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The Astrology Of June 2020: Wanting What's Necessary

DISCLAIMER: I wrote the following forecast right before events broke out in Minneapolis and there are notes throughout which comment on this fact. For some context about what is currently going on I suggest reading articles I wrote a couple months ago about the shift from Earth to Air triplicity Epochs which we are currently undergoing, here and here.

Basically the narratives of hierarchy, resource exploitation, territory control, border defense, systematic capitalism, industrial incarceration and rationalist materialism generally are going to rapidly fall and be replaced with decentralized information networks and mutating multipolar governance geared toward increased mobility, collectivist cooperatives and rapid exchange. It will be deeply satisfying to see the structures of oppression fall, but we have to be extremely careful that the same old players don't pick up the live wires and manipulate them into new forms as we make the transition. This largely has to do with which form of collectivism we are engaging with. Saturn is in Aquarius, and this is where the main action of this piece of the transition pivots- last time was Rodney King and the LA Riots, the time before that was the Civil Rights Movement, before that was the Nazi's rise to power while America climbed out of the Great Depression in the New Deal economy. We can see we are in patterns that address racial inequality and the distribution of the collective sentiment. With Covid also going on simultaneously with uprisings that demand an end to racism but also address how Capitalism is racist at its core, we must be extremely careful of which version of collectivism we find ourselves in. We've seen over the past few days fortunately way more ability of the collective voice on social media platforms to be able to listen deeply and pay attention and correct misinformation quickly versus policing each other and playing into the systems division tactics to keep us in various camps bickering with each other. We need to be aware of this. In Saturn in Aquarius the collective often becomes the oppressor- they will try to take advantage of that whether or not they know their astrology. The primary thing we must remember in the astrology moving forward is we want to continually support each other, network with each other, be aware of one another, stay informed and listen to what we are saying and seek clarity over prescribed agendas. Things will get tricky and sticky. Keep your head clear. We are fighting police now, not trying to become a kind of police ourselves.

Saturn's conjunction with Pluto which brought us gold currency in the 1200s and the African slave trade in 1518 occurred for the first time since the renaissance in January this year. We might expect these themes of systematic violence of black bodies, human bondage (global pandemic lockdown), monetized exploitation and geopolitical meddling all to rear their head prominently. Although as this occurred in an Earth sign and we are very prominently switching from a 200 year Earth period to a 200 year Air period, they might be coming up so that they can be finally and properly closed. We must work toward this. Jupiter is also in Capricorn, a 12 year recession cycle, and one that also brings pandemic alerts, which have been forms of manipulation such as H1N1 in 2008, who's element of media scare and pharmaceutical fraud has already been exposed. Question everything about what you are told about Covid from every perspective, not just your preferred one.

We have prominent ingresses, stations, and eclipses on all the solstices and equinoxes this year, which is an ancient marker of a year of major upheaval and change, which we already know to be the case from the Jupiter-Saturn cycle. The Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer on the North Node on Summer Solstice is already making itself known, as well as the slight Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on June 5th. The volume is turned very loud right now on the regular astrological transits, such as an abundance of activity spanning Gemini and Cancer. We are more in the macrocosmic scale than the microcosmic, and our lives are pulled onto the world stage. Polarities of identity, mass social media flooding, and the total orientation with what are the most primary and basic needs of safety and support for living bodies are all on the table in the most overt way. We cannot turn away any longer. The system is falling. We know why. We know who is responsible. And we know information exchanging multipolar networks of more localized governance is preferred by the stars.

Lastly, Mars will turn retrograde in his rulership of Aries tightly square to Saturn stationing direct in his rulership of Capricorn in September for a month straight. Whatever we are seeing now of an uprising we might expect greatly multiplied in both size and intensity in the fall surrounding the election. We must keep this in mind. Our stamina, well being and mutual support must be all kept in mind. We can't let them exhaust us before it's over. Please consider what ways of thinking and organizing ourselves along these Air Epoch modalities we can implement to make us as effective as possible with least amount of wear and tear on our bodies and energy and effectiveness. September will be a battle of the Individual vs the System, people vs the military, and will have everything to do with managing our energy so we have the ability to strike while the iron is hot and not push walls we cannot overcome and wasting our strength. This is why our ability to network and be informed and be outside of algorithmic influence and unsurveillanced is crucial. Our clarity, awareness, communication, and ability to be mobile uncontainable and everywhere at once, shifting at ready is what will get us through. We must permeate and disintegrate, sweeping away the system as if we are wind and it is sand.


Venus Retrograde

June continues the Venus retrograde, but brings us to the point on the plot where she has gone invisible and dives beneath the manifest layer of life to encounter her purification. We might feel there is just less love and pleasure available, at least in a straightforward form, and our desires and attractions and even aesthetics are being tested, internally as well as externally. But in that moment of syncing up with the Sun we see a secret window into our pleasure center and gain some insight into what is the precious thread we wish to pull apart from the ugly braid into which it is woven. We may not want all of what our hearts bled for but there is a seed form within the cycle which can be situated into the center of our crowns, and lead us toward what satisfies us and connects us with what we yearn for, whether that is creative, sensual, aesthetic, artistic, erotic, romantic, social, luxurious or otherwise. We might attempt to go without what we truly desire for things which are more practical, but in fact Aphrodite is the one who makes even Zeus go mad with lust, and instigates the drama and tension which animates the universe. It is she that ultimately rules the world. Above all, our lusts and desires run the show, and suppress them only to face eventual ruination. On the other side of the same coin, Venus retrogrades show us how we might mishandle ourselves in the face of these same seductions, and lose whole swaths of our selves in the process. This is the skin shedding we must do to aline our desires with our objectives; it’s not always a pretty process. Pay attention June 3rd for some quiet keys into how we might get our sights set upon what we most love and adjust our life to drive us there rather than somewhere else. Take notes on what adjustments you feel you should make after Venus turns direct and stables herself by June 24th.

On the way into the heart of this purification by fire Mars squares Venus adding some marked tension to the equation. Although, this is emotional excitement and dramatic agitation swirling in the inversions of normal consensus discourse with our pleasure for social interaction and love of information exchange inverted. The waters are poisoned, our emotions are volatized, our compassion is being turned against us, we don’t know who we like or love or appreciate anymore, we are socially divided where we used to be socially connected, the conflict is distributed to everyone everywhere all at once, there’s no escaping it, no one to aim at so we lash out instead everywhere at once— Mars making his way to squares with Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, and passing Neptune on the route reminds us that we have been manipulated from the start, but with the all pervasiveness of adversarial binaries we don’t just lose our sights on if we are even going up against what we intended to, we threaten to lose our actual allies in the process. Such heaviness in Gemini and a South Node in Sagittarius means we have to get used to being clever enough at juggling more than two balls at once, as being pivoted upon between two opposite ends of the spectrum means we get played the pawn either way. The Sun squares Mars and then Neptune shortly after, followed by Mars’ conjunction with Neptune. There’s a lot of information out there flying around right now, but a great deal of it is intentionally weaponized attacks on our clarity, coherence and sanity, and we have to make rather extreme efforts to read between the lines. Remember, if you are making your statements public, they are being analyzed and your sentiments are being turned back at your demographic in a manipulated form. What seemed like a solid stance yesterday is playing right into their hands tomorrow. Within this Venus retrograde where many of us are losing friends over night because the division tactics are working well and we are completely convinced we can’t connect socially except over surveillanced media platforms and certainly not congregate in public space due to what “authorities” advise, we might want to try and remember who we really care about beyond media hype and an onslaught of manipulative misinformation which is convenient for plutocratic power moves. Whether ours or anyone’s health is involved, that's not the only issue, these manipulation themes are right there in the astrology— it’s not simply an unpopular opinion, from the firmament down, we’re being played.

Venus stations direct by the end of the month and stabalizes herself some to walk through the shadow of a complicated period of re-evaluating what we even like about socializing and engaging with media and information and investigating everything and exchanging ideas. This stabilization is good, we need as much as we can get of our hearts in the right place, and as she becomes oriental in the process and rises before the Sun she will be a bit more proactive for the next period as she gets some distance from combustion and involves our true desires more increasingly in our decision making process. Although we must remember, that she stations close to trine Saturn in Aquarius, and though this is good for being a harmonious aspect, it is our hearts in harmony with extreme social collectivism and the installation of new systems which dispassionately prefer new data and mathematical models over solid structures. Saturn here doesn’t care if fascism or counterculture results— he just is eager to dissolve old models and install new innovative ones over night, no matter how alienating they are or how much they throw us into exile. As we find ourselves returned to our heart’s center in the midst of frantic social fraying mixed with aggressive social hysteria and spiked with personal anger, it would do well to assess what are the eventual outcomes of trusting any authority, those of governance or of medicine, or if there is even a difference at all anymore. A good step back is unlikely for quite a while astrologically. The stars aren’t planning on giving you any wide perspective for the next long stretch, so make sure this check in with your heart is performed with all its worth.

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer

In a moment where some quality information would be nourishing beyond belief Mercury decides its time to turn around and correct a bunch of mistakes in the document concerning the conditions, parameters, measurements of amounts and details surrounding the resources which support our health, make us safe and nurture our growth. Clearly we had things filed wrong and adjustments need to be made before all these things can be properly processed. A lot of this, ironically is intuitive information, so there are some parallels to Venus having to feel out if she connects with what she thinks and is saying, Mercury has to rethink how he feels about what we really need. This comes right before a Solar eclipse which more than highlights these exact considerations, and will have us highly identifying with what is currently problematic in the narrative. We are not getting what we need, WTF?! As Cancer is a place of our most basic needs, and has been plagued by oppositions to Saturn and Pluto for the last two years things are set for erupting in a major way, contextualized by some historic conjunctions and configurations transiting the sky's of 2019--2021 and onward.

Mercury sextiles Uranus direct on the 5th then again retrograde on the 30th, so radical changes to the market and to what we can touch in the world and uprisings erupting from basic and practical concerns all play a roll in how our logic is radicalized in this critical rethinking of basic ideas. Expect the usual Mercury travel and technological issues, but also remind yourself that portions of the text disappearing and the text being rearranged is part of the process of bringing clarity and correctness back into the picture, so don’t become emotionally attached to ideas that are starting to appear not as likely now that they come into clearer focus, no matter how much you reacted to them when you heard them initially in their suspect forms. If someone tells you there are wolves outside and you go into a frantic and defensive stance, assembling a pitch fork wielding horde, only to find out they are actually the neighbors dogs which got loose and ran through your yard, you must adjust to the update rather than continuing to hunt down the dogs just because you woke everyone up and got them all excited and now there must be blood. Although, who snuck through the night and set the dogs loose to begin with? and what were their intentions in all this? [NOTE: I wrote this just before the uprisings broke out in Minneapolis and elsewhere. Obviously that activity is part of a much longer narrative that has its own historical, ethical, astrological and fucking real implications and trajectories that I'm not passing judgement on here. Although, we always see parallels in how the astrology hits the macrocosm of the world and microcosm of our personal lives. This is Cancer, so its personal for us all, and we feel incredibly deeply for everyone in need of basic safety and support. We may find ourselves ready to react to things in our direct proximity (our homes, relationships, job, etc, etc) in analogous ways, and we want to make sure we measure the damage to the need.]

Allow this Mercury retrograde to bring some intuitive observations to light about what is really going on and what is really at stake. Don’t jump to conclusions too fast if you have the space to contemplate, and don’t expect anything to make total sense right now, but watch as the story changes and keep your wits about you, your calm observation will pay off. This is especially true of the inferior conjunction at 10:30pm eastern on June 30th, when we might remember some important details or find some facts that might have been buried under our nose and hiding out in plain sight previously. If we pay close attention we might benefit greatly from the previous oversight; likely something we lost or misplaced back on the 6th or 7th.

Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer on the Solstice

At about 2:38 am on Sunday the 21st of June we receive a Total Solar Eclipse in the first degree of Cancer on Summer Solstice. When major events occur on the solstices and equinoxes we know we are in a pivotal year, and in 2020 that pretty much continues at each seasonal station. It’s obvious that this is a transformational point in the historical time line in multiple ways and for multiple reasons. What we need to nurture, support, nourish, incubate, protect and help us grow and generate in a healthy way, to care and be cared for, to be comfortable and emotionally well and have our basic fulfillments provided for are all more than highlighted here by this eclipse event, not surprising in a year labeled as a health crises. [NOTE: The uprisings in Minneapolis and murder leading to them occurred when Mercury passed over the North Node, the eclipse gate and trigger, and then stepped into Cancer and entered the the eclipse degree. The themes that erupted when certain information circulated in the media are likely to increase in brightness and saturation by the end of the month and beyond and be a prominent stamp on 2020 and this point of history.] Although, this is the final eclipse in this axis from a cycle spanning back as far as July of 2018, and certainly as far back as December 5th 2018; this being the loud and sonorous final note in the musical movement that played out of that time as circumstances wove themselves into the fabric of life from beneath the visibility of manifestation. We have our needs highlighted within a moment where health is a primary issue, and basic human safety is primary-- what are the conditions we learned were necessary to support our best lives over the past couple years as we have landed to this place and how are they still ringing true today?

As the Sun conjoins the North Node in Gemini right before he crosses over initiating the season of Summer, he puts some sight on what is the cycle to come, and considers what an increase of identification with what curiosity, information, exchange, investigation, polarity, paradox, cleverness and cunning, as well as media of all kinds really represents as it will be blooming in our lives as well as on the world stage.

Mars Enters Aries

Mars returns to his home sign of Aries on June 27th, where he will be spending an extended time until January of 2021, as he is scheduled to go retrograde quite dramatically in the fall. What starts to fire up in your life as a result of Mars hitting the ignition switch is likely to become complicated in September through November, no matter how much you are kicking ass at it over the Summer. Obviously, more on the retrograde later, but worth noting there is major potential here to both stir up conflict as well as overcome obstacles depending on how you are disposed, but the territory or life layer in which this is set to happen will reveal itself by the end of June so that you can keep an eye exactly on which set of circumstances you’ll want to become a martial arts master in while you still can if you plan to overcome the tension once the heat is on in the fall. Mars’ September station square to Saturn is absolutely going to bring with it a combination of oppression and civil unrest, suppression and riot, so be aware that what the Ram runs into upon Mars’ ingress here will remain the battle territory when the enemy arrives, even if you feel unchallenged for a long stretch after the starter pistol sounds off. [NOTE: Again, this was written right before events unfolded in Minneapolis. Saturn in Aquarius periods tend to bring up uprisings along lines of race and equality, so civil unrest on this level was to be expected in 2020-2023, and still is. September especially and September through November look particularly brutal, and specifically looks like the individual versus the system. This looks like a battle that will require quite a bit of energy and stamina. This is also election time. We might need to make sure we don't exhaust ourselves before we get there. We will need to support each other over the summer if we are going to survive.]

Mars sextiles Saturn on the 27th, where we might see some collaboration with what we want to do and how we as individuals are critically responding to the circumstances and acting out tactically. This can give us some more long term insights to how we can operate in the coming few years and move ourselves through the kinds of challenges appropriately that Saturn in Aquarius will bring, from a more constructive perspective. Just keep in mind the oppressors of old are not finished with us yet, and the system itself will have to be stormed between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice. While you have direct Mars eager in Aries to light some fires under your ass, its best to work for refinement, efficiency and fine tuning of your operative capabilities now before major conflict arises. Like it or not but it's time to wake up our inner warriors and get them trained for the real deal. This doesn’t mean necessarily brute force, but confident ability, functionality, going beyond hesitation, and being good with your weapon, whatever your chosen tool may be. Depending on your chart this could fall into various life layers or topic categories, but in general we want our knives sharp and our tactical techniques tweaked to tightness.

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