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The Astrology Of July 2022: All The Layers

Stepping across a threshold is often a big deal. We can no longer be who we once were and and we don’t know who we’ll be when we get to and settle on the other side. Many stories in literature and cinema deal with this. Someone due to circumstances going through a transformation and having to down the road meet and come to terms with who they’ve become. I noticed Anthony Bourdain coming up quite a bit in the past few days/weeks then noticed we are between a pair of lunations, Cancer New Moon and Capricorn Full Moon that happen to be on his luminaries, Sun and Moon respectively. Watching the documentary about him, Roadrunner, runs almost exactly like this pair of lunations playing out, the culinary past with the steady marriage and addictive personality, and the progression into catacombs of reality to initiate via the plutonian open end. Indeed, he had Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Leo in the 1st house. Not only did one narrative compliment another, these lunations spanning late June to mid July with Bourdain’s life trajectory, at least in the course of the documentary, but also the theme of having to transform as a new world with new rules approaches and envelops you, which speaks to 2020 to now and the ‘you’ll never go back so how are you going forward’? What are you taking along on the journey? What gets to live and what must die?

Some stories, in literature especially, capture a similar kind of era, one where the world changes, for better or worse and with it people’s lives and behaviors change, for better or for worse. We see this playing out across all levels. As we get used to living in Air rather than Earth, as Uranus does its thing in fixed Taurus preparing to bring the Uranus in Gemini 84 year cycle back around since WWII (Civil War, Revolutionary War), Jupiter conjoined Neptune in Pisces again for the first time since 1857, a 47 year Jupiter-Mars-Chiron dance throws it’s significations (technological expansion, collective trauma, body sovereignty), Pluto will soon return to Aquarius for the first time in multiple centuries (after American Revolutionary War during French Revolution and subsequent Monarchic Revolutions, birth of liberalism, leftism etc.) and currently the Nodes also push and pull at our baselines in fixed Taurus-Scorpio, insisting on altering the most regular aspects of our lives. This is not an average amount of comings back around agains, but an extremely multilayered delivery of everything’s changing dynamics. In not too long we’ll have Pluto in Aquarius, Uranus in Gemini, Neptune in Aries. An unfamiliar world.

July is multilayered going all the scales down, and references all of these big transitions taking place at the surface level also. Our lives are being altered in the context of the world being altered. The holism is palpable. That is one non-destructive result of being globally aware of one another and all remotely connected. Not homogenizing, totalizing collectivism, but the realization of the whole, the all. In geography scale as well as in time. Youtube pop philosophy still tends toward the one dimensional view, as its essentially still TV, like Entertainment Tonight with you as the host blurbing along in hot take theory. Youtubers often blow past complexes of components quickly then opt to frame out a cast of villains in whatever investigation is afoot. Neglecting the nuances of ideas often originating first in a non-linear subcultural crucible where art and theory are indistinguishable in a way that is non-problematic. Consider people in general for instance attempting to understand what buzzword ‘accelerationism’ is by searching it on youtube. Ok tube, explain it to me. But just like everything else right now its principle components have been already hijacked by the surveillance authority-political theatre layer, just like any other cultural niche or actual demographic. Original accelerationism was hung with useful terms like hyperstition that more accurately describe the contemporary world and how it functions that the straight story of university and media sorely lack, the latter using extremely outdated critical tools that assume things happen in a cause and effect sequence only. If you don’t have the flavor of 90s communications sciences and philosophy/theory mixed with luciferianism and chaos magic as a memory you might subscribe to a youtuber’s take on whats what, who’s the good guys and who’s the bad guys in a digital abstraction separate from the flow of ideas loose in reality, just like one might also Marvel-ize proof of work mining or insist there’s a 13th zodiac sign astrologers are unaware of.

Jen Stark

I’m about to run down and through some ideas I’ve laid out in the past couple articles, but as I find a more clear and concise way to articulate that which I feel is the apprehension of the now, being the corner turning moment of what it means to be in this new era rather than in only the oncoming of it, bear with me.

I wrote recently that neoplatonism is a false view of reality, seeing it as mechanical and stacked rather than synergetic and whole. When ideas, philosophy and paradigms are built upon neoplatonism (Monotheism, Golden Dawnism, Crowleyism, Gnosticism, Scientism etc) you get egregores which are very susceptible to hyperstition, by say the principles of Rupert Sheldrake’s morphic resonance, or the animist version that ideas are simply alive and occupied like everything else, the Mango spirit, the Pencil spirit, the Marxism Spirit, the Cancel Culture spirit.

Basically you get giant haunted concepts that are possessed by hungry tulpas which can get inflated by mass belief and participation, eating off emotions like any other kind of psychic parasite. Natural reality exists beneath this, the synergetic equilibrium of the diverse ecology, set upon that base layer of shared consciousness is this hyper layer of the accelerated goings on of the ideosphere. So the gnostic paranoia of being trapped in a simulation is true, but the simulation is just the false paradigm of ideas running on the neoplatonist mental operating system which has been in play since humans began practicing extraction, around when they decided to impose high yield systems upon nature RATHER than participate with nature synergistically. Instead of the plants that are growing here I want to see none of those plants and only this other plant growing in regular, predictable over-abundance. Literal imbalance as a practice. The recent Alexandria-like translation projects in magic and astrology etc have revealed that the assumptions of the occult from the enlightenment till about 2010 were false, misunderstandings, largely pretend. Frame here prior to the slightly later Air period reveal (post 2010ish) the luciferian, thelemic, chaos magic, faux-kabalistic, techgnostic, transhuman environment which accelerationism spun up a coil in (in the slightly earlier Earth-Air Threshold of 1990s). The more recent occult revival in combination with how now even much of regular anthropology realizes indigenous people’s paradigms are equally valid at least to materialism, or actually far superior. Does this suggest accelerationism then suddenly has no basis other than as a technique of mass manipulation, like the psychological functioning of stock markets, political theatre, etc.? —As it’s not how reality metaphysically works as a whole, only in part, and is on an intellectual level isolating and extractive, a function only of how ideas can be hijacked.

Justin Bower

Ironically, similar or maybe the same underlying principles allow for mass collaboration to be possible, and run on abilities we have as a species (or any species, as alive, or incarnated) to be interconnected like Remote Viewing or Resonant Attention etc. Jung’s ‘collective unconscious’ and ‘synchronicity’ phenomena are the medium of bio symbiosis equilibrium organization, that ecosystems use to heal themselves or accomplish other hyper dynamic functions. Earlier humans obviously participated in this, we can observe this readily in indigenous cultures alive today as well as in scraps of pre-historical material left behind, such as glimpses of the lunar traditions and animal lists, neolithic iconography, what tributaries flow into the PGM from the deeper past as well as the threads that run through pre-taoist shamanism and so on.

I guess what I’m describing is what I keep talking about when I reference Earth Element Defetishization. Air is pressurizing while Earth is depressurizing. Thats why we won’t get this apocalyptic dystopia envisioned in post-accelerated anxiety. Not ultimately or permanently at least. Industrial Capitalism is over. New societal shapes are forming. Climate alarmism is a form of anthropocentrism. It’s a non-preference for a world of unfamiliar equilibriums where the species balance is not what we grew up in while preferring burning world visions to being present with the synergetic process. There’s plants and insects right outside your window wherever you are. Don’t deny them acknowledgement. Go out and offer to exist along with them, pay attention mutually, and listen for cues as to how collaboration might occur.

I mentioned last forecast we are likely get something on the societal level over the upcoming decades along the lines of wide paradigm panpsychism as Earth normalizes and Air is emphasized. It won’t look like what we thought the world would be in 1984, 1990, 2016 etc.—As the Earth period wasn’t over yet then, we’ve since taken a major turn. We can envision the upcoming 200 years more clearly now than we could in 2019. Forget yesterdays anxieties and give it a try. Remember, as water periods follow air periods, whats getting wired up now in Air will be the next religious era a few generations down stream. A Solar Religion of the Intellect? Makes sense with a society encountering AI and working out energy crisis issues and struggling through collectivity.

Anyway, we know Pluto and Uranus have some game changers up their sleeve, both in Air signs. Things will be really taking off soon. Thinking on what Elodie was bringing up in the last Lunar Zodiacal forecast I have been contemplating: Desert wind, Aquarius, air period, acceleration, Lilith— Air period egregore infestation.

Christianity was largely an exorcism tech industry which emerged to deal essentially with being haunted and possessed by the many Liliths crosspenetrating the roads of syncretism. We’ll need something to do the same now we’ve opened the digital pandoras box and are getting similarly harsh Air winds.

Joan Semmel

If you read me you know my preferences are for mass collaboration, synergetic symbiosis, nature based religions, total autonomy, subcultural flourishing etc. I’m in no way promoting a Panpsychist Solar Religion of the Intellect, and the society which accompanies it. I’m merely looking at the plot and anticipating it, and regrouping my approach to cultivate what I resonate with in my environs and relations.

Let’s throw around the separation of economy and state. What does it mean to be in an accounting revolution, especially in a bear market or in the current crash of what is currently called crypto? Don’t be naive, open ledger public commons accounting just destroyed the organization of our world and authority layers are scrambling to reorganize to relevant dominance. Stop all accusations of conspiracy theory. Look very seriously at how the world, for many reasons, the one I have training to talk about being astrological, is going through dramatic changes. Consider how the Global South has dealt with the authority layer of society being completely infiltrated by criminal syndicates for a very long time. Consider how globalism has brought that effect to the whole. Consider how despite this being an unfortunate circumstance there is an opportunity here to extend holism to our conceptions of the world, a perceiving beyond globalism and collectivism to holism. To coherence of the synergetic and psychically interconnected consciousness which is the dynamic bio ecosystemic base layer of reality. Consider how this can effect your understanding of time. How in a several hundred thousand years long story of humans in the larger world the period of extractionism has been very brief, and now that we are out of the Earth period, renowned for its sensuality but subject to many cognitive blocks and mental restrictions, we can see more clearly the longer themes for what they are and in this holism beyond globalism we can ALL begin to participate in the ecosystem that is capable of healing itself.

Nature is reality. The ideosphere is not unnatural, but it has been for quite some time mis-purposed and run into dire imbalance. With every passing set of lunations or collection of aspect configurations we arrive at opportunities to navigate back to equilibrium.

Jen Stark

For July this entails: feel the new world you are being born into, see the plutocratic obsession with hierarchal managerial control which is gripping tight as it dies (think Charlton Heston’s infamous “…pry it from my cold dead hands” comment), heed the alarm that you must come to understand and believe in your autonomy and individuality, you are an agent of specificity in a dynamic whole, life is not mechanical, it is ignited by unseen and subtle fire, challenge yourself to come to terms with your own capabilities and efficacy, notice the circuitries present in the shape of society at present, no matter how unfortunate the apparatus what are the potential pathways through which these autonomous energies might flow?, be aware of the illusions and simulations, know that there is an ocean of synthetic mind we must now learn to navigate, and though it has its own aesthetical chimera we must not go calypso in its depths or petrify under its gaze, how can we take our tools to task, sculpt and carve against the mediums, physicalize our efforts, authorize our own momentums?, experiment with alternate baselines, hot rod the regular, radically retrofit, what does our emotional intelligence tell us? Does our archetypal psychology whisper to us in passing when we are flowing with intuitive knowing? The profoundly good stuff of existence? Why is it held from us, from everyone? Truth, Lies, the popular voice, the harsh new standard, the collective experiment, surveillance authority, pre-crime, rupture, radical methods, fuses lighting, and thrown to the mouth of the beast, fast forward the story, prepare to be a new animal, with new instincts and with new habits and a new way of doing things. New in the contemporary sense, but not necessarily in geological time.

[Note: I switch between explaining the dynamics of an aspect and simply giving an aspect a voice, saying what it might say. Not all of the following statements are my beliefs but current celestial expressions]

Jul 1

-Mars square Pluto: burning, impulsive, athletic, performative energy in tension against initiatory uncertainty in the workings of systems, society and traditions. The structural voids clashing against the brash, outward expression of applied tactic and skillful action. Brandishing a sword as the lights are going out and the gates are crashing down leaving only a labyrinth to navigate as escape route. Applying tactics against an unknown strategy playing out, responding to an opponents moves one at a time in the moment knowing they have a plan but not what it is.

Jul 2

-Mercury trine Saturn: Logically, there are many options available in the newly updated authority structure, the innovative new systems have many curious features to explore and there are suddenly options and alternatives available to scan through and check out for interesting tidbits. One dynamic worth talking about is how people are thinking about the new array of time dynamics (people keep telling me they don't have time anymore, ask what happened to time, are realizing they must approach time differently) and how they interface with the hypothetical reality we are all in one hive mind thought experiment of. Of?

-Mercury square Neptune: Normally a very disorienting aspect, rendering our analytical faculties soup, though here with Mercury in his airy domicile it is more like analyzing the soup. What’s in this mixture? Can you tell this from that? Have you noticed things seem strange? Unreal? Confusing? Synchronistic? Unreal? Illusory? It’s a lot like this movie and that book and those songs and being on such and such drug and reminds me of this place, those people, a dream I had, what do you think? How about you? Notice anything weird? It’s probably also this, and is a result of that, echoes this, is related to that and that, and will probably lead to this, which is the opposite of a lot of things. Find a gaggle of talkative folks and get lost scanning the infinite data swirl.

Jul 5

-Mars ingress Taurus: Womp. The guns blazin and swords slashing with confident precision hit the dirt, scoop into the ground, get to digging, turning, and prepping the soil, by spade and hoe, for something somewhere beautiful and fruitful down the line. Methodical physical effort that slowly gains momentum. For some this will be a much needed downshift before certain burn out, for others it will hit like a sudden slog. The upside is when Mars digs in things get real, so though more laborious than fired up Aries, you can see things your working on slowly begin to take shape and find a groove to effect the matters at hand.

-Mercury ingress Cancer: Things take a turn for the Yin, with Mars in materially receptive and sensory Taurus getting his hands in the dirt and Mercury thinking and talking about needs and feelings and what would be most comfortable and nourishing. There’s more to Cancer than creature comforts, its a quite philosophical and psychological sign, being the domicile of the Moon, it streams with intuition and dreamlike impression, and sees life as something to drink up and immerse in; when it feels like it. Our communications are thus subject to our moods and whims, which change all the time. This is not the best for concentration, but not the worst either. It’s got more depth in a sense than Gemini, its more emotive at least, so as Mars tucks in to get physical on a project Mercury talks about the way things feel and seem and gets emotional intelligence and subjective analysis lubricated for a less flighty conversation that might stream along and change with the vibes. Being sextile implies the two dynamics will be playing off each other compatibly.

Paula Rubino

July 8

Sun square Chiron: After a few days of thinking about what we’re feeling we get an alarming sense of our discomfort with what we are capable of, with tender spots that make us not as effective in our performance as we’d like to be. We see it but we don’t like it. There’s objective tension, it messes with what we feel we need to do if we are going to feel good about what we’re focusing on doing. With Jupiter and Mars cycles lighting up Chiron to an unusual degree every touch of aspect to the planetoid of Wounds and Healing, of trips, phobias, handicaps, unease, discomfort, and so on, matter in the current story, in the mundane as well as in the personal sphere. We can see these dynamics looming in the recent convolution of reproductive rights, as Cancer the place of the mother child dynamic is getting cut into and burned by the insecurities in Aries, which seem senseless and violent and immature.

July 9

-Mercury square Jupiter: A square between the analytical mind and the philosophical mind doesn’t rock the boat too hard, but it is noticeable, as a recognition that things are seeming different or somehow incongruent from two different perspectives. Emotional details and the performance of tactical coherence, or emotional logic versus the coherence of individual action. We can gain from looking at two layers of understanding at once and doing the work to trade notes between.

July 10

-Sun sextile Uranus: The Sun feels like doing some experimenting with the rhythm once the idea of varied reports, emotional and energetic, about circumstances sinks in.

July 12

-Mercury square Chiron: Not surprising as radical methods become friendly to our mood and full under our sights things we say might cause some sudden discomfort, or seem to poke into sore spots unexpectedly. Expect some prodding here as people try out a new way of going with their flow.

July 13

-Full Moon in Cap: Remember the cold winter night when we explored the ice castle of the internal structure of time immemorial? Doesn’t it echo into today, as we can see what we can build on top of the territory of abundance and light? Isn’t it both magnificent and daunting to remember what we have accomplished and what heights we might be obligated to climb to again? The occaision calls us beyond memory into the artifacts of history. We circumambulate the monuments, our own and those erected to commemorate the larger life structures we lean upon. The basis of everything. Tunnels penetrate them like a mausoleum, and we can descend to meet with the dead, converse in tombs, contact ghosts, interrogate lineage intelligence, tap in to the superstructure. We need permission from the past when we consider changing everything, we need an initiatory council of elders to approve of our alteration to the plan. We must find them in the deeps and sit with their desiccated frames and listen to the cool dark yesterday remind us of what its all about.

-Mercury sextile Uranus: Mercury is in the mood to fancy a radical shift, its all he can talk about, there’s a certain revolutionary atmosphere surrounding the basic stuff of life.

-Venus trine Saturn: Yup, there are things that we love about innovative designs, even when there are unfamiliar and alien rules and regulations, there are some seriously curious bits that tickle our fancies and places off the map into the future territory worth flirting with.

July 14

-Venus square Neptune: But, all things considered its enough to swirl a girls head and demand we find a way to relax or else we’ll drown in all this information, as our bleary antennae are scarcely seeing details anymore, but more an impressionistic simulation of the downloads that are forking before our eyes. Squint and enjoy the show.

Mark Bradford

July 16

-Mercury cazimi Sun: Superior Conjunction: A couple more days down the calendrical pipeline and there’s some realizations to be had. We might have had the cat get our tongues at some point and had to turn inward to touch base on what exactly we were thinking we were feeling, but in the process we noticed some piece of the puzzle which reveals an ingredient in the recipe which is a valuable resource to nourishing ourselves and locating what exactly we need. Keep eyes peeled, not to miss the subtle message. Maybe take a time out and relax so you can catch it and digest it.

July 17

-Mercury trine Neptune: Whatever it is that gets flashed before our stream of conscious it begins to unfurl unbridled in our imaginations. A kind of mental cinema ensues in which we can watch the show and get lost in the profound images and subtle notions, like a buffet of delicious ideas.

-Venus ingress Cancer: Good timing for Venus to enter Cancer and whet her appetite for the aesthetically divine.

July 18

-Mercury opposite Pluto: Now we’re feeling strange about what we felt we saw. We’ve got to get a handle on what is lost to obscurity, exists in oblivion, is born of fear, is part of a mystery, a mechanic of the plot and what is simply a healthy thing to think about. We need to get some perspective on what powers haunt the structure of things versus what is native to our psychology.

July 19

-Sun opposite Pluto: The Sun looks at what Mercury was thinking and talking about objectively, getting the picture in as clear of focus as possible, as there’s unnerving elements at play, and staying safe is a motivation.

-Mercury ingress Leo: Is this thing on? I need to make a public announcement?

-Chiron turns RX: Someone’s stomach flips. Frog in the throat? A noticeable barometer change which is disquieting. Maybe we’re not ready.

July 22

-Sun ingress Leo: Lights!


July 23

-Mercury trine Jupiter: Maybe we are? Or maybe we understand more about the moment than we realized, and we know what to do and we’ll let everyone know to watch because what we say and do now means something. It has a bigger context than the sum of the actions playing out. It’s about living in accordance with our beliefs and speaking the truth, taking action, amplifying voices.

July 25

-Venus square Jupiter: We’re attracted to what we need, what’s good for us, our bodies, our bodies are beautiful, making life is beautiful, we understand what actions need to be taken to expand and grow our effectiveness. We are coherent of the opportunities to act as individuals.

July 26

-Mercury square Mars: We need to bring attention and reveal the truth about those who have put their heads down in an effort to be productive and run their equipment off the road.

July 27

-Mercury trine Chiron: If I can speak frankly from the heart, I may have caused some harm myself, I’m afraid to admit my actions by I’m ready to open up and talk all about my battle scars now.

July 28

-Mercury square Uranus: It shakes me up, yes it changes things, courses need to shift mid cycle if we are to think and speak honestly.

-Jupiter turns RX: Understand all of what you’ve got before growing out beyond your reach.


July 31

-Venus square Chiron: I desire to feel safe but theres something uncomfortable about acting that way, its convoluted to luxuriate into a pleasure nest, stirring up some meddling pin pricks.

-Mercury opposite Saturn: Whats true and honest and from the heart is going to have to speak in terms of the new deal, the emerging system, the central message interpreted by hypothetical society designs on the cutting edge. Truth or consequences? Can you honestly detect a panopticon?

-Tsquare the nodal axis: If we’re going to get past the trauma thats been inflicted and escape the intensity then something radical and maybe brutal is going to have to happen, it’s inevitable. There’s a compulsion to radically shift the way things are done and what kinds of patterns we enjoy in the face of total censorship, surveillance and performative media.

-Mars applying to Uranus/NN: The fateful lighting of the fuse.

-Uranus conjunct NN: Compelled to shake it up.

-Sun trine Jupiter: Honestly, we are all coherent in our spirit, energetically of what kinds of actions need to occur right now and what they mean and represent.


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