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The Astrology Of 8/17/20-8/23/20: Chop Consciousness

In any direction beside straight down is infinity. Straight down leads also to infinity but first traverses through the gravitational center of our earth’s sphere and out the opposite side of the planet into an endless space where direction is contextualized very differently than on the terrestrial plane. The Neoplatonists’ and subsequent Gnostics’ conceptualization of the ascending spheres from what they perceived to be presumably dogshit ghosts and slaves up through woman to normal men and male children up through planets and their Angel’s in order of speed becoming more and more objective and less and less subjective until you get beyond the whole problematic mirror world of illusion, out of creation to the indivisible oneness of everything/nothing is a result of urbanization, organization of labor, class division and the construction of multi-storied buildings. The circular, spiraling, snaking, dirt raking, funerary, plant, hunting and star cults of deeper antiquity and the emerging now might share the awareness of an animist cosmology and cyclical world view where the objective and subjective can be both arranged in a spectrum as well as interwoven within one another until dream and reality are on equal standing. From here the Chaldean Oracles can be easily adapted and re-articulated by adjusting the significance of a couple phrases, trash compacting what perspectives might have remained from the job done by the Golden Dawn. It’s not to hard to replace Top dog with simply Eternity and “ascension” through the spheres with maybe a little planetary remediation, and the view of the world as filth and divination as a “toy” with “maybe you might want to ditch the broomstick and wizard hat shtick and expensive incense habit and just get real”— They would do better polemicizing excessive materialism rather than suggest if you are not a full blast ascetic and tapped in to the Father Mind than you are as bad as an animal. I think this is a mixture of the assembling of a doomed paradigm followed by centuries of a poor read. We can and should be more elastic than this; as it’s evident, this bent on spiritual ascension and rising above the base ways of earth led us first into the disasters of dogmatic monotheism and most recently into space program technocracy. Instead of above consider beyond, and back again, perpetual return, around, circumambulate and flow through the membrane, away from here, and back again, coursing a continuum with flora, fauna, tradition, cultural memory, ancestral consciousness, the dead, the daimons, the darkness of the interior, across both manifest and subtle waters, to the firmament and ensouled stars and all the messengers who move about throughout the layers like a fiber optic network and the swarms of spirits that fractalize betwixt the sublunar layers, the movable and fixed stars as belts and girdles worn by the Goddess, who permits access to both mystery and ecstasy and at the gates and divisions of ways which includes waters and graves and the edges of wilds, all realms are traversable if you know from where to obtain a ticket, and from whom. Even light is essentially sound that needs no medium.

Entering this week the Sun is in a trine relationship, harmonized to Mars, both in rulership— Mars in the place of the Sun’s exaltation in Aries and the Sun in Mars’ undisputed decan of Leo, while the golden luminary closes in on a cazimi with Mercury by Monday morning around 11 am. We need not agree with the old system, or even history as its told as this is a collection of hearsay put into writing, the logic of courts and notaries to proof reality into linear sequence, in all its structural mismanagement and corrupted architecture we can if we are so inspired take our blades and plasma torches to the overbuilt junk that comes off the assembly line and make our selves a sexier and more efficient and appealing chopper. Ultimately, rider knows best how the thing should be set up. Intellects sharpen from a merger with the heart and boiling blood can on another layer move the hand toward the artillery or similarly to the tool-belt to take care of business. There is definitely a wake up call going on here to recognize the old adage “work smarter not harder”, as the system is going to fight you on this. It’s simply man vs machine. This isn’t all the storming of the Bastille, even though part of it certainly is, its also a challenge to get your machines tuned up and well oiled and ready for whatever it is they are geared to do, and while you’re in there maybe add a few more gears and mechanisms in the process.

Mercury ingresses his domicile of Virgo on Wednesday followed by the Sun on Saturday so being neck deep, sleeves rolled up and getting our hands dirty in the process will be where we’re at by the end of the week, which could have us back to the drawing board, but not necessarily in a bad way. Let’s fix this thing, let's improve it, let's work behind the scenes on the design, with the midnight oil burning and get the stylus racing the wick, who wins? Lamp Black or Ink? All this time devoted to Sun and summer and fun and getting wet and a little wild has been necessary— we are after all animals, not machines, and the extremely dehumanizing year of 2020 with all its dispassionate demands and intellectual overlays on top of natural behavior can’t completely snuff out our need to resonate and connect with a couple of the primary elemental states of living and being alive, fire and water, warmth and receptive flow, relaxation, nourishment and vital force— otherwise we’d be dead or uploaded entirely into a virtual dimension where we can properly and truly socially distance, at which point our culture dies and us with it, mind body soul terminated, for the sake of the collective.

So yes, some Summer fun might have us refreshed and ready to think and apply some of our cold and calculating capabilities to the problem at hand. Spin the chalk between thumb and forefinger and manifest more than abstraction upon the blackboard— take apart the vacuum and reassemble it in a way that better serves us.

Along the way Venus sextiles Uranus on Tuesday, hours before the New Moon in Leo. Only a sextile, but this is our Values, Aesthetics, Desires, Connectivity collaborating with a wildly changing world, material, touch, method, manifestation, sensory experience, sensuality, creativity, craft, goods, stuff, cycle, pace and rhythm are all being massively disrupted and while these balls are up in the air we have a lot of opportunity to experiment and make crucial discoveries that put us into the cockpit traveling toward new shapes and forms and ways of grounding into the world of things. What do we intuitively enjoy about how the world is in a state of material chaos, what would we love to immerse ourselves in at this dynamic moment in the flow, how can this hot rodded garden plot generate us radical produce and what resources would we need to bring our newfangled nursery to lube it up and release fountains of juice, a conductive fluid that connects what we intuitively, aesthetically, and emotionally desire with what we might physically generate and make real, frankensteining forms into physical existence, along with the memory of methods to produce them.

This goes along quite congruently with the shift into Virgo, as Venus after re-evaluating what she is curious about and what she is attracted to investigating and being confused about socializing and exploring value binaries being retrograde in Mercury's sign of Gemini in the spring and early Summer now swims through Mercury's wake of retrograde in Cancer feeling out how he was rethinking resource supplies and how they impact us emotionally: what we are comfortable with and what we need and want to be ok may have changed and we are exploring those changes and reassessing how to incubate the egg of our joy.

It’s right about then we have some contemplative space to insert ourselves into the moment and shed some light into the mixture. “Ahem”, we check the mic, and in relative silence softly try out our new voice, as someone on a radio channel might with nobody tuned in— yet that is. The frequency stabilizes over the month, and the broadcast reaches a wider audience and words begin to call for action. Amidst the convoluted chaos and monolithic problems, the just around the corner and out of sight manipulation and oppression, the question remains in the night within the day and day within the night, whether in a moment of shade to escape the light and heat or by a candle flame to look and think through the thickness of the dark, who am I, what do I desire, what brings me joy, what do I want? Despite the fact that there are historically heavy themes toppling down upon us, we still won’t even feel willing to paw back out the rubble if we don’t have at least partial answers to these questions. In any mythological cosmogenesis the First-Mover moves first, and it is always desire which catalyzes the action. Eros runs the earth.

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