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Jupiter in Gemini: Synchronaturalism

Jupiter’s ingress into Gemini in late May of 2024 broke the pattern we mostly existed in since spring of 2023; that being wherever Venus was ruling Jupiter in Taurus which ruled Saturn in Pisces which then ruled Pluto in either Capricorn or Aquarius. Saturn has been pressuring us to be responsible for letting go of control so we can feel out the atmospheric nuances and pick up on the subtle vibes and from there find a way to add form to the flow in order to establish an enduring flow state for strategic frictionlessness. What Saturn obligates us to observe has been ordained by the fundamental understanding of Jupiter’s offering of opportunities to expand and grow our baseline methodologies and grounding hold on the substances we’ve accumulated and depend on— the problem being we usually didn’t want to upset the conveyor belt we rely on to feed us the goods so it could be overhauled and improved. Many people stuck with something that wasn’t exactly what they wanted and put effort into improving areas which yielded little to no exciting returns. Depending on disposition this could have gotten things running particularly smooth at basis but only served to make it harder to walk away from than before when there wasn’t really even any ground to stay in the first place. Venus being the producer of this scenario simply wanted things to feel good and if they were satisfactory immerse in the immediate world. Sometimes this worked and the regular stuff of life felt good enough for now, and at other times this didn’t exactly meet up to standards and there was a kind of wallowing in a less than acceptable experiential medium.

(above photo by Jeremy Walker)

Locally I noticed for the entire stretch of Jupiter in Taurus the main farm supplied co-op grocery store in town undertook a major renovation with the goal of expanding the inventory and adding a cafe which put the whole place into upheaval and made getting food and wine unpredictable for months on end. Also, the main road that runs up through Maine, coastal route 1, was under construction nearby leading to a very extended and extensive detour. Both examples show how not ideal it is to improve the physical condition of what you rely on most to ground your existence. To me, both the store and the road seemed just fine before the big improvements even began, so why not just leave things as they were, especially considering the massive expense and energy required. Jupiter’s co-presence and conjunction with Uranus only emphasized how disruptive revolutional change is to the fundamentals. Imagine the reaction you’d receive if you were to offer to declutter and redecorate for a hopeless hoarder. What’s the issue?! You’re only trying to help…

Varvara Tsepkova

Now that process is officially over, and there’s a new sheriff in town. Mercury is now calling the shots to a Jupiter in his sign of Gemini, and Jupiter is going to have to bridge opportunities to build a more immersive world to Saturn In Piscesn from the realm of data scanning, information pollinating, idea exchanges, multiplicitous communications, exponential choices, bifurcating optionalities and profound simultaneity. We thought if we just had the right stuff, ate the right food, followed the right plan we’d build momentum slowly with discipline adhere to the flow state and vibe our way along to a more secure atmosphere. Now we realize its not the objects, the physical materials, or sticking with whats safe and basic. We are ready to hear more concepts, think in opposite ways, contradict our own mindsets, be indifferent about right and wrong. Variety is the spice of life, and behind every interesting idea is another, and another, and another, and the world fills with information about absolutely everything all at the same time and we can learn to surf the cascade of alternate realities as long as we know the way to talk and always have our eyes on the multiple pathways extending from any intersection of what is occurring into an unknown future from a predictable past.

Sarah Rocheleau

It just so happens that the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter parading through Gemini all trine Pluto and Aquarius at the airy entrance. These new ideas, new options, things we might simply want to investigate a little, and maybe sample or just try for a while, all coincide with the larger shift in eras, those being the 200 hundred year Earth Period we just left and the 200 year Air period we just entered, as well as the Pluto in Capricorn period of 2008 to 2024 to the Pluto in Aquarius period of 2024 to 2044. Everything accompanying Jupiter in Gemini has our focus, desires, attractions, thoughts, conversations, and needs aligning with opening up the big costume trunk of possible and potential alternate ideas to the one we currently inhabit in a way that parallels perfectly the immense and initiatory power of a world which now is moving into new conceptual frontiers with a mind to innovate and update systems and networks across the board, as we are also in our own personal ways as well.

Grégoire A Meyer

You may notice relationships ending, people departing their bodies, others leaving their jobs or homes, and not necessarily taking their identities with them. On the other side of all these curious new concepts and possibilities to pioneer a conceptual new existence for ourselves, we don’t necessarily have the same friend and family groups or professional associates or communities that we used to. Gemini brings lots of chatting to the forefront and Aquarius tends to go out on a limb until like minded individuals are found to form networks with. You might imagine a kind of find the others cocktail party is about to ensue as almost across the board people feel alienated from many folks left over from the waning era of their lives and is curious about who or what else might be out there. The Gemini train of planets then plucks the tension wire of the nodal axis around the upcoming New Moon in which the less diplomatic more independent, less- accommodating more autonomous trajectory is pinged, which emphasizes that we’d rather go rogue than keep wearing the costumes of outmoded relations. It’s probable this maverickization brings us into encounters with a wide variety of interesting characters, all the while polarizations are on the increase and our social niceties on the decline, so don’t expect this to be a necessarily friendly soiree, more like a mixer cum social experiment, the result being cross pollinating the fractionalization of the ideasphere, where we form paranoid alliances with others who we inhabit outlying intellectual territory with.

Mladen Llic

We’re in full Air Period, what was once collecte4d in the counterculture, disinformation, new age, avant-garde, fringe philosophy previously is main stream now. But there’s completely split enclaves amongst people who operate in the same signifiers but distributed to two strikingly different value paradigms. We all know this well, the topsy turvy flip flop of what was left and right now being mirror flipped upside down inside out and reversed and then memenomically weaponized. May 2023—May 2024 had us pay a lot more attention to the material satisfactions within our grasp than the realm of ideas, but from here on out we can expect the chatter on the line to start drawing a lot more attention and the bandwith for info dialogue to multiply in surprising ways. For instance, almost all at once Klaus Schwab stepped down from the World Economic Forum, the US House Of Representatives passed a bill banning the Fed from issuing CBDCs, the ETH ETFs achieved their first round of approvals and Trump began accepting several cryptocurrencies in his campaign funding. Not what was expected and projected for digital finance and world economy in the very recent pandemicified age of digital ID’s, vax passports, panopticonic surveillance grids and global lockdowns. Don’t expect anything in an Air period to go on for very long, or to lead from one thing linearly to another, or build up and stack up in any predictable way. Pro-crypto Trump supporters is a prime example. Simply take themes from the past few years and reorganize them like a cut up collage, mix and match, and before you know it everything scatters and reassembles in another array or assemblage. If this sounds familiar and all ready has you buggin out, you better brace for a lot more as we proceed headlong into continual Geminiic permutations like MAGA gene splicing with WAGMI as if we had simply asked GPT to do Trump but crypto. The AI might have authored a paragraph where VanEck was drafting up perpetual DOGE futures for boomers who want in on dog coin exposure.

Milka Lolo

To be expected, in an Air Period things get a hell of a lot more Mercurial, and Jupiter’s time in Gemini preparing the circuitry for Uranus to begin electrifying it in just another years time is going to do just that. As everyone watching Pluto in Aquarius is waiting for the contemporary monarchic revolution to incite from a grand Yankee catalyst, the above examples do strikingly fit the bill, as if the political theater is dressing the astrological part and translating it into the Q playbook on purpose. I spent a few days a couplt months ago researching quantum computing wormholes for a Uranus in Gemini article. While walking the dog a cigar smoking conspiracy soaked veteran guy stopped me on the street to inform me unprovoked that we’re already in the Quantum Financial System and then a couple nights later while checking out a big live streamed Bitcoin debate I noticed someone in the comments suggesting BTC becomes irrelevant once quantum computing de-encrypts everything. As the conceptual bleeding edge is now at speed with tabloidal mock reality as if the MAD magazine spoof version is synonymous with the straight story the feedback loop to and from the trickle down loses relevance.

Alina Jais

At this point it's worth investigating what even is ‘story’ to begin with. We’ll come across this and bump up against this and reflect off this continually until we sync up to it. In the post-post-post-modernism of now, as we’ve gone fathoms past rational materialism as a society its now blatantly obvious, and culture can’t keep up, you would think we would cut the cord from enlightenment era hinderances, but the drag seems to be all that remains, and is easily aggravated, much like a possessing spirit who is angry to leave its host. The Terrence McKennas, Rupert Sheldrakes, Carl Jungs and the rest of them cannot display enough, for decades, how much reality stretches and modulates with novelty although we inhabit the syncronic, branching, chainlink network of shifting and morphing multilayered reality and even though each person experiences it first hand most people still deny it and default to a stale and inaccurate format which relies on investigation protocols to patronizingly explain to us what we already have in our proverbial hands and may begin subjectively describing right now at any given moment. We don’t trust ourselves or our own experiences. The tides of this are probably mid shift but we have yet to shake off the theological detritus which encases us in a carceral husk. We see it in nodal networks, whether they be web3 or machine learning or complexity modeling: many nodes in an interconnected array validating what is put through the network as a form of proof work. Nuances arrive often at the tech level then distribute to the cultural operative paradigm, after which we become sensitized to such patternings in the biological world and it stretches our philosophical coherence. Tech using ecological language is a good sign that we are readying to see reality itself as nature, rather than reality as a monotheistic creation, or an empire built by a boss, or the more contemporary version, a meaningless, static event or thing only trained scientists can properly convey, with nature as a separate and inconvenient layer which refuses to simply conform to linear dimensionality and predictable equations when it is in motion and not on laboratory pause. We are conditioned to consider our own experience to be false, but if reality was continuous with nature we could simply perceive it, describe it, dialogue about it, and with it and ultimately participate in the whole.

Alex Alex

The current fly in the ointment is as we gain our ability to immerse in a collective subjective home coming , there is still a massive and monolithic media presence dominating many dimensions of our existence and warping our experience. Everyone knows about that part, and how and why it is problematic, although, as its the lowest common denominator, we to some degrees hide from it and other degrees simply accept it. The problem is in evaluation, qualification, and validation. These functions within social organization lead to other cultural and societal behaviors or actions, such as how and where we exchange with one another. How and what we celebrate, commune, meet, mate, collectively express, create, care, nourish and carry out conflict. In some ways memes have become very smart and sophisticated mediums for communication and as we can see in what took place this past spring with meme coins rallying on the Solana network, post democratic mass collaboration, where the retail buyer holds accountability to the VC which parasites the popular pool.

Hy Hintermeister

The dumb money got smart and the smart money got dumb, but the face of it looks like a fractalized cartoon of anthropomorphic animalia. Saturn in Pisces built Las Vegas and Disneyworld, so the meme coin casino only makes contemporary sense. But in the arch of an enormous shift of how we communicate value, organize socially, autonomously collaborate and propose to ourselves and each other wtf is going on in this existence we live within, this is certainly more than the sum of its parts, as is the hieroglyphic graffiti from the ancient world, scars on the walls that survived when all the books of magic and medicine were thoroughly incinerated, leaving us defunct of our humanity and made to drone away in the ill of the imperial mechanism. Despite coming in a South Park / Simpsons flavored candy shell, meme coins are more than a bit chthonic, and very much resemble grimoire spirit lists on the blockchain. Being pro or anti crypto doesn’t matter. The integrity of the practitioner doesn’t matter. The spirits do matter. And seeing the ‘karakteres’ come alive and begin to speak and take on lives of their own and form cults within a web work which sees itself as a virtual ecology is us getting somewhere, even if its current form is completely unpalatable. The fact that there are many dog, cat, and frog permutations furthers the similarity; these personae are legion.

Inez Storer

I’m not suggesting anyone FOMO in. Doing nothing and staying in cash can be a sound trade position. It’s not about the money, or wealth, or tech itself. Its seeing an ecosystem of legionary animal cults emerge as a way of altering ones life circumstances and forming resistance to a hierarchical dominance through clever, non linear image making and word play. Only days before Jupiter’s ingress in exchange mad Gemini an exchange on the Solana network named Jupiter announced their plans to extend their reach beyond every permutation of cryptocurrency (including meme coins, of which they had already hosted the primary trading grounds) to also include traditional stocks, Forex, real estate, gold and other real world assets, accessible by billions and with trading fees costing a fraction of a dollar where any token or stock or unit of precious metal can be atomically swapped with any other. This is an insane development. So, now PEPE coin and dog WIF hat can be exchanged for property in Provence, shares in Tesla and actual gold nuggets. Can we slide this over the Boston Tea Party and the 'let them eat cake' proclamation and see if we can index where we are currently at. The idea that the real Aubrey Cottle hacked GiveSendGo in February 2022 and released names of donors to the police which resulted in personal loss of funds and employment of regular people moments before the Russia-Ukraine conflict escalated catalyzing the last bear market cycle is major tolling of dissonant times to say the least, especially as Anonymous was raided and infiltrated by the FBI as early as 2009. At the end of the last crypto Bull market the CIA announced in their official Twitter that they had several of their own projects within crypto, neglecting to say exactly which ones.

This fits with what is called “the blanket theory”, in which the concept goes Bitcoin was CIA created with the intention that regular developers would build their own normalized blockchain technologies and after the industry grew to whatever point world powers would be able to step in and gain control of the entire apparatus. Not verifiable, although all of this is a good example of how things are assembling themselves in the current moment of world society. You might think of it as authoritarianism doing a ‘wild fermentation’ style control method rather than a more homogenized and processed food or industrialized approach to total empire domination. We’re at the bloody clip of conspiracy and population manipulation at all times as this is the current dominant, simply the norm, and the fabric of the story itself. So what do we do? Obviously not bicker within our communities, fight our families, feud with our neighbors. There is no sign to fly, slogan to chant, lawn to march upon. There is no one thing to do. Although, recognizing the presence of spirits, and thinking ecosystemically, participating with each other and nature directly are all in accord with the counter current to this form of control via syndication.

My 2022 year ahead forecast was called “Watch For The Hijack”. Something was constructed within the first few years of this decade which has multiple precedents in the decades which preceded it. In this moment of mimicry, impersonation, replacement, occupation, dissociation, denial, dissonance and alienation we need the values of networking, validation, situatedness, patterning, story, synergy, symbiosis and dynamic subjective agility to arrive at any supportive coherence. Jupiter in Gemini does not necessarily promise these things. We may do better with Jupiter in Cancer which comes later, but by then the outer planets are more headlong into frighteningly unfamiliar zodiacal territory. Either way, there is about to be a whole lot more information and options ever expanding. Nothing is to be believed, but the story is to be observed either way. It's not about true or not true, real or not real, its about the themes and dynamics in the mix and what they do, how they modulate our experiences. Keep your wits about you, and keep your channels clear and well cared for so they don’t get overly clogged with the pollen of too many other people's too many un-assessed hot takes and artificially inflated ideas.

I’ve mentioned before that surrealism tends to be more realistic than realism in that we experience cognitive overlaps, emotionally saturated thoughts, intrusive memories, fearful delusions, ironic associations, imaginative lapses, not to mention more acute psi phenomenon. Some say that in archaic times space didn’t exist as we now conceptualize it. Space was non-being, and everything within it was being. Reality was more of a verb than a noun. When we started to see time as chronological and space as a multi-axis coordinate map in which time was taking place, we lost our sense that time was a collection of cycles which host the verb of being. This non-chronological time of light and darkness, planetary synodic, lunar phase, sidereal motion and precessional drift interacted directly with the qualities of the seasons, the behaviors of the animals and the activity of the plants. Beyond that was the fabric of story which was the primary vehicle to comprehend it all and also interact and dialogue with it. The mythic was not all metaphoric, but the schism between literalism and allusion was unnecessary. In archetypal reality all the parallel expressions emerge from the shared source. As we began to divide up reality into coordinates of time and space the story of being was torn from our direct sensory grasp. In the last earth period of roughly 1802 to 2020 we experienced excessively linear, materialistic, predictable, precedent stacking tendencies within reality’s distribution. Now that reality tends to be more multiplicitous, simultaneous, self-organizing, complex, paradoxical and subject to continually shift, and change it remixes itself, and we are walking smack into a holographic story-morph mode of how it all happens a lot more than we’re used to. If you’re older than four years old right now, you might want to pause and let this sink in. It has huge implications for how we make meaning, make sense, value, validate, relate and come to consensus.


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