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The Astrology of December 2020: Who's Who?

Howie Tsui

Up from the slimline depths, the brass bracelet an oval in the void attempting to arrest the rotating eye that thinks it cuts a perfect circle through the nothingness-- up from the curvature, slithering like an Eden antagonist, slipping into something more sultry, but only in an endless simulation, considering

which costume best suits the occasion. Up they come, no limbs but still managing to juggle, over event horizon, through the eye of a needle, from the potential place to the manifest space, the splitting array, the scanning snake tongue tasting the various channels as the Su and Moon trick the world in a cascade of cold and neutral laughter. Interesting. Orb A and Orb B in airy motion, vaulting back and forth as the body moves in improvisations, never satisfied, needing perpetually to incorporate more tricks, nuance each move, push each expression everywhere at once, a circulatory scatter spray hungry for ever more avenues to explore. Seething with interest, coursing with curiosity, in an eruption of sudden choices coming to seemingly stomp us like a stampede or flatten us like a steam roller. The Red Flashing Eye of The Bull constellation, Aldebaran, has spotted us, and in a clamorous fury of disorienting and spellbinding notes the musicians upturn the tempo and leave their signatures and staffs behind following a steady stream of freely associating tonal discharge, beneath which the heart pounds and the hum of earths rotation holds its ground. We wildly strive for some seat of eminence in a lost world, a story that has been typed beyond the margins, the book slips from our hands and the pages take flight like Hitchcock's Birds, the plot goes with it, but that's us I the narrative, we've got to catch back up, we're the protagonist in our own story aren't we? Or have we accidentally given up that role? Or was it taken from us? Where did our life go? We look for our directives and find a dispersal of tracts, a dissolution of agendas. Ok, ok. We speak directly to the Stellar Bull, stationed above Orion who is actually Osiris in disguise. You're on. We pull a coin from our pocket and insert it into the game. We'll play after all. Here we go. The marquis says Othello. The Bull warns us to watch out for Iago. We cross ourselves, turning to each of the Four Directions and settle on the East, say a prayer to the Archangel Micheal, he brandishes his flaming sword for us and under his foot we see that the Devil is in fact Iago, many Iago's, tropes throughout time. Inexhaustible shitstarters, instigators. They have their place in the cosmos too, cries the Crow in the nearby Orange grove, and we have to agree, but that doesn't mean we have to let them proliferate to the point we can no longer proceed. Its the close of 2020. Refine your intentions and investigate your options, but above all, banish both the angel and the devil from your shoulder, they are parasites and imposters. By the vanquishing sword, death to all charlatans.

Z.Z. Wei

NN Lunar eclipse in Gem

Moon separating from NN

Mercury ingress Sag

Venus trine Neptune

Venus sextile Pluto

Sun conjunct Ketu

Sun trine Mars

SN Solar eclipse (in Dragoness)

Mercury trine Mars

-conjunct SN

Venus ingress Sag

Saturn ingress Aquarius

-Moon conjoins Saturn a few hours later

Jupiter ingress Aqu

Mercury cazimi in Sag

Mercury ingress Cap

Sun ingress Cap

-Winter Solstice

Jupiter conjunct Saturn

Mars square Pluto

-with Moon applying to Mars

Sun trine Uranus

Full Moon in Cancer

Venus square Neptune

-Mercury applying to sextile Neptune

Venus conjunct SN

Eclipses and Nodes: Diversify--don't--Synthesize

The Month of December 2020 is birthed out of a North Node Lunar eclipse in Gemini on the final day of November, as if the 2s were multiplying out of the zero’s and the old coding adage of 1010101010 ad infinitum got an upgrade, and maybe that is going to be exactly the case, whether we know it now or not, as its hard to tell with the proliferation of political theatre on the mainstream media, empty assumptions In the mid range and performative feedback chambers in the social sector of the digital dice up. We can not tell what we’re looking at when we are actually not looking at anything at all, just what appears to be happening In quickly bifurcating and branching layers of multifaceted multiplicitous binaries, two by two streaming into the Flood Arch, although instead of in collaboration they are in conflict. There is certainly one line the binary poles are in mutual service to and that is aiding In the confusion and indecision that keeps us at more than a virtual standstill. Last May and June when there was a lot of attention to this same zodiacal stretch everyone’s IG accounts became part of an instantaneous information aggregation network, a sort of buzzing hive mind that was reassessing many value systems simultaneously. I was just finishing my forecast as the events following the murder of George Floyd erupted in Minneapolis, and I would not be surprised if by the time this piece posts I’ll be needing to add some new notes and comments as occurrences unfold. I’ll just lay it on you— this is not a prediction per se but a modeling of what the astrology reads "like", one of a million possible narrative flows, but it’s as if -lockdowns during the holidays in combination with some newly emerging material trigger a massive uptick in media use as well as new set of sides-of the-fence in which to be on, which goes essentially wild in a state of confusion until some dream crushing foul play darkens the date of the Electoral College vote and sickens the collective stomach at which point there is a purgation by fire— if last June’s brush of shadow is scaled to Mid Decembers whole enchilada then we are likely to see people en mass once again in the streets world wide just as security measures tighten around the crisis that science is still strictly in the dark about. If this causes social distancing to be visibly blown in a big way and millions upon millions are colliding in contact with each other anyway then we might be needing to rethink the entire approach to whatever this thing is, as herd immunity might be achieved accidentally as a byproduct of uprisings and protests. Cue a bunch more plot twists over night as the Jupiter and Saturn ingresses come next with a couple particular aha moments hardwired into them, literally days before Christmas.— I’m not saying this is exactly right, but take the narrative sheet, pull it off the furniture and drape a slightly different fabric over for an alternate directors cut with deleted scenes and an unexpected ending. Which version of Jaws have you seen? The one that is more like Night Of The Living Dead or Star Wars?

Jacopo Barbari

Pulling into December the Moon is just separating from the North Node, the World Serpent hungry for more media and snapping its jaws at all of the options, no amount of curiosity could calm it down, it’s a Mood. Meanwhile Mercury ingresses Sagittarius, not only the sign under attack by the great snake’s posterior end, our intellects trying to sell us dead dreams while being slashed at by a deadly dragon’s tail, but this is where normally neutral Hermes goes evangelical and attempts to hot talk us into something we didn’t know we believed in and we’re getting really sick of it, I mean it makes sense when you say it but I don’t know if I would have thought we all had to get on board and go to such an extent if you didn’t put it quite like that. He also enters combustion pretty much the same moment he meets with his detriment, so he also doesn’t see what he’s even saying and doesn’t really have a chance to think anyway, things are just happening.

Dieric The Elder Bouts

By the 11th the Sun lands right on top of the poison place and is certainly becoming aware about how sick it really is at what it sees, and this is while our outlook and orientation is harmonized to Mars in Aries, so we are more than a little ready to draw our daggers and duel. We might be more ready to be catalyzed into a crisis state and snap into attack mode than we currently realize. We just have just endured almost a year of lab rat stress test style pressure. Trigger us, so many people are suicidal at this point they have nothing really to lose, especially if you tell them the full suppression of any semblance of autonomy is absolutely indefinite. Throw a couple surprises in there and amplify a crime and woosh, match on gasoline. On the 14th of December, unsurprisingly the date of the electoral college vote, we receive the malefic eclipse of the Sun on the South Node in Sagittarius with Mercury sidling up to the Serpents tail next taking his turn now to trine Mars in Aries. Dream sacrificing fire harmonized to impulsive and angry action, if we have to sacrifice everything to achieve our ideals and follow our beliefs, then where is the sword, where is the musket, we can be ready in a minute’s notice. We have nothing to lose. This has pretty intense implications for the world narrative, but projected back into your personal lives, what visualization of the future had you held in your mind for the past 18 years and how might you now have to reduce it to blade thin and arrow pointedness to allow some psychic and spiritual space to proceed with a fix on the actual target that you are absolutely not willing to surrender, your life line, your purpose for being, the thing you were put here to ultimately do. The Sagittarius end of the oval spectrum this eclipse round says flush your dreams down the toilet and you respond with either acquiesce or are triggered to cut away everything else except that dream util it is streamlined enough to fly through the crossfire, meanwhile the Gemini end of the eclipses has us scanning everywhere for options and alternate pathways. This is the same double trouble that has foreign traveled cancelled while everyone is driving all over the place in RV’s. With Jupiter still in his final moments of Fall in Capricorn this eclipse rings a deep bass note, one that might rumble and crack society or what we know as the system at its foundations. As the doom bell is tolling and the flames of purification are licking up the walls Venus enders the hot zone and is herself infected with the adventurous attitude and finds the quest for the Holy Molotov Cocktail quite enchanting and feels aesthetically inclined to adorn herself in the eclectic ephemera of the end of an era. The shit is going down, but maybe it's going down in style, at least until word gets around that your excitement over art is sickening and it needs to be cancelled also, along with everything else that might smell of the old system of oppression.

Julie Mehretu

Jupiter and Saturn: Hypothetical Reality

We might stand checking our astrological wristwatches right about that kairotic Time as it’s only two days later that Saturn ingresses Aquarius late on the 16th, the Moon basically following him in just so we are sure we notice, we’ll feel the attention of Kronos from upholding the establishment and dominance of the old Empire to swearing in the New Regime. This occurred once already around the Vernal Equinox when we were all of a sudden “all in this together” under the express direction of pharmaceutical companies, 1% billionaires and military bio warfare laboratories who suddenly seemed to be the world leaders and the reality TV stars were for a few moths taking a back seat. Well lets all welcome back full blast the cast from Tech Hospital Government— Although, Saturn made this ingress before conjunct Mars, consolidating the malefic into a crisis mode that revolved around scary new virus data and hypothetical number projections. This time we get Saturn arriving back to the same spot but with the sensitive Moon, who doesn’t feel particularly cozy in exile or quarantine and then the Greater Benefic Jupiter emerges out of the dungeons of Capricorn, moving quite quickly, into dignity by triplicity on the 19th, making a quick historical conjunction with Saturn on the 21st where loads of new tech is assumed to be rapidly installed in the blink of an eye, this something as big as the internet itself that we don’t even know about yet, and then proceed his rapid roll to his sign of rulership by Mid May— meaning, there is going to be suddenly an extreme moment of realization about what is really going on that will drop with some advanced technological advancements and catalyze chain reaction of progressive developments which get us out of things being continually hopeless and uncertain. If astrology works, between May and August we are likely to be introduced to who exactly engineered the worldwide collapse, and get to all give each other a hug again. In the short term, watch December 19th at 11pm eastern for Mercury’s superior conjunction with the Sun the Day Jupiter enters Aquarius as both things signal major insights into what was previously too large to see all at once, and since Jupiter rules Sagittarius, his considerable increase in functionality in this air sign is going to improve the fidelity of the signal and carry much more coherence to us collectively than we’ve had since November of 2019. We may not necessarily like the information we hear, as Saturn is in charge in his more sci fi sign, so our heads might be spinning from the surprises in store and sudden change to the societal fabric but it will be moving the narrative along much faster than it has all of 2020.

Joan Miro

There is a lot to say about the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction on a larger scale than the December forecast, and for further insights on that look here and here.

Hemingway with Joan Miro painting in Havana

Full Moon in Cancer: Pamper Priority

We get a kind or ironic but welcomed Saturn and Node free Full Moon in Cancer to smooth us back out of eclipse season. We could say that this is where we calm down big time and scheduled for December 29th it’ll come post holiday, whatever that is going to be, and just before the dramatic calendar change, and as the end marker of the turbulence of eclipse season its a very good point to check in and see where everything is at as we will largely be in the shapes we remain in for much of 2021 already. Only time will tell, but before the clock strikes next year we take stock of what we need to make our proverbial gardens grow with some intuitive and instinctual knowledge. Expect a bit of nostalgia saturation, but also find behind that memory of what you care about and what has historically fed you while you think about what would nourish you in the now. The Now will be very contextualized here as the Sun will be separating from a trine to Uranus in Taurus, so we will be feeling out what we need physically and emotionally in a time of transition, upheaval, and massive shifts and changes to markets, methods, and the rhythm of life In general. If what we’ve got going on in our nurseries is going to grow we’ve got to get experimental and opportunistic with what dance we are willing to do and to what drum we are going to follow, being ready to switch tempo at any time.

Joan Miro

Venus and the Outer planets: Alien Aesthetics

Venus over the course of the month makes aspects to all of the planetary players beyond Saturn from a variety of angles, which points to that our desires, pleasures, values, attractions as well as our romantic and creative experiences are about to be massaged by the collective experience, root into the historical moment and be influenced by much larger processes playing out in the course of time. First she trines to Neptune on December 6th, which might stir up some delusions about what we actually want, and have our most carnal desires and animal passions pulling us into a vortex of fantasy and delusion— a tricky state, and one well known by the drug addict, nymphomaniac, and vampire alike, but also one that is perfect fuel for soulful and trance inducing artistic expression. She textiles Pluto proceeding through Scorpio only a few days later on the 10th, and the psychological depths and brooding places we allowed our desires to submerge themselves in pull us into voids of the unknown and gravitational power sinks that we might not really be able to escape from. It’s been a heavy year, we might have layers of ourselves that need touching and petting that we didn’t even know existed. On a global level, we might have animal based needs, such as seeing our family, that run into a gamut of protocol problems and get into kinds of trouble you can only get into in 2020, and other years of human history where totalitarian social control and conditioning reigned supreme. This can trigger some of those come on lock us down so good pleas we are seeing from some of the surprisingly kinky sector of the politically left we didn’t know actually only wanted to lick authorities boots after all and are much easier to brain wash than anyone might have ever expected. Once she gets into Sag she gets excited to move and travel and see exotic places and learn from experiencing the world, and is curtly told its an absolute no go whatsoever and she will have to settle for doing all that remotely, so she expresses her excitement about futures and opportunities and world knowledge in a more reduced form, and goes about drinking imported wine in the glow of a global google search while a pile of Encyclopedia Britannica burn behind her, which is actually perfect for a performative instagram able selfie. She’ll come to square Neptune here by the 30th while Mercury is simultaneously sextupling Neptune from hard edged Capricorn, in an absolute confusion about what is established fact and what is pure fantasy we once more fall in love with performing our quest for the ideal social experiment and show how we are doing our very best from the bottom of our sparkly flash in the pan hearts to be civic minded and get us out of this pandemic by following all of the new alienating protocols. It's a hunt, a game, a mission we adore being on, but it will inevitably also sicken us, as Venus spends the final hours of 2020 with her head in the toilet and only the emerging new paradigm to hold her hair back for her. This is a good moment to puke all of your apocalyptic art all over the canvas. Go ahead, get it all out of your system. Let’s move on to creating real counter culture and exiting the system and returning to the avant grade and coopting the central authority and authoring our own outsider reality and burn baby burn, in a blaze of orgasmic glory, stop complaining about everything, ratting on each other to whoever and begin to have the discipline to author our own concept cultures and write our own radical destinies.



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