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The Astrology Of February 2022: Hard Integration Desire

I am writing and posting February’s forecast on February 3rd. This in itself of course is an expression of the current astrological signatures. We might look to Venus creeping out of stop motion after her direct station which ended her recent month an a half long retrograde on January 29th. We might look as well to Mercury doing the same thing, as he also finishes up his most recent retrograde in Capricorn along with Venus dancing around Pluto in the later degrees of the Saturn ruled yin sign. We can look to The Sun sidling up to Saturn to get a real objective look at the limits Saturn is applying dispassionately in Aquarius, saying, these are the new restrictions, I don’t care how much you dislike them or find them dehumanizing. There was a lunation here, a New Moon, within a Lunar Mansion that across traditions speaks of boundary, restriction, entombment, trial, suspension, making made to wait in the dark for an undeterminable time. We can also look at Jupiter, who despite bringing space for expansion and growth, does so in a watery, nocturnal way, suggesting we make more time to chill and escape and flow rather than act or achieve.

There’s a lot of shutdown in the skies, and indeed, the day Venus stationed the convoy of 50,000 plus trucks and their thousands of supporters reached Ottawa and shut down traffic in Canada’s capital city. My personal excuse for being late to forecast is mostly that I pulled a muscle which led to debilitating sciatic nerve pinching and totally demobilized my body and crashed my plans, agendas and schedule. In dialogue with a TCM practitioner that depletion had been goin on within my bodily ecosystem for a long time, and coupled with the injurious trauma inflicted by the authoritarian solutionism of the past two years, I needed to stop and reorient my approach to life, energy, creativity, exhibition, achievement, community, leisure, diet and on and on. In holism when there is need for healing and recovery no single mechanical agent or operation is prescribed but instead a paradigm shift occurs. I wasn’t unhealthy up till now, in fact the opposite. My injury came in a time of increased movement, mobility and energetic practice while not drinking in a lifetime spent prioritizing best possible food choices. This didn’t matter, as we’re not machines. The fact that I’d always used good gas and kept my body well maintained didn’t mean I wouldn’t have to regroup. I was already being as dynamic as possible, attempting to move with agility through the restrictions and carry along the spark of life. Still didn’t stop this crash and collapse of my wellness and functionality. No, this reorganization occurs in a reorganizing world where the theme is shifting into new shapes and shuffling into more healthy patterns amidst a plethora of injurious restrictive postures that harm more than help. Aquarius says what about the collective instead of the individual, but Jupiter in Pisces points out that both the individual and the collective are part of the whole. Society might devise artificial what ifs to potential problems, but it is simply unavoidable that all will be restored to equilibrium eventually, even if that is in millions of years in a much larger whole beyond the scope that it is possible for most of us to think within. The data which drives the collective moving jerkingly in anti-chiropractic damage cascades is not real, but instead a measurement, an abstraction that takes life out of its own context and isolates it from flourishing and nourishment. They are models, maybe fit for accounting or computing to find solutions to measured complexity, but not applicable to dynamic living ecosystems, of which we are and our health is all a part.

Manoj Paturkar

Mercury seconds these observations. In 2022 we find his retrogrades each beginning in air signs and moving back to positions in earth signs. We are learning, as the Earth Element de-fetishizes now that we are headlong into an Air Triplicity period, what data disasters look like. Data divorced from ecosystems is deadly by nature, the dispassion of integers reveals the dark face of neutrality, both Mercury and Saturn are cold and dry, but Saturn intemperately so, a heart put into the freezer ceases to beat. Earth is cold yet wet, it can endure passions and resist over excitement although it has empathy by nature, it can feel, it can bond. Innovation is exciting but tradition is inviting and supportive. Mercury is beginning to change his mind after his frenzied state with the Dragon’s Head buggering his home sign of Gemini, splitting narratives and perverting binaries all 2020-2021. Now we might pause the data analysis to look at the anecdotal and subjective evidence. What actually happened? What is actually happening? What has been and what is our experience? What does our body say? Most importantly, in concert with Pisces, to which Capricorn is sextile, what is the vibe in the ecosystem?

Nikos Moschos

So many things that were brought in at the beginning of last earth period (1802) were so obviously bad but they became the norm and here we are. That’s documented, people railed against the gas combustion engine but it dominated regardless of its opposition. There were people already living in basically solar powered homes with wood heat water systems and composting toilets growing community gardens before carbon emissions were ever a thing. Now we are heading into this air period’s version of bad ideas. The larger arc carrying these aims are imperialism and the monotheistic adherence to rationalism driving this paradigm which denies ecosystemic integration, more or less ever since polis society, religious hierarchy and neoplatonism. We might consider this prolonged period swallowing each Triplicity period into bad ideas which separate us from nature (i.e. monotheism becoming rationalism becoming scientism etc.) essentially the Iron Age or the Kali yuga. Perhaps this is a precessional cycle, and too long to track historically, but likely begins around when we mark the Common Era, constellational Aries on Tropical Aries, at least from our perspective. Irregardless of the length of this cycle, the holistic counter to its destructive expression is probably to promote ecosystemic connection in all action and thinking. Assessing if anything whatsoever on any level of agency and sovereignty from the individual to the familail to the communal to the regional to the societal level that gets proposed must be fronted with the consideration of does this support ecosystemic flourishing yes or no? Otherwise, we just meet with worse and worse solutions which cleave us from healing across all layers of existence. Consider that nothing authoritarian needed to actually happen surrounding the onset of the covid story— threats of pathogens could instead stimulate education and resource support around immune system building, being responsible for our bodies in an interconnected ecosystemic way. Nothing authoritarian also needs to happen in response to the climate crises story— resources and education around biological networks, permaculture, habitat restoration and so on might be stressed first before people are ordered to live in forced isolation, disconnection and austerity— which also continues the answer to community health concerns, as plants in flourishing ecosystems bring medicine awareness, same for assuaging supply disruption as food also gets produced and distributed locally, which promotes community building naturally in an approach which by proxy of stabilizing localized mosaics lessens the dependence on fossil fuels without life-quality lessening regulation. The same for telecommunications system design, thinking ecosystemically reduces complexity friction; no need for oversized builds, instead interconnected nodule networks support each other rhizomatically. Basically, ecosystem is never not the answer and should be always proposed in any debate around any perceived threat as well as any developing plans initiation. Thats not the whole of but is the first step perhaps in learning from indigenous thinking to restore long trajectory resiliency in general. We are told its too late for that as we are in a crisis situation that only experts can speak to, but the incoherence of authority manipulated specialists across a failing model of governance in accelerated shatter performing an orchestrated crash landing and subsequent restructuring should not be our guide through the accumulated wounds of the past two thousand years of power consolidation. We should be our own guides, in our communities, in accordance with nature, in relation to one another. Ecosystemic mosaic autonomy.

Manoj Paturkar

The Sun takes a frightening and paralyzing look at what Saturn has been building for new forms of surveillance-compliance global open carceral system and population control. In this as well as in our personal lives we realize the design is unfit for actual human people and only theoretical human subjects, while additionally the whole system update doesn’t even begin to factor in anything non-human. How do we want to lead our lives in a healthy way which promotes ecosystemic flourishing? Here we begin to decide for ourselves as Saturn’s hard lesson for us is the system isn’t going to input that into the operation. This might stop us in our tracks as we consider what components out on the table are wholly inappropriate. 2022 is likely the year Web2 falls to Web3, but whether we get a new and more authoritarian telecommunications array or an autonomous and agency increasing internet is likely to be the bone of contention from here into the next decade. Mercury is finishing up his first round of rethinking how he processes the new systema vs the old, what has been gained and what lost, what new potentials there are and what old foundations and protections have ben removed as February begins. We’re getting our footing in receptive pivot upon familiar soil, having retreated into the body and into nature and what we’ve learned over the course of our life to set back up and navigate through the oncoming advancements and come out with our minds intact. This will be a recurring theme. Our heads have been spinning for far too long. Back to the basics.


Nikos Moschos

Four themes dominate February astrologically. The Sun’s early conjunction with Saturn, the consolidation of Mars and Venus applying to conjoin Pluto, Mercury applying to conjoin Saturn, and Jupiters increasing combustion. All of these with the exception of the Sun conjoining Saturn towards the start of the Month increase as the weeks roll on and are climaxing by March.

As we move through Mercury stations direct on the 4th the same day the Sun conjoins Saturn and Mars sextiles Jupiter while applying to square Chiron. A sobering effect amidst tactical sharpness in a serious situation that will grind down, burn out and desiccate us if we don’t reinstate pleasure, joy, intuition, imagination, creativity and subjective coherence. We are coming to realize that these are things we must affirm, prioritize and assert— our happiness, well being, and the growth of ourselves and our communities are not secondary things to sacrifice for an abstract goal, they are in actuality our lifelines.

A few days later on the 8th Mars sextiles Uranus and radical methods of preparation to achieve these aims are feeling right, as impulses fling us toward practice with urgency and intensity. Really the baselines are on the line here, so we’ll have to take the steps to assure our own security, the system has other aims entirely. We can see our schemes are going deep, deep enough to hop over from iMessage to an end on end encrypted server, and manage our affairs from there, because paranoia is actually plainly warranted considering the circumstances. On a personal level some deep thinking and shadow exchange might be the way to keep it together and get through the problematic pipelines. The ideas and thinking which collects here references the last ten days of September when Mercury was square Pluto and Mars and Venus were in each other’s signs, and if you want to click back the investigation further go to July 13 and arounds to find the last Mars and Venus conjunction and look for themes of intensity of logistics, interrelations, desire drives and where action meets attraction.

Hajime Sorayama

Venus is what brings us pleasure and what we resonate and bond with, Mars is how we tactically operate, overcome obstacles and get er’ done. Mars is in exaltation in Capricorn, where he maneuvers like a chess master-Terminator, but for the duration of February at Venusian aims and with a mind to crush some unfinished business from the fall and summer. They make their next actual conjunction while walking in lockstep on February 16th, passions burning steadily and strategically as Mercury transitions into airy Aquarius and returns to hypothesizing future 'what ifs' beyond known frontiers. Think, I’m not afraid anymore, I’m doing what I wanted, what I always wanted, even though I don’t know what the outcome will be, even if I have to lose everything, and go to the end of the earth, even if I have to reimagine my entire future. I’m walking myself up to the tunnel of no return with my desires on fire pumping the engine of my machinations. The Goat God Pan emerges from the ancient forest to play his pipes and remind us Tradition can be a wild thing and the old ways are nothing to mess around with. Nature wins in the end, plain and simple. You can’t kill kill. Even when the technocratic deathmachine has plans to keep us alive despite our own mortality and entropy, rebirth and regeneration occur in the end, which is or becomes the beginning immediately after anyway.

Hajime Sorayama

Mars and Venus’ conjunction coincides with the Full Moon in Leo, so expressions of exuberance, warmth, emanations of the self and spirit and so on will be ripe for the picking amidst our resolve to kick ass for the sake of fun and crush all opposition to our good time. The lunation isn’t very far from Venus and Mars’ conjunction in Leo in mid July so subjectively we’ll be feeling a similar vibe and ethos as then. It’s worth noting that the zeal with which we might be pursuing our desired aims at this point will be equal to that of our opponents and in the macro to societal, social and cultural bodies, so everyone going Terminator of the heart and heart centered chess monster could be a psycho atmosphere as we pan out and look at the Where’s Waldo we find ourself lost in. But the Moon does her best to keep the spotlight on our whereabouts and center attention on ourselves. That being said, centralization of desired aims is what the system will also be about at the time. The highly sexualized nature of Yang all up in the Yin could play into the issues being discussed, and the historical use of leverage in sexual power dynamics popping itself out of the mud for all to witness its sexy to some oppressive to everyone else off roading prowess. Venus being a market marker and value setter, in legacy and ledger heavy Capricorn might also draw our attention to markets, centralized and decentralized alike, attempting to climb themselves up out of the retrograde pits at all costs. With a wider economy threatening hyper inflation this looks like both mixed signals and an exhaustive rally attempt where letting our wallets open for exchange might be aroused to a weaponized state. For some property and ammo acquisition, and for others, its metaphorical equivalent.

Sir Hubert von Herkomer

The Sun ingresses Pisces on the 18th, splashing into Jupiter’s rulership which will have our orientations leaning toward optimism despite the fact that objective Sun is soon to blink Jupiter out of the sky by the 22nd. There is a combination of feeling positive with what’s going on even though there’s no external reason to other than you feel like you are in control, at least psychically or intuitively, and are using the health of the whole as a place to orient and focus your objectives. This is the beginning of Jupiter’s purification process, where we contemplate the darkness and absence of hope and wisdom, optimism and opportunity as it resets, like a “New Moon” for Jupiter. When the greater benefic returns to the sky there is less of the nativity that comes with false hope and more streamlined wisdom for how to cohere and prehend the All. In the meanwhile it's nap-time for philosophy and sagacity even though the Sun absorbs and distributes his principles to our focus, we proceed simply because we believe.

Gustave Moreau

It’s around this time that both Mars and then Venus sextile Neptune and apply to square Chiron. Escapism and delusion might slip a little out of control with our binoculars packed temporarily away in our knapsacks, the heart throbbing Terminator nearing the dark abyss of initiatory Pluto, we can only repeat one last time our ultimate fantasy as we step acros the underworld threshold, only dream to guide and Myth to tether us to the trial which transform us into what we will next become and the world with it, our individual spirit’s healing journey alarming in our ears. This probably spins off some completely false media, and some messy swerves at critical junctures, some booby traps for the well meaning undermined yet again by the plutocratic syndicate, those with the wool over their eyes play right into their hands. But all the same, we can here get in touch with the dreamings of nature herself, and meet with the ancestors who are not only installed in the past, but are always and participate up ahead. If something goes against the ecosystemic and ancient All then you can’t simply squirm out and away by saying that you don’t care anyway despite knowing something is wrong, no matter how overwhelming, right relation and sovereignty to stand with nature, the ancestors, the gods, with spirit in an integrated way is the only course, or else inflict further wounding which you’ll still be responsible for later in the aftermath. It never ends. It’s now and forever.


The last week of February finds the Moon passing over Venus, Mars and Pluto in Capricorn, then Mercury and Saturn in Aquarius heading for the Sun and Jupiter in early March, upon which there is a considerable shift of theme. More on that as we get there. In the meanwhile, on the bottom line consider that what you want and what you do in the world make lasting shapes and you are solely responsible for that which you help build up and support. Every bit of integration with nature counts, as in Capricornian terms, you’re either on board with the ancients and the ecosystem or adhering to the zombified industrialist deathmachine careening off the road as most people lose the plot entirely. There is a chance here to ask what do really I connect with, what feels good, what do I love, what brings me pleasure? Let nature speak through you and inform you, let the ancestors deliver their advice and guidance. We can get back on track if we gear up, get serious, unearth the old ways, and refuse to relinquish our hearts, and heed the pipes of Pan.

As a final word, in the spirit of both the Aquarian anbd the Piscean, I suggest looking into or returning to the work and ideas of Donna Harraway and Micheal Meade, both recently featured on the For The Wild podcast. Good luck out there, keep it real if you can.


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