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Astrology Of May 2022: To Root, Uproot and Root Again

I was late this past few days getting out the Liminal Light Lunar Zodiacal Forecast. Someone hit me up in a group text asking if the eclipses were fucking everything up. Someone else said “waiting to hear Chris’ report on that” and I wrote “report is late as eclipses are fucking everything up, stand by”. Honestly, I wouldn’t say eclipses fuck everything up, but they can be disruptive, as they pull things in the plot with more than usual energy and cause cascades of events in a short amount of time to occur in a kind of cascade effect which moves the narrative along at an accelerated rate. This gate opening to input new reality and another opening a couple weeks later to dispose of old reality can be a turbulent process in which we can bite off more than we are ready to chew, and let go of our stability supports before we are able to walk well without them. This is not just for ourselves personally but also for the world at large. We see this advancement of things everywhere, Elon altering the nature of Twitter, Italy initiating a Social Credit System, microplastics showing up in bloodstreams and embedded deep into lungs. This shadowed lunation is a Solar Eclipse very near Uranus, which brings more volatility and sudden change, but this is an awkward operation within the rhythmic and regular territory of Taurus. This can be radical disruptions to our normal grooves, modulation to our methodologies, or making revolutionary change in a very gradual and stable way. The foundations of value, stuff, and making what we need to sustain us, material existence and how it emerges and moves is being reworked. There’s a gaping hole in the management of things and the looming shadow of oligarchy casts from Pluto in Capricorn. Deception and false reality dissolves our understanding and coherence of what is wholly happening from Neptune in Pisces. The vaulting seas of the emotional culmination of the psychic tempest of the populace swells and smothers objectivity, the stirring action in collaboration with our attention on whats the bottom line, how are we and the things that keep us sustained effected by the tidal waves of inflation and manipulation? Spring has sprung and feeling good and healing through empathic communion is important, while meanwhile the return of instigation and provocation is imminent. We might have to settle for a good fight over a nice hug. We’re sick of the intensity, manipulation, deception and toxicity so we have to cohere a philosophy of conflict, and come to know and understand who be thine true enemy. We’ve been poisoned and continue to be poisoned. Can we stop it, can it be ceased?

James Ensor

I recently drove to bring a friend to pick up her car a few hours away. We passed by workers assembling sprawling solar fields along the roadside where forest had recently been along the river who had hosted both animal and human ecosystems for millennia and been the caregiver and provider of vectoring cultures. Now there are flattened habitats, fencings, radiations, divisions and procedures of profit which benefits energy entrepreneurs who use vogue agendas to parasite monetization of cubic space built on bogus grids. The regular breathing of the vegetation which got clear cut and replaced with panels likely did more for atmospheric health than the carbon offset calculated by energy VCs and regulators. Carbon offsetting is frontlined in the European Council’s Social Credit digital funds programs which reward citizens for targeted behavior, such as practicing climate authority. This is Uranus in Taurus set against the other configurations within the astrological admixture. It is not that we need to resist the aspect itself but we need to do it right for all of us as a whole, the non-human world included. The crossings of ecosystemic, economic and technological are here inevitable and unavoidable, but it is up to each individual to consider their own vision of what innovation looks like, rather than accepting or not accepting this clear mismanagement by the centralized authorities. I’ve discussed in recent forecasts how judging by the series of astrological configurations across the current decade we may assume the hierarchal dominance of empire we have grown up inside of is in the process of crashing down. The damage being done for profit and control in the name of “green” agendas weaponized by climate anxiety is not theoretical, it can be seen clearly while touring your region. Putting panels on our own roofs and retrofitting better energy systems in our communities is obviously a net gain, even when it makes little difference in our utility bills. Destroying habitat, killing plants and animals and destabilizing ecosystems of which we are all a part is a mass disservice to nature. The spaces I was passing codified in contemporary parlance as being green had literally ceased to be green as they were since time immemorial and were now metallic blue-black. Do to their disruption of the land and how it lives and functions there now must be solutionist schemas and designs from privatized energy authorities to instal infrastructure, run off drainage, remediation, security and so on. This is the pattern we have been stuck in since the dawn of agriculture. I will repeat here what I have been stressing repeatedly recently. We grew an abundance of food and performed animal husbandry before agriculture, we just did so in communities, not under the management of the state.

Waone Interesni Kazki

It is madness to expect those overarching entities and legalized cartels which have mismanaged systems for at least centuries to the detriment of all to be able to now manage them appropriately because of new data sets and color coding systems within media language. It appears the very, very difficult the lesson we are here learning with Saturn in decentral Aquarius is that the central authorities can’t take care of the issues and we have to begin to figure everything out for ourselves. No more bugging of congresspersons will convince them to rework systems and save the day. Protest in the streets will convince those with power of nothing, only create more occasions for manipulation. The only way forward from an Aquarian perspective is public commons, community organization, cultural creation and mass collaboration— without falling into the trap of simply transferring power or authority to collectives and cooperatives. Power should distribute ecosystemically across anonymous and autonomous individuals freely organized into open collaborating cultural enclaves and actual communities. Aquarius is strictly idealistic about ideas, and Pisces is massively romantic in mood, so despite the unbelievability of such movements across society we know the astrological traction for such ideas to take hold is equal to social credit control and so-called green energy industrialization. It only requires our individual vision and participation.

Enter Jupiter in Aries. While Jupiter and Saturn were in Aquarius many became convinced that the collective was preferable to the individual. They may have been arguing against classically American selfishness and not in my back yard keep out attitudes that tend to shun left politic organizing. Aries being not Aquarius’ opposite but a sign sextile to Saturn’s Air domicile as well as trine to Leo, Aquarius’ polar other end can help with expansive Jupiter there to open back up the value of individuality, independence and personal freedom from a healthy perspective. If the individual is not free, they are not free to form communities and relate in their own cultures naturally, as the collective decides instead what behavior is appropriate and what is to be punished. We saw this play out during the height of call out and cancel culture, while the authority networks, such as WEF and others moved laterally around the globalized societal structure and made horizontal alterations which effected the communication behaviors within pseudo-public platforms. Jupiter in Aries reinstates that personal freedom is important within any functioning society and must be preserved even when it needs to be fought for. Rather than fall prey to he bold conflict and rashness any movement into this Mars ruled sign is bound to kick up, it would be instead worthy to contemplate upon how nature is a mass interelationship and dialogue of symbiosis amongst a dizzying network of nodes exchanging in interpenetrating ecosystems. When any of these individual nodes loses freedom there is automation and mechanization, which leads downstream to malady and is the robotic heart of the age we’ve lived in post-polis and post-agriculture state. Contemplate drinking a tall glass of orange juice. What is the story of that orange juice going as far back as you can imagine? Contemplate pressing cider from the neglected apple tree in your neighborhood. What is the story of that potential cider? Where has it come from since its biological genesis, and what further potential is there to its continuing story? The trees in the agricultural rows of the industrial orange grove are dealt with collectively. The neighborhood apple tree that could be engaged with to derive cider is approached individually. The connecting tissue when thinking across all fields is orienting to the whole. As planets drift across Aquarius, Pisces and Aries we should spend some time with these dynamics, rather than cue up to take out our places as contenders in the mass argument scheduled to take place on Twitter as it is acquired by todays most celebrity billionaire.

Celia Paul

I’ve been positive on multiple potential dynamics within the Web3 space in the context of locating where the beneficial dynamics of what I’m seeing in the astrology and the cycles of history it relates to might be showing up. This doesn’t mean I’m happy with everything Crypto as a whole; far from it. But, watching systems of collaboration which subvert traditional financial systems and have the potential to merge economies back into ecologies through frictionless peer to peer communication and collaborative organizational innovation, there is something afoot which like the original internet engenders networking tools for autonomous cultural mosaics, especially if you start to stop thinking about what’s moving around as “coins” and currencies” and cease to see the interfaces of accepting and receiving as “wallets”. To consider instead that these exchanges are rather part of a meaningful dialogue, and compliment and form feedback loops with relations between people as well as non-people in your localized environment, the unfurling potentials begin to resemble nutrients distributed through mycelium networks which integrate into root systems of trees that then reach into the sky. Digital exchanges might only be applied where there is a call for them, and then may dissolve and re-emerge on an as needed basis, but as I said, Uranus is acting out in Taurus in an observable way, and if we want to see the things which benefit us, our communities and the ecosystems we are embedded in emerge from said transits, we would benefit by stepping into the archetypes at play even if it is just as thinkers, helping to augment situations we encounter together in our lives. As Saturn in Aquarius still says, go out on a limb to create a hypothetical network for yourselves, and if you don’t you’ll either be assimilated into the expanding mass network or alienated from it until you are destroyed or permanently obscured.

Ed J Kaitz


Venus sextile Pluto: As the month begins, and as we move through the Taurus eclipse significations, Venus’ mood of liberal enjoyment and immersion in fantasy or romanticism floats amidst the context of greater initiatory machinations, the shadows of a dark societal episode, the noir atmosphere of obsessions lurking around corners, the search for an answer and a way through the tunnel. Psychedelic prose beautifully melting through the contours of dystopian sci fi.


Venus ingress Aries: After she enters Aries there is considerable more urgency, spice and directness to desires. We emerge from the long and pleasant bath of Venus in exaltation startled by Uranus’ catalyzing influence on the impulsive eclipse to cut back on the disorientation and focus on the task of advancing at our attractions. As Mars is still very much in Pisces applying to Neptune, the morphing, mutating kaleidoscope doesn’t exactly get all of the Vaseline off the lens, but players in the drama start to pump with blood and dart around more making moves, even if they are the tactical maneuvers of vacation agendas.


Jupiter sextile Pluto: Similar to Venus’ collaboration with the planet of the strange, alien, uncertain, overwhelming and unknown, Jupiter here incorporates into the romantic understanding of holistic coherence the gritty cyber-punk plutochracy dimension of todays reality as a given and finds opportunities in the world at large without pretending shadow government conspiracies don’t exist. A little unsettling, this is likely also an aspect of expansion for such sinister cabals.


Mars sextile Uranus: Things are jangling, there’s energy, the cage is rattling, you’re still dreaming, maybe with a bit of lucidity, so without entering regular reality, experiment with alertness in the imaginal realm.

Sun conjunct Uranus: This means the Sun is moving along in aspect to Mars and will for the next while. You want to radically revolutionize your methodologies and how you lay the ground for what you do, make, enjoy and rely on? Some active imagination could be pivotal in finding the circuitry to get the eureka sign to shock on.


Venus sextile Mercury: Scanning for information and pollinating from the info pools is turning on some challenging individual desires.


Sun sextile Mars (traveling in aspect): As noted above, expect focus, objective and action to be in concert for a while, trying to work out real things from an intuitive and circumambulatory step of momentum.

Waone Interesni Kazki


Mercury stations RX: Oh, maybe theres been some information acquired which requires rethinking, stand by while we all reread what we just read the past couple weeks and sort out what the script says.

Jupiter ingress Aries: The desires which have been burning and itching flowing from intuitive action fantasies and the way they seem to be landing on the ground have led us to understand how we could comprehend a philosophy of our own and begin acting it out to cut away the excess in life and advance closer to opportunities which resonate more exactly with us rather than swimming around in that which is generally beneficial. The ideal of course is if what was most uniquely beneficial for ourselves was exactly what was most beneficial for the whole. Imagine?!


Venus conjunct Chiron: There’s a lot to say about the astrology thats beginning to play out here, how it relates to cycles from several decades ago and how it plays into the next few months and couple years; so much so I’ll have to explain it in detail in a whole other article. I will just begin by explaining here that we should pay close attention to what is going on as Jupiter moves into Aries and Venus conjoins Chiron. There could certainly be the seedlings of what sprouts and proliferates later germinating at this time. This centers around what Chiron has been distributing to our comfort/discomfort surrounding individuality, independence, the weaponization of identity, and so on. This likely also will relate to ways in which we are wounded, emotionally, psychologically, physically and otherwise, and what forms of healing we are attracted to.

Sun square Saturn: Meanwhile the Sun in Venus’ sign, trying to get stuff in order, ground and make some progress, squares Saturn, who as I said has been dispassionately installing collective control mechanisms and challenging us to pioneer space outside of centralized systems.

Sun sextile Neptune: The Sun furthermore is receptive to wider imaginings but also subject to deception and illusion.

South Node Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio : Here is the big purge that comes after the radical incorporations and emergences and moves of the previous Taurus eclipse. There has been one Taurus eclipse in the fall already, so this is like the big excretion from the Dragons Tail while there has been much more banqueting on the end of the Dragon’s Head, steadily biting into new reality. We’re moving into a lot of new territory, what are we having to give up? Likely that which is far too intense, has been traumatizing us for too long and that which we are thoroughly sick of. Still it’s not easy to let go, in fact its a bit excruciating. But we know there could be possibly a lot at stake. With the Sun applying to Algol, we know we’re dealing with dangerous natures, and on the Scorpions stinger we know that the injection of life threatening poisons are not out of the question. Time to finally expel the pollution and toxicity.

JJ Cromer


Mars conjunct Neptune: This is the height of acuteness regarding the admixture of critical tactical and yang expression with hallucination, simulation, synthetic quality, mystical influence, fantasy, hallucination, dream and the generally unreal.


Sun trine Pluto: Not surprising post eclipse our objective vision of things is in harmony with the darkness a, shadows and powers of the initiatory, uncertain, unknown, obscure, frightening and mysterious.


Mercury RX sextile Jupiter: here is an interesting aspect. Mercury’s rethinking of microscopic details and tid bits of data in a collaborative relationship with Jupiters activated philosophy and coherence of individual expression.


Sun ingress Gem: We can see perspective shift encoded above by the rolling of the Sun into the sign of information exchange, polarity, paradox, alternative and optionality.

2:30pm: Inferior Conjunction Gem: Which follows suit to a kind of detailed discovery of something noticed, forgotten, lost and found or delivered subtly, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for insight.


Mercury regress Tau: The investigation returns at this point back to the stuff we were looking at and working with from a few weeks before, physical things and real life matters to more seriously consider.

Sun sextile Jupiter: But in light of that we are still looking at options which suit a growing sense of individuality and independent action.


Venus sextile Saturn: Being attracted to more individualized paths of action, without concern for who likes it or not can be quite comfortable with idiosyncratic territory off the beaten path, on the cutting edge, where exile and alienation are not as much of a concern.

Mars ingress Aries (conjunct Moon): In fact, we might even feel a little fuck you about it all and confident enough to bring it to blows if something stands in our way.


Mercury trine Pluto (stations almost sextile Neptune and square Saturn): Mercury spends the next few days trying to get things in order and ducks in a row and set things straight, but does so pretty harmonized to an uncertain society that is heavily manipulated in a tense clash with the new social and technological authority structures and swimming in illusion and unreal factors flooding the picture. This occurs right on top of Algol so we are staring the primordial beast in the eye so that we are sure it doesn’t suddenly leap and make an attempt on our life. Basically keep watchful over a world that is up to no good.

JJ Cromer


Venus ingress Tau: But, there are still plenty of pleasurable aspects to being in the world. In fact nature is beautiful and sensations abound.


Mars conjunct Jupiter: So might as well rev up the individual engine and wear our hearts on our sleeves and perform our philosophies for the sake of tactically moving ourselves along impulsively and slashing back obstacles in the way particular to ourselves. Essentially, Venus is doing the greening and growing to produce the natural goodness while there’s a hell of a lot of yang flowing through our veins. This looks incredibly invigorating, but of course, the heat is on and various flare ups are assured.


New moon in Gem: Then comes the annual New Moon in Gemini, pivoting off the contexts Mercury was just reading into from late Taurus, and the alternative pathways he Aries planets are eyeing for tactical and personal glory, so off we go forking athletically into various directions which suit us in the spur of the moment. It’s a curious new game. Keep sharp and remember to look before you leap.


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