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The Astrology Of September 2022: Correctamundo

Many, many people I know personally, and literal scores I know as clients have been traumatized by the psychological torture and trajectory arrest of the past two and a half years to the point of physical injury. A dramatic amount of folks encountering some of the first real health events of their lives. Unsurprisingly this set into pattern throughout a year where Saturn and Uranus squared multiple times, cramming one kind of change against another so both became jammed, impossible to transition, and in many cases led to a meltdown of some sort that maybe started mental (Saturn in Aquarius), polluted the emotional (Jupiter-Neptune in Pisces) and then erupted in the physical (Uranus in Taurus). Now that the North Node has been in Taurus trying to radically smooth out the embodied landscape while the South Node is in Scorpio releasing the accumulated, embedded intensity, and the final near but never to complete Saturn-Uranus square is present, and Mars has entered Gemini for the long haul, until March of 2023, we receive a September that is rife with slow downs, hold ons, time outs pause the video for the sake of parameter implementations, making adjustments, correcting crosswires, removing flaws, aligning parts, and even accomplishing radical changes to the baselines we rely on as the conveyor belts running beneath our feet can here change track.

[Image at top Amy Nimir]

August revealed the major tension points that have been the culprit and we had to swallow and accept them, and now after having centered some, like it or not, we get our hands up into the works and explore alternate circuitries and play around with the settings deliberately. On an esoteric sense this is an act of Inner-Alchemy, a kind of Tantra, in which the energetic realizations of fiery plasma event August in T square to Saturn and Mars-Uranus saw erupt are now subjugated by stepping up to the reformatting of our disciplines, boundaries, responsibilities, obligations, and frameworks Saturn has been pressuring us to innovate with and pioneer for the past two years, but of course easier said than done. Depending on natal placements, some have gotten on this way back and some are just arriving at it now, but either way, September puts a lot of it in context while the video is paused or moves along at minus 2x at least and will be sped up again, quite a bit in late October when the next set of eclipses arrive.

Maybelle Stamper

When the Sun leaves Leo for Virgo, which is the typical setting for the plot of September, all that energy returns to earth, and it then does something, a process is initiated. The energy moves into a body, but more than being a thing it is a function, a kind of sequence for the energy to follow and circulate that has effect on the real, more than it itself being physical, it is Mercury ruled earth, it is what happens, the invisible happening of earth processes more so than the static matter itself. It is kinetic motion of many parts, it is synergetic occurrence across arrays of components in a sequence. Being a mutable sign it is ultimately about change, and Virgo hosts much of Septembers transits and aspect patterns. Mars is in Mercury’s other sign, Gemini, another mutable sign, where optionality and alternatives spin like a roulette wheel, more variation from the norm. The late August New Moon was in Virgo and the August Full Moon is in Pisces, more mutable, more expressions facilitating change. Saturn is in Aquarius, a sign that makes Saturn find new structures, and update systems. Uranus is in Taurus, experimenting with, turbulently shifting and revolutionizing the regular. Jupiter is in Aries, understanding how to initiate new things independently. The Nodes are in fixed Taurus and Scorpio, installing new grooves in the earth end and deleting old urges and instincts on the water end. In essence, everything in some sense signals something new, the change of the regular, a transformation of the normal, myriad adjustment, wiring in of new circuit paths.

We can contextualize this by the many big shifts coming up in March, when Saturn moves into Pisces, Pluto moves into Aquarius, Mars finishes with Gemini after working there six whole months and then not long after in April we get the first eclipse in Aries then Jupiter enters Taurus in May— Saturn and Pluto being the more epochal of the shifts, but we can see we’re headed for rather sweeping changes next spring and the many re-alignments and corrections patterned, drafted and formatted now will eventually add up to an altogether different plot-line.


Although maybe not such a different narrative, just handled differently. In the spring Pluto replaces Saturn in Aquarius, Saturn replaces Jupiter in Pisces, The North Node replaces Jupiter in Aries, Jupiter starts covering Taurus. This gets easier, this gets worse, this goes haywire that gets thrown in conspiratorial shadow, this weakens that strengthens etc. a thorough reimagining of an already laid out set of circumstances. It reminds me, I’ve just read the iconic 80s cyberpunk anthology entitled Mirrorshades, edited by Bruce Sterling. Cyberpunk was a genre, gathering 70s loose sexuality with casual drug use, ghettoized urban zones, street warfare, the corporatization of everything, incoming digital paradigm, technocratic paranoia, and nuclear bomb bred apocalyptic prophecy into a hard boiled cocktail most famously displayed in the hyper-classic Bladerunner. Mirrorshades is twelve stories concerning the near future (more or less essentially now) that are as slightly off as they are dead on. The interesting thing is that they are all varied while all agreeing on certain thematic elements which are unfurling in the midst of the inhabitant of the early 1980s. Part of the reason this is important is the first apparent hit of the Air Epoch we now find ourselves headlong in was when Jupiter and Saturn conjoined in Libra at 5:13pm eastern time December 31st 1980. Mirrorshades is released 1986. What was being contemplated and imagined and written about here is the initial delivery of Air Period anxiety. Fast forward to 2022 and a few more strikes of the Great Chronochrator clock and it’s safe to say we need a new future.

Needing a new future is not a new idea, but one that seems slow to emerge, perhaps because we have only since 12:13pm eastern December 21 2020 stepped off the Earth platform completely and are now 100% in flight— a date which was one week after the 1st public injection of an experimental gene altering drug which would find its way on up to three or four occasions into the veins of 62.9% of people worldwide. It will not be surprising if in not very long we have categories for people considered human and not considered human. In fact a patent filed by Microsoft on 6/20/19 and published 3/26/20 describes a kind of implantable ‘cryptocurrency system using body activity data’ which claims in the patent to be able to make this very distinction between human and non-human in the subject in which it is implanted.

Sascha Schneider

At this point this sounds as dystopian and outdated as the many fanatical society depictions across the pages of Mirrorshades, but it is not, it’s still a contemporary issue, likely awaiting deployment, and as we know, an implantible injection ID did roll out in Sweden last year. March 26 2020 had Jupiter conjunct Pluto and Mars in Capricorn, Saturn still just at zero degrees Aquarius, the Sun on Chiron and the Moon on Uranus. A perfect set of placements for such a document to emerge. June 20th 2019 had Mars and Mercury conjunct separating from the North Node in Cancer, directly opposite Pluto in Capricorn, with the Moon at seven degrees Aquarius, and Saturn on the South Node in Capricorn. In some sense, might be difficult to find a more evil election.

So why am I talking about this? My point is not to disseminate pessimism or fear, but rally around the point of new futures vs the way things have been unfolding. Not dystopian nor utopian, but when we read cyberpunk we see a world expecting the continuation of Earth Epoch corporatization and territory control extended exponentially, where as we are now witnessing the breakdown of such hierarchies as they are replaced with syndicates, chains and networks, we must imagine something different. The internet now flashes with Pluto in Aquarius signals, such as individuals and small cells organizing to rob rich Influencers by sleuthing their whereabouts on social media, and government approved euthanasia for the hopelessly poverty stricken. This doesn’t run exponentially into dystopia if the pattern tracks from Pluto’s last visit to Aquarius, but instead distributes into syndicated powers that further undermine and destroy the hierarchy structures we’re locked into and effectively lop off their heads. Last time round circa 1778 we can bookmark the midst of the American Revolutionary War and the starting of the Monarchic Revolutions, where anti-monarchists began distributing horizontally and cellularly throughout channels such as Mason lodges organizing to catalyze and carry out many crown topplings across Europe, which continued to reverberate across the world to the contemporary period, in which we now enjoy a new kind of post-Capitalist “monarchy”, multi-billionaires. Previous to that, Pluto’s waltz into Aquarius in 1534 you can observe similarly decentralizing forces such as Martin Luther’s first complete bible printed in German, anti Catholic Huguenot placards all over France provoke violent sectarian reactions, The Portuguese Crown split Colonial Brazil into captaincies, The Ottoman army Captures Bagdad from the Safavids, Jacques Cartier explore and maps the Gulf Of St Lawrence, the first book in Hebrew is published, as well as Rabelais Gargantua, which at the time competed with the Bible for popularity and sent Rabelais into hiding. Pretty much this is the reverberations of the invention of the printing press reorganizing society.

Sunil Das

I’ve noticed recently more people drifting away from social media, as it has become the centralized sphere, rather than the decentralized digital playground, the pond has flipped. IRL is now decentral, and despite the digital rails much of the Pluto in Aquarius power dissension will likely run on, that which happens that is not logged in will prove the most powerful and impactful to the skeleton of society as it shatters at the neck level, or more dramatically, in Aquarian form, at the ankles. We might expect a powerful secret internet, or networks of secret internets, or even a post-internet network we don’t understand yet. Have you heard the talk of using radio frequencies for internet instead of satellites? We need new futures.

We need futures where status quo impression of the Earth Epoch emphasis is left out of the equation, but the defetishization of the earth element is taken into consideration. We need futures where the assumptions of the 60s socialist, oriental philosophy distorting, psychedelic eating cultures are no longer the metric for cool, and where the transhumanist careen off course of the last forty years is not its replacement, but instead are able to be co-artifacts, along with Mirrorshades cyberpunk, something for the bibliography, a touch piece but not the draft of the now, as if we’re reenacting movies. We need earthy freshness, and to not make the same mistake with Air that we made with Earth— allow empire to pervert it.


We need futures with substance and meaning

And so to arrive at upgraded, updated, innovative, pioneering and conceptually cutting edge futures we would like to inhabit, we need to make a lot of adjustments. In society yes, but as we look at the net effect and synergic cascading accumulation of correcting small misalignments framed by this September, we might see a much bigger pivot if the fulcrum is at first personal. I.e. assess yourself thoroughly, think about what you think about, cohere your individual energetics by understanding and becoming sage in action. Take care of yourself.


Maybelle Stamper


-Mercury in Shadow: things getting askew and will need correction in the next few weeks, (between the 9th and the 2nd), first scan to corrective territory that will require rethinking etc.

-Mercury almost sextile Mars but slowing down: relational, cultural, equalization thinking communicating harmonized with multitasking tactics and optionality action— social activity

-Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, slow, Mercury slowing: Story steady in one place, dealing with specifics, doubling down on particular factors in the now narrative



-Saturn and Uranus square tight but never complete: turbulent revolutionization of baseline methods, grooves, materials, commodities etc. clashing with upgrade to innovative new systems and structures— reflects what couldn’t move forward for these reasons in 2021 but is now finalizing and through nuanced disciplines can be realized between now and March when there’s a big loosening of restriction



-Mercury RX almost opposing Neptune but never completes: Rethinking the engineering specifics which complete a process of correction needing to balance with total imaginative permeability, mysticism, fantasy, illusion, cinematic transportiveness, simulation, virtuality

Inji Efflatoun


-8:09am: Mars sextile Jupiter: Multitasking tactics and optionality action, mentally bushwhacking to locate alternatives, social activity collaborating with an understanding and coherence of having grown more independent and the efficacy of individual action.

-Moon on SN, opposite Uranus: need to purge intensity and cleanse soul depths alchemically while the pull to radically shift baselines volatizes


-9:30pm: Mercury opposite Jupiter: The balance between relational, cultural, equalization thinking and communicating, the logic of getting the relational/cultural mix right -and- balancing with the coherence of how you’ve been growing as an individual in your own philosophical identity based on your actions, skills and capabilities.

-lingers as Mercury is stationing: this spread over many days


-Venus ingress Virgo: Aesthetic attention to detail, looking for flaws in beauty or pleasure so that it can be corrected, attention to the fly in the ointment, best to give it a job so that beauty and pleasure increase from the manual or intellectual effort rather than just having sex, fun, creativity, romance spoiled— although, Mercury and Venus are in mutual reception, so they share resources and are likely to cross collaborate in a nuanced way. As previously noted, an excellent time to get the social, relational, cultural, creative, aesthetic mix equalized just so and make sure all the levels are perfectly in balance, but as Mercury is about to be retrograde between 9/9 and 10/2 this period might feel like a work in progress and not ready for the permanent record. Give space to be ‘workin it out’.


-11:38pm: Mercury stations RX: Rethinking relational, cultural, equalization thinking and communicating, the logic of getting the relational/cultural mix right— see above

William Baziotes


—5:59am: Full Moon in Pisces: High saturation of permeable, empathic, fantastical, romantic, dramatic, theatrical, cinematic emotional expression culminating at a high tide moment. Extreme Vaseline on the lens, and possible nostalgic episodes. This is the New Moon every mid September, so for those in certain climes this is always the vibe of the first hints of the autumnal which bring back embodied memories- the harvest foods, first crisp night, pulling sweaters out again, a bonfire etc. which carry along with a kind of empathic openness in a romantic modality (i.e. romanticism of Byron and Wordsworth rather than sex and relationships). As this Moon will be separating from squaring Mars, sextiling Uranus and applying to Neptune, it could be triggered by mental impulses to follow alternative tactical pathways, do things differently, which can radically shift the baselines of your grooves and substance and have you falling into fantasizing about what that would ultimately entail for the whole of your world. Jupiter in Aries rules this Moon, so individuality and individual philosophy of independent action which makes you as effective as you can possibly be will be the underlying influence flowing into the deluge of subjective realization.


-9:03am: Sun trine Uranus: The next day after the Full Moon our focus of specifics and how they effect the process of the operations at play are harmonized with the experimental attitude of Uranus who is itching to change the rhythm of everything regular and predictable in the material dimensions of how we methodically work through our affairs and slowly sculpt our outcomes. What might specifically change if we did that all different?


-2:41pm: Venus square Mars: identifying and correcting the flaws of aesthetics and pleasure in tension with mentally bushwhacking for alternative tactics while multitasking. Can be both frustrating and productive, something will have to be done about it most likely, critical intervention. These are mutable signs so shuffling game pieces and swapping out components is likely. The Moon is sidling up to Mars so we’ll be feeling it and needing options. With Mercury retrograde in Libra opposite Jupiter in Aries, we may be going back to repeat consultations with people in an attempt to understand how things are going to get done. Anytime Mars and Venus make aspects there can be sexual tensions embedded in the mix, in this case of a fidgety and nervous variety, so if it helps to locate that and alleviate the crisis that way, be my guest. I usually wouldn’t highlight soft aspects to the nodal axis, but its worth noting Venus is sextile the South Node here and trine the North Node, and leading up to eclipse season late October to mid September, there could certainly be a plot point here surrounding which soul poison you want to purge from emotional alchemy loops and what of your baseline methodologies you’d be excited to disrupt. If Mars is thinking about alternative ways to do things and Venus is finding the pleasure and aesthetic flaws in concert with Mercury rethinking the equalization of the relational and artistic mix, then this might be a signaling of something profound, a kind of epiphany of what to delete and what to install, which could provide Saturn’s job of finishing up the updates in Aquarius between now and March much more space to fit.

-6:04pm: Sun opposite Neptune: Again, focus on realizations of specific changes that could be made, especially in the context of carrying a process out to completion finally, bring us into a flood of almost hallucinatory fantasization and dreamy unreality. The expansion of imagination far beyond the parameters of possibility until it permeates our objective reasoning is a useful experience, as is a psychedelic episode which rewires our nervous system and allows us to see from new perspectives and make synesthetic and synergic synapse pathways and lubricates nuanced associations— although, make an attempt to sort what is of the trip and what is pertinent to the process. Learn from it but don’t fall hopelessly under its spell.

Roland Penrose


-12:03am: Mars sextile Chiron: Attempting to run multiple programs and accomplish multiple tasks at once while utilizing varied tactics you haven’t encountered before can lead to unexpectedly stepping on some modes of action you don’t feel comfortable with or are uneasily not proficient in. Don’t beat yourself up over it.

-6:22pm: Mercury RX opposite Jupiter: the return of “balance between: relational, cultural, equalization thinking and communicating, the logic of getting the relational/cultural mix right— balancing with the coherence of how you’ve been growing as an individual in your own philosophical identity based on your actions, skills and capabilities.” But in a reorganizing, correcting, reviewing modality.

-11:46pm: Sun trine Pluto: Nearing the end of processes playing out lays an ominous vibe, and you may be obsessed with managing the stratagem to the point of behind the scenes power plays and conspiratorial manipulations as a way of dealing with unknowns on the chessboard. Obsessive focus on specifics. Looks like the Mars Chiron aspect identifies unease and discomforts afoot, the Mercury Jupiter review puts them into context and the Sun Pluto faces fears that might be involved and pulls into intense, maybe overwhelming attention.


-12:26am: Venus trine Uranus: Here’s where the previously mentioned aesthetic/pleasure flaw correction triggering baseline shifts goes live. Some things are just going to change. Especially with Mercury in Libra retrograde also interested in correcting the levels.


-9:04pm: Sun ingress Libra: The focus shifts to looking directly at relations, relationships, fairness, equality, balance, art, culture and generally the measurement of how things are balance and equalized in our lives. This brings direct attention to what Mercury has been up to in his thinking and communicating and looks at it objectively. How’d it go? Are things more balanced after all that mental energy?

Danny Fox


-2:47am: Inferior conjunction of Mercury: Here’s the realization directly of the above. As if Mercury gives the eye of the Sun the microscope and points to one or a few very specific and important details which frame our focus and fuel our motivations. These are good moments to keep our eyes peeled and pay particual attention to things found, remembered, retrieved or suddenly noticed, as if a detail just suddenly becomes visible out of the larger array. Be a bit of a sleuth; reflect, clean your space, journal, meditate on Mercury, whatever it takes to shake the clues loose.

-8:04am: Mercury RX regress Virgo: Mercury heads back to his domicile after to bring the missing pieces he’s acquired to snags back in the timeline and input the finishing touches.


-5:02am: Venus opposite Neptune: Now Venus gets the dose of fantisization and permeating hallucination— Venus does alright with Neptune, as long as she doesn’t go love zombie, the combo is usually great for relaxation and vacation vibes. With her in Virgo the influx of mystical romanticism will be against the trend of sequential programming and add elements of confusion but will probably still feel good and lubricate the works even if some details are hopelessly lost in the process. Neptune in Pisces streaming into Venus Virgo is kind of like the fascinating scholarly work on Aphrodite you are reading just becomes an amazing looking book as an object and its oozing with drawing ideas; best case scenario.


-5:55pm: New Moon in Libra: Interesting moment for the New Moon in Libra considering the above. Contemplation of initiating a renewed subjective cycle of emotional realization and manifestation, i.e. what gets generated across this lunar phase, as well as from here to the next Full Moon in15 days as well as by the the Full Moon in Libra six months from now. Contextualized by romantic fantasies and put into balance with Jupiter’s actual coherence of independence in a wide scope way, how you’ve been growing individually and taking stock of abilities all year. How does that have you contemplating how you relate with others, the culture your in, the wider culture, your relationships, the arts, and so on?


-1:41am: Venus trine Pluto: Now Venus harmonizes with the ominous shadow of fear, power, initiation, mystery and obsession as she is putting the finishing touches on her aesthetic/desire correction operation.

-1:53pm: Mercury RX conjunct Venus: Not kong after Mercury still moving backwards but starting to reach the end of his review meets with Venus to discuss the above, and relate it to the wider review he’s been thinking over and sorting out across Libra and Virgo to here. This could involve things thought and said all the way back to August 22nd coming back around again and being put into right order. The dual activity of Venus in Virgo and Mercury retrograde in Libra probably brought an interwoven reorganization of factors across two life layers which depending on your rising sign either do or don’t feel related. This is a moment to understand what you’ve been processing and what it means for that to be properly balanced.

-3:17pm: Sun opposite Jupiter: This tracks along with what was said about the New Moon in Libra, in the context of Jupiter, this as the Moon has moved on is more of an objective view of how the balance is struck between the awareness of others and coherence of ones self, independence, energy and urge to act. Jupiter and the Sun should play nice, and this can be invigorating and revealing, although a sober awareness of legitimate compromise might be clear despite a growing sense of your individual agency.

Sunil Das


-9:21am: Mercury RX trine Pluto: Mercury then syncs up with ominous initiatory strategy management and powerful movings of real and concrete factors. The combination of Mercury and Pluto is the most detective-esque of any of the planets, and the most conspiratorial. So if you find yourself in or investigating a cabal, understand your role in whats afoot despite the abundance of serious shadow play. This could be like sneaking back into the place you snuck out of to reset a certain object or detail and then sneaking back out again, only to linger around in the bushes as Mercury begins to station direct to collect information on what was the effect of that adjustment.


-1:35am: Mars trine Saturn: As the Sun, Venus and Mercury have all trined Pluto, as well as all having been considering making changes to the underlying baselines, this Mars trine Saturn signaling serious business being just what the doctor ordered makes sense. Saturn has been pressuring us since March of 2020 to find new and more appropriate formats for ourselves to update our lives by pioneering into new conceptual frameworks. Mars is busy from late August to March scanning information, talking to everyone, reading every article, trying to find alternatives to the way we do things. At this moment they sing together harmonically, it would be extremely useful to notice the note as it reveals a sweet spot through a difficult transition.

Maybelle Stamper


-3:49am: Venus ingress Libra: Perfect moment for Venus, the planet of desire and pleasure, to enter the trine at least by sign, and we can accomplish grace, artfulness, diplomacy, and feel good doing it. Venus enters a space recently reorganized by Mercury under her direction as they have just finished having their roles reversed, and she can luxuriate in the curation of a more equitable and balanced existence, where pleasure is relational, and with that principle in mind doesn’t have to come at the expense of any other factor. Jupiter is still opposite in Aries, so a widening wisdom of independence and individual action reveals how the best way to be in relation with others is to understand that everybody ultimately is themself first and people are just going to do whatever it is they are going to do. We can learn to enjoy that and center the fulcrum of the scales from there.


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