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The Astrology of 3/16/20-3/21/20: Burst Into A Blank Space

Mercury in forward motion returns to Pisces splashing back through his retrograde shadow. It’s confusing. What is going on? How did we get here? Here we go again. Our minds, lacking rational clarity completely are best suited to poetical thinking, free association of letters and integers that carry with them waves of emotional movement. Mercury here favors bardic evocation over analytical organization, so apply your intellectual agenda to intuitive amalgamations and empathic poesie. Let your tongue loosen and relax your mind. The words might pour out onto the page, or the singing filling the air until all the world is infused with song. Straining to make concrete sense out of the granular details right now is likely to lead nowhere, blackboard equations melting before your eyes, but in a way that is so beautiful you photograph the pattern and inspired ululations quiver in your throat. At least divide some thinking time for the purely imaginal and free flowing of dream, in night as well as day. The world is currently cold, dry and locked, so go ahead and lubricate it with your mind. Mercury in water signs can be about emotional organization, and that doesn’t ever really have a linear trajectory. Allow for mystical contemplation and let your stream of consciousness expand without bound.

The Sun in Pisces sextiles Saturn in Capricorn on the 19th just before he ingresses Aries on the 20th marking the Spring Equinox and Astrological New Year. We get visions of empathic connection and Shakespearean tempests breaking waves and carrying with them both overactive imaginations and delusions rolling in the surf, meanwhile the management of the deep structure is at work in all its terrifying machinations amidst collapse. Full real life drama. Use your own imaginations and awareness of what primordial life is at its essence to wash outdated structures and unnecessary prisons off the game board. Reimagine history from the beginning to now and beyond. Then catalyze. What is your own idea, your own take on things how do you see things from where you are standing, reset and refresh your orientation and get ready to act, to show all how its done, how you would do it, its your move, its each of our own moves. The collective becomes increasingly important over the next few days, months, years, but still you exist here within your own power and can make your own choices. We must co-operate but we also must not be brainwashed one way or the other. When we watch ourselves acting with confidence in full fiery sharpness we are assets to our communities, when we only follow and don’t look at what we are doing we get led astray. You have agency. Know thyself.

Mars conjoins Jupiter later that morning, which echoes this very idea. What are we doing, what are we building, what structures do we want to build in this world that get us up out of this mess? What ever our ground strategies are they get a check in here with how that works into the larger structure, and we gain blueprint coherence of the tactical plan as a whole. There’s unfortunately not very much we can do. We’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, but in the moment to moment we still have loads of choices we can make as we maneuver through the pinch point.

Saturn ingresses Aquarius on Saturday night, probably the biggest shift since his ingress into Capricorn in December of 2017. If you’ve found the last three years to be oppressive, grueling, demanding, sobering, contracting, limited then that’s why. You might of also noticed that in some part of your life you’ve gotten your shit together finally over the same time frame. Well enough’s enough. Time for new structures and building ideas of the future rather than battening down the hatches. Let’s imagine and innovate and design now that a lot of the excess has been cut and the groundwork has been laid and the framework has been stabilized. We can expect the rationing and slim sustenance and minimal options at our disposal enjoyed typically by avant garde artists, fringe scientists, political radicals, and general pioneers, but we might also find that the exciting implications of these new ideas and system designs have us more willing than usual to endure whatever we must to see our visions realized.

Mercury sextiles Uranus, Venus sextiles Neptune while the Moon conjoins Neptune all on the same day with Mars conjoining Pluto just not long after midnight. This is a lot of outer planet involvement for a rather sensitive and scary point in time. We’ll likely be roused into radical thinking amidst our brain bath of confusion and emotionally clouded minds, electrifying the water so our whole rational apparatus is submerged in volatile liquid hot with high current. Breath and don’t panic, but try also to channel this mental weather into strokes of creative genius and brainstorming. Uranus is currently waging an artistic revolution amongst other transformation in material culture, and the art we produce now in this highly energized time will be quite profound and meaningful to point back and reflect on later. Document your anxieties with energetic art therapy. Venus will be equally enchanted as well as awash in the lush illusory. The mystical as well as the deeply paranoid can be beautiful and in crazy times we might call upon the Gods of Madness to bless our psychosis with a more divine encounter with this embodied current. We must get torn apart to change and be initiated through such deep mystery. Find some sensual satisfaction from within the process. Stay calm but also find some space to place your moments of mania rather than internalizing and suppressing it. Mars here conjunct Pluto is really maneuvering through the deepest and darkest part of the tunnel. We have to deal with not really knowing where our enemy is and how best to fight them but just progress through irregardless and not get frozen with fear. We know we are being manipulated on a mass scale, we have no clue what to do about it or how to proceed and advance to a place of advantage, but we do know that Mars makes it through this shadowed portal, the planets don’t stop. Keep going through the motions and it will eventually make more sense. There is also advantage in shadow, as we know, when we wear the cloak we are ourselves enshrouded. Make the shadow your own. This is certainly a time to call upon the aid of dark archetypes, as we move from superstructure to the vast openness of the clear canvas waiting for us to fill in the blank.

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