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The Astrology Of 3/23/20-3/29/20: Rich Dark Center

The week has begun with the deep seed of Mars sunk into the eternal black envelope of Pluto, a planet, as you know who was named after heavy Hades and his infamous misdeeds. Pluto was discovered in February of 1930 and astrologers ears perked up quickly to how this distant ice dwarf might be delineated. As it was only hypothetical for a little over thirty years prior, then called Planet X, it was quickly donned Pluto in a race with Zeus, Percival, Constance, Cronus, and Minerva— Pluto, suggested by an 11 year old girl one out in the final vote, she received todays equivalent of $450 as a prize. Pluto proved to not even be Planet X, and in time also proved to only be 0.2% the mass of Earth and to not even be a planet at all. It’s significations in astrological literature have changed dramatically since the 1930s, and only situated itself as being so fittingly named for the God of the Underworld who abducts the beautiful at random while going about their regular destinies in more recent decades. How does this tiny Ice Dwarf do it? Pluto, the sleeper in the solar system, going along setting the generational tone in the background will trigger major upheaval and oppressive havoc when it gets directly involved in an admixture of other planetary configurations. Lately he has been at center stage, in part responsible for stealing our world from us like a thief in the night. And by that I also certainly mean the Plutocratic regime. Mars injecting his managerial master pincer into the Plutonian abyss and lacing our deepest fears and psychosis of the system which has us in stranglehold with even more critical urgency is an acute point on the 2020 timeline.

But the chess game continues as scheduled, lockdown after lockdown and boarder closing after boarder closing. Suddenly the oft used “chess” and “checkmate” metaphors of Capricorn, especially in the third decan are a little too close to home suddenly, literally. Is that what is really going on? Are we wrapped up in some giant game? There’s no struggle for power and domination at the end of the black hole, but just empire topknots passing the time? Really could be, but with Pluto so strong in the recipe we will never ever know. It happened in the shadows. And we also make our moves behind closed doors today. Counting our seeds, consulting our budgets, organizing our ammo drawers. Even if in the back of our brains, there has been some tunnel travel game plan going down while we distract ourselves in Hangman pose until further notice.

Early Tuesday Morning there is a New Moon in Aries, the first dark lunation after equinox, usually a real seed sower with some gusto. What in the fuck do we want to get started this year? What are we just itchy all over to get up and do? A funny question at this point in the timeline, and a funny question gets an equally funny answer, as this New Moon occurs sextile to Saturn newly in Aquarius as well as near the bends of the nodal axis. There is a whole new array of concepts brewing that could effect the way we work out our own impulses to create and act and individuate, and it’s really pushing our buttons bigtime and pulling our puppet strings in some cases until they snap. This might be a pilot light igniting somewhere deeper inside your inner appliance which gives you permission and go ahead and cook up whatever crazy plan you suddenly feel at your fingertips over the next three years. Saturn in Aquarius gets a kind of paradoxical false start as well as a super expression simultaneously, but with or without a lot of big scary theories and hypothesis going around about what science and society will likely do to deliver us into a new aeon, there is still the matter of your emotions and your spirit stirring silently and starting a little fire inside your heart that someday could burn up your whole life for fuel and have you out there performing the most confident and capable version of yourself and your agenda.

Wednesday the Sun conjoins Chiron, which is on something like a 362 day return clock hand, so nothing insane here to report necessarily, but on closer inspection, the planetoid of wounds and healing seems to be suspiciously close to this equinoctial celestial activity in a time of quarantine and healthcare hyperfocus. We might have to reflect on what we are all collectively tripping out about, and as the social media channels saturate with our excessive attention its not surprising that Chiron in Aries tends to lend a tender spot to our Identities. Who the hell am I / We anyway? And why am I so afraid to stand up and show my true colors and fight for what I’m wired to war for? Could it be the sense of Identity I’m supposed to have clashing with the Identity I actually have? How can I get inspired to get over this shit?

Saturday, we get another nice heaping helping of Pluto, but thistime at least its coming to us via the benefics. Venus trines Jupiter midday while he applies to conjoin Pluto and pass through the gates of Hades himself, telling us that maybe there are some benefits to not just the fertility and fecundity of the earth but also to the integrity of society that this whole kidnapping into darkness makes an opportunity for. No one is surprised here. No matter how diabolical the engineers of this current scenario are we have all been screaming for society to grind to a halt and please just fucking stop it for probably our entire lives. We see the evidence of the natural world’s reaction. They dig it. Maybe there’s some insight to be had. Also, I’m not making any big promises here, but maybe we’ll get a little good news by the weekend. Wouldn’t that be jolly? The Moon also is applying to conjoin Venus so no matter what we’ll be feeling good about something here and it’ll have some profound resonance not just in the immediacy of our body but in the reaches of our soul. We might make peace with our abductors, see how we can gain from or even thrive within their kingdom. Expect the darkness to expand here, as our adventure unfolds, but maybe, despite the overwhelming doom permeating this time, this particular episode of our drama might be infused with some rich deliciousness, so set your sweet tooth towards the darkest region beyond the event horizon and dig in to just desserts.

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