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The Astrology Of February 2023: End To Begin

February is the month between January and March. It is the 2nd month of the calendar year. Although, Vernal Equinox, at just about the tail end of the 3rd month March is Astrological New Year, the start of Spring and literal New Year in many traditions both ancient and current today. February 2nd is Candlemas, Imbolg, the crossquarter day known for a noticeably greater quantity of light in the Northern Hemisphere and for the “waking up” of the trees, when saps begin to run, when life begins to stir from winter’s slumber several weeks before the dynamic light event of Spring. This is the Sun curving around into the last eighth of the circle, the last three solar decans as well as the last three lunar mansions before the close of the circle and the start of another. Directionally these degrees of the 360 around us horizontally is NE heading Eastward, trending towards the rising which we will face cardinally in late March. Outside the calendrical time where this is the 2nd month in the sequence and just getting started, in more phenomenologically cyclical terms this is the end which stirs the beginnings to come, and this tracks with other elements of the cycles afoot. Multiple planets are exiting their retrograde shadows, Pluto, Saturn and Mars make their sign shifts in March, all that was contained of Saturn in Aquarius since March of 2020, Mars in Gemini since August of 2022 and Pluto in Capricorn there since 2008 is drawing to a close and of course this means new circumstances and stories are going to rear up and develop. February in this sense and all these contexts is a particularly betwixt month, all times and especially this one. Can you see the new plot lines ahead? Are you readying to rest the plot lines we’ve been tied up in, mostly against our will? Are you ready for the “I don’t even know what’s going on or what’s real aspects of Saturn in Pisces? Are you ready for the nature of secret power in the world to change hands and change modality drastically? Are you ready to bring your action and agency to bear and put energy into a different current than you have for quite some time? Is it time? Not quite, but almost, but what does that mean? This winter’s thaw is different than most, we come out of a royal mind-fuck and into a reality equally unreal but with indiscernible parameters. February is the last rounds of the game we’ve been playing. It’s last call. Play some smooth songs to send in the deeper night, or crank up the stereo to stomp out a new dance and cheers to yourself in the mirror, or get lost in the info in another epic doomscroll, or prepare to vanish, don a disguise, disappear, climb up onto the stage, assassinate your character, or plot to off some more deserving cynosure. It’s all there but with enough vasoline on the lens to make it nostalgic, so pull the curtain and roll the camera, play your favorite goodbye, hello, goodbye playlist, take it to the limit one more time, nobody does it better, didn’t we almost have it all…

From a more snapshot perspective here’s what I wrote at a glance for the February snippet of the 2023 sequence:

Feb: Creative and romantic flow states drift into peak high saturation mid month, as we get our energy dispersal back more into a workable array, focusing on new concepts and thinking about hypothetical systems foreshadow big emerging shapes the following month, we reach a sober moment considering the implications of what we’re innovating towards, and it feels pleasurable and wise to take action and act in the now, we could be in a opportune flow if we got our skills

And without further adieu here’s the blow by blow with commentary throughout:

Feb 1

-Sun sextile Chiron: A helpful view at uneasy dynamics between the new systems and structures and mental frameworks Saturn has obligated us into over the past two years, especially to do with being on hold and the disconnection from our previous lives and alienating exiles and how that relates with uncomfortable growth surrounding autonomy, our independent action, and how capable we actually are. On a mundane/macro level this leads us closer to the Jupiter/Chiron conjunction 47 year cycles and the 1976 h1n1 mass rapid vaccination “fiasco” and the realization that collective pressure could have ruined peoples individual health.

-Moon square Jupiter Aries: by evening Moon is lighting that above dynamic up by squaring Jupiter in Aries from Cancer, activating cardinal energy and the need to initiate and take action, care, comfort and resource

-Moon trine Venus Pisces : simultaneously the permission to allow for boundless pleasure and satisfaction fulfillment resonates— our needs are not simply food to eat and a place to sleep but our desires might be indulgence sized

Ernie Barnes

Feb 3

-Sun square Uranus: Another perspective rooted in the new systems we’ve been pushed into pioneering by Saturn’s alienating and dehumanizing collectivisms the past two years in tension with Uranus’ turbulent change to our baselines and radical experimentation with methodological rhythms and grooves. A reference to the Saturn Uranus squares all 2021 and 2022 from an objective contemporary perspective.

Feb 4

-Venus square Mars: tension wires alerting us between having multiple tasks at hand simultaneously while our desire for pleasurable experience is beyond limit. Can we effectively multitask while immersed in a pleasure pool? If we want to pull in satiation from everywhere all at once we might find we are rushing down multiple paths simultaneously, running around trying to satisfy ourselves.

Dame Laura Knight

Feb 5

-Full Moon in Leo: Finally beginning to pick up the threads we had to reweave, reinspect, secure a second time or change over completely we are edging into new narrative territory after the conclusion of multiple distracting and derailing episodes. The lights shine subjectively in our energetic center, where the Daimon dwells and we receive our instructions from a higher order— if we can discern where the energy is naturally trying to go, what we are inspired to do, what we are truly and authentically resonating with, what is the primary focus in our spirit, what our heart says rather than our mind, or society or the status quo or a sense of safety. Sometimes we have to feed these objectives behind the scenes so they don’t get tampered with by external oppressive forces, even ones that are supposed to be our guardians. Not all authority figures are trustworthy, in fact almost all are not, and in more extreme and personal cases this applies to our own lineage leaders and parental bodies. The rug has been pulled from under us, the foundations of reality are suspect, our autonomy is bruised and requires care, we have to act out multiple story lines simultaneously, if we are going to get out of this alienating void created by collectivist monocropping we have to start being selfish, and getting the divine milk to our deified selves by hook or by crook so that a brighter tomorrow can eventually arrive and we have the power to overcome the false, the artificial, the programmed, the simulated, the dark beyond the dark— to dredge up the jewels which can hold and amplify the plasma offered freely by the Sun and charge up our heart fires, we might need to pull some shit behind the curtain and re-emerge into the light wielding the vanquishing lightning the previous New Moon promised. If we are going to act out our destiny in the world authentically and have the energy to create a world for ourselves we must prepare ourselves semi secrecy so that we can re appear in our full power, like an actor going back stage for a costume change and fresh make up before returning to the spotlight in a scene closer to the climax of the drama.

-square Uranus: All this riding on unstable ground, that has become progressively rocky since 2018 and especially fraught the last two years, so nothing new but the rodeo continues, and for best results in the bull riding a godly glamorous makeover and a consolidating of gems at this stage could be the ingredient to right the recipe. There’s no end in sight in the context of commodities and economies all over the place and methodological approaches are needing radical elements to accomplish the offroading environment so be bullshit ready and Yippee ki yi yay motherfucker.

-separating sextile Mars: obviously this vectors into the situation we are probably pretty used to at this point of disarming the bomb while fending off assailants while researching the next step while communicating with others our location while patching up our flats, redressing our wounds, changing our oil real quick, grabbing a coffee, ace-ing that test and googling a few things we were curious about to get us from point A to points B, C, and Z.

-separating trine Chiron: Feeling our fatigue, tasting a bit of our own blood, seeing our weathered appearance in the mirror could be inspiring or discouraging at this point, or both, it’s a bit up to you wtf you do about it.

Dame Laura Knight

Feb 6

-Mercury sextile Neptune: Considering all of the above its not surprising that Mercury is feeling a bit easy going and collaborative with the planet of deception, the unreal, intoxication and the generally unreal. The behind the scenes regroup of the Full Moon in the empty end of the 2021—2023 T-Square, a place more suite4d to the Sun himself, probably jives with mental stratagem involving smoke, mirrors, cameras, mystical dynamics, dramatized emotions and high saturation aesthetics— Remember, the metaphor of the actor going back stage before the last acts for a costume change and new make up, now think Jesus Christ Superstar mixed with Purple Rain, but its a chess move.

Feb 8

-Venus sextile Uranus: Venus is exalted in Pisces where she is more able to love basically whatever as well as not feel any need to restrict herself from indulging in whatever she happens to get attracted to. The signs she rules, Libra and Taurus will get delivered some flow through of this influence to work with. Here we have Uranus, busy being the Bull in the baseline, commodity, groove, rhythm, stuff, sensory and sensual experience of earthly existence and the plans we make to hold us fixed to it, in Venus’ house. Meaning there is a collaborative relationship between the limitless immersion into the pleasure principle guiding the bucking of the bull which disrupts our corporeal business, but in a way that isn’t necessarily unpleasant. Careful not to find yourself blotto after all that bliss disorganizes your life into flotsam and jetsam, but also Bless this mess.

Mary Sparrow

Feb 10

-Mercury conjunct Pluto: Another marker on the shadow moves and behind the scenes dazzle and subterfuge machinations we’ve seen float across the sky weather. We might be thinking on our obsessions, fears, conspiracies and analyzing the unknown factors in both our history and where the strategy is built to bring us, but also the conjunction is brief afterwhich Mercury moves into a different modality, wrapping up his longish stint in the hierarchical, infrastructural, practical and serious sign of the Goat, but also there are echoes and detail parallels here to revisions and reversals from last year around this time just finishing out and plutonian intensities native to the 2008—2023 Pluto in Capricorn story that are sounding some ending signals here also, so it might be a reverberation within realities skeleton, but the times they are a changin’, and so is probably our sense of time itself, and our sense of change itself, and this is maybe an ominous moment of I can feel it in my bones that shows up also as readings on the meters. Expect “conspiracy theories” to be proven realer than expected as reality warps around us.

Anna Khora

Feb 11

-Mercury ingress Aqu: Here’s that modality shifty I mentioned, and pay close attention, if you are at all curious what Pluto in Aquarius will bring to your life and the world at large, as Mercury just referenced the planet of the Unknowable and made the ingress Pluto will also make next month. Mercury likes Aquarius, as its an Air sign and he can be as abstract as a motherfucker, so start innovating and conceptualizing new ways of doing things and if you need a little insparation listen to a science show or read a manifesto or go out to an obscure hang out of avant garde artists or simply go off into uncharted territory and think.

-Mars sextile Chiron: This is kind of a slow burn “you gotta be a fuckin renaissance man” and grow all your own food, fix your own car, make your own clothes, craft your own tools, be an amateur academic to have any idea what’s going on in the world and sneak even an iota of autonomy these days”. Obviously we could rewrite this a million different ways having the context of your nativities but stretch that metaphor over things and see how it fits.

Johnny DEFeo

Feb 15

-Venus conjunct Neptune: This is the deep end of Pisces, quite literally, but also especially as Neptune has been flooding the sign of mixing all reality into a stew we call the All, the Whole and the One with complete un-tetheredness to anything other than dream, deception, hallucination, delusion and dissolve. Its Venus so there’s an element of loving it, but later Pisces is a little aggressive, the high seas of romanticism and drama are here suitable to Mars by decan, in a metaphorical sense this is the letting everything go in full acceptance which ends the cycle and begins again as the Mars ruled bursting forth of initiating sparks in Aries. This “end”and “beginning” zone of the cycle, which are really not so separate but in dynamic continuum, has gotten a lot of attention with Jupiter passing back and forth over the area all this past year. That doesn’t mean we understand it any better personally and collectively, as Neptune is there laying on the special sauce of confusion, deception, unreality, simulation and syntheticization. We follow our desires towards what we are attracted to and what we resonate with and here is a moment where they lead us into much deeper waters than we likely expect and really are able to discern. By transit this can cause substance binges, love zombie hypnotism, relationship dissolve as well as creative deluges and fantasy vacations. Find the layer of saturation you want to lose yourself in temporarily and know you are taking a trip, an aside from rational reality, and if you are a knowledge seeker take notes to later compare impressionistically with the regular when you return.

Feb 16

-Sun conjunct Saturn: Ok, now take everything I said in the entry for the 15th and program into an adjacent but not straightforwardly related life layer the fact that we will be here oriented to total strictness, but a particular type of strictness, that of the pioneering explorer sounding the limits of the beyond. Saturn is demanding, obligating and pressuring us to go as far as we can go outside of our charted territories, innovating all the while in an attempt to integrate life on the fringes into something that can remain consistently in the mix. As we see the world on this day from the perspective of a hard core and dedicated outsider, whether thats preferable or not, it adds to the dynamics present while we are immersed in unfathomable waters beyond the valley of pretend.

Feb 17

-Mercury sextile Jupiter: Thinking in the new mental frameworks built into the future by Saturn over the past few years in certain ways does allow for our growth into understanding taking autonomy for ourselves. If you are one of the the only people on earth familiar with the cutting edge systems being designed and installed into the matrix of your life then there is a lot of opportunities for flying solo on the horizon.

David Hockney

Feb 18

-Sun ingress Pisces: The Sun relaxes considerably after a conjunction with the planet of responsibility, restriction, contraction, discipline and endurance by sliding into the waters of boundlessness and empathic to all romantic dramatic shapeshifting everything and anything all at once mixed. Maybe a little delirious from the restrictive and alienating episode of an Aquarius season with Saturn in Aquarius. The conditions have loosened since 2022, 2021 and 2020, although the impact of those extremely authoritarian and exiling years are still embedded in our beings, and the Sun in Pisces can feel that with a Jupiter in Aries applying to conjoin Chiron, displaying in a broad way how we are all personal traumatized and need to grow our autonomy back, with a Mars upstream in Gemini responding to the critical by bifurcating efforts into multiple channels, there’s more than one thing we got to do to get er’ done these days, its not straight forward as we’d like, and further upstream Mercury in Gemini copresent the ruler Saturn, so the blueprints unfolded, we can analyze the plans for the new elements of our life, some we designed, some the result of the worlds contemporary turnings.

John Ryle

Feb 20

-New Moon in Pisces: Pretty much right off the bat there’s a New Moon after the Sun’s ingress into Jupiter’s watery domicile. The final degrees of Aquarius and beginning few degrees of Pisces I rather like for moving along and getting out of whatever might have us stuck and finding an oasis off to the side to regroup un-harassed while preparations for the next phase of things is arranged. Sowing some seeds of contemplation here to incept a next emotional and manifest cycle is as decent of a place as any, even though it percolates with all the above considerations from February 18th’s entry. Passing across the star Fomalhaut, which ripens the lunation with poetic integrity and mystical assistance. Coming a month before Vernal Equinox and Astrological New Year this is a bit of the dynamic letting go of the past via the next Full Moons digesting and processing which leads to New Beginnings, quite profoundly as March hosts a shift of signs for Pluto, Saturn and Mars. We are taking a side step into Pisces shallow end for provisionary pause to catch our proverbial breath before being in oncoming unfamiliar circumstances.

-Venus ingress Aries: Despite being Venus leaving traditional exaltation status people seem to generally love her in her exiles, Aries and Scorpio. “Bad” Venus is just spicy Venus in a lot of cases, and having both benefics copresent in proximity to one another is nothing to complain about, especially when the Moon gets between them and is benefically contained like she will be on the 22nd (plan accordingly). In general this turns up the heat, energy, action, impulsivity, independence of Venus, making her more of a “punk” Venus, and imbuing the love of the martial, such as combat dress aesthetics and bold aggressive decor. With Jupiter nearby the same things that are pretty are also profound and taking pleasure in, say, knives and fire makes some philosophical sense. Again, not only are we a bit painfully growing our autonomy back and getting spiritually angry about having been hurt or fucked with, but we might just have some taboo fun while we do it.

-Mercury sextile Chiron: to chime along with the hurt, painful, injured and uncomfortable dynamics of the above, Mercury’s analytical assessment of Saturn’s blue prints for society and what 2021 and 2 were all about confer with what Jupiter is learning about the individual being beaten down and autonomy being backed into a corner.

Feb 21

-Mercury square Uranus: To continue from yesterday, the same outsider logic and cutting edge reading fires up some revolutionary urges to flip some tables in the micro and the macro sphere. This is like the Sun’s square from here earlier in the month beiong a kind of reference of how haunting the Saturn-Uranus squares of 2021 and 2 were and how jamming this needs update that must be revolutionized but can’t happen same time because of each other really grinded us all and our world, Mercury’s look is a little colder and more literal than even an objective gaze, it’s just the hard core facts rumbling things at ground level.

Robert Williams

Feb 22

-Mercury trine Mars: This is good for Mars in his multitasking sentence which has been lasting from August 20th 2022 to March 25th 2023 in Gemini; here Mercury can from the cutting edge computer of Saturns Aquarian design organize the paradoxical simultaneity of Mars in the Twins sign and make sure he is multitracking efficiently and not fucking around wasting energy. It’s like a formatting update for the contemporary moment that should last at least until he comes into orb of squaring Neptune in March.

-Moon separating from Venus and applying to Jupiter: Here is that benefic containment I was noting on the New Moon. You might want to try and do yourself some good here. Sometimes helping out Number 1 is appropriate and called for.

-Sun on Fomalhaut: By the way, the Sun is on the Royal Star of Eminence Via Mystical Poetry at that moment, so just pull in the facilitation via lubrication and allow for some lucidity of the Muse.

James Jacques Joseph Tissot

Feb +

-Venus applying to Jupiter, Jupiter applying to Chiron, Mercury applying to Saturn: approaching the short end of February’s diving board towards March we finish out the month with pleasure and wisdom, desire and joy, aesthetic and philosophy coming into greater consolidation till they for a short time fuse on the March side of the month line. They do so in the uneasy, uncomfortable, eeeeewwwwww I don’t know about that, whoa whoa whoa hold on application to Chiron, which in the Jupitarian sense can only have to do with growing pains into a more effective, capable, autonomous, independent and conflict ready person, if you can hack it. This is likely many things to be discussed more in March, but one is coming to the post cancel-culture realizations that it feels good and is a better look to be yourself rather than everybody all at once in a borged out authoritarian trance no matter how much you might have to stand up for yourself to do what you know is good, feels good and jives. Mercury here applies to Saturn, and is talking his final designs for this rounds Aquarian transit, so we will get to hear the concluding thoughts from said authoritarian episode and alienating dissociative societal uprades at the same time, so its not like its something only of yesterday, its still very now and also very tomorrow minded, whether or not every inch of plans are actually down the road, the exponential data projections into certain doomsday models are mistaken for reality until certain syndicates are served their just desserts via Pluto In Aquarius just right around the corner, but for that we are close enough to ingress we needent any longer guess, just get your popcorn ready and see who’s head is going to get hunted down and hope its not your own. Check your bank account, if its under a million you might be alright. See you on the flip side.


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