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Primal Blindsides

The largest, most slowly applying and most partile aspect of the week is the Jupiter in Libra Square to Pluto in Capricorn. You may feel like things are really coming into great balance in your life, riding the upswing of last weeks positive configurations, such as the Mercury ingress into rulership conjunction with Regulus, our Messenger sorting the blood cells that stream out of the Lion’s Heart, pumping rubies and Clear Quartz pieces into the cockles and purse pockets of the kingdom, the King radiant, securely on his throne, with fresh reinforcements ready at his hand’s command. Although the problem now becomes, with a clean slate in the power cycle, and newly acquired wealth, we wait with breeze massaging our brows and ears open to the hush of silence for something to appear out of the void. The kingdom expands into new territory, and all we see is the shadows cast from the trees at field’s edge, swathes of darkness to gobble our frontiers, dark ocean waters not yet sounded. What happens next? Mars days and nights have become considerably more active since the Red Planet has left needy Cancer; the director yells “Action!”, the stage comes alive, there is plenty to accomplish in this scene, but there are no props and painted sets, areas that lack light and others blindingly bright. Our expansion is not received by the firm networks of hierarchy that we expect to help us organize our many small parts, instead we have to proceed with our change jars and stuff in sacs having no idea really how much we’re holding and how we’ll get everything put into place in such smattering of light and structure. A lot of new tools and tasks but no shelves; we rely on our memories to stay organized. Jupiter’s growth pushes against pluto’s Capricornian Void, the Sun already signaled for the Summer ceremony to begin, its in full swing, and Mars’ men have bucked the barricades and are out in play, its all happening, a lot of it exactly how you’d hoped for, but now that its go time there’s nary a moment and retract and check your notes, it might be the art of instinct we must work on, and a quick mind for details as they crop up. Venus in Cancer helps keep us rooted to the wells of our inner waters as Mercury in Virgo poises us to meticulous management of multitudinal positions; but both can become equally distracting: spending six hours penning the most highly detailed shopping list and deep home redecorations might distract us from the tickertape of authoritative obligation, and splendorous Salmon Leaps of opportunities as exotic fish hauls worry the scales. In the midst of the glimmering rush that deepens the darkness of that beyond the threshold hedge we must double back to cul de sacs of simple strategy. We are leading up to a Full Moon eclipse: watch her movement and pay attention to the planetary timings, days and hours that could provide moments of clarity to portend what is going on and what must be done moment by moment.

8/2/17 at 6:55 pm (EST) the Moon in Sagittarius sextiles Jupiter in Libra; the Moon in Jupiter’s sign, while Venus is in the Moon’s and Jupiter is in Venus’. Tap into your intuition to figure out whom from your circle of friends and loved ones you can make alliances with to draw resources for overriding movements toward goals. There is an elemental bartering of social currency here, not necessarily mercantile goods or tit for tat, but set up some extra spiritual, intellectual and emotional bonds amongst those who might offer you strategic strength in light of current goals.

8/3/17 at 3:35 am, The Moon conjuncts Saturn in Sagittarius. Normally an uncomfortable combination, as Saturn tends to put straining restrictions that temporarily starve our needs, attempt to peer into the nature of the abstinence Saturn insists as he is in Jupiter’s sign, rules the sign where the Moon will be eclipsed and has been hung on a long decaying trine with the North Node for months on end. The Silent Skeleton might not be quick to wag his tongue, but being rooted in squeamish emotions, listen to the grumblings of your gut as our streams of consciousness, moods, needs and bodies embrace the Reaper. Being an early am conjunction, your dreams and hypnogogic happenings on Thursday morning (Saturn night becoming Jupiter day at dawn) might be of particular importance.

8/3/17 at 9:00 am, then shortly after the Moon trines the North Node itself. This might be a more bright moment of realization regarding possible transmissions from the Moon-Saturn conjunction of the deep am. Aspects to the Dragon’s head and tail don’t often spill out great epithets or aphorisms, although a waxing harmonic key to the mathematical point could be insightful to what kind of curveballs the Lunar and Solar eclipses plan to pitch. Maybe some numerological assessment is in order, whatever system you prefer. I Ching, geomancy, Ifa, kabbala & co. are all happy with this level of abstraction. Have a go at it.

8/4/17 at 5:30 am, Moon opposite Venus. Here we experience powerful primal instincts in context of the love we feel for close friends and family. A mother wildcat deeply growls at the mouth of the cave in which her kittens are sheltered. This primal drive has the power of incredible endurance, tenacity and can conjure a most vicious defense, and is often the very rootstock of the wrathful feminine divine. This is of course both helpful and confusing energy. Utilize it to further close-knit and folk alliances and to build nests of nurture as well as find groves of protection, but don’t let its emotional hooks reel in your heart. Use it don’t loose it.

8/4/17 at 2:20 pm, Jupiter completes its square to Pluto. Jupiter, the almost-star, just too small to burst into plasma-fire and be a massive luminary, a world only of storm, who’s electromagnetic field extends outward for millions of miles like Zeus’ lightning missiles; his frontiers square up to Pluto’s voids and vacuums, a black hole not as massive but of endless depth. It is the ultimate horizon, beyond which is heliopause, then other solar-systems, the infinity of universe-cells. In our own lives our personal expansion seem to be taking us beyond the thresholds of our individual identities, social circuits, localities, loves, family territory, creative dominion and so on, depending on where these two contenders find themselves in your chart. This is growth into the unknown, beyond the familiar threshold to where we encounter the unknown. We know that if we get too big, we will have to adjust ourselves and be responsible for comprehending new information, devising new strategies, readying ourselves for new challenges that buck foreshadowing, they wait in mystery like predators, or wait in dark rooms to surprise us like attendees at a birthday party. Involving two slow bodies, this is the most acute moment of a long aspect that effects a couple weeks on either side, although, being aware of its pivot point will probably reckon its themes to your conscious mind, tapping them with sharp search lights and cataloguing them numerically. The Moon trines Mercury minutes after the square goes partile. Our Owl’s eye swoops on the scene collecting data which then gets circulated through departments of Knowledge and Intellect. The result is a witness sketch enhanced digitally by FBI software with access to the surveillance database. The original impression is Moonlight emotion, and can be the fear fuming from the victim who collided with the fugitive at large, but the definition compiled to complete the portrait is highly thorough, accurate, and rationally applied. As in any detective narrative; nothing is certain halfway through the story, but the glimpses captured as the climax tightens clench our bite on the necks of the prey, even if we need to carry more than one suspect to the stand like dangling pups until the gavel drops.

8/5/17 at 7:35 am, the Moon conjunct Pluto. Before the Full Moon Eclipse on the seventh, the Moon eclipses the Void that is the issue of the week. The theme of thresholds separating the known from the unknown which we cross with our various tendrils of coherence and growth is very apt for the sequence already begun but going very live on the August 21st eclipse. Eclipses being known for throwing out wildcards, and Mercury now slowing down for a retrograde spells out that the awareness of sailing into uncharted waters is very literal, and we can expect that to continue into 2018 as this eclipse cycle carries us into a new year in which Saturn returns to rulership in Capricorn right at this years winter solstice. The unknown void within the hierarchy is very much a foreshadowing of elongated themes to be played out in the coming Saturn ruled period, when the planet of hard and fast substructure enters his sign intent on erecting many of the old I-beams that have sagged and withered as he made his 30 year journey around the ecliptic. The Moon conjunct pluto gives us an opportunity to feel the interior of this hole in the lattice with our own bodies and the lights of our minds. Divination involving embodiment such as trance, dance, drum, posture and breath can be helpful here to traverse the black barrier, or let it come down and seat a void vision directly on your mind for a session of automatic writing.

8/7/17 at 2:00 pm, The Moon in Aquarius opposes the Sun in Leo drawing near the North Node and a partial eclipse is visible throughout much of Europe, Africa and Asia. Not only will America not see it, it will be bright and sunny in North (and South) America while it happens on the other side of the world. Eclipses toss out unexpected oddness all over the globe when they occur, but, mostly where they are seen. This being a partial eclipse implies that it is of significantly less intensity, invisible in America, where the Sun will be up, lessens the impact here, and the fact that while the Moon opposes the Sun, the Moon trines benefic Jupiter in Libra while the Sun also trines Jupiter. This does not appear to be a particularly frightening eclipse, and most likely will be the progenitor of feelings of faction and need for abstract manifest freedoms streaming through the heads of everywhere other than America, forming alliances outside of the Total Solar eclipse that will impact America and its leadership directly. I don’t think politically, but this sequence has obvious societal and governance implications. Don’t fret the Lunar eclipse, it looks like an Aquarian song sung in a world that needs decentralization; for a moment this music distracts the hearts and eyes of the masses, and hopefully hypnotizes the hype, freezing it off like a wart. Of course, what happens on the mundane scale is just a parallel to our personal lives. Expect a similar break in the fence of factions within your own intellect, where the abstract freedoms you strive to preserve or attain are temporarily obliterated by your emotions and the fount of thoughts that burble up from their springs.

8/9/17 at 3pm, the Moon in Pisces opposite Mercury in Virgo. At this point the Moon has split somewhere like over-ripe fruit and drains of its juices. Sighting Mercury opposite in Virgo puts into perspective some of these Aquarian emotions; the anarcho-marxist slogans are scrutinized against the practical details of daily life, the assumptions surmised by radical agendas meet head on with statistical analysis. In your own life don’t swap one school of thought for the other. Keep your trajectory on track and be quietly skeptical of everything except your own spirit, and the spirits you work with. This becomes especially true as the Moon conjuncts Neptune in Pisces later in the evening. The truth that shatters your illusion might be even more illusory than your initial truth, which having sprung from revolutionary enthusiasm seems formed in haste, may in fact contain the seed of new lifeways and philosophies after it has been properly matured. Ideas will seem incongruent, and they are, but it is from the fertile spume of paradox that life fills its cup, whether it be the morning joe, twilight wine or midnight oil.

8/10/17 at 5:00 am, Venus in Cancer sextile Mercury in Virgo, Sun in Leo applying to sextile Jupiter in Libra. Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter are all in the second decan of their signs, sustaining and maintaining their zodiacal themes. All these planets are quite content here. The artful orchestration of symphonic incubation perfectly rendered in a plan who’s process is as much cherished as is its product. Identities glory in their divinely dolled dominions more than happy to make firm alliances with those who help to keep the scales steady. Expect close friends and families to draw together and collaborate here, perhaps prompted by the fears of expanding into voids and the struck up songs of abstract freedom echoing from far flung faction camps that filled the week before. Either way, looks like extending warm regards to comrades this week during blindsides begins next week with fruitful consortiums and purposeful unions. For now keep your divinatory eyes peeled to ken a mysterious future, meanwhile get something to toast with handy, and ready to make the most of the fealty.

And remember, the best alliances aren’t always made with humans, but humans well aligned make the best alliances with other various shades.

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