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The Astrology of July 2020: Caught In The Works

What did we even like about culture anyway? Why were we connected with anyone at all in the first place and are these relationships we have still working? Or have the others on the opposite of the exchange become dangerously polarized, and are now a part of some kind of collective group think or another? Is there anything outside of the virtual, or are we naked in the world with all our personal aesthetics uploaded or posted elsewhere, away from our bodies or physical space? A space in some places roiling with upheaval, and rightfully so, as the shadows cast into the foundations of all the structures which contain our world have sickened, are infected and the walls need to be demolished then everything reworked from the ground up. The problem is who holds the power to do the designing? —while so much is going on in the darkness and the chasm widens everyday. Serpents of polluted dreams and preprogrammed opinions snake around our social switchboards and lace our dialogues with intentioned inclinations towards information and how it is passed around and cross pollinated. Tongues fork as they speak, then bifurcate and bifurcate and split and split again and again and again. It’s worth looking at your own lingual organ in the mirror every once in a while to check if you're still talking straight or instead you’ve ended up with a knot you didn’t tie that is difficult to loosen and return to a usable shape. Are you repeating phrases you read in memes or lingo that follows hashtags? New aesthetics dance from the flames, quite literally, and under a spell of percentage truths multiplied by exponentials and amplified by billions of echoing voices we follow protocol after protocol without a view of where we are headed only staring at the wall, unaware of the larger landscape, but the wall is a screen and upon it plays out the drama of the world, modulated and cropped and presented in fractions and filtered and the mind frays and the filaments look for somewhere to wrap themselves and return to a weave, and there are only two options and we cleave and cleave and cleave our way away from the end designed to be our enemy and rush into a set of selected boxes shuffling into a shape and nestle into an observable grid and like a nest of vulnerable chicks demand food. As long as we never leave the hospital we can have what is waiting for us and the doctor will contact us remotely and deliver what is safe for us to ingest and if we misuse what we are prescribed we might have just sacrificed our own relative peace and need to contract into a tighter confinement. This seems absurd as the people have leaked onto the streets, and the infrastructure is taking the brunt of it—

—Although if we think back a few months the infrastructure had already initiated its own self destruction, and none of the organizational layer had even been any longer attached to the apparatus. While we do the demolition work for them they are busy initiating their designs for the new and tighter architecture that we are already compliant with despite our near unanimous assumption that the medical industry has our health in their interests at all. Their objectives instead are our disease and death, as usual, this hasn’t changed in this moment of crises, whether the “good ones” like it or not, they work for big pharma, this should remind you of what you think about “good cops”. They are not trained to keep us healthy, but to react to symptoms of sickness. Beginning back in the renaissance and premodern period operating theaters where the forefathers of western medicine taught themselves about the human body by dissecting corpses, while actively erasing the West’s holistic knowledge systems about living beings integrated in their own ecologies as merely bygone superstition, considered as detestable as the forms of healthways of the peoples off continent that they were coming to colonize. Newsflash: Trump is an actor, social media is mind control, covid is a planned data disaster, quarantine is population control, vaccinations are genetic engineering, contact tracing is policing, and the medical industry needs to be abolished as much as the cops, and this includes all of academia as we know it so after the precincts are uprooted its time to turn on the hospitals and universities. —(Obviously, though an actor he is still president, whatever that means at this point, and obviously though probably some sort of legitimate illness most of the information is totally corrupt which means the behavioral conclusions we draw from it and the governance these mathematical projections spawn is all very wrong, weaponized against us and very destructive)— We need altogether new designs, and mosaics of dynamic, multipolar and autonomous distribution networks, not overarching hierarchies and industrialized systems. Collectivism is as dangerous as individualism in their purest and most polarized forms. Autonomous cooperation finds the middle between total freedom and investment in others and involves compromise, but it’s the only avenue that won’t swallow us into a fascistic format. Subcultures have been doing it for several decades. If you’ve been a part of an underground you have a skill set already more valuable than doctors suggestions amplified to extreme distortion by twitter. We need to be listening to the holistic health leaders in our communities, not vaccination barons and people who sit on senate and control the “pharmaceutical stockpile” (literally, come the fuck on). I didn’t mention planets yet but I assure you this is this months astrology and beyond, it fits like a glove. Five planets were retrograde in June, we’ve had some time to reconsider a lot of things. Now Mars is in Aries, the alarm is on, and will remain on for over six months, at which point we won’t even be in the same society anymore. Wake up.

Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn and being imprisoned by Pluto and Saturn, it’s extremely difficult to get perspective and see the whole picture, and what’s available is mostly the conservative format under various disguise. But there is real information out there you can get even if you have to dig harder, and none of it is on twitter and none of it is on any conventional news. The repeated phrases “these are uncertain times”, “we can’t really know what is going on” and “beware anyone who thinks they know what is going on” are dangerous. It’s a purely anti-intellectual plant; i.e. don’t trust anyone who has been actively informing themselves, instead stick with the consensus line of your preferred party. No. Break out of it. It’s just too bad being wise is a lot of work right now. Mars is in Aries, start breaking a sweat.

Pluto is extremely prominent right now and Saturn is switching signs and a new era is setting up and with it an altogether new society. Let’s absolutely assure racial equality, along with all other forms, but in the process let’s not fall into the other trap that has already been carefully set and has almost everyone out there absolutely convinced. It’s true there is no going back to normal, but we need to design ourselves what normal means for us moving forward, not automatically agree to the formatted normal we are being offered us from the exact same sickos who built the prior prisons and polluted our bodies, minds and world. Pandemia doesn’t end unless we end it ourselves, and end it by improving our health, the health of our neighbors, the health of our communities, the health of our cultures, the health of ecologies, the health of our spirits and souls. Repeat: western medicine is deeply sick, science is deeply sick, and they are both 100% owned by the same people who own the prisons and the police; they don’t always have our health and safety in mind. Jupiter is in Capricorn, we have to rebuild the whole thing from the ground up, its a lot of work, but if we are diligent in our resistance, and this includes resistance to the pressure of collective manipulation, we get to build the world we want and not them. I can assure you, most of your friends are currently brainwashed, so care for each other more than ever but continue to think for yourself. We need dialogue and culture not society and protocol formats.

Hermes Journey: Cynocephalic Psychopomps

Jupiter’s conjunction with Pluto contextualizes the beginning of the month so gaining coherence on where we are at in the depth of tunneling through societal collapse, heavy handed ops, geopolitical meddling and the struggle to abolish long standing oppression frames July’s opening. Mercury accomplishes cazimi with the Sun not long before the calendar clock strikes midnight July 1st so we cross into the month with something realized or remembered or found beneath a rock and in a crack somewhere that reminds us of what our most basic needs might be, in a way that we can not just think it through but also get a feel for it physically and philosophically. A dialogue with your body, your past self, your dead, and even a dog headed psychopomp could be beneficial here, as we need to remind ourselves reality is still operating at a variety of levels at once no matter where algorithms direct our attention, the spirits are talking to and through us and the way we realize the point they are pressing is by touching in to our bodies and listening to what they tell us. This could be a craving for a food, assuaging an anxiety or experiencing a subtle Deja vu. We’re listening and trying to get a solid sagacity set down to form our philosophical groundwork in deep mystery and profound unknowns while Jupiter is conjunct Pluto. There’s a blackhole sucking in and annihilating our known world. Contemplate the void.

Mercury in retrograde motion in Cancer squares Mars strong in Aries on July 8th, one of two squares this month between our intellects and analytical minds trying to express our confused emotions and our conflict response and crisis tactics engaged and in a mood to fight, the second being on July 27th after Mercury turns turns direct and exits retrograde shadow, so whatever topics cause us to go from stirred emotions to possible attack, early in the month may return with more clarity later on at least on a personal level, but as the second square occurs with Venus and Jupiter aspecting Neptune and the Moon in a Mars ruled sign opposing Uranus, general confusion, and likely mass hysteria contextualizes the second attack on what we think we need and what we have to say about it.

Mercury stations direct on July 11th, at which point whatever corrections to our emotional grocery list will be largely realized and processing and communicating to a degree stabilizes, but only in the more general atmosphere of doom, hype, and manipulation at unnecessary levels. With tempers on hot and social functions extra sensitive we may find ourselves suddenly embroiled in tender disputes and under a set of polarized media tuned values the cruel and senseless bullying behavior shedding off the sides of at least some more positive ideas and expressions will splash and sizzle all over the place. We’ll have to try to channel much of this energy into conflict remediation rather than playground disputes and injured feelings. Steam can be quite dangerous when applied aggressively.

Mercury exits combustion on the twelfth as our minds head for the surface with what impressions we’ve retrieved from the forgotten and unknown, with Jupiter expanding detective like Pluto, this investigation is likely to unearth even more mystery than we ever realized could be hidden under a rock, or in our own pantries. By the 26th Mercury’s out of shadow, followed by Venus on the 29th, at which point fresh thinking and new desires and attractions and expressions can begin to roll in, and the past couple months of referencing constantly back to a few weeks before on the timeline come to a close and we can shift at least some of our focus to new things. Within a year that has plot twists as big as 2020, we might ask, well what does this mean? Either way, we’ll be thankful for some moving on and along with whatever in our personal lives has been spinning in place since mid May.

Lunar Eclipse: Final Extraction

Just past midnight on Sunday July 5th we receive a slight Lunar Eclipse on the South Node in Capricorn. When we get one Total eclipse on one end we often get two slight eclipses on the other end instead of the typical one of each every six months pattern. These slight eclipses are often a bit negligible, although, in ramped up 2020 we should look more carefully, as, personal anecdote, but the last slight eclipse in Sagittarius on June 5th brought Trump 35 minutes away from my house and the image of the V22 Osprey tactical helicopters rising over the horizon will forever be burned into my eyes. With Saturn recently rejoining the party in Capricorn along with Jupiter and Pluto this eclipse is nothing to sneeze at. This is the final installment of structural pruning and dismantling from the past 18 month cycle. What brought us Marie Kondo in somewhat simpler times is this same South Node eclipse series in action. What can and needs to be removed of the over built and outdated systems around us so we can get what we really need, and in the context of the South Node actually being in Sagittarius now, what dreams might we have to refine so the target is clearer and we can properly inform ourselves and multitask around reaching our ultimate holy grail rather than a grab bag of lesser goals. When cleaning out your infrastructural clutter maybe since all the music venues worldwide are shutdown the guitar goes along with the dream of rock stardom, but maybe the archery equipment remains, as hunting for your own food might soon become a necessity. Just an example.

The New Moon in Cancer on July 20th effectively ends eclipse season, and with the portals of incarnation and excarnation sealed mostly shut for the time being, the turbulent winds of expedited storylines (think everything that has happened since June 5th, yeah exactly) can finally settle a bit down to regular reality pace. Although, this closing of the eclipse gate swings with a snap, as the lunation almost exactly opposes Saturn newly returned to Capricorn. A little moment of silence to contemplate the flow of resources and who has not enough while others have too much being bared down upon by the inflexible management of an oppressive plutocracy sounds very apt and quite fucking literal already. Prepare for more of that later in the month, not surprising.

Saturn’s return to Capricorn will probably have some compound effects. For one, Saturn entering Capricorn puts both malefics in a sign based square until the end of December. The tension is on, and there is absolutely going to be an escalation of the clash between the individual and the system, as well as what we are trying to do and what barriers are in place to prevent our actions. On a personal level we might want to convert this to industriousness and apply the action over time repeatedly model for self improvement and general productivity, otherwise we might end up facing an exhausting onslaught of challenges we did not choose. We might still have our systems set up for the old normal and there is likely some final dismantling necessary if these life architectures are going to accept new frameworks as they become available. Like maybe the old car project in the back yard needs to go and garden plots need to be made. This is the labor component of what the July Lunar Eclipse also speaks to.

Otherwise, besides that authorities are about to amp up suppression and further militarize their presence and borders are going to be major disputes and so on, there may be along with Saturn in his sign of history and what’s built over time and so on that there is a sense of returning to the old framework and the age old pattern over the Summer, that will be once again blown away like sand castles by Winter Solstice. While a lot of people lose themselves into escapist summer fantasies of classic cars and ice cream and other vacation traditions, while others face off in the streets with the cops, and others consolidate around last ditch efforts of conservative agendas. This six month square with Mars is also perfect signifiers for the War On The Monuments, which is definitely already in full spring, while there are plenty of more statues with a hit out on their heads, as well as other foundational components of our world we might not have expected to see overturned. Whatever is not chained down is likely to get flipped between now and January, and whatever is chained down is likely to get its links smashed open. Although, starting this July we are way more likely to see people chewed up by the machine for doing so, so the mostly unbelievable momentum of the uprisings up till now is likely to face more oppositions that prior moving into the summer season as the systems will be less willing to budge than even before, only serving to make the people all the more enraged.

Chiron: Trigger Happy

I normally don’t announce every aspect to Chiron, but this Month with the ruler of the house, Mars in Aries, aggressively applying to the planetoid of woundedness, healing, and tripping out about something in general, and three other planets making notable aspects throughout July, it is definitely one of the major themes. We hear a lot about the metaphors of Chiron to his mythical counterpart and teaching healing and becoming mortal by being wounded to help Hercules etc. etc., and a lot is written about our core wounds and the process of healing them, but what does this mean in reality. Sometimes actual physical wounds will come up in Chiron transits, and with the planet of fire and knives approaching him with a lot of power revving him up it is worrisome. Although, most often in transits I see Chiron address trips we have and carry around, like sore spots in our psyche, things we recoil from instinctually, like phobias, things that make us feel uncomfortable, like stage fright. Typically these are houses of cards, when they are triggered, such as when we are pushed onto the stage we often do fine, and end up even getting an applause, afterwhich we might think, why whas I so afraid of that all these years it was nothing, at which point we go from the wounded to the healer, and we can identify when someone else is suffering from something we relate with and can speak to it and help them get over it. Although with Mars right on top of Chiron this whole month we might experience this dynamic with the absolute least amount of tact and the most amount of aggressive button pushing and intentional triggering and then retaliation from being triggered.

Mercury squares Chiron on the 1st just out of cazimi with the Sun while they both sextile Uranus and Saturn sneaks back into Capricorn. This looks like a world event drop to me, typical of clusters of aspects around an ingress. Volatilized life rhythms, material patterns disrupted, the weight of suddenly slamming shut draw bridge amidst ongoing uprisings and unsure voices clashing with old wounds being rapidly triggered sounds very convoluted and it is. We half to remember to prioritize caring for one another as we move through this.

Venus sextiles Chiron on the 10th of July, here a supportive aspect following the messy, dispassionate and turbulent collection of things that roll in from the 1st of the month, and even though Mars is zeroing in to the nerve over time, there is some creative and aesthetic collaboration with the healing process being expressed nearing mid month. With Venus in Gemini navigating out of retrograde shadow there could be some desire to talk it out and even wear it out and display it in public in a fashion sense. Mars conjoins Chiron on the 14th, pretty much simultaneously as the Sun opposes Jupiter, and the dreaded chord is struck, the red button pushed, the trigger pulled, the phobia agitated and the wound enflamed as we look from our own sensitivity directly at the foundational problems beneath everything as they are unearthed and we become aware of how much we actually have to do to fix the problem. By the final day of July the Sun trines Chiron and after having had a chance to get our fears felt and faced we begin to feel much more in harmony with the healing process, and though it might have set off some acute alarms initially it is likely that after the heart gets racing and the blood pumping we end up raising our vitality generally and our spirits lift as we gain perspective on something we had been ignoring for too long.

Neptune: Inspired Escapism

Neptune has played quite a role in 2020 already, collaborating with geopolitical meddling and societal shadow moves to bathe them all in a cloud of deceitful delusion and misinformation, then sending everyone promptly into a multi month netflix and wine dreamland followed by an eruption of bifurcating binaries of shallow concepts to buzz about in a quantum foam rather than explore any real information. Neptune persists in assisting us throughout July, and maybe in a more helpful modality than previously we might hope. Neptune is probably most problematic for Mercury, who had been in conjunction with in February and March and then square with in May, and only here touching one another by trine on July 30th, where Mercury’s considerations of overflowing resources are harmonious with fantasies of no boundaries or limits to the imagination. Earlier in the sequence the Sun trine’s Neptune on July 12th and sets his sights on basically the same dynamic, so fantasization and idealism in regards to who has what and how much and how much is needed where and believing we can get the cornucopia to overflow will be a theme of the month. Jupiter sextiles Neptune on the 27th while simultaneously Venus makes her square to the planet of delusion, intoxication, imagination and deceit. This is also the same day Mercury makes the second square to Mars. July might order up quite a bit of escapism, which might reflect itself into the summer escapades that really should not be missed, even if they are indulging into the idea that everything is going to be ok and tomorrow will be more like yesterday than today, while meanwhile ideals and expectations for what we can win from the regime in power over inflate themselves from performative victories and media displays. But our emotions are conflicted amongst the fun and false sense of victory while bullets fly and hatchets gleam. We need to engage in imagination and bring a much higher saturation of fantasy into the picture and up the signal of revelry in this extremely desiccated time, and that might mean weaponizing our fashions in a Dionysian direction, as well as initiating ourselves deeply into the mysteries so that we cary these ancient wisdoms over into the new culture to come. We need our optimism and even our utopian imaginations need to be in tact for us to design a world that escapes the downfalls of the one which we’ve ridden careening into this crash. We need to hear the suggestions of entheogenic allies, and we need romance and mysticism to infuse our pleasure centers and lace our discussions and guide our investigations— but we need all this in measure and mix with rigor and the solidity of content rather than wasting our breath on ephemera. What fantasies and dreams and imaginings topple false masters while also turning our streets into an electrified trance party? The Roman senate was very suspicious of the Dionysian bacchanals and suppressed them in a way that was a form of ancient social distancing, limiting the number of groups and how many women could be present in each group compared to men. Divine and inspired madness is in direct opposition to the empire. You can make your escapism a direct expression of wild resistance, it doesn’t have to be all TV series binge.

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