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The Astrology Of August 2022: Hotblooded

The Sun being in Leo activates the dynamics playing out in the fixed signs in general by bringing our focus and attention to the cross of sustaining and maintaining, energy flows through the dynamics. Leo is fixed fire, often associated with the authentic spirit, the central governing principles of truth and righteousness. It is the Heart. If Cancer is the womb, and creation in a watery or generative sense, the birthing, then we might look even deeper into being for the in most light, to find a genesis most central to holograph like thing which is our universe. Theologically all begins perhaps with desire, as nothing is in motion without this striving, the yin and yang polarities, the push and pull principles in existence. Although, there would be nothing to desire if there was no light, so most theoganies begin this way, with the central light which permits the existence of the “hologram” we live within. Not to say this is a simulation, but to say there is some of the all in every part, including events, so creation is the central dynamic rather than the first occurrence in a sequence. The primacy of genesis is its central fulcrum which allows for the events to accrue upon its proof. Light. Leo. Central truth.

Here we might consider Heraclitus of Ephesus, the pre-socratic philosopher hailing from circa 535 – 475 BC. who considered Fire to be the Arche element, or the first principle, the dynamic from whence comes everything else, who runs from and into each thing that emerges from it. Fire is light, fire is heat, which emanates from living things, and fire is energy, which is exchanged in most activities. Fire is a constant in our reality, but it is always changing, it is non-static, it is flux itself. Change is the constant. This resonates greatly through our newly inhabited epoch of Air element, when the sequential ordering and stable stacking of the previous Earth period falls and we proceed into the shifting desert sands where the fabric of reality itself is always reorganizing with the collective perceptions of the story playing out. Magical activity in the Earth period resulted in novel occurrence out of the order of things, where by non local change could occur as a result directly or indirectly of will born of some desire, almost always accompanied by strings of synchronicity and phenomenon heralding the reorganization of narrative to allow for the introduction of the novel dynamics and objects. In the less sequential and stacked Air period this plot forking, narrative paralleling, synchronistic, phenomenological organization of reality is the norm and stable building up of any semi-permanence is more what gets shot out the magic wand. This might be thought of as a kind of information channeling and manipulating to keep the story streaming in the way one desires. Not surprising considering the seemingly non stop activity of control structures at the moment.

Steven DaLuz

Heraclitus’ Arche-Fire as central to the dynamic happening of reality is a good thing then to put on the other end of the balance beam and make sure we have something principle with which to measure. For instance, in a world of deep fakes, social media and what we refer to as AI, and behavior manipulating reward systems, testing if something is hotblooded, has a heart, shines with inner light, is true, becomes incredibly important. I’ve written previously about the likelihood of a pantheistic solar theology emerging over the next 200 years. This may be a component, as establishing truth does not come from fact checking, and now that we are out of the earth period kiss Cartesian Materialism goodbye, enlightenment logic has already slipped away in so much evangelical, fanatical, fundamentalist scientism. Establishing truth is a matter of acknowledging the presence of light and life enabling warmth. The Saturnian cat’s out of the bag.

Hannah Ward

So in a wold made at its core of a dynamically fluctuating and constantly changing plasma in the words of Jame’s Joyce “welcome to the chaosmos”, like an extended visit to the City Of The Sun, Naples, the city at the threshold of life and death, the Parthenopean -opolis oft bathed in pyroclastic flow, running with holy blood and fiery lava referred to by Pellegrino D'Acierno as a Chaosmos rather than a city. Indeed, plasmic magma resides at our earth’s core. Planets orbit around Suns. Fire does appear to be a central and primary element from multiple perspectives. The social order of Aquarius is held apart from this, currently over emphasized by the lead weight of Saturn, and so the Sun shines alarming objective perspective from our personal accounts which often differ dramatically from official data. But the Sun in Leo also squares Uranus in Taurus, reshaping value, substance, material, fecundity, labor, craft and methodology in our contemporary world, as well as squaring the nodal axis in 2022/2023 with the Dragon’s Head ever hungry in Taurus and the Dragon’s Tail ever ready to purge and release in Scorpio. We want some basics covered and to feel good and stable after having been traumatized like caged animals forced through an intense and invasive process. Taurus is a good plan and Scorpio is animal instincts. If Leo shines the light on the moment of truth then we might see a sticking with the plan to stay safe even though it goes against our instincts, which are being vomited out as social order won’t take no for an answer. Our values are being shaken to the core, and if we get a fix on them we’ll likely find revolutionary and radical methods are the only viable option to secure a significant yield of anything sustaining. We’re in a rather pressurized episode, which the Arche-Fire within reveals, or can reveal for what it is. Time to touch base with your Daimon, and see what your inner deified self says as sovereign, how that differs with the collective control order and how that changes what actions to intend to enact in the plan your hatching, what things you need to have on hand and what kind of animal you want to become after shedding your skin.

Asger Jorn

In Samuel Delany’s novella Phallos, the phallus of the Nameless God, a kind of demonic deified lust not too dissimilar dynamically to Rahu in a Venus ruled sign, is absent from the statuary in his main temple, and the protagonist, Neoptolomus, searches for it throughout the story realizing over time that it is the vacuum of lack which pressurizes the pump of desire, as if to cause a suction which compels you toward the object you are without. Characters within the plot evoke Chance and Need as the only two true Gods in existence. We might consider these a Trickster paired with the Venusian as the Greek’s Necessity embodied, which sounds much like randomized Uranus in Venusian Taurus, the place of both commodity and sensuality. Delany extends the dynamics of this lack vacuum by making the novel non existent, unavailable, so the story only runs on a fictional synopsis on a university website by a certain Randy with commentary provided by his colleague friends Blinky and Phyllis. All three have biases based on their identities and pet political paradigms, so their retelling of Neoptolomus’ telling of events that are often told to Neoptolomus in the plot hammer home the idea that one must navigate whatever one is apparently submerged in and make meaning amidst a stacking of untrustworthy narrators, essentially a fractalizing game of telephone as informational framework. Saturn in Aquarius opposite Sun in Leo both square to the nodes in Scorpio Taurus with Mars and Uranus on the Venusian end. Desire reigns from the compulsion to act in a lack vacuum where nothing is true as what you are told is always untrustworthy.

Furthermore, the essayists who’s pieces follow the novella all invoke French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan’s ideas of desire, need, lack and Jouissance, a French term meaning “enjoyment" but not having a direct English equivalent, all analyzed through economic terms as surplus, supply and demand and so on, exchanges which take place between Others. In the final of such essays Derrick Scott even elaborates on a Lacanian device the coinification of Heraclitus’ Arche-Fire. In a Phallos-esque relation of relation here I quote Scott at length:

Heraclitus implies (and Aristotle later understands him to have argued) that the “mind of God” (which is the logos or divine law governing the universe) is “fiery”, or that the cosmos itself is in truth fire. James Warren translates Heraclitus’s fragment of observation thus: “This ordering (kosmos), the same for all, no god or human made, but was and is and will be always, fire everlasting, kindling in measures and going out in measures.” Warren explains that Heraclitus is describing, “a regular and regulated system of elemental exchange… The simile… suggests [sic] that, just as when I buy a loaf of bread for 70 pence, an exchange takes place and the loaf I take away is worth but not composed of 70 pence, so when fire becomes, for example, sea,… sea is somehow worth or equivalent to a certain amount of fire but is not itself made of fire.” In the world of Phallos, the coin of exchange for the replacement of the phallos— which is both the object and the representation of a fruitless pursuit of secret wisdom and power, wealth, etc.— and for the potentially sacrificed youth’s life, is a catamite-master sexual relation: and perhaps by implication, too, the constituent component which underlies and gives structure (or meaning) to the activities and relations of the novel is this kind of relation. The exchange is thus the coin of the cosmos, as it were. It figures a central aspect of the entry into subjectivity— which is being made by discourse, being at its object and product, and in the process losing what discourse does not symbolize (jouissance); we are subjected under the world-making, cosmos-steering (insofar as the cosmos is a human cosmos) power of discourse and rendered subjects by our abjection to it.

So the human discourse which is cosmos-steering as we now know in an Air triplicity, currently being overtly engineered by managerial control systems, is in relation to this coinified exchange of Arche-Fire which by all exchange of transformation change is leveraged and in the marketplace of lack and need of desire satisfaction animals experience meaning we have via Derrick Scott talking about a homoerotic intellectual pornography lifted the hood to see how the fixed signs of the zodiac function. They are fixed, and involve sustaining and maintaining, as they deal with always, they deal with what is always happening and what always happens, no matter how we dress it up for the era. For instance, we might consider amidst this current accounting revolution in which we are taking part and may witness very soon the separation of economy and state that the coin of the realm has transitioned over millennia from the hot bodies i.e. live animals, to gold, to petrol barrels, to literal energy with Bitcoin to consensus discourse with Proof Of Stake mining— again, never leaving the fixed axis, Leo-heat, Leo-gold, Leo-energy, Leo-energy, then finally Aquarius-intellectual consensus, but as an expression of intellectual energy, we can loop around to the central organizing principle, Arche-Fire, the fiery Mind Of God— the one staff crossed with other, that of meaning, need, desire, and satisfaction, value, in Scorpio-Taurus. The seasonal events, celebrations and commemorations to do with agriculture fall on the solstices and equinoxes (Cardinal signs), where as those to do with animal husbandry fall on the cross quarter days, when animals were typically moved or dealt with, i.e. ancient wealth stores were accounted for, in the fixed zodiacal axis.

Naoto Hattori

We live in a world overshadowed by the upcoming transition of Pluto into Aquarius as Saturn exits Aquarius next March for Pisces, when Mars also exits Gemini and leads to the first eclipse in Aries towards the end of April. At which point we might see power held in secret by rich old men in hierarchy tops behind closed doors (Pluto in Capricorn) shift to power held in secret infiltrated through a cellular network organized horizontally (Pluto in Aquarius) like early Anonymous (pre CIA takeover), terrorist cells, Guerrilla Armies, crime syndicates etc. Being opposed to Leo the purpose is to subvert the sovereign, to destroy the crown. Google search self-sovereignty now and see what kind of deep internet content starts coming up. The last time this occurred was just before the monarchic revolutions in the late 1700s. Consider the relations of wealth, power, sovereignty, control mechanisms, social discourse, labor, desire, value, instinct, meaning, satisfaction, lack, need and compulsion I’ve attempted to map out as fixed axis constants in this months article, and perhaps spend August considering these dynamics, as Leo will an activating place for Pluto in Aquarius until 2043, as Cancer had been since 2008. So the corporate control of resources, culture and individual action that underpinned that last recession until now, was the Capricorn-Cancer story, the sovereignty, social discourse, value, labor, survival, instinct, meaning and satisfaction dynamics here discussed get brought through an initiatory passage 2023—2043.

Bruce Rolff

So in light of fiery cosmic revelations I bid you Namaste, and see and greet you as a God, from my Daimon to your Daimon. Be in touch with your spirit and protect your soul. Desire and Light, the Divine is the only Truth and its as obvious as the light of day.

Juan Fantome


-Mars conjunct NN: The North Node has been compelling us to pull more into a Taurus type Modality while the South Node has been purging out the Scorpionic sewer systems, meaning we’re gravitating more towards what feels good, stable, methodical, tangible, making many more of us prepper minded and sitting surrounded by our stuff rather than plunging into our more animal instincts to tear into intense territory and wrench survival from the jaws of reality tooth and nail. Tactical Mars in slow often laborious Taurus ripe with agrarian metaphors increases the intensity of this dynamic and hits the go button, initiating some sort of action.

-Mars conjunct Uranus: That the above sparks off on volatile and high voltage Uranus implies the action will be somewhat radical and revolutionary, although in cool and dry Taurus ruled by cold and moist Venus this will likely be gallons of diesel rather than explosive gasoline, remember how the Ottowa truckers protest was a long haul cum street party with food served and you get the picture, although Mars - Uranus here also harkens back to the capital Insurgency, which despite everything Trumpian being theatrical and outright phoney parallels echo over the world in the key of upset workers to general strikes in Ecuador to Farmers protests in India across the recent global episodes. With square to Saturn in Aquarius once again tightening it goes along with the more socialist minded to be clashing ideologically with the workers in most cases, which is historically ironic, but the paradoxical climate of it reminds of the criss cross schisms throughout the monarchic revolutions which of course are on their way to our door step next March as Pluto returns to Aquarius for the first time since the late 1700s. It might be worth considering what side of the contemporary Terror you’d likely fall on, especially with much of today’s “left” having just promoted authoritarianism, big pharma, technocracy, transhumanism and outright warfare over the past two years. As some field stones likely get flipped or lobbed around here in your personal life as well as on the world stage there is an opportunity to consider where you are oriented to the celestial marionette strings and what that means for tactically maneuvering through a reversal to the world order.

Martin Johnson Heade


-Venus sextile Uranus: The following day Venus who in Cancer loves being hidden away with the milk and honey, oysters and liqueurs, amidst a calming verdant atmosphere is willing to collaborate with mayhem, saying, yes it might be good to protect the pantry, through up some camouflage as we wouldn’t want intruders interfering with our delights.


-Mercury ingress Virgo: After a tactical initiation of a revolutionary agrarian defense project gets rolling in earnest it’s not surprising to see our minds start spinning in operation process engineering mode critically scanning the works for flaws and zeroing in on corrections that could be made for the sake of efficiency.

Waldemar Nobre


-Venus trine Neptune: The machinations being carried out come with a vibe shift, in this case its likely resource flow fantasies, abundance dreams, prepper type imaginings. Imagine how stuffed the cornucopia would be if we tilled up more garden space and how full the chalice if we ordered an apple press. Damn, if we had our own little brandy still it would be so chill!

-Mars square Saturn: But the mood isn’t all unicorns and rainbows, there’s a war going on. The lack of central authority is threatening our commodities and if we don’t plan correctly we’ll be forced further into extreme ideologies as we’re being exiled and alienated systematically. Who do these new societal systems benefit? The common worker or elite criminal syndicates?


-Sun trine Chiron: So the celebrities, influencers, political spokespersons all make us uneasy now and something is amiss in the way the spotlight shines and upon whom. Maybe being seen in the light of day has its drawbacks.

-Venus opposite Pluto: Of course, due to the dark strategies of plutocrats and the obsessive industrialist machinations across the greater power structure since the 2008 recession and subsequent bank bailouts our desires to have the good stuff of life on hand at all times and enjoy a life of simple abundance, or even all out epicureanism, is terribly convoluted and could never be kept in balance, as the weight on the other side of the see saw is an all consuming black hole, the obsession of continual progress, which leaves us with a war seeding lack rather than fulfilling the promise of machines providing sustenance for the world.

John Frederick Kensett


-Sun on the bends if the Nodes: So this transition to stabilizing into the soil, to refining our animal intelligence in a period of mass loss of bodily instincts, in a deterioration of our souls, has us reaching to touch material and shape it into somehow into fertility, as the light of objectivity soberly displays whats at stake, and something in our spirit energizes a will to exist against the phalanx of contemporary existence in its borg-like reorganization.

-Sun square Uranus: A jolt to the energetic system. If you don’t get an epiphany upon the lines of what is mapped out here, you might simply receive a sudden wave of anxiety. Stay cognizant, who are you? Can your Holy Daimon be contacted for a consultation?


-Mars sextile Neptune: All this slow burn upheaval can really stir the oceans of drama and churn up some waves filled with both elation and deluge of tears. When the baseline gets altered it feels like much more considerable change than something that tends to normally scatter. Change the constant and you’ll likely get hopelessly nostalgic and emotional. A bout of weeping is maybe not the time to operate heavy machinery. Remember all things flow.

-Venus ingress Leo: This might be the transition between enjoying a wonderful dinner to going out dancing, from the resto to the discotheque, you shed your soft pants for your club wear, as its glamour and lights, an attraction to a shimmering.

-Full Moon in Aquarius conjunct Saturn: The context Venus finds her self in as she enter’s the Sun’s sign is not straightforward, as the Sun begins to shine his light on Saturn’s cutting edge authority designs in a rather imprisoning and halting section of the zodiac with the Moon culminating to full subjective realization upon his hypothetical control grid. We find ourselves most attracted to basic glitz and glam, warmth and expression just as Saturn is getting quite loud about the next wave of restrictive concepts to install. Remember with Saturn empowered it all happens according to the plan.

Steven DaLuz


-Sun opposite Saturn: Who are you within the inner light of your being vs what are the proliferating ideas of collectivist authority structures and strengthening social systems? What do you know to be true within yourself and what is societal programming? Truth vs conceptual construct.

-Mars trine Pluto: Actions to protect what valuable materials and substances that have been shaped, crafted, created, grown or stored harmonized with obsessive managerial plots within the hierarchy. More tense prepping activity due to overwhelming uncertain machinations and infrastructure voids.


-Venus trine Jupiter: Desire to express oneself and loving our own truths and seeing clearly our central values jives with an expanding philosophy of individual action. We should be thankful for this energetic dynamic in such a time and attempt to understand how it can most wisely resonate.

Roberto Matta


-Mars ingress Gem: Actions, tactics, critical response, direct conflict, the overcoming of obstacles goes into multitasking mode here juggling many tools to remain operative and chatting with everyone so as to get things done. There will be much to say about this placement as Mars will be in the Twins sign until March of 2023 due to a retrograde that will run from late October until January. It’s worth paying attention to all things optionality, alternative, data, information, communication, socializing, and exchanges. This is the tools and weapons in Mercury’s court, so scrutinize communications, transportation, money and computing and learn as much and do as much as you can to cleverly tweak your databases before Mars’ backward motion makes these channels more difficult than normal for a few months. Also, Mars’ RX in Gem has major digressions written all over it, so as you tactically maneuver through challenges of choice making beginning here try to identify what might be simply tangential before you charge all in.


-Mercury opposite Neptune: Yeah, speaking of which, here is Mercury, analysis, intellect, communication, who rules Gemini getting directly connected to the planet of deception, hallucination and the imaginary. Each time this occurred over the past few years we’d see the arrival of straight up lies or at lease false facts permeating throughout the operations playing out. So be aware actualizing our decision making is immediately polluted as Mars walks into an A or B binary obstacle course.


-Mercury trine Pluto: Then our intellectual centers ring on the harmonic of the voids within the operating system as all long term strategies seem to have become overshadowed with uncertainty and secret power moves make the old reliable machine unreliable in its current state. We’ll have to consider that we are making choices to communicate and exchange in a corrupt society. Our processes carry on despite the long term being an absolute mystery.

-Sun ingress Virgo: Such processes and procedures become our focus. It’s time to cut back and get things running smoothly after a dramatic and energized few weeks.


-Venus trine Chiron: Not surprising that with our focus being correcting for efficiency our most true desires are inseparable from wanting to heal individual wounds which make our performances somewhat uneasy.


-Mercury ingress Libra: So, intellectually we begin to think about getting a more balanced mix, equalizing the levels in our life to have a more pleasurable experience and interrelate with others in the various cultures we interact with.


-Venus square Uranus: All this surges up with motions to radically change baseline methods and interact creatively with changing substances. It’s a changed and changing world, who we are can also be altered on nuanced levels to arrive at the kinds of interactions we want to have, which is an exciting as well as a disturbing prospect. Kind of like how a haircut can alter your whole consciousness, but on a grander scale, and weave into the larger story of how our approach to handling materials and making our lives sustainable also needs a radical makeover.


-New Moon in Virgo: So we begin to contemplate such corrections, snips and cuts and swaps and adjustments to how we do things, exploring other options to go about our business and get things done. There’s an alarm going off, we are not just calmly considering a change, but aware that taking alternate routes is in fact necessary, and though this is unnerving, we can begin to plant seeds which lead to a more smoothly running existence.

Eugène Delacroix


-Venus opposite Saturn: So despite the fact that we might not like it, there are new society structures being developed, and syndicated networks of authority outside of the central attention are organizing remotely to upgrade our world as they see fit. What the shift of Pluto in Aquarius and Saturn in Pisces next March has to say about all this we will see next spring and beyond, as structural meltdown and monarchic toppling are both phrases that sketch the quality of that time. Regardless of what transpires then, here we are left to attend to our honest desires in the context of what decentralized authority allows. Decentralized authority is criminal syndicates, powerful non governmental organizations, as well as decentralized autonomous organizations, terrorist cells, hacker groups, legions of Jacobites conspiring to take down the crown. Some you might support and others you should fear, either way the challenge here is how to follow your authentic desires in a world that organizes in a way that infiltrates collectively. How do you continue to get off and express your personal aesthetic amidst oppressive network syndication?


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