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The Astrology Of December 2021: Fade To Black

We might still be in the same book we’ve been reading all 2021, cyphers grinding against integers and bored sleep spinning like morbid marbles in the sockets of somnambulist tumblers, the glitching protocols of screen shifts and jump scares— the overarching synopsis on the back cover still holds the narrative against its will to the story at hand, but the subplot has snaked its way into a new series of chapters, that chain end on end for the rest of 2021 to almost spring 2022. Scroll back through your memories to Mid July when Mars and Venus conjoined, then jump ahead to when Venus and Mars were in each other’s signs in September, a certain interlacing of desire and action was strung across the landscape of our lives caught in the works of a world on the data fritz, and now as material reality, in a hot rodded and admittedly Frankinsteined form, chopped and screwed, remixed by an obscure asset class, returns to our lives with a familiar thud; hard at work or hardly working? As haunting as a digital ghost reaching through your dreams of doom scrolling to arrest your attention and wrench the screen from your hands and wipe the data from the corners of your eyes, lurching like Ahab across the poop deck streaming with eclipse light that lifts off the poisoned tides and down to the tickling of the ivories you can sense a kind of change upon the wind. Up all night with the birth pangs of a demonic gestation, this venomous birth is more exciting than ever, and its the last flash of failed hopes and over revved scans for escape routes. Time to face the music. We’re in love with a fake reality.

Gloss over the details and melt through the matter at hand, as energy goes down the drain, neither created nor destroyed nor recycled, you’ll have to come up with a new way of reading the world. Can falsity even be qualified? Like “real feel”, if the temperature is 28* and the real feel is 18*, then how can we ever know the feel of 18* if the “real feel” of 18* is described as being sensed as another number. There’s no fixity. No fixity… hmmm… the only thing we can expect is the unexpected, and the only thing to fear is fear itself. This sounds like 2021, pulling up to the finish line of the calendar year built seemingly backwards but operating in a simplified and alternate assemblage which pushes the limits of our conception of what a year can even be, while still seeming like any other year at the same time.

Nick Blinko

Saturn and Uranus have been square for the entirety of 2021, the former obligating us to innovate and design new systems and structures in our life that might operate better than the ones we’ve been running on before in autopilot. Over the past few years he’s put those to the test and found their faults and now that he’s broken everything that couldn’t take the pressure we’re up to the task of rewriting our own history in the moment and pushing up the timeline just beyond the bleeding edge, meanwhile the latter is experimenting with the familiar rhythm of existence and turning the cud chewing cow we’ve come to take for granted into a revolutionary bucking bronco upon which we rodeo our baseline through some mad science until common commodities are more promethean than we remember them. Get your proverbial keys hooked up to your proverbial kites and discover proverbial electricity, if you can manage to find a where and when to do so in the oncoming lock step program of data driven dystopia. The two factors are trying to accomplish very similar sounding ends, but in a way that don’t click together and there isn’t any convenient adapter for: the revolutionizing of normal stuff and the design of pioneering new structures, but one accomplished via disruption and the other via restriction. Material and methodological radicalization twisting away against inflexible new authority concepts. The world has become a multilayered science experiment vectoring at the battlefield of our daily lives.

The North Node Eclipses now occurring in Taurus pulls a lot of attention to the radical and experimental end of the spectrum, and also the material and real layer of life rather than the purely mental. What you do might begin to finally speak louder than what you say. This moves us into the next story to unfold over the upcoming 18 months, putting boots on the ground and hands in the dirt where we can sculpt and shape our desires. This is obviously already playing out in the crypto space and the adjacent metaverse which has been stolen by the richest kids in class and made their science fair project for as long as they can handle it. The rest of decentralized finance and web3 creators left gauging how much distance from the central pole is appropriate, what is ideal and what is real in form and function, and what comes next after the thing that is just on deck. The South Node eclipses in Sag deliver a final flare dousing let down to turn our enthusiasms away from tired trajectories before they switch into Scorpio following suit. We likely are already anxious to simmer down the intensity and exorcise the poison injected into our systems by multiple years of deceit and manipulation, having been lured by fears in perpetual power plays. Untrustworthy authority and disenfranchised commoners getting experimental to scratch up a fertile patch sounds familiar to the inception of the last Air Triplicity Shift. 2022 might be the year of life’s short then you die so live it up while you can which we’d expect from any sardonic renaissance, but as we move into any narrative from now on, watch from the hijack.

The Top of the Month finds us with Mercury separating from a Superior Conjunction with the Sun in his traditional detriment. We might have had an ah ha moment while trying to convert everybody to our newest enthusiasm, yelling “thats not the Holy Grail this i…” as even that one is swiped off the table and our voice shatters into so many phone feedback delays decaying across the holiday season lie lost religion. Off we wander in search of a new search through the swells of delusion, our philosophical apparatuses apprehending the abstract trajectory of an exponential hypothesis which reshapes how reality is conceptualized, a la Jupiter in late Aquarius. But as Venus sidles up to the tunnel of noir, and our desires to sleuth embroil us in a conspiracy we cant find the bottom of, we realize the last scenes of 2021 are not like the final episode of the third season of Twin Peaks: “Wait, what year is it?”— cut to Laura Palmer’s screaming face.

Temporal paradox got you down? Hopelessness cramping your style? Bifurcating realities starting to seem passé? Feeling like the Dalorian you hot rodded in your garage is ready for the fast track? Can’t accept getting pricked and prodded anymore or have someone else’s words put in your mouth or someone else’s face faked onto your face? Don’t even care if you’re canceled at this rate? Sounds like you’ve contracted a case of 2021. If you are ready for a serious change in climate then follow along these final few steps and you’ll be quickly cured of this year and more than prepared for 2022.



Only a few days into December there is the last solar eclipse in Sagittarius with Mercury only a couple steps up ahead in zodiacal order. As the Taurus Lunar eclipse already went down two weeks prior its as if the first scene of the next play happens before the last scene of the last play, linking the two end on end, a theme of the current dynamics in the mix. As mentioned, wisps, whispers and threads from August and September turn into marching war machines of strategic desire in the next couple months, so go back in the blockchain and look at your ledger of Venusian transactions. The lack of opportunities to be excited about being balanced by a proliferation of neutral options instead makes the candle flicker one last time, and as the moth which threatened it incinerates we are released from the headspinning amount of information for the next 19 years and can get our vitality back up and not waste so much energy scanning information and having meaningless message volleys. There’s suddenly bigger fish to fry.

This comes along with a square from Mars in Scorpio to Pluto in Capricorn, and all the distorted D chords aggravating the animals within us which stalk our prey through darkened tunnels and slink through societal peril to sink our teeth into the necks of our objectives no matter how alarming the uncertainty, we’re pulled into the pupil of night by supergravity, with vampiric determination, we’ve all got the fever and we’re all going to die. 666 Mark Of The Beast.

Fact or fantasy? Go ask Mercury in detriment squaring Neptune in his other detriment. On the road to amazing success he might inform you it doesn’t really matter anymore anyway. Nothing is true everything is permitted. Actually that was the case maybe in some mystical millennia past, I suppose nothing is true nothing is permitted. Wait that’s not right either, though it’s close. Maybe as the ever emerging crypto industry might imply everything is true and its all soon going permissionless.


Nick Blinko


A very serious Mars in late Scorpio squaring a very abstract Jupiter in late Aquarius might have some gut feelings telling him what the most instinctual move would be to get closest to the main vein of conceptual abundance in the realm of hypothetical opportunity. Manipulate the expanding technology so that you can feed off its exponential growth. This could very well hasten it’s willingness to swell, if sharks are circling around the fattening digital pheasant, the least quiver might send it tail feathers up, which could get you making unexpected maneuvers as you become coherent that the stakes are rising. In altogether uncharted territory you sometimes have to make like a fiending junkie to secure the win.

I wouldn’t be very surprised from the above delineation that Venus is now officially cuddling with Pluto in Capricorn. She is slowing to station and do a little dance Saturn and Jupiter did to the tune of 2020 global shut down, mass fear-mongering, killer cops, systemic racism, and economy destroying stimulus distribution. Venus has an altogether different style though, and romanticizes the plutochratic, Hades ruling, daddy of initiatory death and rebirth, oblivion spreading, lights killing, treasure stashing, fear crossing, mystery inducing, innocence abducting Man In Black himself. Ready to almost fall in love with the aliens who abduct you then realize its possibly an elaborate hoax and before you can say “home planet” you are running scared in the night from an attraction to something you maybe should have never begun playing with? Ok, well, keep it sexy will ya? Is the best advice I can really give here, we are officially in a trashy teenage vampire thriller cum illuminati potboiler. If only we could get Philip K Dick on the line to re-write the script, but wait, I think his precogs already rendered the hash, its up and running, probably on purpose. Half of Hollywood rips him off, and now that the movie never ends but follows you home and keeps you up all night well he is pretty much authoring real life as well.

Francisco Goya

Anyway, Mercury sextiles Jupiter here so if your heart is racing and your puking in a salad bowl because you’re so excited that your putting all the plot points together and your light headed from the very scope of all the new information you are beginning to understand, good. You’re right there where you need to be. Why not arrange for a timely square between the Sun and Neptune, get excited about the virtual world, get paranoid about fentanyl, day dream about alternate realities, and believe in them more than the one you’re in, dunk your head in the liquidity pool, its the holy grail of digital party tricks. Smile, you’re on camera.

Ok, maybe we got ourselves a little too woozy from binge watching tutorials and motivational mantras, Mars ingresses Sagittarius and Mercury ingresses Capricorn on the 13th, as we lodge ourselves further up into the month. Let’s hit it, let’s go, let’s move, fire up the truck, kick the horses awake, pop it into gear we have places to go and people to see and the heist of the century to pull off, so survey the land, what do you see, how much are we worth from here, I’ll take the high road you take the low road and lets maneuver ourselves to higher ground and get a look over the landscape and escape the view tax as we build a strategy to take down the plantation boss and overthrow all emperors, remember what Bakunin said? “If God existed it would be necessary to abolish him?” You still believe that? Doesn’t matter, the proof is in the pudding. Look at this dirt under hoof, the tires are spittin gravel up, we’re making tracks, measure the distance across the hills with your steps. Seriously I’m not joking, I’m dead serious, if we’re going to go for the gold we have to know where we’re at and what we’re doing.


Wassily Kandinsky


After such a spray of bravado Mars hits a pothole and the teeth clacker gives the good soldier momentary dysentery as he marches across the South Node, we loose a measure of motivation but that doesn’t stop the show. No, really the emotional culmination is rising to its peak as we receive a Full Moon in Gemini on the 18th of December at 11pm eastern effectively ending Eclipse Season with the first normal lunation in six weeks. This Capricorn ruled Gemini event might make the often multiplicitous expression which issues from the Twins a hard either or. This land or that, which one are you thinking of investing in? I know, hard choice with your heart all twisted right around cuz your totally spooked at the moment, but its clear as the light of night, there can only be one, kill your darlings. But maybe, just maybe we can instead kill two birds with one stone, in which case no one will ever remember if it was Cain or Abel who got the shit end of the stick. If you are going double trouble and can’t choose you’ll have to level up your stratagem, simple as that.

As Mercury ruling the lunation is headed towards a Venus about to backtrack while he squares Chiron expect the delivery of some uncomfortable information which makes you feel differently about your ominous desires off the deep end. “The producer who picked you for the lead role, he just got busted for making child pornography.” “I know you’re proud of your promotion and all, but the boss told Linda he only gave it to you because he wants to sleep with you.” etc. Venus says whoa whoa whoa, as she realizes managing matters of creativity, attraction, desire and romance have gotten her in an Eyes Wide Shut or Don’t Look Now type scenario and she’s looking to squirm out of the trap as the gates begin to close down the end of every avenue. The Fabio she followed into the maze is looking much more Minotaur in the Labyrinth in what Gemini moonlight isn’t getting eaten up by the blackhole she’s wading in, so we might be looking for a clue to somehow go back where we were around mid November when this thing all got going. But really of course it has a much longer history than that and we might have to go back to December of 2019 to get our pry bars properly into the lid of the story and see underneath the sewer cap what happened the past couple years. The gears are gummed up and its giving us heavy hearts. Mercury is trining Uranus by the end of the week. Let’s experiment with the innards of the machine while we’re under the hood. Maybe we can make it go faster and have more power if we time it just right.


Georgeta Blanaru


Winter arrives with the longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere as the Sun ingresses Capricorn. Hope you planned well and had all your wood stacked for winter and the fortress is tight enough to keep out the hordes and the food supply is stocked locked and ready to rock, as Saturn and Uranus square the following day, merrily the day before Christmas, so we are all effectively getting coal in one way or another as power grids are likely to go down and tectonic plates are likely to vibrate some locations to rubble or supply chains are likely to train wreck here and there around the apocalyptic snow globe. This is the last complete set of three partile squares in the set going back to February 17th of 2021. If the sky didn’t fall then for you or in mid June then you’re likely to be ok, but whatever was experiencing grinding halts and massive changes amidst new restrictions you can expect a reboot of the same. Lean into the mad science and get your conceptual blueprints out, you’ve had some time to explore how you’d do it different if you had to do it all over, well now you can run your experiments.

Venus is smack RX on Pluto for Christ’s birthday. Maybe we never liked the holidays to begin with. We’re headed back from the brink to figure out what was up historically with how we came to like what we like and what other possible loves we might have locked out by building ourselves into the corners we created across the structures of our lives. It’s deep. It’s basically beyond our comprehension and on this Christmas in hell we take stock of how much we even value the zombie economy we are forced to find satisfaction within and begin the process of a 2020 of the heart. Venus departs this degree on a recognizance mission to retrieve some satiations she left at the door to the superstructure as we were ushered into this particular episode of plutochratic totality in early 2020 and once she snatches up the objects of misplaced yearning she is teaming up with Mars to march right back through the goddamn tunnel and into altogether new territory out in the unknown, desiring a blank canvas. Imagine the beginning of the unfolding we saw as the world changed shape from the pandemic but this time its personal. We might be getting in gear to say, I will stop at nothing to regain a satisfying and pleasurable experience of life for myself and protect myself from having that stolen from me ever again.

With Mars trine Chiron we are embarking on some healing journey as we at last face the bruises we ended up with by getting locked in our homes and having the world around us taken away. Mercury is sextile to Neptune. The mental confusion is beginning to be sorted out. We can use narrative and vision and entheogenic allies to reintegrate the lost parts of ourselves, or alternately, release lingering ghosts and translate messages that might have no concrete meaning but are overflowing with synesthetic sentiment.


Charles Stuart


We can be optimistic about the results. Jupiter ingresses Pisces on the 28th, so this turning point is pivotal indeed and is the ushering into an era which is coherent of holism, the all and the waters which flow in symbiosis everywhere connecting all of our existences. We mingle when Jupiter is in Pisces, as we did when the Greater Benefic entered Pisces last May 13th the day the mask mandates were first dropped and people were talking about covid in the past tense for a few months. Returning to the picture is optimism, opportunity, celebration, wisdom, spirituality and the tides of growth and expansion. Jupiter brings about these sentiments partly through melting down barriers and separating or isolating factors. Obstacles become meaningless. This can be off-putting for the fan of structure, and can be a wave of romanticism and mysticism which softens the confines of reality.

Mercury conjoins Venus in retrograde the same day, so he is able to express her concerns and communicate what is valuable about inversions of yearnings, speaking soberly of re-evaluation. Mars also sextiles Saturn, the malefics collaborating. The more serious aspects of life, endurance, responsibility, strategy, challenge, severance, tactics, are able to go hand in hand. We feel we can do it, whatever that is, but also, we feel we can stand up to the opposition and live through the trials. Finally the Sun squares Chiron on the 30th. I might not typically mention Chiron so much, but as it seems to play into the larger concert of configurations in a particular way it seems notable. Coming together as a symbiotic whole and finding escape from the plots and schemes of society while our heart finds the love it lost and we engage with a willingness to do hard things in a time of choice and healing. Sounds very hallmark from this vantage point, and in many ways it is, but as this brings up to just mere days away from the turn of the calendar year, watch for the hijack, they are certainly watching you, and steps ahead of you already, so as we take this moment to contemplate the life in entirety and make personal adjustments to our plan, take into consideration what’s wildly different about the world, and how you have become and are becoming wildly different within it.


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