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The Astrology of 6/22/20-6/28/20: Lubrication and Tuning

As we have in the past few days experienced a Total Solar Eclipse in the first degree of Cancer and Mercury’s retrograde station not far ahead in the same sign that which supports the most basic human needs, keeps us safe and supports our development are all absolutely on the table in a rather extreme way, as performative or not, policy makers are being swayed by the demands of the people who will not withdraw their presence from the streets, and triggering reconsiderations of how massive amounts of resources flow and who gets what. That Mercury is moving backwards in Cancer editing the resource budget quite literally in the Crab’s sign, the North Node was just over the sign border in his sign of Gemini when the eclipse occurred, tying the themes closely together across multiple modalities. The Gemini heavy past month has absolutely raised the roll of social media, social contact in general, and how we move around information socially all to the forefront, a primary example among many in a multilayered concept is the meddling teenage Tik Tok pulled off to the Tulsa rally; as the North Node increases and makes more extreme and the Twins sign is certainly a trickstery and clever territory and we saw land right on the eclipse date hijinks of inflated numbers. Swollen number con’s are an extremely heavy signature of 2020 already, something that Saturn in Aquarius is susceptible to, being more than willing to proceed with experimental data and info hot takes without a second thought. This is something we’ll spend until 2023 trying to get right rather than derailing the entire world every-time data goes viral. Mercury retrogrades tend to reference back to themselves, so February and March’s Mercury retrograde brush with Neptune and the last episode of enormous number overestimation draws parallels of how poorly we make infrastructure choices when the data is grossly over estimated, with several signatures of deceit, conspiracy and manipulation threading together in late winter and early spring. This is also interesting as Neptune stations retrograde on Monday the 22nd at 8pm, and as the tides of collective delusion shift we can begin to reflect on our recent bad trips and start to see if we can make use of what they taught us. The scrap pile may have looked like a threatening monster in the throws of hallucination but now we might recognize that it is merely something to organize around practically to get it sorted and out the door; although, it doesn’t mean we didn’t learn something on a subtle layer about all the

interconnections surrounding it while our extra sensory systems were turned up to high saturation.

Personal anecdote appropriate for highly subjective Cancer episode beginning to unfold with a bang: Over the two days of the eclipse I ordered some high abrasion resistant clothing for wearing while riding a motorcycle— I distributed some of my personal funds toward something that could protect my physical body, a soft and fleshy thing, from being harmed in an extreme and unfortunate situation. This is a good example of what happens on the macro level, we might be deciding as a society to give less money to the police and more to social services, and in other ways we are wondering how we can care for ourselves and each other and nurture what is precious, in the context of extremes and in an extreme world. I’m also deciding to donate a percentage of my income to support BIPOC incentives, which is something in the contemporary moment that spans the macro significations and the micro: we are being called personally to enter the world stage and act. This is an effect of years where notable eclipses, ingresses and aspects occur on solstices and equinoxes, they are momentous and un-ignorable, which contextualizes massive shifts like the current one from Earth into Air triplicity. When we ALL participate everything changes.

Venus stations direct on Wednesday, Mercury’s day in Mercury’s sign, which for anyone with a regular art practice is going to be a relief, not to mention for all of us who enjoy food, have sex, wear clothing, and upkeep relationships. Having both benefics in compromised positions has made for quite the grind with little lubrication, and though the juice that might be beginning to flow back into the mechanism this week is likely to be a little emotionally confusing for us we’ll likely have more of a handle on what we’d like to move towards and connect with in this time of drastic and dramatic value rearrangement. With tender new beginnings in how we communicate, we can now start to seek satisfaction and experience pleasure and incorporate personal aesthetics and plug back into love, even if its more than a little awkward. This occurs nearly trine to Saturn, which suggests that we are beginning to relate with the radical innovations and drastic designs which have permeated our society since the Vernal Equinox, and we can center ourselves, as well as our desires and attractions somewhat more successfully around the “new normal”. This doesn’t mean following along with protocol narratives from authorities or even from social pressuring apparatuses, but being more vocal and creatively participatory involving ourselves in the design process and communication of what experiments we would collectively like to go out on a limb and try out. This is the period in which to initiate creative experimental engineering and communicate clever countercultural concepts and come together to get off on the mental stimulation and intellectual excitement which we might get buzzing about and bond with one another through cross-pollination of many curious perspectives.

On Saturday Mars ingresses Aries and perhaps as a result of some illusion being lifted, some connection coming back, some lubrication injected into social affairs, we get in a mode to take action and initiate new agendas and confront some real enemies and obstacles as Mars ingresses Aries, where he will be until January. Mars will sextile Saturn in early Aquarius the same day, and we might be collecting our ideas about these new designs being laid out and readying themselves for implementation and say ok lets go lets do this shit. This begins a long six month seasonal sequence of fine tuning our effectiveness, training ourselves to be sharper and more focused, converting our tendencies to engender distraction into abilities to react and respond and cut down critical issues as they arise before us in the moment. We might be taking on new projects, working our bodies, training our minds, or all of the above, but it will be highly beneficial to martial arts yourself over the next few months so when Mars turns retrograde in the fall and things get hairy we are up to par of not in the best shape to deal with situations from whatever condition we are currently in and move through whatever gets thrown at us.

We get a supportive aspect with Saturn from the initiation of this much longer and problematic sequence which can start us off on the right foot. The world is in quite a few complicated situations at once right now. There is work to do, both personally and on the large scale. We’ve got to bring our A game, which in this case means Aries; if you’ve ever wanted an excuse to get faster, stronger, more focused and more effective on any level or layer of life, this is it. The fall’s astrology looks extremely adversarial. The Mars in Aries retrograde station square to Saturn in Capricorn direct square in September looks literally like the individual versus the system in a final showdown. The world will be difficult to navigate. The time to start invoking your inner Sarah Conner archetype begins now. We know there is major shifts following the fall directly into Jupiter ingress Aquarius and conjoining Saturn on Summer solstice. There is a new world that will need to be designed after the conflict which lands o both a bullshit election in September precisely when we are promised a ‘second wave’ and subsequent lockdown. There will be a lot to resist, and a society to literally dismantle. Let’s get good for it.

Also, stay safe this coming weekend. Mars’ ingress is likely to throw out some alarming significations so be aware of your surroundings. We’re in eclipse season until the next regular lunation clear of the nodes, which isn’t technically until late July, so keep your wits about you.

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