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The Astrology of 6/8/20-6/14/20: Fighting All With Everything

In a year marked by ingresses, eclipses and stations upon equinoxes and solstices the volumes of transits are turned up several notches and more leverage for change accompanies their actions. The archetypes arrive, speak up and do things. When a year like this arrives with a prominent threshold cross also in the mixture, we see even more rarified and pivotal activity cueing up. The passage into eclipse season with the nodes having recently changed signs and a dramatic Total Solar Eclipse on Summer Solstice traveling over Africa and India certainly ushered in and triggered expected narratives lying in wait within the passage of slow moving outer planets. We can point at more routine movements, like Mars’ through Pisces, a regular period of his cycle, but in the context of the celestial concert we get mass action, an uprising of the whole world, and one born of compassion, but compassion fired up in anger. We don’t predicted mass uprisings and the whole world in revolt every time Mars arcs through the Fishes’ sign, but in 2020 in the context of epoch shifts that cause empires to fall and hierarchies to collapse we might crank the significations of any transit beyond max.

On Monday with the Moon now waning in Capricorn passing over Jupiter and Pluto then switching into Aquarius and feeling out Saturn we get a chance to reflect over what hard realizations have occurred to us over the past few weeks, how we have to begin once again at the very foundations of society and rebuild it from the ground up. Jupiter’s Winter Solstice conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius certainly tells us altogether new systems will be innovated and designed with the intention of being an improvement upon what is being left behind. The Moon then immerses herself in the fear and darkness permeating the moment. Both the unknown, the “uncertainty” everyone has been speaking of for the past few months, and the fear of untrustworthy authorities, imposters in our midst, and surveillance from the system. Face these fears, feel them, recognize what they are like and learn to deal with their awareness in your body. It’s not a time to look away but to acclimate, rest and ready to march on.

Once the Moon makes it to Aquarius from late Monday until early Thursday there is opportunity to reflect upon innovation, collectivism, hypothesis, conceptual frameworks, abstract ideas stirred up from the bast couple months rapid changes to the fabric of life and begin brainstorming the radical new world you would like to see emerge in 2021. This is very important. Get a notebook or start a text document and begin to just sketch out your ideas and then network with your friends to create communication alliances and see if you can roll any of these forward thinking architectures into action. This is absolutely what needs to happen now as the shift into Air triplicity will be looking to fill some sails and install some structures into tomorrow, but if we wait around for them to show up we will get the ones authored at the top and be completely imprisoned within something oppressive.

The Moon moves into Pisces on Thursday where she will start applying to Mars who will be applying to Neptune. The Sun square’s Neptune from Gemini Thursday around sunrise and Mars conjoins Neptune by Saturday mid morning. I have already heard of many mass magic movements mobilizing to assist in the uprisings and propel the momentum of the movement on while also evading the authorities and cursing the cops. The accumulation of mystical tactics along with dreams of fighting for the future and fantasizing the people all in concert against oppression all fit in here. As does the dissolve of energy from weeks of unrest and protest. Unfortunately, another signification might be mass infiltration and also attempts to dilute the tactical effectiveness of the whole. With mutable hard aspects and malefics in watery Pisces who’s ruler is currently in fall conjunct Pluto we can say that where we are headed is certainly not straight forward. We are a tidal wave of direct action flooding the streets, and in only a couple weeks we will be individuals gearing up to tighten our game and gain tactical advantage. Between now and then we must gather our thoughts and emotions, care for one and all, support each other, operate out of compassion, from our essences, from what it means to be alive, while trying to be aware of running out of steam as well as getting lost in fantasies; keep it real, look at what is actually going on, not only what appears to be. The media is polluted, all of it. The only thing that is true is what you know from your basic experience and personal engagement with the ecosystem and environment and people of the world you are immersed in. By the end of June we begin training as martial artists. This week we call upon our magical means to effect change en mass.

The Moon does explore Aries as the week ends out. Reflect Saturday night and Sunday on how you’ve been effective, capable and stood up to obstacles before in your life; assess your tactical strengths and capabilities and consider what training you would like to incorporate for the fight ahead.

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