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The Astrology of June 2024: Mean Nothing By It

We start the Month with the Geminiic parade having already begun, as things get very interesting, talkative and more than enough options and alternatives begin to spring up and proliferate. Mercury joins the fun in a big way by the 3rd, entering his airy domicile and strongest position in the entire zodiac. It’s not often that he gets to rule his roost in his juggler, trickster, switchboard operator, hacker type way with Jupiter in house ready to wield the wider coherence under mercurial direction. Really just about twice every 12 years, this round at the beginning of Jupiters visit to the Twins in June 2024 and again in May-June 2025. That he is ruling Jupiter which in turn rules Saturn in Pisces which in turn rules Pluto is significant. Have you noticed data, info, exchange, communications, navigation and so on just took over your life? What about dual channel scenarios, juggling a million things, needing to quickly sketch out reports? Has your curiosity been on the increase? Are you suddenly searching for variety? Well, get used to it, its all majorly contributing to the overall atmosphere and will be requiring that you let go, relax, and follow the flow of all the paradoxical polarities and exponential contradictions. Mercury taking charge means nothing is true and everything is permitted, as well as nothing is expected to last for very long and thoughts might quickly disintegrate and reorganize elsewhere arranged in a varied array of factors all depending on what Mercury is up to in the skies. Speeding up, slowing down, turning around, reconnaissance missions, rushing to catch back up later faster than you can say “Hermanubis holds the caduceus” 88 times fast in a boustrophedron style while the sower Arepo holds the wheels with care. Don’t know what I’m referring to? A Google wormhole might be in order.

Max Ernst

The trines to Pluto are significant, and deserve a lot of attention and ongoing consideration. This is a key moment in what will get further conditioned with Uranus in Gemini’s 2025—2032 transit. We saw Gemini really pop with the North Node there in 2020, especially just after George Floyd’s murder, where between that and covid info sharing was at peak levels and whether or not you should post a black square depended on the version of parallel realities was dominant at any given moment. For considerations on Uranus’ previous visits to Gemini including America’s involvement in WWII, the American Civil War and the American Revolutionary War see Nick Dagen Best’s ‘Uranus USA’. For now know that its going to be a big deal transit with transformational and reorganizational meaning for society and thus our personal lives from there. In June 2024 keep an ear open and eye peeled to what transpires as its definite foreshadow time and in investigating your own life trajectory the same might apply. What ideas are popping in the popcorn pan of your perception? Any or likely many will lead to significant changes in that life layer for you over the long term. The issue is way more than will won’t, and the tendency will be to expand on them all. It might be a worthwhile hack to make a spreadsheet of all that connect whichever houses Gemini and Aquarius fall in for you, as this could reveal what themes Pluto is emphasizing in his frighteningly pioneering power struggle of fresh, new concepts.

Jordan Kasey

Another trick up our sleeve is to see which ideas in the info swarm either catch a wave or get blocked by Saturn in Pisces’ water walls. The New Moon in Gemini sets us up for successive squares to Saturn where we’ll begin to see what the tensions between the mutable signs are all about. Consider that the cardinal signs are ruled by the Moon, Saturn, Mars and Venus, the fixed signs are ruled by the Sun, Saturn, Mars and Venus and the mutable signs are ruled by Mercury, Mercury, Jupiter and Jupiter. We have a different kettle of fish here. Cardinal signs get upset when things are delayed, fixed signs become irritated when they are forced to change, but mutable signs struggle with paradoxical dynamics: attention, choices, consistency, selection, curiosity, being able to relax, being able to be critical and so on. Mercury is where we analyze and investigate and Jupiter is where we understand and gain in coherence. If these planets malfunction nothing makes any sense any more. Jupiter’s time in Taurus marked a time where things were slowed down and obvious. We were so immersed everything was almost at pause. The atmosphere was thick, and for some smooth and for others stagnant. Now that there is no earth in the equation all we have is concepts and feelings and we’re likely to shapeshift to suit whatever we’re currently talking about. There is a highly chameleonic nature to this combo, as Saturn’s parameters in Pisces have a lot to do with environment. In this empathic pool these are the myriad opportunistic concepts and in that general field the story runs in a stream of conscious manner like so. Essentially, we are dealing with a data driven mood that colors an entire world through and through and from what info is being floated around our strategic machinations conform, ready to morph at any moment. Sound good? It might to some but in actuality its going to be a bit too shifty and spaced out for many, as its not going to be easy to find ground or land on anything solid. “I’ve heard a lot of talk but what is the actual plan?” Is answered with “well that completely depends”. So be prepared to play it by ear.

Tanaka Atsuko

You would think the mutable heavy nativities would like this, it would suit their dispositions right? Well they would probably like the Jupiter end, it’s be extensively stimulating intellectually, but it's certainly not going to help anyone focus. The Saturn end might already be irking them, and we can now observe what it's like to not have Taurus involved, holding down the fort. Instead Saturn square everything in Gemini reflects the squares mutable people are getting in their charts. Too much consistency will make a mutable person feel imprisoned, but none will often only allow them to spiral in distracted indecision and scattered procrastination. The squares between Jupiter and Saturn could be an organic activating and naturally ordering self organizing system where much change and pivoting and altering of circumstances is able to be effortlessly made, and on the downside it could be dozens of interesting ideas after dozens of interesting ideas that repeatedly get washed away by the tides of external forces without us having any real control over what happens. If this is forever proliferating concepts about how we can innovate new systems of simply going with the flow, then we will likely find eerie success in transforming our worlds entirely.

Timothy Wyllie

As Venus and the Sun are square to Saturn around the 9th Mars’ blow torch flame extinguishes as it plunges into the mud upon entering Taurus, and becomes the heat within a body as it's doing heavy physical labor. Here’s the only grounding agent present, the feeling of the action of pushing against resistance to eventually reap fruitful results as momentum takes over. This could feel strenuous while there is so many thoughts to distract us, or the best brainstorming session ever while busy shoveling shit (hopefully not against the tide). As Mars quickly squares Pluto as he steps into the Bull’s sign it may feel like we’re slaving away in an antiquated or outdated fashion for how futuristic the world is. Although, once Venus ingresses Cancer on the 17th after squaring Neptune there is some sort of dreamy quality or intoxicating element permeating that leads to our efforts being in sync with desires for leisure and enjoyment of libation and relaxation. Things get quite a bit more labor of love at this point rather than pain in the ass to get anything going even though I have so many ideas.

Baraka Atway

Towards the end of the month, surrounding solstice, Mercury and the Sun have entered Cancer which leaves Jupiter to do his thing alone in Gemini, and aligns more with what the malefics are up to. Continuing the how amazing it is to hang out in the garden for sunset cocktails it is now that plans for and construction of this terrace and gazebo are starting to come together of the Mars sextile, the trine to Saturn means also there is enjoyment and fulfillment and comfort taken in not trying to go against the current but instead use it to propel ones boat in the right direction at the right time. Sometimes doing nothing and catching up on sleep when you have the opportunity is the best strategy in the long term. Planets moving into Cancer also pull at what is being transferred in the Libra Aries axis, and may find that it feels better now to no longer pretend and just do what needs to be done to bring about fulfillment and satisfaction at the most basic and fundamental levels. Surprisingly, ceasing to people please leads to everyone feeling a lot better across the spectrum and speeds up the transitions, changes and pivots the Greater Benefic and Malefic are making possible. Let go of the past, shed your old relational costumes, investigate the many new options suddenly in play, you can begin now, you don’t even have to end to begin, the beauty is you can be doing one then both then the other potentially in a seamless transition.

Howard Hodgkin

June includes two cazimis in Gemini, one with Venus on the 4th and another with Mercury on the 14th. It is in these two moments that we might get the clearest noise to signal ratio in all the good sounding ideas suddenly blowing in. Maybe be jotting things down on these days to extract brilliance out of your head, or any snippet of realization catalyzed by conversations overheard of passerby. Venus and Mercury conjoin in Cancer later on the 17th. At a baseline this is creative expression and desire communication via the venue of familial supper makings, domestic nesting, and generally psychological quenching and nourishing, such as philosophical content from books or movies which usher in a state of cool, circulating inspiration, as if becoming quenched leads to further ability to arrange a quenchable state around oneself. Their next conjunction will be in August in Virgo while Mercury is retrograde, so what they are playing around with here might reflect what gets specifically adjusted in the works later in the summer.

Marton Bende

The Full Moon in Capricorn is an annual event which I often think that the mood for building, fortifying infrastructure and attending to property arrives at this time as its the height of the good weather season with the supportive conditions window open for larger scale projects. This dynamic penetrates into other parts of life as an earthy energetic, investigating the mechanical construction of our various skeletons. There are two Capricorn Full Moons this year; one on June 21st and another on July 21st, so infrastructural integrity and management are key concepts in what is blossoming and being subjectively worked up to. What silent structures do we pass the night within, what constants keep our lives, in what do we endure, what monumental work do we bring about, what submerged stones hold the ground together and provide solidity? These may be in part our lineages and ancestries and traditions, some of which we’ve had since birth or before and others we are only encountering more recently or just being initiated into. Also, the natural world is formidable, and impressive mountains or vast forests are not to be underestimated, we must plan seriously and not whimsically trespass.

Cristina Dimus

The double dose of Capricorn is a needed balance to the abundance of mutable energy being injected. When everything is potentials and conceptual possibilities carried in with the currents and blowing in with the breeze then we require something tried and true to rely on when the rest of reality is simply open and unfixed and more fickle than usual, likely to change in condition at any moment. This is why we learn systems to begin with. Stop drop and roll. There are many phrases we memorize to be able to implement response and install protections when overwhelmed and not able to rationally organize. Mars in Taurus and Capricorn Lunations can feel like a bit of a buzz kill, but when shit gets hairy we all are happy to see a safe harbor and what might have felt like a dull location becomes a god send in less than a second, so much so we end up falling to hands and knees and kissing the ground when we reach the shore. The squares from Gemini to Neptune just before Sun, Mercury and Venus all emphasize this. Too many ideas ends up in delirium, and suddenly basic needs, comfort and safety is just what the doctor ordered. The squares to Chiron from Cancer to Aries continue the theme. We are still not as effective as we might have thought, and even though the North Node says we’re ready to be a hot shot, our skills and energy might not match our compulsions. I see a lot of the Chiron in Aries story these days following the trying to return to previous potency after the interruption of covid, at first feeling simply rusty and then after realizing we’re in a whole different part of our life. People in their mid 20s in 2019 are now in their early 30s, people in their late 30s are approaching mid 40s. Aging doesn’t have to be a decline, but simply returning to exactly what one was doing before isn’t always appropriate. Not only is there need for recalibration and tune ups, but the entire application might be different. Our abilities might make a lot more sense elsewhere now in a world gone Aquarian, we’re headed into new and unknown territory.

Charles William Wyllie

Other stories lurk in a Chiron that not long ago conjoined Jupiter transiting Aries and now has coupled with the eclipse axis. If we look at how Chiron cycles interplay with other planets synodic oscillations we find regular eras of technological expansion in society followed by collective needs to heal from world trauma. Chiron is intensely personal and will imply different triggering points for each individual, especially when its placed in independent and autonomous Aries. Aquarian emphasis has us looking into places no has previously looked or ever thought to go before, Gemini being inflated unleashes interest in a proliferation of ideas, and Aries primed and trying to regain its full potential is like the warrior disappearing into self imposed exile to discover new perspectives and train in a whole new martial system to return later as an even more worthy opponent.

Sadamasa Motonaga

So while you sip on cocktails in your secure comfort zone intaking incredible amounts of new information and unable to control the course of the world or even your own life consider what sanctuary off the beaten path you might investigate for self improvement and relearning how to kick major ass all over again in a frightening new and unfamiliar reality where mobility, autonomy, vitality and serious fire power are required to initiate into the exponential unknown.


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