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The Astrology Of November 2022: Double Edges and Slippery When Wet

The switch into November occurs almost exactly between the pair of eclipses this fall in Scorpio and Taurus. This round we receive the third Taurus eclipse in the series and the second Scorpio eclipse, with one more Scorpio eclipse coming up in spring of 2023 finishing out the process of purging, cleansing, releasing and refining in Mars’ nocturnal domicile and increasing, compelling and pulling into manifestation in Venus’ nocturnal domicile. That both ends of the spectrum are nocturnal and respectively in water and earth signs, accompanying Jupiter’s return to Pisces, in a year when Mercury’s retrogrades beginning in air signs and stationing direct in earth signs, we can see 2022 has a lot to do with mitigating the traumatic and gut wrenching, dispassionate, alienating excess of Aquarian air of 2020 and 2021, and the North Node pulling us out of the primal intensity of Scorpio into the radical grooves of Uranian Taurus speaks to the roadblocks presented all 2021 and 2022 by the Saturn-Uranus squares that are now finally separating and allowing for narrative progression.

Don’t get me wrong, there is still plenty of air to go around with Saturn still in Aquarius until March and Mars retrograde then direct in Gemini on the same timeline, Moving into Cancer around when Saturn moves into Pisces in March 2023. Mercury’s retrogrades resolving in earth signs, and his December retrograde exclusively in Capricorn paired with this Taurus North Node Lunar eclipse continues the theme of the movement toward gravitating towards, attention directed at the real, the tangible, the material, the stuff with actual substance. The South Node Scorpio eclipse was eliminating outdated instincts so we could begin to shift shape and allow for the fixations and urges which will find us in our new animal forms down the line, now November 8th’s Taurus eclipse on Uranus compels us to get used to gaining traction and momentum while experimenting with grooving and moving across unpredictable terrain, getting comfortable and feel prepared and stable in a more consistent and integrated off-roading mode. If we have the all weather gear, the all season tires, the lift kit, the portable solar et up and so on we can go anywhere and be prepared for anything while still attending to our creature comforts and sense of groundedness as we plod through the revolutions and epiphanies distributed through Saturn’s unexplored territory in Aquarius and Mars retrograde’s erratic critical attention dispersal in Gemini.

Kay Neilsen

Early in the month Mercury, Venus and the Sun square Saturn, sextile Pluto, trine Neptune then trine Jupiter on their way through the end of Scorpio, while Mars retrograde applies to a square with Neptune at the same time. Clearly, there are heavy realizations of what frameworks need to be integrated if we are going to survive with our animal souls in tact, the ominousness of what it means to pursue total structural unfamiliarity, and the hallucinatory emotional saturation of wildly attending to tactical polarities while in a less than sober minded state. It appears the don’t operate if under the influence suggestion is collectively ignored. That this tracts across a North Node-Uranus eclipse is definitly worthy of a warning label, although the trines to Jupiter which follow seem to suggest the only way to keep up with Mar’s scattered non linear omni-directional operations is by being loose enough, so as not binding up in weird the dance of it, so if a little inebriation lubricates the process, there’s a measure of it that makes sense. This is much like performing live music: if the band is stone cold sober they play mechanically and don’t communicate to the audience, iof they are too drunk they don’t handle their instruments proficiently as they otherwise could, but if just t6he right amount of booze is applied the magic happens and the flow state takes over and enchantment is possible. Anyone who has consistently performed live knows this is the ideal to shoot for but not always available as so many dynamics lead into best case scenario results, and there is plenty of randomization here and slippery terrain. Things might get sloppy, but sloppy has its place, theres more space for surprises and nuance to mix into the concoction.

We can imagine the magic does indeed happen, at least in some sense as the passage of planets through Sagittarius all coming to oppose Mars while Sagittarius’ ruler, Jupiter is direct in rulership in Pisces suggests that the coherence and awareness of the holistic flows of the boundless whole can lubricate and facilitate the challenge of putting in balance the excitement and enthusiasm of pursuing holy grail quests where everything gets consolidated into the trajectory while Mars is clearly manically multitasking in many paradoxical channels. A surge of inspiration and fun is injected, in a Jupiter sign, so likely related to the Jupiter aspects which preceded these later month configurations. We might ride November as a kind of scary but necessary rodeo mess at the start, but once we get the hang of it energy emerges which directs our focus and we are able to have fun slopping our way through the unfamiliar feels doing whatever we can to keep things going on the fly.

August Natterer

A little bit of optimism might go a long way after the eclipse, where the randomness needs corralling into an eventual higher purpose and greater outcome rather than allowing for a scattering effect of randomized channel surfing. Like making a movie requires action, attention and communication across many varied disciplines, scales and demographics to create the grand illusion which is literally projected and then applauded for how it makes us feel and in reflection understand ourselves and our world better. Jupiter presiding over the Sagittarius transits and New Moon imbues their aims with nostalgia and a kind of potential cinematic trance, a dramatic ambiance, a vibe. Us, at the helm of these oceans of romanticism must tactically thrash a bit to send the whole thing off in a way that we’ll enjoy remembering and permeate our experience with philosophical power.

Things change in eclipse seasons, the story gets fast forwarded, out with the old and in with the new, and even though there is a nuanced progression from fall 2021 to spring 2022 to now, we find we are likely taking leaps and progressing into formats that don’t have a whole lot of context from the historical record, they are new to us. Mars in Gemini might be meaning to move us into awkward social activity in order to figure out what to do about our new circumstances, collecting information on how to get things done from all the people fluttering around. We might assume that the growth Jupiter allowed for in Aries led to this, as we spent the spring and summer becoming more independent and expanding our capabilities. We’re hear having to absorb whatever knowledge exists from the field and utilize it as we go, even though we don’t know exactly what we’re doing yet with our new found tool set and our hypothetical strategies that we were pressurized to go beyond our fears and integrate into our lives at the cost of our souls well being, as if the soul remains unsatisfied then we experience spiritual death, and our animal selves suffer. We might call the first half of November growing pains, the middle preparing to offroad and go offmap, and the end consolidating the chaos into an overarching mission.


Odilon Redon


Venus square Saturn: purged out and refined desires awakening to the realization that new intellectual systems and boundary concepts and mental frameworks must be designed and integrated to arrive at satiation of intense, deep lusts and animal attractions.

Conxi Sane


6:05am: Lunar eclipse in Taurus conjunct Uranus with Mercury cazimi Sun: strong pull anbd compulsion into moving with the radical, shifting new grooves and rhythms, fed into by piercing insights from primal, instinctual thinking


Venus trine Neptune: animal attractions and uncompromising lusts harmonized to the full permeability of the imaginal flow state

Sun square Saturn: orientation to emotional depths and survival instincts in tension with pressure to conceptualize new mental frameworks and conceptual system designs


Mercury trine Neptune: thinking from the gut level, animalistic survival mentalities, instinctual intellect in harmony with he full permeability of the imaginal flow state. Could ease severing and letting go of fixated patterns



Venus sextile Pluto: ultimate, animal attractions and primal desires collaborating with ominous, powerful, mysterious, initiatory machinations, especially relating to the endings of the 2008 to 2023 Pluto story in relation to the Venus renewal stories as both migrate into air signs— from concrete animal-emotional register to conceptual new design balances.


Mercury sextile Pluto: Gut instinct intellect and animal survival mentalities collaborating and cooperating with passage through initiatory and mysterious machinations. Thinking like an animal attempting to survive in a shady, plutochratic society.

Sun trine Neptune: Orientation to animal and gut level instincts harmonized with permeable, imaginal, mystical flow state and able to let go.


Venus trine Jupiter: Animal depth level desires harmonized with letting go of constructs and flowing with believe and coherence of holism.



Venus ingress Sagittarius: Desire, attraction, bond, resonance, seeking satisfaction and pleasure, relationally, romance, creativity reaching an energizing and motivating belief in noble and ultimate goals and holy grails, in the context of Jupiter’s Piscean coherence of letting go and flowing with the whole or all.

Mercury trine Jupiter: Animal instinct thinking and survival mentality harmonized with letting go of constructs and flowing with believe and coherence of holism.

Kay Nielsen


Mercury ingress Sagittarius: Thinking along optimistic belief and goal achieving energetic trajectories and focus targets.


Sun square Pluto: orientation to primal, animal instincts, depth, intense emotions, intimacy, in tension with shadow moves, secret machinations, obscure strategies, unknown structures

Nicole Elsenman


MarsRX square Neptune: The convoluted, erratic, exaggerated, herky-jerky, energy, actions and critical response array in tension with the hallucinatory permeability of the all, the whole which tends towards release of structures and boundaries. Like operating power tools that are on the fritz while intoxicated or on psychedelics, or otherwise paranoid and overwhelmed with delusional emotions..


Sun trine Jupiter: Orientation to deep, intense, animalistic, guttural, instincts harmonized with the coherence of expansion, release, boundlessness of the whole and the all and howe it flows in oceanic tidal currents



Mercury conjunct Venus: enthusiastic, excited thinking with attention centered around holy grails in unison with desire to pursue trajectories and the pleasure of chasing lofty goals and propelling on belief


Sun ingress Sag: Orientation to belief, goals, targets, trajectories, unified movement, mythological scale consolidation, motivation, enthusiasm, ultimates, holy grail focus, eyes on the prize

Gian Manik


New Moon in Sag: Quiet, contemplative, internal, or behind the scenes seed sowing of the above dynamics as the Moon begins to feel subjectively what the Sun is paying attention to

Jupiter stations direct: Finishing the period of surveying the growth since May 4th 2022,

And understanding how we’ve expanded and the territory we now hold, we prepare to begin to grow again and become more than we were before. We have finalized what we returned to the holistic layer of Pisces to integrate, sensing the whole, the all, and the massive flows of the boundless totality, we now move forward once again toward our individual path of action and efficacy having gained wisdom about how our independent selves emerge from the whole and all.


Mercury sextile Saturn: enthusiasm fueled mental focus and intellectual ability to direct and consolidate anything to propel a particular trajectory cooperating and collaborating with updated, upgraded conceptual frameworks and innovative new systems.

Mercury opposite MarsRX: The challenge to find balance between enthusiasm to consolidate all thinking into an energized propelling trajectory and erratic tactical actions dispersed throughout multiple channels, likely some of which being highly paradoxical. Hopefully Jupiter in rulership in Pisces facilitates this by lubricating the flow and lending holistic coherence.

Erik Hoel


Venus opposite MarsRX: The challenge of balancing the pleasure of being on a divine mission and attraction to holy grails with erratic and unpredictable critical action dispersed into multiple channels.


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