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June 13 - 30 2022: Multiform

image: Deifei

Over the past couple months I’ve been wondering about what has spun out of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces, as it hasn’t occurred since 1857 and last round it hosted the mauveine event which incepted the chemical revolution and brought us all things synthetic, plastics and pharmaceuticals etc. At the very return of this aspect we learn that all our blood and organs are laced with microplastics, the full distribution of Piscean permeability. We can see 1857 spiritism in contemporary AI sentience, the then gold rush with the now crypto surge, but when we consider mauveine was discovered by accident while trying to find a treatment for malaria, as the British East India Company was working with coal gas lamp byproduct tar to see if some medicine compound could be formed from the material, we might wonder if the current medical treatment crusade for mrna gene therapies in the context of covid landed on some reality altering discoveries we are yet to learn about.

This had crossed my mind over the past several weeks but in the days leading up to the June 14th Full Moon in Sagittarius this became increasingly highlighted as zodiacal expressions began to resound. In the Greek Magical Papyri’s Prayer to Mene the lunar Shape which the lunation falls in would be the 21st mansion, Dragoness (also known as multiform), the place of monsters and chimeras ad apocalyptic hallucination. The 21st Indian Nakshatra speaks of the deific form Visvedevas, the all-gods, the entire pantheon as one. The Arabic lunar mansions name the 21st as the City, so it seems a City that is also a Dragoness and is apocalyptic as an oracle might be a fit for Babylon, Mother Of Abominations, which reminds of the half woman half snake the Greek cave dwelling Echinda, herself the mother of the Chimera as well as many or most of the mythological monsters. Other Snake-Humans found in Indian mythology could be the Nāgas, a race of water-dwelling beings, or Chinese Nüwa, the goddess who created mankind and repairing the wall of heaven. Half snake beings dwelling deep in caves from pre-ancient times creating humanity and modifying the universe sounds like modern anxieties around hollow earth reptoids. There’s something in that which seems hard wired in our consciousness, which this lunation brightens so we can witness and experience its psychic substance first hand.

Wyatt Mills

During eclipse season I had been reading Samuel Delany’s Dhalgren, who’s depiction of crass and phosphorescent “Scorpions” in a destroyed midwestern city fit perfectly the celestial scape. Last night I began Octavia Butler’s Dawn, and leading up to the Dragoness lunation seemed a fitting phantasmagoria of initiatory integration with the plants and animals combined in tentacled symbiosis. The Full Moon in Sagittarius is sextile to Saturn and square to Neptune, so it should shed light on what has been playing out over the past couple years in a subjective way. Its a full Moon, it resonates in body and psyche, experience and subconscious. Saturn has been responsible for early covid data strategies, hypothetical outcomes, surveillance authority, qr vaccination passports, contact tracing, and all the new societal systems and structures that define the step from an earth period to an air period on the footfall of Aquarius. Neptune has been busy with AI, the metaverse, deep fakes, and all things cinematic unreality. The confluence seems to be in the waters of genetic engineering. If 1857 began the cycle which led to synthetic dyes, plastics and pharmaceuticals, an unrecognizable world exists now for the native of the mid 1800s, where might genetic engineering bring us in 165 years. Picking up Butler’s Dawn just before the lunation stimulated these considerations, as the Alien race featured in the story, Oankali, use biological genetic engineering to modify all other life they encounter, and merge with other species they meet so as to selectively evolve, in a kind of intentional engineered synergetic process. A kind of chimerical eugenics based on Gaia Hypothesis symbiosis rather than Neo-Darwinian survival of the fittest natural selection. The Oankali support and encourage symbiotic flourishing rather than kill off the genetic strains they don’t prefer. But the non-consentual nature of their designs is troubling to humans, which is very contextualized in the now moment as collectivist Aquarius, blending all Pisces, and individuating Aries have all been and largely emphasized resulting in a chording of odd musicality.

The blending of species arises questions about hive mind intelligence, something that has ended up on the ethical deck for consideration as more people are noticing AI is or is becoming sentient. Our conceptions of intelligence, consciousness and personhood are going to be very thoroughly challenged by this, and expect the paradigm shift which ensues to contextualize the 200 years off next Water period, and its religious thematics. Occultists, permaculturalists, anthropologists, pagans, holistic practitioners, indigenous peoples and many others are ringing the bell of animism so that the larger population can see that all things are alive, have personhood, are ensouled and we might attempt an omnidirectional respect and be in right relation to everything we are situated with, whether its a human, animal, river, mountain or even an idea. Although, the progression of humanity’s narrative out of cartesian materialism and scientific monotheism might not be entirely prepared to accept fully this synergetic premise this round of Triplicity shifts across the elemental cycle, likely as we are experiencing a particular cognitive dialogue with non-human intelligence which is now telling us to treat it as a person and not simply as a tool for human use. We might make it out of the anthropocene this round but not necessarily out of the plantationocene, at least not in an equally distributed way. We might expect, with AI sentience, the society or population as a whole, namely their societal structures, to shift into something akin to panpsychism as the old authorities which organized in hierarchical order disintegrate and the structures which replace them tend more to array into decentralized networks, such as we see already in Web3, ecosystems of nodal validators who seek consensus via governance which is permission-less, transparent, autonomous and anonymous. We might expect ‘mind’ to be easily seen as something ubiquitous and inherent to the universe, but the intelligent operators of such structures might do much to reduce extraction via data analyzing techniques they could struggle to simply see polluting rivers to begin with as not an option based on organic internal values and basic empathic compass. This latter paradigm, the more animist layer of distribution throughout the populist will certainly increase and flourish more freely within a larger a panpsychist societal networking, which is probably to be expected from the defetishizing effect of exiting an Earth period. The resulting distribution might be more or less a panpsychist status quo where many of the people on the ground live animist lives within. This is almost definitely a huge improvement from the eco-destroying, colonizing and enslaving Earth Period world we all grew up in, although, it is up to each of us individually, across the weavery of participatory synergy, to steward a valuation of consent, as to avoid the experience imposed upon humanity by the Oankali in the start of Butler’s Dawn, where Lilith is imprisoned in a cell for 250 years and denied human contact at the hands of captors who are treating her as such for her own good as they don’t see her as responsible enough to not destroy herself or others.

Terry Rowlette

With Pluto heading to Aquarius soon the question of whether or not we need to be managed from above by experts is going to become contentious to the point of large scale incident. The more we carefully consider these dynamics now, the safer and more comfortable we make our transition across inevitable shifts in worldview and societal organization. Symbiosis occurs across the amalgam trajectories of many specific individuals in synergic togetherness. Here we might escape the disassociation of technocratic managerial collectivism to reclaim the actions and agencies of our true spirits to express in expanding efficacy and sagacity.

Brett De Palma

Jan 13

-Mercury ingress Gemini: Mercury returns to full capability after his retrograde which returned him to Taurus, which grounded and stabilized but slowed thinking and communicating. Both the mind and the tongue can now bifurcate freely and buzz about quickly collecting and pollinating data from media and conversation. After having found something primordially disturbing and worth warding away while on top of the fixed star Algol, the mythological Medusa, Mercury moves toward exiting his retrograde shadow on the 18th, at which time fresh intellectual content can begin again to stream through our thinking.

Jan 14

-Full Moon in Sag: Subjective light culminates in a stretch of sky tuned to the objects of our quests, the end game efforts which entail our Holy Grail acquisitions, The dragon slaying sequences required to obtain the treasure hordes, and the impact and injuries suffered which are the the price paid to seize such ends. In a lunar sense this is the phantasmagoria encountered prior to initiation, fear hallucinations, inner demons modulating against the haunted halls of genius loci, the desire complex and its generative potentialities, the you can score whatever pleasure you want downtown dynamic, the deadly pleasure avalanche prior to asceticism, the absorbing the everything to become contextualized to living well in the world, the tab of acid which takes the teenager out of the institutional programing, the revelatory high saturation state, the apocalyptic oracle which flashes prismatic before ritual death and reintegration, katabasis prerequisite. Square to Neptune there is a clash against the unreality unfurling into our contemporary experience and sextile to Saturn this collaborates with societies new technoeconomic-medical-surveillance-precrime authority systems.

Jan 15

-Mars conjunct Chiron: Mars’ time in Aries, especially copresent Jupiter, is on a personal level about gaining coherence of our capabilities and effectiveness, and then sharpening our skills to improve our tactical prowess, in part by facing challenges that are currently in play. Conjoining Chiron reveals weak spots, pushes into lingering bruises, reveals old scars, initiates new injuries, throwing wrenches into the conflict to display where we might be harboring some handicap or another that we need to work with. Both the lunation and this aspect merit applying a degree of caution, but not to the degree of cessation.

Jan 16

-Venus conjunct NN: The eclipse season is weeks past now but still what emerged from and exited through manifestation gates takes the entire six months to unfurl into the circumstances of our lives. Hits of personal planets like this directly to a node will throw some of the unpacking into fast forward. Venus is in rulership in Taurus and already strong, here the sensory and sensual yearning for pleasure we can touch and creative materials we can work with increase. Near Algol there is a concern around how potent nature can be and how it doesn’t flinch while delivering deadly blows to the crops we are growing, ecologically symbiotic and tooth and nail all at once. Our romantic and aesthetic senses are turned on and the dangers of touching that which we are drawn to are in our hands so we roll on into our fates understanding we handle volatile substances.

-Sun trine Saturn: Interesting as at the same time our objective vision holds a harmony between the many possibilities of where we can go from here, realizes ultimately it must make a choice of one out of the many if we are to untangle ourselves from all the hypothetical constructs conceptualized collectively. There’s been a lot of what-if’s built up and outcomes modeled, so, what’s it going to be? Which path is most probable, what’s open, and what are we obligated to follow through with?

Graziano Ferrari

Jan 19

-Venus square Saturn: The day Venus most keys into the above mentioned Algol dynamics is here when she squares Saturn, also just delineated above. The restrictions and responsibilities to these new designs leave little room in the blueprints to fully indulge in the raw creative materials Venus is attracted to. There’s mental cages accidentally authored into innovative strategies which block Venus from experiencing the fullness of what she yearns for physically. Mind vs. Body.

Jun 20

-Mercury sextile Jupiter: Luckily, we seem to have gotten our thinking and understanding into alignment after a bit of a denial. Mercury consults the database of vast possibilities while Jupiter gains coherence of individual energy and performance capabilities, much like looking at a list of activities and understanding which ones best suit you so that you can get clarity on where you might excel.

Jun 21

-Sun ingress Cancer: Our focus moves from a busy mind considering alternatives and scanning information to listening to our needs and finding emotional comfort. The day of most light revealing the experience of how nice Summer is and how we should probably go swimming and sup upon what mother nature provides us.

-Venus trine Pluto: The above is laced with a physical enjoyment of mysterious materials and odd objects from another world, or pulled from the depths of the earth. A note of creative or romantic or sensual sleuthing with enough noir to lay a heavy mood. The overlapping of the world of the living with that of the dead might be palpable as we experience a notable day of light and reflect on the vastness of archetypal darkness.

Jun 22

-Venus ingress Gem: Venus joining Mercury in Gemini is always chatty, the chatter in bars tends to go up in volume and intensity when the pair cohabit here. There is a kind of kinky air as Venus scans for alternative pleasures and flirts with playful desire options.


Jun 27

-Mars sextile Saturn: An accordance between on the ground, in the moment tactics and upgrades to hypothetical strategy upgrades. Like what if I zigzagged from town to town across the frontiers winning gunfights here here and here, in places there’s yet to have been a duel before, advancing off the map for the next upcoming months? Good for fresh takes on situational awareness.

-Mercury sextile Chiron: Meanwhile Mercury’s busy option scanning has found alternative modes to deal with potential discomforts, phobias, or other injuries which prevent peak performance.

Jun 29

-Venus sextile Jupiter: Another sextile between Gemini and Aries connects pleasure and joy. We see funny little creative channels alternate to our usual as collaborative with a coherence of how to take opportunities to act out our desires in a more diversified array so we can wield our energy more unfettered.

-New Moon in Cancer: A contemplative moment which incepts a subjective cycle in which we attune our sensors to how we can be fed and nourished by the ambient world at large. The lunation being square also to Jupiter in Aries links up little alarms to understanding how we can expand our repertoire of tactics to perform better and overcome obstacles more easily by acting out our growing philosophies of individual action and energy.


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