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The Astrology of 11/9/20-11/15/20: Hidden Faces

I think it would be antithetical to suggest Mars participates in any serious measure of planning, as he's the undisputed planet of reacting in the moment, although we might still consider that the celestial plan is that he is stationing direct later this week on Thursday around 7pm Eastern Time. That this occurs after an opposition to Venus in her rulership in Libra on Monday is significant. Even though getting a direct look at backwards walking and spark sputtering Mars, all intermittent buzzsaws and misfiring missiles, is certainly anything nice for Ms. Desire and Pleasure, her power to equalize and balance in her airy domicile is not to be understated and despite spending time on bringing on-the-fritz artillery back into balance when she'd rather be out and about frolicking with friends and concentrating energy into creativity we still welcome the adjustment to our arsenal. We can here, at least to some degree, calm the fuck down and start getting along to a more reasonable level for the time being, and maybe we've learned something important about what is the right way to fight rather than just getting all enraged in an ineffective expression of warcraft- we ca commence straightening up our game so that we are admirable sparring parters and always good for a duel.

The Sun trining Neptune has people really thinking we've won the war and everything is ok and its all groovy and compassion conquered polluted souls, but from a Scorpionic Sun trine to Neptune in Pisces this looks like a recipe for deception and delusion, especially as Jupiter conjoins Pluto, the Sun sextiles Pluto and Venus squares Pluto throughout the rest of the week. Plutocracy, power, control, manipulation, obsession, and in Capricorn slavery, hard currency, capitalism and lock down. The Sun=clarity harmonized with Neptune=illusion in the key of Pisces=compassion collaborating with Pluto=power manipulation in the key of Capricorn=the system. Be reminded that the empty threats of a belligerent rich guy television personality just got switched out ideologically to increased support for more mandatory surveillance, controlled borders and intelligence security. The face got swapped to a smilier one but if you are worried about "fascism" keep your concern. This is way beyond dirty deals and shady goings on behind closed doors. It's a time to safely be more than a bit paranoid, with a healthy heaping of Scorpio and Pluto portions. With Jupiter's head in the dungeon latrines, we don't have to wonder if there's any conspiracies going on, we can be absolutely sure there is. We used to not question and second guess our own counter-cultural logic when we used to own our own narrative I'd invoke your inner Philip Marlow and just keep a cold eye fixed on scrutinizing the unfolding noir. The results of the election should probably make you feel more nervous, uneasy and on your toes than celebratory and victorious as if you defeated a fabled foe in a nursery rhyme jousting match. Have a splash of brandy to wake your wits, slap yourself in the face and keep busy trying to wake up from the nightmare.

Mercury's return to Scorpio with a Mars stationing direct may assist in your sleuthing, inside and out, which includes your personal life as well as the world narrative. This might be the month where we end up finding out things we didn't want to hear all year as we uncover more dirt and uncomfortable information rendering the illusion to be seen for what it is. We'll still be wondering, of course, quite simply "Well then what does that all mean?" and the answer is a resounding "well shit I don't really know", but make sure to actually begin to face the facts rather than repeat the tag line about uncertain times you've been fed since the chess game initiated last January. This has all been part of a plan, astrologically speaking that is pretty clear (Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter in Capricorn), and if you can't see it at this stage I'd suggest reading Fantasy novels rather than the Heavens. This might go for our personal lives just as much, as operations advancing under the radar emerge into the light more and more and pierce through the veil of daylight as Saturn ingresses into his diurnal domicile in Aquarius next month and the concepts become clear and take focus with fresh ideas emerging out of nowhere.


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