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Disobey The Binary: Exponential Optionality

Saturn is currently in Aquarius. The last time Saturn was here we had the riots in LA after Rodney King beatings were caught on camera. The time before that was the Civil Rights movement. The time before that was the beginning stages of WWII, while the Nazis were rising to power during the New Deal in America and governance attempting to climb us out of a depression we have just recently surpassed. We have to be very, very careful right now in our thinking. Saturn in Aquarius tends to dissolve democracies as well as old regimes, and prefer extreme versions of socialism and collectivism instead, but it doesn’t seem to care if we get fascist monoculture or radical counter culture. Which way it sways is largely up to us and our choices, but its not very straight forward. Saturn here loves numbers, mathematical models and hypothetical predictions, and is fine with atrocities performed in the name of Science, its rather a dispassionate place despite its bent on innovation and collective consensus. A world under strict lockdown from a pandemic that is as much a theory as it is anything else is perfect Saturn in Aquarius in motion— the version of it conjunct Mars which we got around the vernal equinox in late March, setting off rapid new systems and boundaries devised over night in critical response to a threat that was showing up mostly in batches of projected data. Whether or not there is a real health crisis within this data it is the free fall into hypothetical territory which results in both wide positive and negative outcomes which we have to be more in control of rather than controlled by. If new kinds of systems are going to be designed, we want to be co-creators in the process rather than lab rats being experimented on. Winter Solstice brings us a repeat of Saturn’s ingress into Aquarius, but this time with Jupiter. A much more beneficial version of what March and April delivered will rear its head and there will be a lot more opportunity to move within it, although it will likely also prove far more permanent; the authoring of an altogether new society. Between now and then, how much we value our freedom, how much we uphold equality, and how we interact with one another and authority itself in the process is imperative. We have a hell of a lot of serious thinking to do.

The Cancer total solar eclipse in June is going to trigger our emotions in a huge way, clouding logic as Mercury’s retrograde synchronizes with it, and we find we are too emotional to think straight. We need to be able to cry and emote while we make changes to how we feel about what we all need to be safe. The North Node is now just over the border in Gemini, which considers polarities and opposites, such as black and white. Uranus will move into Gemini in just five years. The American Revolution, the Civil War, and America’s involvement in World War 2 all occurred with Uranus in Gemini. We are five years away from an event that references the original directives of the Constitution and will likely parallel themes from the Civil War. Brother against brother. What side of the issues we are on right now has us deleteriously lost between binaries no one really wants except the state. As freedom of health and open borders starts to sound more like Trump supporting and lockdown and mandatory vaccines sounds more like Bernie supporting, we have to start to asses where we stand on things and what we value outside of binary patterns being manipulated from the top down and offered to us by the system which has none of our best interests in mind. (note, unfortunately, herbalism or eastern medicine might be what falls into freedom of health eventually and mandatory vaccination with DNA altering nanoparticles might fall under medicare for all further down the time line. This should not be an issue of electoral candidates, we need to start designing our own systems outside of these polar options. I’m not saying oppose Bernie or medicare for all, just keep watch on the narrative as it moves along and be ready to regroup if necessary. Traps can and will spring up anywhere, especially on the legislative level.)

Gemini can be polar, but it has the potential to be more than binary, and eclectically multipolar, something the shift into air periods supports. Aquarius moves the pressure of authority from the central to the collective, and consensus pressure is the main component keeping us in quarantine. The rise of the nazis from within Germany began with post WWI labor movement and peace keeping concepts, fascism is remembered by the image of the screaming despot but originally was about how one stick is easy to break but many are not; i.e. social consensus paradigmatic pressuring. We have to be careful about what we are supporting, as we need to think about not only what it looks like in the now, but also where it could be leading. the North Node in Gemini has us increasingly scanning the surface of the media but not getting deep or wide coherence on the data and failing at putting together meaning from it. The Pluto and Saturn conjunct in Capricorn spells out plutocratic power moves, and extreme manipulation of the system. This element cannot be ignored. It is easy to package any suspicion of what authorities are telling us as conspiracy theory, but when they are manipulating us intentionally we have to remain aware that we are engaged in a chess game with structures who have far better intelligence mechanisms than we do. These aspects were seated sextile to Neptune, where Mercury retrograded in Pisces in February and March. This is our ability to think clearly and analyze at its absolute worse and most diluted. The media continues to spin out numbers and either side of the binary uses them for their information war, but all of the data is corrupt. Nothing meaningful can be said at this point by comparing and backing statistics, especially in an astrological collection of configurations where consensus pressure, media havoc, misinformation, systematic racism, and plutocratic manipulation are all strung together. Any of our responses to the stress they put on us are expected and any stratagem we announce on social media they are analyzing and already devising their next operative move. This is an intelligence game, but for keeps. We need to locate ourselves at different parts of the narrative.

As we rapidly move into Saturn in Aquarius and finally into the Air epoch proper we can consider that what these archetypes do support is the rapid successful design and integration of countercultural networks. Progressive democracy is neither counterculture nor a network. Obviously, vote for Bernie, but the story doesn’t end there and we can’t let everything get swallowed up in election oriented consolidation. Bernie may improve society but society is not culture. We must create culture on our own outside the system, and whether or not Bernie heads the governance in the meanwhile our countercultural network organization should be intent on dissolving the system and rendering it unnecessary. We have seen our subcultures collapsed and uploaded onto digital platforms. This is in part an expression of how successful networks can be, but it is also us being used and manipulated by these networks. Innovating and designing systems which serve us and not the narratives spun into the algorithm is a viable option and one that the current and upcoming astrology is ripe for. Surprisingly positive results are likely to develop now that just didn’t have enough potential before to get traction. Uranus in Taurus wants to radicalize art, craft, sensuality, food, land, women. It wants revolution and rapid change and intensified discovery within these parameters, a power surge to radical ecology. Saturn and Uranus will be squaring all 2021. This could be the innovations and integrations of the world we want. But to get there we have to begin to decide to not cooperate with what any authority advices, as they all have our incarceration and destruction in mind. Economies are not designed to see ecologies and people’s lives and human behavior. Society and culture are not the same. In supporting society’s consensus agendas we are rapidly erasing culture and delivering it irreparable blows. There is optionality. We need to think multiplicitously. There are many ways, not one. When we are “all in this together” we are equally manipulated and oppressed by plutocracy. We need real counterculture now. Many ideas, many voices, many concepts, no central focus, we need mosaics of communities, we need wide dispersal, cellular structure, horizontal, shifting adaptable modalities, widely diversified behavior rather than a predictable unified consensus cleaved conveniently down the middle. They cannot control what is unpredictable, organized and widely informed. If we continue to simply support A over B we lose.

The uprisings, a theme of Saturn in Aquarius periods which will likely persist through now until full scale conflicts in 2025 are crucial to overcome the systems we are locked in. We have to assume that everything that occurs that draws media attention is at some level an operative maneuver of these systems of oppression. They use whatever we throw at them against us. Their intelligence game is that fast. We must end racism and overthrow the state. But with a calm mind that is watchful of what traps are being set, and which way we are being led. We must consider what way we look at uprisings and riots in an age of internet interconnectivity, digital media and surveillance. Diversifying our narratives, decentralizing our objectives, multiplying our ideals, mutating and dispersing as soon as we see stories form around us will give us space to move and to think. Our values needn't change. We are with nature, its land and creatures and people. These are plain and natural. They may resonate through all and be forever amplified. In 2020, and 2021 and onward, we dissolve and repurpose the bits and pieces of the society that collapses by innovatively designing many, mass, multipolar and decentralized networks, not by clinging to a leg of the corrupt system and being crushed by the other foot in the process. I’m writing this as an astrologer, looking at historical themes and what archetypes are moving into prominence and which are going to soon fall back from the forefront. I have my values and I assure you if you despise racism and cherish the earth then they are also yours. Designing and forming dynamic networks and deteriorating the need for the superstructure gets us through and to where we must go. Focusing on the hierarchy as adherents or as opposers gets us trapped in their machinery and destroyed along with it, as an oppressive mono-network emerges that we didn’t take part in designing even though we supported it because it told us it was an alternative to the previous hierarchy that was killing us. If we stick with their version of socialism we will land ourselves in fascism. We need our networks not theirs. We need freedom of movement, of health, of exchange, to gather, to support one another. We need many small communities and cooperatives, not large collectivism and collective social pressure, it will be used against us for aims that are not ours. Move outside the parameters. Do not obey.


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