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The Astrology Of 3/9/20-3/15/20: Counter-Intuitive

On one end of the spectrum we have permeability, the loss of reason, the full, free flow of the imaginal, the Dionysian, the hallucinatory and the paranoid casting light into the Earth's primary satellite full bloom in a sign that doubles down on details, organizes the granular components, puts itself mid process and tries to be as useful as possible. We empathize with whatever might be within arms reach, as if we are infected by its aura, and with sensitive equipment we sonogram the cellular structures that make up its composite. What is going on? Asks the praying hands wrapped in bristly vines? What can we do?: Begs the marching of ants in an undulating mandala pouring from the water swollen nest, overflowing with silvery reflections, and greying hairs that seep from our temples, strands plucked for analysis, and under scrutinizing lenses we deeply dive and divide while the ship rocks in the tides and we wrap our shoulders in the atmosphere of Siren's singing and Swan Songs of all kinds. The many musics blending into a steady stream of hallucinatory heart waves which if we carefully consider and measure correctly we might actually find out how we got here in the first place. Listen, we're crawling from that primordial slime pool, are the isolation mics on, can we get a read out on this data, I remember the dizzying details of my birth, of God's contagious wish, of a world gone wild. Sink back into your chair and let the info wash over you, soothing yourself with the hard facts of material feedback. Let's get lost tonight in words, pulling phonemes and phrase ends out of photorealist renditions of foggy memories and dream stowaways stealing passage on our mind as it voyages across this very moment. There are epic love affairs more real than waking life encapsulated in only a few minutes doze. There are cities visited many times over so many nights that the place you pay rent to inhabit pales in comparison.

The elastic strap Hermes has been bungeeing on since he returned to air from the open oceans hits its maximum extension as the Moon peaks in light under his watch and all the precision components collect into motion and turn him around returning to forward orientation. We're back at where we left off mentally around the first of February. If you keep good notes on the details of your life it would be worth reminding yourself what was so important at that point and then consider what went down since then and pick up the plot from here. There's been some radical changes to our values as we totally didn't get to have what we wanted most, our mouths left beyond watering, more burning hot and locked shut, we now quench our thirst with the smell of thawing soils and heaping mouthfuls of cool, damp earth. Things need updating. How we prepare for things. How ready we are. And how well inclined we are to be healthy and grow. We must not forget there is a sexual nature to vitality, a creative component to sex and a sensual experience of living and being in a body in this world in which we are a part. We are all one, not only in the mystical sense but in the physical context of an ecosystem. Every part matters. If it and that and them are well I am more well.

After The Virgo Full Moon, the Sun's conjunction with Neptune, and Venus' conjunction with Uranus and Mercury's direct station in Aquarius we move from a stretch of sky-time qualified by exile, anxiety, illusion, paranoia, fantasy, and radicalization, to a much needed sideglance at what is the modest good news from a wide perspective when the Sun sextiles Jupiter on Wednesday. There's no barrier, borders are useless, what is the upside of something like that? What does it look like overall? What can the system manage in reality? What is possible? How can we build from here? If we are all one and there is no real difference between any one person and another, between person and animal and animal and tree, between ocean, mountain or sky, what might we build to support the whole? Lift everything at once, even if its just a small step up?

Mars sextiles Neptune from Capricorn to Pisces and the Sun sextiles Pluto from Pisces to Capricorn on Saturday, and dealing within an illusory and hallucinatory situation blanketing the whole begins to inform our tactical maneuvers in how we manage the larger projects we might be busy building and constructing. There is danger real and otherwise when everyone is tripping, and whether or not you get a good look at reality acting in ways it never has before you still have to participate in not just problem solving daily affairs, but do so in a way that leads your wider work to where it was intended to arrive. Mystery lurks within depths of our earth, and for light to illumine the reflections of clarity across seas that connect our history in a single moments time we allow shadows to darken components of the picture so form can take shape in the shimmering waters that hold to no body of its own. What do we see when scying? Answers and solutions we did not expect were there.

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