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The Astrology Of August 2020: Flaming Sword

We need resurrection, as in Phoenix, we need Angels, Micheal in particular, we need the flaming sword and the vanquishing pounce of Micheal from 100 B.C. Thebes to arrive ablaze at dawn in winds that shriek and whistle IAO ABRASAX. We need Lions with the bodies of Serpents, we need Dragons, encircling the sky, peeling away by lightening flash and thunder roll the scroll canvas of corrupt writ and false law. We need healing and health; in truth, in clarity, not pharmaceuticals and more poison, forcing us to perpetually extend our alchemical efforts and thwart our progress in the work. Black Dragon, Green Dragon, Red Dragon. Nothing Is True, Everything Is Permitted. Assume op, assume manipulation, trust no one but yourself and those who have kindled your heart and can make you feel love. The term conspiracy theory was utilized by the CIA in 1967 in document 1035-960; on March 26 2020 Microsoft published a patent for an implantable cryptocurrency system that scans your body data and delivers funds when you exhibit the desired target emotions and facial expressions. Gates was running a full swing Corona virus pandemic drill in NYC in October 2019. Leading up to covid hundreds of the worlds top corporate CEOs quit their jobs and pulled all their money. When the CIA used the term Conspiracy Theory it was to dismiss ideas by the Warren Commission surrounding collaboration in the assassination of Kennedy, working directly with political figures and media contacts.

Around triplicity shifts into Air periods there are typically power grabs to dominate the entire known world which result in the rapid collapse and break up of stable empires. Alexander before the Hellenic period and Alaric at the fall of Rome. It is not useful in the current moment astrologically or otherwise to be dismissive of emerging skepticism to the handful of conventional pandemic narratives. As we might expect there is a paradigm shift occurring as we transition in triplicity epochs from Air to Earth and it is currently pivoting on a technocratic redefinition of population control. We don't even need to necessarily unravel the "plot" until we search out the culprit; as multiple transitions in world power organization are taking place perfectly timed to the astrological clockwork and due to Saturn and Pluto's current Capricornian signatures these are extremely unfriendly to people's freedom and in preference to authority, control and slavery. Moving further into the shift we need to prioritize our own paradigm updates to suit the coming period defined by our own value systems rather than accept any of the compromises or solutions handed to us by authority to "combat the virus" etc. We have the ability to author the version of Air period paradigm as much as anyone else if we choose to actively engage in the process. This is exactly like a person modulating their behavior to best navigate the coming year after an astrological consultation, but on a much broader scale.

Air periods are information ages and the Water periods that follow are theological congealings— Water periods may be religious but Air periods are Mystical, such as Hellenistic astrology, hermeticism, mystery traditions or Greco-Egyptian conjure, Renaissance neoplatonic magic and Byzantine monastic mysticism. We need not to evoke in order to “bind the president”, if you don’t have a lock of hair you’ll be unlikely to have real results and even if you did you are hexing a hydra. Instead we need the wrath of god and the gods and the raising of the dead to weaponize our own world apart rom the already clearly collapsing system. We must not only bark like dogs at the specter of dread but design an alternate world that disintegrates the offerings of authority and establishments that keep us sick, and design with divinity in mind. The world is alive and laced with sentience and agency, every drop of water, every idea, every thought that passes through your mind may as well be personified, has personhood. We need to collaborate with this design rather than construct bolt ons over nature’s way. We need to be radical and unrelenting in our insistence, as there is traction in the coming days for that which has never been before possible. As the Sun passes through his home sign feel the vitality and subtle tracts around which the celestial sways, and get a sense of your own enspirited flesh, and allow for health to be your own and vitality to emerge and shine through you. Feel the touch of the creator, and realize that you are a co-creator in reality. As the Sun moves into Virgo later in the month look at the world, look at all of the grains of sand and the the language of the insects and consider what you can do to improve the functioning of things around you. They will not give us what we want. We give us what we want. There are many of us and a few of them, leading their armed batteries of the possessed against us. We must become the radiant and divine mosaic of overwhelming innovation, multifaceted, and bearing water to quench the thirst of the Gods. This month Deify yourself, and let the God Face speak through you. Speak the Truth, and reveal angels who harken the destruction of the world. Like Scarabs emerging mature from dung we create again from nothingness, like light from the void.

Mercury opposite Pluto

Sun square Uranus

Mercury opposite Saturn

Full Moon in Aquarius

Mars square Jupiter

Mercury ingress Leo

Venus conjunct NN

Venus ingress Cancer

Mercury square Uranus

Mars square Pluto

Sun trine Mars

Mercury trine Mars

Superior conjunction

Venus sextile Uranus

New Moon in Leo

Mercury ingress Virgo

Sun ingress Virgo

Mars square Saturn

Mercury trine Uranus

Venus opposite Jupiter

Venus trine Neptune

Venus opposite Pluto

Mercury opposite Neptune

From Cancer

-Mercury opposite Pluto

-Mercury opposite Saturn

-Venus conjunct NN

-Venus ingress Cancer

-Venus sextile Uranus

-Venus opposite Jupiter

-Venus trine Neptune

-Venus opposite Pluto

The month begins with another installment of the now familiar inspection from the point of view of Cancer directly into the problems lingering in Capricorn, in this case Mercury opposing Pluto on the 1st and Saturn on the 3rd. We’ve recently reexamined our needs and pulled apart a variety of intuitions and feelings about what we might need to grow and generate and organize appropriate resources and support around us, but, there is a very concrete structural issue that still stands in the way of accomplishing the flow we need, and we might find ourselves thinking, once we fix this huge issue we’d like to have everything nice and easy and then we’ll be all set. The big issue that needs fixing is going to be present for a while, and unfortunately we have to begin playing hardball with it in a serious and sober way despite the fact that we don’t know where even to begin or when the overwhelming issues might end. There could be combined themes of identifying what the real problem actually is, making substantial sacrifices to move forward with something that would be more comfortable to do gradually, but that’s just not an option anymore, and simply waiting until there’s more opportunity and less adversity further down the road. The Sun recently checked this space and Venus plans to make it here the last days of August and first of September, which will highlight the same dynamics but from the perspective of values, desires, attractions and connections rather than thoughts, opinions and analysis. The persistent problems of the period traveling through the multiple layers of life and slipping from leaf to leaf within the folio of our being. Since this is an opposition there needs to be applied an essence of balance which could be defined as the classic 2020 compromise. I want and need this but these obstacles and persistent structural problems prevent it. Meanwhile, the entire pyramid having been found faulty from its initiation is being upended and dealt with despite being riddled with haunted tombs and copious curses, we cannot stick our heads in the sand and avoid action altogether, but this doesn’t mean everyone is scripted to have an identical experience and register everything in the same way. There is the personal vs the systematic in a seesaw that needs to find its fulcrum and even though the issues are seriously stacked against us we pause at these points to bring our embodied intuition of what resources nourish our beings in the midst of mass manipulation and structural collapse. This is personal planets opposing outer planets, what do you need in your life contextualized by what the world is doing? This isn’t all a call to abandon yourself to a mass narrative, no matter how valid, virtuous or urgent it might be, if you can’t hold your self together you can’t be helpful, and you can only contribute what is natural to you, its not a matter of funneling your humanity into a rigid format, but bringing your emotional and psychic body to task, for your own sake, as much as or more than for society.

Before Venus’ ingress into Cancer on the 7th she glides across the North Node on the 5th and and possibly gets a surge of dragon’s breath serving to spike our social desires and curiosities into over active before she shifts from chatty and clever Gemini to moody and meaningful Cancer, where she tends to set her sights less on conversation and more on experience. Here she can be epicurean and attracted to foods, moods, ambience, libation, relaxation, peace and pampering. With the Sun in Leo also the most pleasurable thing to do for the time being might be more ocean or lakeside than in the thick of the information flow and touching base with whoever you can think of and catching up on the news. Seeking out both mother nature and our own mothers (as well as the mothers within ourselves) for meals and quality time to recenter ourselves could begin to make more sense. The past several months have been culturally crushing, extremely antisocial, dream destroying, psychically draining, and overloaded with misinformation, and it appears that fall into winter will be as bad or worse, so a few weeks of family feelings and R & R does not sound absurd no matter how drastic the situation is in the streets. It’s not going to cease any time soon. Find your pace and place. Also there is not only one way to participate with the world, check in with your self and find what looks, sounds and feels right to you. Another dynamic that might be swirling around these rocky waters is what actions and reactions are even useful to begin with. There could be value in reflecting on this for these days or weeks.

Venus sextiles Uranus from Cancer to her own domicile of Taurus on the 18th, during the New Moon in Leo just after mid month. We could find while we begin to contemplate how we want to kindle our connection with what we consider authentic and vital our current attractions to more sumptuous life experiences in a time of cultural starvation are willing to collaborate with more radical and disruptive methods than we might have been typically used to.

From Leo

-Sun square Uranus

-Full Moon in Aquarius

-Mercury ingress Leo

-Mercury square Uranus

-Sun trine Mars

-Mercury trine Mars

-Superior conjunction

-New Moon in Leo

As the Sun makes some strides into bright, vibrant, warm, vital, and spirited Leo it comes to square Uranus on August 2nd, Mercury following suit by the 10th, where disruptions to the regular rhythm and fluctuations in the groove can clash with trying to be simply honest, up front and straight forward. How things are normally done no longer applies, despite the massive efforts on the Saturn end to hold down territory and remain in control of the management of the system by the typical, old regime. In truth, its only a matter of time before Saturn leaves Capricorn for good this round and enters Aquarius this December where a whole new regime begins once more to rush in and author society, connecting Winter Solstice to themes present during Spring Equinox, essentially pandemia health authorities as the new policy makers, so if you think the current government is fascist you haven’t even seen anything yet. This also will bring in an intimacy with the innovative new designs which will become available to us in 2021 and the themes of material and market disruption that have been escalating since May of 2018. In 2021 they plan to really pop off, and this Sun Uranus square could give us a preview of exactly what stuff will be getting destabilized as we move further into the theme of extreme extremes. In our own lives we might want to use the productive narrative tension of having the common materials and regular methodologies of our world being in upheaval to our advantage and find ways to experiment with how we radiate truth and righteousness amidst a moment of chaos. Exhibiting generosity during panic buying might make us appear considerably virtuous.

The Full Moon in Aquarius will definitely highlight the polarities of centralization and decentralization as Leo season this year is such a respite from the constant narrative of intensity, even if it isn’t a full break, but a stretch of celebration strewn through the increasing rubble. This Full Moon was initiated from the New Moon in Cancer directly opposite Saturn, where a cycle of new mechanical issues and technical restrictions suddenly emerged from no where. The response at the climax of that two week story, is go out on a limb, get out of our own way, hit the road, try something risky, implementing the idea so crazy it just might work. We’ll find our minds on the fringes and feelings like we need to flee and get out of the spotlight while also trying to keep our sights centered and set on the primary agenda. We might find people evading surveillance while it increases and innovates in its approach, and many might ditch for the time being and end up no where to be found, whether by choice or otherwise. There are times where making yourself scarce is absolutely appropriate. There is a power in no one really knowing where you are or where you are coming from. We need, absolutely to seek new territory, even if it is yet to be charted or authored. This Moon is an excellent opportunity to start connecting with the abundance of Aquarius signatures flooding in just before the New Year. Put some mind and manifestation towards how you would redesign your life and simulate some solutions for society and create the next counter culture. For the sake of being accepted into 2021’s format and beyond it would behoove us all to begin to design what gets installed after the fall, rather than just fight a force that has no plans on moving from their position no matter what. We might be able to simply be able to design around them and render them obsolete more effectively than yell in their faces while all the problems persist. This Moon is for thinking way outside of the box, make note of how you feel, even if that is alienated: why are you in exile? Have you been put there or are you putting yourself at a further distance from the warmth and spirit of human nature on your own, or by someone else’s suggestion?

Mercury ingresses Leo on the 4th and spends about half a Month there, in which time he squares Uranus on the 10th, trine’s Mars just after the Sun on the 17th and then conjoins the Sun for a Superior Conjunction in this trine configuration going cazimi at 11am that morning. There are insights that come down from our higher minds noticing details maybe ordinarily too grand to apprehend , centered around our spirit, energy and orientation, and in direct harmony with our tactics, actions, capabilities, confidence, effectiveness and power. These are pretty much communications over the radio from the base station to us in the field with the intent of issuing our marching orders and approach to the battle ahead. This is an important component of the second half of 2020’s recipe and it would be wise to be in a meditative state to make the most of what is revealed. Our strategies and plans right now are only as good as the tactics we utilize to employ them, and how ready we are to bounce back from challenges and apply appropriate offensive maneuvers. With Mars in Aries we would do well to tune up our approach to action and emerge as our best martial artist, and in this cazimi there may be some hidden messages on how exactly we want to both think about that and implement it. It’s not surprising that we receive a New Moon in Leo the following evening, when these considerations are likely seeded into silent resolve and emerge as a new cycle of manifestation plays out over the next couple weeks. Venus sextiles Uranus that afternoon, so these new truths we are activating in our life and getting ready to be put on display are sown in an atmosphere of needs for the quality of resources and basic things even if accomplished via radical methods in an altered rhythms upon shaking ground. After we’ve quieted down from the avant garde influence of the Full Moon, we might here begin in days growing increasingly grave to find our bravery at last and know what will be the weapon we wield moving forward.

From Aries

-Mars square Jupiter

-Mars square Pluto

-Mars square Saturn

Mars is powerful in Aries, where he will remain until January 6th 2021, so getting well acquainted with whatever your personal martial artist is wont to do is highly recommended, with the intension of becoming more powerful, capable, confident and more efficient from fine tuning whatever you have available, realizing your best game. This is a form of challenging yourself, which if you neglect to do so it's likely Mars will simply bring the challenges to you instead. As Mars spends the month tightening into the first exact square with Saturn in a series on the 24th, we don’t feel one dimension of challenge but two simultaneously, the one that triggers you to fight, or at least overcome an obstacle and the other one that prevents you from acting, at least until you meet all the technical obligations or manage the machinery. There is a lot of potential for industrial type productivity in this configuration, at least until Mars turns retrograde in September, but whether you are being pushed against a wall and expected to perform while weighted down and overburdened, or all amped up and unable to interface, or finding a way to walk the razors edge between sustained application of energy, heat and force over time in a consistent methodical way, you can find more insight on what two layers of life this is most likely to directly be effecting and keep your eyes peeled as we will live with this aspect for the next couple months. It’s harsh, but some tasks just are, not everything is a cake walk. This is contextualized by Saturn’s last few months in Capricorn, so whatever he has been demanding you do since December 17th 2017 and you somehow neglected to do so, you have just a little bit more time to get it done, and this is why we have the gun to our head, there is no more procrastinating, it happens here.

All the caveats apply, be careful, pay attention, stay safe, do good work. This is structural integrity in a tense configuration with efficient action and effective tactical advantage. So concentrate on playing it well and you can get quite a bit out of it, just get your malefic appreciation in order. Although, on the world stage we’ll see the established system of authority and control clashing with the angered and even armed individual. This sounds absolutely familiar, but as we can see by the astrological timeline, the confrontation has only just begun and intensifies into September at which point the Mars end upturns and is forced to expend ten times as much energy to get the same results as before. This is hard to imagine, but with the timelines of lockdown, election and uprising all converging its not hard to picture how tensions could crank up to the point that normally functioning under extreme plutocratic pressure is in itself an extreme and dangerous act. Get your settings correct in August so September through December go as smooth as they possibly can.

Along the way Mars squares both Jupiter and Pluto, which though differ in signification greatly from Saturn, they have been interacting and interrelating for much of 2020, and it would be safe to say simply that 2020 is a Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn story. Pluto is unprecedented, overwhelming, manipulative, shadowed, abducting, a black hole in magnitude and drags us through the underworld experiencing our fears in a state of paranoia and hard mystery. Jupiter is the planet of optimism, coherence, wisdom, expansion and growth, but in Capricorn he is limited to only being helpful in approaching the most laborious foundational changes. It’s the “its even worse than you think” diagnostic that merits a total do over and start with scratch the entire system overhaul.

From Virgo

-Mercury ingress Virgo

-Sun ingress Virgo

-Mercury trine Uranus

-Mercury opposite Neptune

The Sun isn’t the only planet we are going to get in dignity before the intensity crank up of September on. On Wednesday the 19th Mercury enters his domicile of Virgo with the Sun following by the 22nd. Virgo is analytical, into the details, process oriented, improvement motivated, correcting faults so that everything runs smooth and is well engineered. Mercury’s significations in general will be amplified, despite being combust while in his home sign, and having to apply his powers to more behind the scenes or even hermetic applications, such as study and scholarly pursuits, he is in both rulership and exaltation here, so the attention to accuracy after a month concerned with honor and truth will be refreshing in 2020, a year defined by manipulation and misinformation being the dominant paradigm. He’ll be trine Uranus by the 25th, so very much making fine tuning adjustments around the material and market disruptions we have barely yet to see from the lockdown, which has barely yet shown itself to be the absolute disaster that it was, and the randomization to the organic pace of our lives and accounting for variances in the parameters and margins. Although only two days later he opposes Neptune on the 27th, the planet that most harms his operability, and we might find that all of the details we so diligently sorted out are still hopelessly corrupted, and all of everything flows into everything. This might turn out to be a rather important lesson of 2020. You can’t isolate a virus and it is instead the various details underlying health and how our bodies are managed that becomes most important. Whether it’s the larger ecology or the ecology of our body or the two in integrated continuity, it is optimal health we should strive for across all spectrums, as quarantines, contact tracing, masks, border restrictions and all other measures are all ultimately ineffective.

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