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The Astrology Of May 2021: Saturation Test


May 2021 is already famous for Jupiter’s long awaited ingress into Pisces, although the majority of May is heavy with placements in Taurus and busy with planets in Gemini. The Month begins in fact with Sun, Mercury and Venus in the Bull’s sign and ends with the trio in the Twins, so we might be leaning into some projects, methodologies and preparations of certain substance in the start of May, most of which will be to our satisfaction with Venus there in rulership, and transition over the weeks to multiplication of ideas and information, proliferating options and curiosity surrounding alternates and alternatives as the intellect lights up like a blinking mixing board.

*Muhammad Anas

Mercury trine Pluto

Venus sextile Neptune

Sun square Saturn

Mercury square Jupiter

Mercury ingress Gemini

Venus trine Pluto

Venus square Jupiter

Venus ingress Gemini

Mercury conjunct NN

New Moon in Taurus

Mars sextile Uranus and square Chiron

Sun sextile Neptune

Mercury trine Saturn

Jupiter ingress Pisces

Sun trine Pluto

Venus conjunct NN

Venus trine Saturn

Sun ingress Gemini

Sun square Jupiter

Mercury square Neptune

Saturn stations RX

Lunar Eclipse on SN in Sag

Venus conjunct Mercury

Mercury stations RX

Mars trine Neptune

Sun conjunct NN

Jim Warren

Do as I Say not as I Do— or —You Talk the Talk Can You Walk The Walk?: from Taurus to Gemini

The opening aspect is Mercury trining Pluto in Capricorn, turning our thoughts to the grave uncertainty which has been such an ever present theme since the beginning of 2020 it’s now altogether redundant and cliché. Venus sextiles Neptune soon after. At this point we’re just lost in the fog anyway aren’t we? So fine, all bets are off, whatever happens happens. It’s a mood. This for many may be the “well it’s better than it was yesterday at least” of becoming heavily conditioned. The following day the Sun squares Saturn as Mercury squares Jupiter just before his ingress into his home sign. How we get by surviving off the fruit of our labors in this new society of public health, closed borders, vaccinations and politicized everything clashing completely with our natural orientations and the way we think and move with nature. Although, there are probably some opportunities and advantages lurking in the shuffle of the unyielding monolith of progressivist upgrades, if you can take all the slack created in the apron strings of digitalized authoritarianism and not be debilitatingly sick to your stomach. The industrial period of human culture might have been abusive and destructive to the ecology but not till now have we decided collectively to go fully post-nature, or trans-nature. The gnostics for all their celebrated mysticism had quite a few ugly ideas, and we might be seeing a return to their general desire to transcend physical captivity in the body and escape the domination of Death over the corporeal and corruptable. It’s more romantic to read about it in the collected apocrypha perhaps than to live through a gnostic turn— but it is revealing to see how in the course of the monotheistic experiment Christian authority can be easily switched out for Scientific authority, and JC for CDC, as in either case we see polemics against Deniers emerge along side accusations of Zealotry. Atheism is the polar shadow of monotheism stripped of the divine, something we inherited from the Enlightenment. Air periods produce mysticisms and hermeticisms, they map the unseen workings of the world. Gnostic proliferations are just one of these expressions referenced throughout 2021 and beyond.

After Mercury splits the mic in two and allows us to talk to more than one person at a time all the time Venus trines Pluto and carries on with more aesthetics of the apocalypse and society collapse making rural living and fertility cults look more attractive, especially adorned with Gorgon’s Heads, Evil Eyes and other warding ephemera; add to cart. Her square to Jupiter might alert us to the good we can do if we also opt to buy what others did at check out and throw in some cutting edge thought on the developments in modern marxism and other collectivist utopian constructs and idealistic thought experiments to thrash against nature’s organic course and with the dispassionate eye of the laboratory scientist see what happens. Retrofitting that old house with the elements reclaimed merging into modern systems or redesigning the terraforming of the pleasure garden in attempt to update Eden to suit the most contemporary formats. She gasifies into data points as she enters Gemini and we become attracted to all the new information streaming in, there’s lot’s to consider. We’d love to talk to someone about all these different ideas.

Boris Pelcer

By the 10th Mercury conjoins the North Node. This touch to the Dragon’s Head is significant as we are not too far from the next installments of eclipses. What excessive communications spring forth from the Serpent’s tongue? Have we said too much? Probably, because there are too many things to think about, it’s impossible to keep completely silent, thoughts overflow off the lips or into text messages. Mercury and the Node here are sextile to Chiron in Aries, so we might be opening up some battle scars and facilitating the initiation of some new painful conflicts, some of which trigger pressure release valves that needed to open all along.

Venus’ ingress into Gemini affects the feeling of the New Moon in Taurus. This cool and moist contemplation of dark matter is a bit more of a carbonated cocktail than a still pool, taking pause to prepare for the next cycle of manifestation and materialization could involve more phantom voices and hypnogogic images than usual. Not surprising this occurs with Mars sextile Uranus and square to Chiron. Some like their Moon bright and bursting with light and get off on a bit of lunacy and hysteria where others prefer the stillness and calm of seeds resting in potential, where as for others this stillness sets them squirming, uncomfortable when the lights go out, fidgeting nervously as nothing is on the go. We’ll all probably be on board for the latter this round. A dark night means the hen house is vulnerable to predators and indeed somethings on the move, realizing we've got to innovate and invent some new devices to make sure no one gets hurt, as foxes and raccoons I hear suddenly have some new tricks up their sleeves this season so we need some fresh methods to match them. Listen to the stillness and silence with ears and eyes peeled.

Boris Pelcer

The gears are greased thusly, and the wheels turning as the Sun Sextiles Neptune we feel our dreams and fantasies might be able to be set in the same schema and Mercury trining Saturn our new crazy plans might be ready to be communicated to others and not just exist inside our heads and on our hard drives. Attach and send. Yeah, we might be trippin’ but the floor just got taken out, so, so what? Nature doesn’t care if we do it the old fashion way or some new fangled way, as long as she get’s left out of it, and of course, better yet if she is fully involved in it, organically integrated and can receive resource as we do in equal measure. What if the main function of engineering and technology was not to make things simply more and more efficient and effective by fractions but to be an agent of synthesis amidst all the inter-relational lifeforms and dynamics and bring them to mutual flourishing? Hmmm…

A little past mid month the Sun trines Pluto, yes we’ve got to move methodically through this tunnel of mismanaged manipulation and to do so with the least amount of damage to our home fields and tangible resources we might need to get some clarity on how to best guard them and protect our stuff from malevolent forces. Same day Venus conjoins the North Node, and we thought we were excited by what was spinning off the rumor wheel before, well now we are magnetized to our tabloids, glued to our TV sets, sucked into our cellphone screens, and zombified by desire to get swallowed up in gossip. We origionally thought like the Lovers it was a matter of suitor A versus suitor B but look out there’s whole data sets of desire decisions to calculate and we are going to need a convenient app or other sort of shortcut to aggregate them all. Get your spreadsheets prepared the pleasure principle is about to go viral. Again this is sextile Chiron, so expect us to step on each others toes painfully in the process and have to settle the matter with a little medicinal sparring.

Venus trines Saturn a couple of days later on the 19th and it looks like the algorithm once again already got your object of interest piped into the programming and expect to see what you thought you wanted independently now is all just part of the collective plan and the emerging social experiment which will restructure society as we know it. No where to hide when it’s all online. So maybe we want to make like Aquarius for once and find a way we can get our intellectual rocks off outside of the predictable digital pathways and investigate whatever alternatives exist. Unplug still has intellectual appeal plug simply cannot offer. The Sun is in Gemini by the 20th, and we find ourself eclipse ready and zeroing in on turbulence. Here comes the next batch of information overload. Ready to break some records for how much data is flying around? Get your head in the game, and make sure you can listen to audio forwards and backwards, read script up and down, left and write, see in split screen and find optionality everywhere you look. It’s a multiplicitous world of exponential dialogues expressing out of every detail so just learn to expect the fractalized fortune cookie to start being printed on more than just either side of the paper strip.


High Saturation: Jupiter, Mars and Neptune in Water Signs

May is certainly not all wind striking stone and drying cracks into the mud, there is more than enough emotion mixed into the material and mental to keep things squishing, splashing, splattering, liquifying, and rising and falling with unprecedented tides. Venus sextiles Neptune early on in the month cloaking us in mystery as well as fogifying our desire to create and confusing our ability to make fecund. A bit of artistic mess never hurt anyone. Some romanticism in the garden or lacing the landscape or seeping into the painting could be a welcome addition. The beginning of the month presents us with Venus sextile to Neptune, connecting her rulership where she loves getting her hands dirty gardening and covered in clay and indulging in earthly delights or breaking a sweat sculpting beauty into form to the mysterious shifting waters and voluminous fogs of fantasy and romanticism, cinematic nostalgia, narcotic escapism. This can be an atmospheric groping through the mists one malleable rock formation at a time only to find out later what dreams impressed into reality as we followed the song of our desires through familiar territory with the unknown at stake.

Mars has been in Cancer since April 23rd, where he is sensitized and edgy, but in a particular way, like a mother bear protecting her cubs, this is a warrior with heavy artillery in charge of patrolling the nursery, so we might have gone into a mode of marching weaponized around whatever we feel we need to nurture, feed and generate. On May 11th not long after the New Moon in Taurus Mars sextiles Uranus in the Bull’s sign while also squaring Chiron in Aries. With Uranus we never know what to expect but we can plan on the high voltage to the rhythm and the pace of the ride here to jolt the seat the eggs are riding in and splash some fluids around the incubation chamber catalyzing an episode of crying chicks that someone is going to have to pay for, tear for a tear, leave something to remember the occasion by, hope this scars real nice. Some of us might even like the stimulation, and others appreciating the opportunity to lash out at what’s been crowding us, where as others might just recoil at all the electrified barb wire wrapping around the water balloons. Let’s call this volatile, sensitive and possibly tender territory calling into contention some old wounds being equally possible as opening new ones. Try to create a little wiggle room before hand and throw some cushions around the sensitive bits. It’s like, if your rowdy disrespectful, hell-raising friends are coming around, put away the finery and don’t invite anyone faint of heart, then you might be able to enjoy some offroading and mechanical bull while getting a little torn up, if you like it a bit rough you might be good..

Boris Pelcer

Chances are the sequence will serve to pivot us through some more fog, seeking a place to escape, blurring and blending stories, increasing the workability of incorporating psychic phenomenon. This might be some surreal foreshadowing, hallucinatory saturation preceding the arrival of Jupiter in Pisces, which ushers the Greater Benefic back into rulership after barely surviving the dungeons of punishment in Capricorn and the lightless tunnels of Pluto followed by a copresence with strong, disspassionate Saturn in Aquarius. Before he was forced to cooperate with malefics Jupiter had been in his home sign of Sagittarius from November 8th of 2018 until December 2nd of 2019. It was possible then to imagine ultimates, visualize dreams then carry out trajectories directly to them. Some of us landed there and others got cut at the knees just paces away from our prize when Jupiter hit fall in Capricorn, then the attention to incarceration, plutocracy, systemic corruption and the pressure of oppression ensued, amidst shadow moves and statistical scares. Flash forward to Mid May 2021 and the planet of celebration, optimism, joy, opportunity, growth, improvement, health, spirituality, wisdom, knowledge and general coherence is back in expression of full power in his sign of compassion, empathy, the all, the whole, the one everything, holism, romanticism, escapism, idealism, psychic sensitivity, intuition, the dissolve of all boundaries and the high seas of emotional drama.

We can expect quite a bit of exposure to open up around what kind of nasty business directed by Saturn Jupiter was forced to facilitate recently while transiting through his dominions of Capricorn and Aquarius, basically bringing opportunities expressly to the villains and authority figures, where as once Jupiter enters Pisces it gets leaked out everywhere and we see the some of the machinations performed behind closed doors throughout 2020 now in the light of day. We saw this last round of Jupiter in Pisces exposing fraudulence strewn about the H1N1 pandemic as well as Wikileaks releasing classified documents revealing US government warmongering. Paradigm shifts occur where we culturally feel less divisive and care for each other and seek reparations for damage done and atrocities committed. We can throw a pile of caveats to the regular function of this when considering Saturn in Aquarius and Mercury retrograde in Gemini and eclipses in Sagittarius. Although Generally Jupiter will be helping to allow again many of the elements of life that got shut down while he was in Capricorn; religious services, higher education, foreign travel, celebration, hope, the ability to get a coherent perspective on the big picture. Unfortunately Pisces is a little escapist, so we have to keep watch on how realistic and grounded we are being, but we can certainly call upon Jupiter for the next few months to improve our lives, and as he’s in a sign concerned with the well being of the All, to also improve the wisdom of the world; something much needed in the current situation where hot takes and statistical data disasters are the overwhelming norm.

Boris Pelcer

The Sun ingresses Gemini on the 21st, setting up for the impending series of eclipses, and pretty much instantly squares Jupiter when he does so. Squares to benefics are not too concerning, although we see some shapes forming here as Mercury squares Neptune the following day and Saturn goes retrograde pretty much simultaneously. We might expect as foreign travel is being discussed to resume there is, as Saturn in Aquarius will likely insist, certain protocols and restrictions surrounding that issue which will remain inflexible, and as the urgency to find out everything we can about whatever openings emerge, we hit a lot of different and conflicting information which will become quite confusing, eventually for many, lead to scrambling for having our documents in order, and for even more, looking for where are the loop holes and exemptions. Watch the rats finally let into the maze in this science led population control experiment. Yes, Mars even trines Neptune on the final day of May as the Sun conjoins the North Node. We will be focussing on ever bifurcating story lines as our emotions weaponize around the confusion and we are fulfilling our needs to aggressively immerse ourselves in dreams and fantasies. Advice given to clients when having a Neptune transit is often “why don’t you take a relaxing vacation here”, and something of the sort might indeed be on peoples minds, while they are also feeling a bit edgy about protecting their space and the health of that which is most sensitive.


Grail Sacrifice: South Node Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Of course the Lunar Eclipse on the South Node in Sagittarius which arrives around 8am eastern time on May 26th is going to be presided over by Jupiter in Rulership in Pisces. Last year's purge by fire and kiss your dreams goodbye eclipse occurred during the uprisings in Minneapolis while Jupiter was in fall in Capricorn trying to improve the corrupt foundations of the hierarchical old system. This round will be a purge, cleanse, sacrifice surrounding our dreams, hopes, trajectories, enthusiasms but with a philosophy of empathy for the whole world and holistic understanding of the all. With South Node eclipses in a Jupiter ruled sign we were forced to give it all up, but now as they are overseen by the Greater Benefic himself, there might be a more sagacious and spiritually infused version of this dynamic delivered this round. Some may believe this is their part in being vaccinated despite unknown complications before they mix and mingle. We did see the first public vaccination roll out in America on the last Sagittarius eclipse in December. We should be reminded that eclipses are turbulent, extreme, unbalanced and the South Node is known for being sick and needing to purge things from the system. Not really a good sign to mark the event. Things initiated on eclipses don't tend to last.. Also Jupiter in Pisces 12 years ago and 12 years before that saw heavy scrutiny to the idea of mass vaccination and exposed fraudulence and health dangers surrounding vaccinations and pharmaceutical corporations including the involvement of the CDC. So, for many this may be about taking the vaccine-- where as for others this might be more about removing beliefs in unhealthy propaganda which attempts to convince everyone there is only one pathway forward, and the shaking of this singularity bringing in wider options other than total mandatory vaccination, optionalities which may become available for those who do not believe in engaging with pharmaceutical corporations and fear they could make matters worse for the whole health of the world.

Viewing this on the personal level we’ll experiencing a more mindful and soul intuitive sense of purge guided by openings and improvements moving into one layer of life providing context and resources for a cleaning out and cleansing of ultimate trajectories in another layer of life. For instance, improved health might lead to selling a car and instead riding a bike, or creative inspiration might make us feel inspired to quit a dead-end job so we have more time to make the art we want to make. Luck in love could have us leaving the house. And so on, depending on your rising sign. Jupiter can often bring the space we need to maneuver around obstacles toward what helps us grow and expand, getting us unstuck. The South Node being a doorway which opens through which what we have become sick off may at last leave, likely playing into the situation in such a way that we may let go of things which have been holding us back from obtaining our personal Holy Grails. Jupiter, like a guardian angel on our shoulder, is here to hold our hair back while we regurgitate the things in our life which are making us ill, in the process quacking our quests.


Jim Warren

Turn The Beat Around:

Saturn & Mercury Station Retrograde

Both Saturn and Mercury station retrograde in Air signs within a week of each other later in the month, Saturn on the 22nd and Mercury on the 29th. We might consider as a generalization retrogrades in usually mental, intellectual, information and communication oriented air signs being centered around reconsiderations, reviewing, going back over the details and fact checking for mistakes, looking for details we missed. With Saturn in Aquarius, this is likely to do with a re-examination of the blueprints and designs being installed to upgrade and improve the structures of society and authority. Surveillance, collective control, medical governance, scientific domination, digital economy, communications boundaries and so on. Saturn in Aquarius gives the system a much needed update, but it's still Saturn we are dealing with, and so much of this will be cold, unfeeling, dispassionate, strict and negating. We have to be proactive to strive for personal discipline development and the building of constructive architectures or useful systems while avoiding getting buried in monocultural control mechanisms. Saturn’s retrograde is usually a time where the construction slows down and the need to be disciplined and exert fortitude and integrity moves into a more forward position. As Jupiter begins to open up certain avenues and dissolve certain boundaries we will find ourselves with the task of resisting a variety of temptations and holding ourselves to our own counter-cultural ideas and avant-garde principles. In Aquarius it’s the decentralized authority we have to contend with, so pressure from the collective becomes the governing source, organized from some unseen syndicate or network rather than a monolithic old regime with a figure head despot. Saturn’s retrogradation is a moment to pay attention and make sure our conceptualization of the idea space and the info-sphere is stable and resilient. Especially as the Greater Malefic goes retrograde while Mercury is squaring Neptune, as we can see a dignified sense of analytical ability confronting irreparably corrupt and emotionally polluted beliefs. Maybe we can navigate through the confusion but clearly we see displayed the system stressing against the task.

Boris Pelcer

Only seven days later Mercury goes retrograde, strengthening the sentiment of “oh wait, what the fuck, that’s different than I thought, maybe I read that wrong initially.” Interestingly here Mercury is just separating from a conjunction with Venus when he turns about face. We have creative expression, communicating desires and processing the many options we are attracted to spinning our heads and unleashing in our logical minds sanguine swarms of intersectional ideas buzzing off in a plentitude of directions at once. Mercury is still square Neptune in Pisces, so fantasy, dream, illusion, hallucination even deception might play a role in what is setting us off and sending us back to the black board with multiple screens going and stacks of paper shuffling in search of all the slippery details. We might see some unbelievable and possibly scandalous photographs change the game around this point and with fakes ever deepening it will be impossible to tell what’s what. As we know Mars’ trine to Neptune tops the Month off while the Sun steps onto the Dragon’s Head, so we might expect forked tongues and plenty of venomous hissing as blades are drawn around sensitive content. This could be something for which our Saturnine faculties are being summoned. Calling: -'Boundaries, people', and in Air element this means boundaries on our thoughts, minds and the protection of our ideas and how we communicate them. Be reminded, Saturn in Aquarius stands for collectivist, progressive, socialist, mind control and surveillance. Hitler himself insisted the Individual must be destroyed in favor of the collective, in a period where National Socialism was rising with Saturn in Aquarius above in the sky as its lucky star. With Uranus entering Gemini in 2025 the parallel between the two periods mirrors even more perfectly. Back then, WWII propaganda engineered the GI Joe gender stereotype to rouse blue collar workers in America to head back over seas so soon after WWI to save Europe this time from out of control intellectual environmentalists with an extermination agenda. That today we find the majority of the opposition to the progressive led lockdown and vaccination support being populist proletariat, something most likely served up by Uranus in Taurus, average alarmed laborers as well as the deep end of "alt-right", the striking similarities proliferate, but paradoxically both bifurcate and polarize. With Mutable eclipses, ingresses and aspects throughout the month continue to expect there to be multiple sides of every coin, everything to quickly shift and morph and little ability to ascertain the real. Despite the brooding historical cycles revealing themselves May will be a time to celebrate some significant openings and loosenings at least in randomized portions of the globe, so get your papers in order if you are going to try to cross a border and don’t let your friends catch you questioning the narrative.


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