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The Astrology Of March 2022: Liquid Disorganization

March is a strange month that starts off with a series of strange configurations which are maybe a little easier to unpack on an individual basis than across a broad macro architecture— but here we go.

(above- Parag Natekar)

As expected by late February personal and world stories finally began to advance once again as Venus and Mercury reached back up to and past their retrograde degrees, driving dutifully through Saturn’s signs, but bringing deliberate and diligent passions to drill through barriers which block us from our desires, thinking how can we mechanically rework the program so the short, medium and long term trajectories match effort with outcome and arrive us at our goals eventually, marrying past to future passing puzzle pieces across the checkerboard floor as the sands of time flurry disturbingly in the illusory hourglass, a Mobius strip cum Klein bottle retelling us the tale of how we got here in the first place with funhouse language and disco beat heart patterns to unnerve us from our secure spot. The paper folds red dot to red dot showing us that the margins connect into a less chaotic form, December 19th to March 2nd, with reflections of July 13th and a peppering of September. Mercury folds within the fold for a double entendre.

Viktorija Rutskaja

So we ‘In Like A Lion’ with the past chapter’s pages being torn for tinder while the new season opens straight from the cliff hanger and rushes headlong into unfamiliar territory cast with a scramble of actors from before in slightly altered roles. What is going on here?— as our fingers fumble for the light switch. A New Moon near mid Pisces applying to Jupiter touches upon the atmosphere surrounding the cycle of expansion and growth being seeded, how it feels to ready for leaps and bounds in the waters of universal exploration, of awareness increase, of scope widening to be able to sense the all, the emotional capacity to accept the world, and tears rolling down our cheeks, while significant dreams and phenomenological portends and whiffs of whats to come and precognitive episodes undulate our minds, the morphological oracle spiking the water table and smearing the register of reality until high saturation is rendered as regular apprehension. Tap into the feels. Vibe. Get a little lost. Fantasize. Sci-Fi as a verb. Gather intel from another galaxy, or see the silver lining in the glint of a childlike look of the wondrous world. Know we are gliding headlong into a house of mirrors. For better and for worse. Submerge in the pool of cognitive dilution.

Anish Kapoor

The flies in the ointment, which might be there conveniently, are Mercury simultaneously conjoining Saturn in Aquarius, who are an idiosyncratic pair in a sober state of mind, pulling new systems, databases and restrictions out of thin air and applying them experimentally as part of a broader hypothesis. Uranus’ sextile to the Lunation doesn’t mind this mad science approach at all, but all the same plans to buck against restrictions relentlessly, to plant itself in the way and slowly roll towards upsetting the table. Thusly we find ourself to Piscean measure in a world where everything effects everything else and donations are being poured onto problems and All scope coats the camera glass and Neptune nearby further blurs the lens on the expanding macro influence to everything, next to and seemingly unrelated to science as authority installing new networks with which to manage the collective and underworld economic maneuvers peaking in passion, the black outs accumulating to an overall confusion that is both intentionally designed by the Plutocracy or what some might call the “deep state” or “shadow government” while the actual World Economic Forum & co. does their conspiring quite publicly, hidden in plain sight— the fallacious media infowar spin-outs which were intended to confuse you and manipulate your behavior have now likely washed back onto shore after setting sail and ironically the manipulators and the manipulated are equally confused as the whole register of reality swirls in an empathic and idealistic chaos-soup with flotsam of dispassionate analysis and jetsam of sobering reactionary machinations floating in admixture.

Marcel Duchamp

Quite an entrance for March’s proverbial Lion. We know Jupiter, blinking good night since late February until mid March when the Greater benefic returns to the sky experiences cazimi on the 5th and in the heart of the Sun renews with certain epiphanies of compassionate coherence, empathic romanticism, holistic idealism and spiritual integration, and this process is encoded into the New Moon days before and carried over the coming times as a kind of promise to tomorrow. The world stage is overflowing dramatically, some of us are loosing shape in our personal lives, but a feeling of the birthing of a new understanding is undeniable despite the tears and the tides of feeling. Pisces is typically of Shakespearean tumult as tempests disturb the high seas. These are world altering things for the most dramatic of mutable signs where nothing goes unaffected in the highly liquid state. There is a strange dynamic of waking up in an epiphanic clarity state as Jupiter returns to the sky only for the star of Zeus to go full Morpheus not long out as he proceeds to meet Neptune in April. The Sun looks into the dream world on the 13th as if to peek into what illusions and other mystical content is in store for our high saturation state to come, and Mercury rolls into Pisces earlier on the 9th which will be a nice break from difficult analysis but an odd time to be only capable of poetic thinking. But is it? Some of the most potent statements on existence and the essence of being in the world have flowed from brush or pen during equally troubling times.

Anish Kapoor

A very odd feature of early March is Venus and Mars’ simultaneous entry into Aquarius on the 6th, coming straight away from their conjunction with Pluto in late Capricorn. This is significant enough as a strange ingress coincidence but also that it was Saturn and Mars March 2020 then the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter December 2020 who all made nearly simultaneous ingresses after passing back and forth over Pluto in Capricorn throughout the covid-lockdown-etc story, so there is some re-reference here, which might hit more on a personal level rather than on a global level, despite being of also macro impact. As the pandemic was launched over the course of 2020 and keyed into these degrees as did the first injections we might see the next step in the narrative. I mentioned in my 2022 yearly forecast that the astrological shapes which kicked off covid (Saturn-Pluto) relate back to also the AIDS epidemic, and indeed some virologists (one recently dead coincidentally) had predicted injections could lead to immune disorders in the magnitude of AIDS and it has been going around that some people since receiving all the mandated rounds have tested positive for HIV. This being a typically sexually transmitted disease tracks with the coupling of Mars and Venus crossing Pluto into medical science authority oriented Aquarius, especially with the South Node in Mars’ sign Scorpio and Pluto in Scorpio famously attached to the AIDS story in the 80s and 90s. Phizer’s recent release of previously confidential information around how many people actually died in trials and how deadly and immune destructive these injections actually are is not surprising as the first public injections rolled out amidst South Node eclipses just before Jupiter and Saturn’s Aquarius ingress (Dec 14 2020), and the South Node is commonly associated with becoming sick.

Obviously, Mars and Venus’ ingress into Aquarius isn’t only about such disturbing themes, but as the view of everything that took place throughout 2020 and 2021 is (and really always has been) widely available despite whether or not its looked at or considered squarely, we should be weary of such repeated patterns that did nothing good for us on a world scale level last time around. And indeed, WHO along with several other global organizations are currently beginning funding efforts and reorganizations to implement further systems for oncoming pandemics they seem to refer to on the upcoming timeline, their reasoning being they didn’t have as much control over the situation which we just endured that they feel they should have, and are assembling further implementations.

Parag Natekar

Venus is desire and Mars is action, and they perform in Aquarius in more of an outlier style than they do in Capricorn, perhaps more adapted to the traditional, slow earth pace, but also more conservative and deliberate. Here in Saturn’s more yang Air modality the pair impassioned when in contact with one another are found way off elsewhere, not where you might expect, out on the fringes, beyond where most are willing to go, investigating new things, placing their attention on incoming ideas, and hypothesizing about where to head from here. We come in hot with new concepts, ready to take stabs, and over time find ourselves experimenting with one set of tactics while desiring another, but as these desires begin to concretize, we find ourselves locked in as Venus drifts toward Saturn, then we are obligated to the frontiers of our heart, Mars picking up the back keeps the heat on and we have to follow through even though it could be difficult to do so. This all begins with Mercury on the bends of the Nodes, the pivot point of the fated patterns pulling us along, and Venus reaches this point also by the 29th after she passes over stern Saturn on the 28th. As our values and valuables get digitized in a rush to integrate with the innovative new exchange system under the gun, we squeeze through the virtual chainlink and new scaffolding Saturn erects with threats of falling under foot as we progress the abstract territory. This is both metaphorical and semi-literal as we all are exploring what we want in a new kind of society and how we go about getting it.

Nadia Waheed

The Full Moon in Virgo tips us past mid March process and highlights the loose ends in the various operations and how they need to be tied up. Mercury is sextile Uranus, Venus sextile Chiron, Sun sextile Pluto— these are easy aspects to difficult planets. There is a particular critical edge and itchy power to what transpires here, a kind of poking at a sore spot which could trigger more barnyard bucking than expected, and with the Sun feeding the Moon light from the degree juicy Jupiter and Venus will conjoin late April for the Taurus eclipse, this could be a precursor to a kind of hedonistic deluge to come in a more neurotic context foreshadowing some free flowing future. If you’ve ever witnessed an annoyed teacher telling a student who has been incessantly tapping a pencil that it’s a sign of pent up sexual energy, this is that moment. A kind of nervousness Freud might deem as horniness disguised as busy body behavior. Big surprise Venus is next to sextile Uranus on the 19th and then the Sun ingresses the Ram’s sign on the 20th followed by Mercury’s conjunction to Jupiter and Mars’ sextile to Uranus. So much urgency and voltage easily flowing in to catalyze the change energy as spring is sprung, the cock crows and all manner of pagan phalli are raised to commemorate equinox, the poetic mind is quickened and our thinking opens and we see the forest for the trees. Sounds groovy, and it is as Mercury conjoins Neptune on the 23rd, obscuring our thinking, and encouraging cognitive fantasy, but also tends towards deceptive tongues, double that with his soon after sextile to Pluto, and we can be sure that the malefic’s story, and how hard it is on Venus who is just trying to have fun, is also going on and the side by side plots are enough to make anyone feel more than squeamish in the juxtaposition. Losing freedoms from paperwork written in worse than legalese while you are busy having a spiritual awakening and getting a promotion as people you know are currently suffering you realize you have to reset yourself on multiple levels and do which requires altogether different habits which aren’t as fun but are improvements on what you’ve historically done, which is inspiring, but not necessarily nourishing. Have you been lying to yourself? Are you lying to everyone else? Or are you just going out on a limb and don’t know the lingo yet so how could you possibly articulate it to begin with when you don’t even know what to call it? Well the world is also in a similar situation. The plotters to take over the world lost their own plot and we’re all heading off map to wherever this run away experiment is taking us, and it involves all of us, everything, but there’s nothing you can do to flatten it or fix it, but whatever you CAN affect and bring health and coherence and care to is a good place to begin trying out innovation in search of an altogether new and nuanced approach.

Jackson Pollock

With Mercury joining the Sun in Aries, and Venus passing the phalanx of Saturn to hit the bends, the beginning is truly happening before the ending. We see that everywhere. The story of Air periods is that “the overarching empire that attempts to dominate the entirety of the known world shatters in the process and many smaller societies emerge in a networking exchange”, happens every time. This is not a process we have to enjoy, but we do have the option to be with, and participate in seeding for autonomy, optionality, joy and nature’s sake. In our lives also the old regime is falling and in its wake are many new dynamic things which emerge and interrelate. We are in relation to everything else, and the parts that make us each up are learning to dialogue in a more sophisticated array.


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