization on an exoplanet with detailed images beamed home, obviously the metaverse unrolls in a big way at unprecedented speed, perhaps a new mind altering drug arrives on the scene that augments human consciousness, we begin to tweet with only our thoughts, contact our dead relatives with AI… Whatever it is its an event on a 166 year cycle which last round sparked off the chemical revolution with colorful dyes suddenly being available to the masses for the first time in history during an occult renaissance replete with the spiritism and spiritualism while gold rushes ensued and egalitarian sentiments flooded debates. That time as well as this time Jupiter rushed from Aquarius directly to Aries, and upon his fiery entry peace treaties ceased trending and burning contention and conflict erupted amidst the American civil War with the Bloody Kansas episodes.

Ron Embleton

So, the next Woodstock, world wide trance state, psychadelicization, haunted AI, billion dollar NFT auctions, lithium rushes in astroid mines, Alien contact leading to both mass upheaval and perhaps celebrations of peace turning very quickly into the eruptions of protest movements and taking to the streets with a vengeance before you can even say mermaid butterfly. We might actually be partying so hard at the end of April we neglect to notice the economy ground to an absolute halt, and when we go to check our bank accounts there’s unfamiliar shapes waiting for us in the virtual economy on the other side of the reset. Eclipse, Uranus, Piscean swells, also sounds like the recipe for copious natural disasters, so as environmental control and carbon credits roll out along with central bank digital currencies and the masses are being directed to protest climate collapse in an elated daze, WATCH FOR THE FUCKING HIJACK. Think about the overarching collapse of systems in the epochal shift, and that no solutionism the central authorities offers you to fix the worlds woes delivers you anything but freedoms you’ll lose which you’ll have to fight to get back with Uranus in Gemini and Pluto in Aquarius as the revolutions of 2025 and on describe. When cars and generators get banned and only the elite can afford electric cars you won’t be going anywhere except on the bus with your vax passport chip wallet spending limited carbon credits and only if you’re obedient, otherwise you’re just being shipped off to quarantine camps. Obviously this is worst case scenario, but to be honest the shapes are there in the contemporary scenario as much as they are in the mundane astrology, so we should take them seriously rather than tell ourselves a politicized story that differs from the patterns of the celestial clockwork. Ultimately, it’s all coming down. In the meanwhile be good to each other. Spend time on autonomy, holism, co-mingling, mystical realization, imaginative expansion and asserting coherence. We’re going off the deep end here straight from delusion to heart pumping and fist raising. It’ll be more than ever easy to lose the plot. Keep coherent.

The second eclipse packs a punch. The feel good overflow of the first eclipse seems to be antithetical to this next expression which finds the South Node in late Scorpio draining the narcotic pus from a Full Moon swollen blood red, with Mars conjunct Neptune, intoxicated, and Venus conjunct Chiron in Mars’ sign of Aries, wounded. The intoxication, poisoned, dosed with something that proves to be nefarious here is over the top. Certain shapes to follow draw so many parallels to the 1976 H1N1 vaccine fiasco it’s practically a mirror image (Jupiter in Aries with Chiron, Mercury RX in Aquarius, Mars in Gemini, Nodes in Scorpio-Taurus). A rush to vaccinate whole populations with blurry data crashed apart amidst deaths and fraudulent alarms. Be careful from here on out what you take into your body. The astrology and how it relates to historical cycles are throwing up a plethora of signs regarding mass deception and poisoning which leads to anger and upheavel. This eclipse is square Saturn in Aquarius, i.e. it’s a clash and tension point for medical authority and scientific control structures. Jupiter has left the laboratory ladies and gentlemen, the drone of ‘trust the science’, ‘believe in the science’, etc. is simply no longer enough to keep people constrained, especially as they are watching the injected get sick and die from blood clots and heart complications. Mercury stands direct on the Gorgon’s Head just before the eclipse. Get your mind wrapped around protecting yourself. This could also relate to new recreational drugs that hit the scene here, fun at first but ultimately deadly and hard to get distance from. Would also expect more ‘spiking’ like we saw at the astroworld event, unfortunately, but let that be a warning, if the covert injections of deadly drugs to manipulate crowds is a theme that shows up on more than one layer throw some critical thinking and scrutiny to what you’re getting injected with in general.

Dr Fritz Kahn

From here Mars ingresses Aries, conjoins Jupiter, which always sets off assassinations, tornadoes, bombings, coups and military strikes. He goes for Chiron also so there’s sore spots prodded, but Venus gets herself in Taurus, her domicile of fertility, craft, beauty, which helps smooth things for a while, think gardening and sculpting and antiquing. Although she also finds not only Uranus in her homeland short circuiting the grooves and rhythms of natural life, but the North Node as well, who is perpetually desperate to actualize and manifest Taurus archetypes, a kind of radicalized and revolutionary Venus on steroids. We might expect that people are pissed at this point for having their stuff fucked with so much, and are falling back in love with nature that is opposed to scientific rational madness. But again, watch for the hijack, turning our concerns for our ecosystem into another control mechanism is what will be served, so be careful what agendas you align yourself with. Hopefully we learned some things from Jupiter in Pisces and can simply merge with nature and flourish with it, rather than supporting the collapsing system’s upcoming eco restrictions which will likely destroy nature in the process of destroying itself. If you want to organize around ecosystemic concerns, follow the Air period archetypes and do so in a decentralized and autonomous fashion— as networks of people organizing rhyzomatically, not by supporting the same energy corporations advancing the pipelines alternatives in renewables and the carbon obsessed cartesian conceptualization of environmentalism.


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Q3 Q3 Q3 Q3 Q3 Q3 Q3

By Summer, the excitement might have died down slightly, but then again it might have been set in motion in the spring and just rolling through as planets progress through the signs and do their regular remix of our lives like any other year but in the context of the deluge of mind, society, and culture altering events that transpire the months previous still playing out and resonating through reality. Either way there is a sudden shift of mood and perspective just after Summer solstice when Venus ingresses Gemini, Mercury enters Cancer, and Mars Taurus. Venus gets chatty, Mercury thinks about relaxing and Mars cools his jets, or at least tries to, as being in Taurus leads him into conjoining Uranus and the North Node simultaneously while squaring Saturn around the 1st of August. Themes of stifled aggression which have been peppering our stories for the past years here flare up while also being held in place uncomfortably by Saturn and the array of new laws and restrictions which have accrued since he came to Aquarius in March of 2020.

This occurs not long after Jupiter stations retrograde in Aries trine to the New Moon in Leo. The eruptions of performative protest are turning tides a bit as new centralized orientations warm up and bring us back to the polis. Not surprising the insurgency and revolutionary momentum seems to get blocked here, but not necessarily forever, as Jupiter will come again to this degree later on in 2023 and move past it. The Sun, Venus and Mercury trail through Virgo and Libra throughout the rest of the Summer touching the outer planets from various angles in tandem, at times in soft and other times hard aspect, as if balancing and processing everything that occurred in 2022 so far. Meanwhile, Mars is slowing down in Gemini, another Mercury ruled sign. Indeed, a lot to think about and assess at this point, and tactical multitasking is becoming inextricably difficult. I’d expect communications and internet issues from late Summer through the Fall as well as transportation breakdowns, maybe related to petrol prices but possibly even carbon restrictions. Not surprising. Notice how they’ve been threatening supply chain disruptions and internet black outs by reporting that experts predict such events then they magically happen. Voila! Mercury turns retrograde in Libra as Mars slows in Gemini, adding to a sense of unease and confusion about how to relate, communicate and what can be done.

Summer is perhaps the most normal of the seasons at least on a personal level, as has been the case for the most part since 2020 with it being the lowest possible spread times of flus in the northern hemisphere, and not an easy period in which to keep people under house arrest.


____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Marika Manjgaladaze

Q4 Q4 Q4 Q4 Q4 Q4 Q4

By Winter the Saturn Uranus square which persisted all 2021 is back in tight configuration as Mars grinds down to reverse motion and the next set of eclipses come on. Luckily they do so with Jupiter now back in Pisces, so there’s at least balm and juice again for this round, but as if on cue, problems reappear as the holidays and flu season return. In fact the very conclusion of 2022 is Mercury stationing retrograde conjunct Venus near Pluto in Capricorn, so there is literally brackets of Winter Solstice 2021 and Winter Solstice 2022 with our hearts and minds in the same place, the same updates struggling to happen in our lives as well as the world, just with mass deception, some mind altering historical unfurling, and the explosion of violent uprisings in between. Get the picture? Authority doesn’t fix any of the problems, they are more likely accelerating their acuteness and moving us headlong into disasters of their design, while humans and the cultures we share between us move through emotional and energetic episodes as we try to get a grip back on the functioning of our lives. Nothing gets fixed from here. Society collapses as they grab for power and control, everything toppling down over the next ten years.

The first eclipse is a South Node Solar eclipse in Scorpio conjunct Venus just after the Venus cazimi in Libra and the Sun and the planet of love, creativity and pleasure being reborn into an intense purgation in often vampiric and primal Scorpio. Intense fixations haunting our desires as a shape to contend with in a year when Jupiter and Venus conjoin Neptune around a Uranian Eclipse might suggest whatever blows our mind at the end of April we are struggling to kick almost immediately at the following eclipse and especially trying to get out of our system by fall. The most obvious prediction from the moment I write is addiction to the Metaverse, but expect the unexpected and of course watch for the hijack. We see already at the start of 2022 the proliferation of clean needle availability and party drug safety testing at festivals are leaning to improved ways of being high. Jupiter slides back into the smooth lagoon just after, which is lubricating and cooling but also could signal slippery escapism during a trying episode of avoiding Doctor Feel Good directly. Mars turns tail officially next, so obviously things are not working correctly and operating off and on at an erratic pace in media, communications, exchanges and transportation. After Venus opposes Uranus and squares Saturn, highlighting the snags in the update and groove rearrangements harshing our mellow further, we get a North Node Lunar Eclipse in Taurus conjunct Uranus, with Mercury in the heart of the Sun at the same time . Realizations of the arrival of further radical shifts and the moving towards even more revolutionary methods seen with clear and piercing clarity. I imagine the I’m not fucking around anymore vibe will be continually coming on for many, while others who can’t stand against the complications collapse into permanent docility.

Steve Marcus

Venus, Mercury and the Sun then all in Sagittarius oppose Mars in Gemini one by one. To remain on the trajectory to reach our hopes and dreams we have to balance our hearts, minds and objectives with a world on the fritz. I could see many people getting onto alternative networks of communication and finance at this point. DeFi, mesh networking, and whatever other alternatives and options are proliferating at this point in a climate where the cat is fully out of the bag and distrust of the central authority is brought more fully across the spectrum. This is not like being handed a sack of gold, but this does occur with the ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter, in rulership in Pisces, so the alternative networking tools we choose to investigate and incorporate into our mission here will be expanding our holistic integration with the whole universe in a supportive way for everyone. We will be realizing that we have been made prisoners in a surveillance grid and digital reward system and that we have to manually reprogram most aspects of our existence to avoid the totalizing agenda of centralized big tech and their marriage to authority and the corporate medical complex.

As such themes are floating around, Jupiter stations direct near a Full Moon upon retrograde Mars December 6th, highlighting the erratic nature of media and communication technologies and really letting us feel it personally. Jupiter later makes his way back to Aries December 20th just before solstice and the holiday, where rising up and fighting back for yourself is the only way to shake loose opportunity and get to the resources for growth. With Mercury stationing retrograde December 29th in late Capricorn conjunct Pluto and Venus as Mars is in Mercury’s sign and Jupiter is ready for pitchforks and torches in Aries there’s no denying it, the system is broken.

Ron Embleton

Be clear and coherent of this simple idea: they are trying to manipulate you 100% of the time. Their manipulation of the left, the right, the conservative, the progressive, the socialist, the centralist— all media is now part of the manipulation. We must move beyond the idea even of media and into decentralized co-mingling and communication nodes and vectors with one another. With Jupiter back in rulership, use a wide scope lens in research, look at the all, the whole. With the pull into earth signs, return to the real, referencing the natural over the conceptual or hypothetical. There are no longer actual news sources. It’s a full media mirage that is only going to get more sophisticated and spellbinding this year, 1000 fold.

Horacio Salinas Blanch

All in all 2022 looks radical, mind-bending, uproarious, and despite the types of difficulties which would crop up as any empire teeters into full collapse during a great epochal shift there is more opportunity for joy, hope, pleasure and change than the past two years have held possible. Let’s get ourselves back on a radical track, but one fluid with subtle holistic coherence. Be mindful, uphold intuition and nature, stay coherent and put your attention and intensions in the most worthy places. Beginning with this Venus retrograde sequence ask yourself, what is there to love about this current reality? What were my values before the events of 2020-2021 and how have they change or been altered? Would I like to reclaim my values before I ever heard the word covid? Am I ready to take on values now that are more powerful than I might have been strong enough to hold before things ground to a halt? What do I truly desire? This? Or, something else?

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