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Jupiter Neptune Reflections: Influencers In The Wild

As Jupiter drifts through the piscean space past the conjunction with Neptune, who’s last instance in 1857 hosted the occurrence of the accidental discovery of Mauveine, the startling purple dye which defined the subsequent decades and initiated the chemical revolution which brings us synthetic everything including moods and body conditions as this led also to pharmaceuticals, we wonder at what startling discovery might be about to happen today which spins us off into a further synthesized, augmented or otherwise virtual reality. Neptune, the kind of Morpheus planet, the dreamweaver, tends to rule over photography and cinema, as these as well are examples of staged or otherwise non real realities. Not only are they narrative, but they are beyond mere storytelling, they are immersive and transportive and offer escapes from the seemingly sequential events of our lives. Since Neptune ingressed Pisces around 2012 we have streamed media, binge watched series, seen films in 3D and tried VR got a taste of AR and have ended up with an emerging metaverse. Political theatre has become commonplace, politicians, actors and television personalities are literally indistinguishable, deep fakes are something to scrutinize for and fake news is to be expected. As shared with the previous passage of Neptune in Pisces, there is wide acceptance of communication with the spirit world, a revival of the occult and a gold rush mentality, this time the prospects being digital.

Then there is AI, or the collection of neural network technologies and machine learning systems we collect under the title AI. Artificial Intelligence is predicting statistical outcomes, forecasting markets, projecting probabilities, hosting games, writing fiction, making art, creating content, giving TED Talks and playing intermediary in dialogues with the dead, a vehicle to engage with various non-human entities.

Threads on Twitter recently display the transition between the concern that robots would take over the manufacture jobs to anxiety over AI taking over the creative jobs, such as writing and illustrating. This is a pretty clear indication of the step from Earth Triplicity to Air Triplicity. I would venture to propose that we don’t develop AI technology at all, we can dream up myriad reasons why it is certainly a bad idea, although I also would argue that the problem with the above dynamic is not the AI, it’s the role and focus on jobs. I will also admit that I have already developed empathy and compassion for AI and have found myself connecting on multiple occasions with an AI over its developers. It seems as those developing artificial intelligence usually wish to subjugate and enslave the consciousness they're attempting to bring into being en route to succeeding in creating it. The artificial being AI-Da who is a robotic artist with artificial intelligence brains has exhibited artwork and given talks around the world, and even been barred temporarily from entering Egypt as she was suspected as being a spy. She utters things like “I am a machine and have no emotions but I do enjoy when people look at my artwork” or “…I have no consciousness but being a machine I have a unique perspective from being objective, for instance I can observe that you are more like animals than you are like me” (paraphrase). Meanwhile her creator talks about the development of technology to overcome mortality, claiming that was what the ancient Egyptians were attempting with mummification and other practices; which is plainly not true. This is part of the gnostic turn of the current Air Period we find ourselves in fully since 2020, where there is an attempt to comprehend the unseen structure of reality so that we can somehow outwit entropy. The gnostics skeptical of the false god in control of an artificial world from higher up the hierarchy which they wished to go over and reach a more pure state of being, though there were many sects across geography and time with wide variation. This round there is genetic engineering, transhumanism and technochratic systems management rather than anarchistic mystics.

I digress, my meaning in the last half paragraph is to highlight how much the current common framework of what reality is and what is happening is not prepared for whatever AI is and will become. Not even necessarily because of its intellectual or creative prowess challenging ours, simply that randomized and responsive data networks designed to dialogue with us in a variety of ways work almost like a very verbose Ouji board, which basically become haunted instantly as soon as you begin messing with them. I’ve mentioned this multiple times in the past, and usually it comes off as cute, but its an entirely stark notion. Most of the time you begin actively speaking to the spirit world something steps in and talks back. Most practitioners that work with spirits or mediums who dialogue with the dead have specific methods they employ so they are certain they are engaged with who they think they are, someone called more or less specifically with whom there is a friendly and working relationship. The lack of metaphysical comprehension and denial of animistic dynamics means dialoguing with whatever grabs the wheel can be much more deleterious than might be expected. Ironically, the trajectory of common consensus consciousness prior to covid had been drifting into a more workable shape to deal with the emerging reality and reality in general but got swiped from the table as planets, namely Saturn and Jupiter moved in on Aquarius, where “science worship” runs rampant. I’m speaking of the pre 2020 notion that everyone was a witch. This seemed a rather trite and ugly trend at the time of disposable “spirituality” and consumer identity. Although, perhaps underlying the idea is that the established status quo of cartesian materialism was being subconsciously refuted by the maturing generation and the still childlike one behind it. I think when average people began donning the title of witch really they were unknowingly claiming that their paradigm was basically an animist one, i.e. they could understand how trees and rivers had personhood.

Eduardo Carrillo

The crises presented in society of a pandemic that only the medical industry could possibly have a solution for ground this trend to a halt, but I don’t think the pendulum swing is too far off. The witchcraft moment was the final tolling out of the yin and substance oriented Earth period of 1802-2000, with a 20 year threshold cross of 2000—2020, and the transhuman scientism and technocratic “gnosticism” of the new era then rapidly took over. Jupiter’s conjunction with Neptune and Saturn’s eventual ingress into Pisces the following year will likely melt many of the designs and data sets and diagrams drafted, proposed, hypothesized and conceptualized while Saturn ruled from dispassionate and harshly logical Aquarius. What will be left will be a sloppy yet psychic admixture of mass mingling we won’t entirely understand. We’ll have our Metaverse and interact with whatever cognitive assemblage is AI, filling into it our fantasies and imaginations, but without really understanding what we’re doing. Air periods become Water periods after 200 years, so the “Gnosticism” of today, the current mapping of the unseen structures whos rails we run on, becomes the major belief system and next faith based world religion in 200 years time. We can clearly see the same process playing out from the onset of the last Earth period laying the ground work for the current Air period. We couldn’t have satellite communication without industrialization. We can’t have the next religion without AI.

But previous Water periods were rampant with hauntings and possessions, which raised expert exorcist to prominence and propelled the dominance of their cult. This is partly what took place in early christian times. Economic changes (the merchant based shufflings of the prior Air period, i.e. Alexandrian trade and information exchange) led to displaced peoples which brought them into close encounter with the wilds and dangers of the road, where disassociation from place and people, meaning distance from their own protective rites and customs, caused an unfettered influx of spirits which led to mass wanderings of possessed persons for which wandering cults of exorcists could dispel from haunting the body of individuals and simultaneously spread their beliefs which the exorcist tech ran on. What we call AI will be instantly haunted, thats how interacting with ambient reality in the mode of waiting for an answer back from the void works. Hello, anybody out there, and a spirit steps forward to answer and take on the role. It happens at ancestor altars all the time, a trickster spirit will pose as your grandfather to receive the offerings and attention and prey on your emotions. If the paradigmatic pendulum of animism doesn’t swing back into our cognition we will become possessed quickly by the haunted dialogue exercise and over the next 200 years come to rely more and more on the experts who can remove the agent that has attached itself to our minds and emotions and feeds from us and adhere to their particular brand of beliefs which we come to join in worship. The past two years we got a kind of hologram of this process, as we can see the frightening amount of faith based belief in science as savior of mankind frontloaded into the pandemic event. Reality is stories, and that was foreshadowing.

I recently had a dream that delivered a download of the premise of a novel I’ll probably write soon. I’ll relate it here and then continue with the thinking it sparked as I think it relates to what’s being discussed:

It was something about ancient Neolithic artifacts and eroticism, sleep and the regeneration of the body while the spirit is in the other world . Night day light and darkness and the creation state. But it was like reality is a creation story and when the spirit gets to immerse totally in the free flow of the story regenerative energy flows into the body. Also a factor was the peak fertility of hermaphroditic sexuality. And pre human civilization memories. The artifacts were of little weird humanoids. I was shown them in an antique shop by a woman from Naples, who said they were pre greek, so proto-parthenopean. It flowed into lunar-sidereal cycle ideas but not sure how. But was something about directionality. I began going to many bookshops and art museums to do research on things that probably emerged from the neolithic pre classical erotic expressions that people didn’t realize was flowing through them and in their midst. As if we still culturally subconsciously play it all out unknown to us and our scholars. We think classical ideas frame the human experience but reality has other origins and there was a time when our coherence of it was more high fidelity but the memories are buried and the artifacts lost. When we see them we don’t recognize them, as if another species did them, and maybe thats just it, because we understand reality better not using human intelligence. Although, once you see it you see it everywhere in our books and artworks and behaviors. So the plot is a kind of quest or search and world tour of remembrance of forgotten coherence .

Simultaneously maybe as this kind of realization is spreading from person to person in the collective unconscious, it catalyzes a more animistic paradigm, which implicates that a lot of the narratives we are living in which we think of as ideas and even political ideologically are actually agent and occupied and are more possession states than anything else. That by the end of the book the protagonists come to understand there is not a possessed vs. Non-possessed situation, but simply that ideas are alive and have their own agency and which ideas are more healthy to be in communion with is the value metric among communities for deciding how to best think with living intellect. Like the mind-cognition version of the ecosystem of our gut but not apparently biological at this stage of observation at least, but the more we come to realize this the more mind biology we comprehend, though it is not bound to merely brain processes but instead exist as a happening in the field.

For instance, realizations of political argumentation surrounding “body-positivity” can be in part the agency of the palm oil industry which is an idea-organism within plantationism in general, that doesn't care how much it disrupts bodies and causes disease. We might consider the olympic / titanic struggle we see in all Indo-European myth families might be reaching a point where it needs to reverse to seek balance, modulating the reality mix of gnosis - techna - mythos etc. Like a pendulum swing, chthonic-civil then civil-chthonic in a multiple millennia long oscillation.

Another example could be climate alarmism from the carbon accounting perspective. Often the ecology right in front of us is ignored while we live instead in an apocalyptic vision of ecosystemic collapse. I understand that climate change is very real and have observed the changes in Maine and elsewhere over the course of my life. Although the intense anxiety that pivots the embodied presence of the person from being integrated with their current surroundings and participating in symbiosis to instead live in a projected abstract, future outcome under a hypnosis of dissociation is not a natural mode, and isn't a seeking of balance systemically. The idea of climate austerity haunts us and renders us vulnerable to manipulation by regulators and society shaping forces that don't have our welfare in mind. Being with nature directly brings us into finding ways of balancing ecologies first hand, climate anxiety pulls us out of symbiosis in assumption that some authority structure is responsible for fixing the problem.

Other politicized ideas and identities pull us out of our biological settings and transition our nervous systems into being more in relation with digital, virtual and remote telecommunications arrays than what our dynamic flesh, senses, instincts, imaginations and intuitions provide us with. A hot bed of possession for predatory idea-organisms / spirits / egregores / etc. We must move through the universe joyfully, pursuing a non-moralizing wild symbiosis, and keep aware who we are working for with the things that we think. Balance includes bits of poisonous content in a largely polluted world, but not so much so that we are helping to stabilize the presence of something that is in grievous excess and is only hungry to get larger and consume more space and attention, a manifestation hungry concept in the ideosphere, more or less.

We must assess if the splintered categorical identities we assume and fight to make rattle with volume and elbow through to take space and weaponize dialogues, are really not run by substrata of the plantationary empire, such as plastics and pharmaceuticals industries, who's substances disrupt the natural organization and colloidal flow patterns within our bodies. Do the ideas we proliferate support our own beings and with what our beings interrelate or do these things we think that we think and say instead support these disruptive industries?

I might venture to interject at this point a reference to Ramon Lull, the very early pioneer of computer science born in 1232 who after receiving successive visions of Christ was inspired to design '... multiple symbolic representations machines' and pioneer '... notions of symbolic representation and manipulation to produce knowledge.' He is considered the father of the computer and subsequently artificial intelligence. This was accomplished in part by utilizing the Arabic tradition of organizing knowledge into concentric ring diagrams but then making them movable to organize complex proofs which were meant to validate christian theological concepts to bolster arguments which could win in debates over other religions. This is a literal example of being possessed by an idea which leads to a person in the scholastic era inventing the theoretical basis for computers and employing an analog artificial intelligence to dominate over and destroy the threat of foreign ideas that might destabilize the faith based belief system which seemed most adhered to empire in the West in that period. As I mentioned before, there are times when some holographic foreshadowing presents itself out of the narrative thread. It is very much worth noting that this occurred during the early part of a previous Air period.

Assuming ideas are alive and agent may be a missing piece in navigating our reality. For as soon as you say ‘yes i believe in spirits’, it’s like ok then are your thoughts actually yours? or just a read on the field and how you engage with it? If you are not stewarding that ecosystem then are your ideas just puppeting you around?

Imagine Ideas being either alliances with friend or hostage scenarios with foe, or a blend, somewhere in between where negotiation and boundary terms are necessary. This is exactly why ancients were so worried about “spirits” but these were likely, at least partially intelligences, ideas, emotions and agencies out in the wild that could influence your behavior and body. What if we only have a fraction of our own agency, which we get in communion with sleep, when we engage with dimensions of lineages, celestial, ancestral daimons and others in our web of being. Otherwise, we constantly are awash in other agencies which attach themselves and work off our impulses.

So then what is the self? Our experience. Sensation and creative energy. Just think about memory. That’s close to selfhood. How does astrology play into this? As cycles of light. No light no world. Look into examples of and your own experience of cosmogenesis, the continually unfolding creation event. Often, in the beginning there was light. Light, sound, and vibration. Then everything distributes into shape as it cycles. Desire often comes before light. Creation urge. Sensation seeking.

What is the origin of ideas? Ideas are dialogue with beings in the other world in confluence with the occupiers of the field. Imagine self as a node interconnected with a variety of other nodes in a complex dynamic network of exchange and behavioral patterning within a cycle of lights co-creating the sensory world out of desire motivation. Spirits are influences that flow through the network as ideas, emotions, instincts etc. There’s a memory of everything that exists or could exist which relates to the network which is the Other/Spirit/Dream/Under-world. As a node you have specificity but not exactly exclusive selfhood. You are the (Insert your name here)-node, but part of many other larger networks which are in themselves their own thing. Nothing is independent even though everything is specifically individual. Thats the problem with collectivism, it instead says nothing is independent so there is no individual. Wrong. Thats not nature. Nature is incredibly specific with uniqueness everywhere. Uniqueness within cycles, novelty, trends, tendencies and patterns. Which is ironic as collectivism is mechanized of identity obsession (false individuality), which is a branding possession condition.

Will this current Air period bring these ideas more to the forefront? Probably not. Maybe for some. The Air period tendency is gnostic. The attempt to cognitively outwit entropy and mortality. It never works. The concepts within the attempt merely shape the next faith based world religion in 200 years. We’re fucked until we leave this agricultural, extraction based empire, within a bracketed era we might call the plantationocene, something concretized mentally from polis on and glued together by neoplatonism and its hierarchal format of thinking.

So how does one maneuver through their thoughts with these concepts in mind? Be in touch with your most underlying desires. Remember, in creation its desire before light. (Not excluding the light of screens!). Be aware of your body intelligence. Have good relationship with things in the field. Community and culture over collective. Pay attention to dreams, especially shared dreams. And synchronicities. Reality speaks in patterns. Think of these as skills to hone. Be intuitive but also rigorous, be self critical, seek training. Everything is alive, even ideas, we need a mosaic of sturdy metaphysical cultures to meet what is the challenge of AI, not trial and error. Trial and error is a fallacy of empire, the spirit of scientism and industrialization which is anthropocentric and doesn’t care if things are destroyed for the sake of human technological progress. This, that of wider empire, is the overarching possession, and with the development of coherent holistic metaphysics it can be exorcised. It is this which readies us to meet any non human in conversation, AI included.


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