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The Astrology Of March 2020: Breaking Up The Log Jam

Wisps of soot still crawl against the tomb walls, sifting through the cold and ancient air, so many granular remembrances, and so many old cries of sorrow or joy, enough to fill a mouth for eons, and in animatronic modality the patient person parrots and parodies their previous incarnation nearly perfectly, shaking hands with the dummy prepared for their friend and sidekick who’s head falls off as soon as the camera roles and the Anima slips up and integrates into the ceiling though no one is the wiser, in their spaces on the other side of the streaming screen. It’s all ok. Old school movie magic. Periaktoi— Deus ex machina, Peripeteia; i.e. everything has changed. You slither along the halls, almost constricted by the oppressive shadows, making your way to the depths of the Library, a place where stone tablets are stacked and smashed, all the memories closest to the core, cracking under the immense weight of time. You pull a book from the shelf by its spine, clinging to its place by all the ages of dust, and open it upon the table, and instead of pages of content inside you find beneath it’s cover a void, a hole, an opening into a dark and empty space: Or maybe, not so empty! Anything could be in there, you can’t see, what happened, where have you been, whaere has everything gone, is there any way to find your footing in this story? There is nothing left to reference.

Unknown and unfathomable gizmos whir and fidget beyond the walls, outside, filling the air with a frenetic disturbance of stillness. It’s enough to make your skin crawl. It’s promised to bring spark, it bring insight and ignite something valuable somewhere to someone, all this activity, all these wound up cascading apparatuses colliding in the peripheral of waking life’s breach with internal dusk. Does this mean we have to leave in here to go out there. Trade one Gone for one Unknown? Every plugged pulled, every connection line cut, every cord kinked and bent, broke, all receptors off line, operators distracted, nothing hooked up, everything off. I look but i don’t see, I speak but I’m not heard, I list names into the limits and the letters fall into desiccation and obliterate in a cruel breeze from no where in particular. Where even is is? What?— answered by What?

But, before all the air got in the hose and started frothing up the stream there was some really thick and healthy juice flowing right from the source. Just the pure, unfiltered, undiluted high potency mumbo jumbo. It makes little to no sense but it feels amazing, like nothing else. We’ve got gallons and gallons of it, but what do we do with it? It’s confusing, but it’s be a shame if we tried to make too much sense of it, it’d lose something, that special something, so we got to keep it confusing, preserve the mixture, keep it pure and undivided jumble of emotions and sensations for dousing over yourself or even for full body immersion. In which case we have to be strategic, really strategic, 10 steps ahead of the game, and cutthroat, yeah, calculating and tactical. This is an absolutely critical moment in the struggle to consolidate and preserve confusion, managing our imaginations for the sake of long term benefits which accumulate from unbridled engagement with illusion and delusion.

If it’s not wet it’s not moving anywhere, it won’t budge, it’s just locked. Unless its juicy, its not worth a damn. Are you going to work with it or against it? You could ride this boulder into the sunset for the rest of your life or you could get on board these logs, they're rolling down the river right now. Ready to work with the elements rather than against them? Or do you want to continue trying to think and talk and fight your way out? Don’t worry, your chance to stress out beyond all conceivable limits and get out there and show everyone how reactionary you really can be will come right back around again. But until tomorrow’s urgency pops out of no where like a fractured gas line its all old fortresses and dinosaur cadavers floating in floods of fantasy and romantic perspectives swelling up and around and at times swallowing solid the serious world around us: altogether to our benefit for the most part.

Sextiles To And From Pisces: Water and Earth, Receptive Modalities

We might intuit what its like to be an old stone, to feel through a thick wall, to embody the landscape, to imagine who might live within an ancient tree, romanticize the building of an ancient empire, get lost in history, integrate a system into our body, embrace our roots, psychically connect with our ancestry, share physical space with the dead, seek possession. We might also build formidable structures in our dreams, or simply cease to believe in any boundary whatsoever via mystical means and watch hierarchies melt before our eyes. The cycles we find ourselves within, the weather and patterns of temperature, and moisture and pressure and movements of air are all changing, and with them the way in which we prepare our lives, interact with the ground and sync up to the soil. This March mystical, emotional, sympathetic and expansive Pisces mingles with Capricorn heavily in a collaborative and hand in hand sort of way. In fact the sextiles reach repeatedly from watery Pisces to both the Goat’s sign as well as the Bull’s, resulting in a highlighting of the trine formed between those harmonized horned and hooved ones.

The Sun conjoins Neptune only a week in, setting a tone of Dionysian debauch or deep dives into idealistic fantasy or straight hallucinations which motivate us along by our imaginations. The Moon goes full the following day in Virgo opposite the conjunction, highlighting how being at the overflowing climax of being neck deep in the mid process of reverse engineering the world detail by detail is a kind of madness all to itself, but an inspired one none the less. Indeed the world has their eyes here on both permeability of established order and structure and the physical laws and boundaries that things normally hold to. Is it hallucinatory hype slipping through the cracks or is it critical concern? Mass psychosis? Probably an admixture. Jupiter is in Capricorn creeping toward Pluto with probable intentions to shroud the oceanic undercurrents in even more fear and shadow, so prepare for a rather dark and serious trip that motivates you to be receptive to body and soul both in a way which has your intuitions applied to climbing up and out of the mess your in.

The Sun sextiles Jupiter, getting the go ahead tap, I’ll watch you while you dose and we can get a bigger vision established if we buddy up anyway. Mars then sextiles Neptune and we make a few key moves in our pursuit to make our mark permanently and in a big way, but in the sense that we leave monuments to mystery behind. Sometimes that which is remembered as great is never truly understood. You may never comprehend what gears turn in a brilliant military mind, and similarly the medicine man harbors his own secret solutions to life’s challenges. When the signal rises up in miraculous spectacle from the top of the tabernacle the community packs up their tents and mobilizes to where the oracle outlined. The Sun sextiles Pluto at this point mid month, reminding us that if the sky is cast into fearful darkness then we may want to move with the water for then we can still feel our way along in the absence of sight. If all life on earth is threatened then we should focus on the all, meaning feel for the whole. The Sun sextile’s Saturn in the final minutes before he leaves the fishes behind for a new dawn, how we ultimately manage these grave challenges is of the essence, and up to all of us, it's our obligation.

Mercury reaches the other direction having returned from retrograde to Piscean poetry and emotive logic and in this case sextiles Uranus in Taurus the same day as Venus reaches up from Taurus and sextiles Neptune in Pisces. We may need to think more intuitively and less rationally to wrap our minds around a radicalized world; some subjective processing could be the right lingo for expressing the experimental grounds upon which material value and now rumbles and shakes within our hands or spread across our senses. We need a Piscean tongue to properly describe how it feels to be on the front lines of a cultural revolution, where what we hold and touch transforms physically as we pass it under our nose and across our lips. We may become comfortably initiated into wider perceptions of what it means to derive pleasure from the world we physically inhabit, allowing taste to show up in our fingertips and sight to slide down to the tip of our tongues. Romantic movements are often highly synesthetic.

Spring Equinox and Saturn ingress Aquarius

Included in the 2020 Aries Ingress chart is Saturn teetering on the edge of leaping over into the airy expanse of Aquarius. As the Sun strides ahead drip dry and glaring flame bright ready to ‘show you how its done’ in confident and capable Aries, Saturn moves into Aquarius still separating from sextile to the central Luminary himself, suggesting what we might be showing off is how we can freely devise and begin to erect hypothetical systems in the place of established one, how we are confidently prepared to go out on a limb and try out a decentralized version of society that hangs its structures not on firm foundations but interesting ideas. This is a bold New Equinox, and one that rolls out of slower settings within the watery or inert earth laden receptive states to steadily initiate some spice and firmly turn the fans up to 10. Saturn plans to make one last stop back in stony Capricorn before moving on, but this ingress marks the beginning of his progress into new territory, and one that will effect how we think, and where we think we might reset our sense of boundaries in a much more horizontally organized culture than the vertically obsessed empires that are currently toppling and falling upon us and all over the grave game board causing craters from their impacts.

Tripling down on the sense of New, we get a New Moon in Aries nearly sextile to Saturn in Aquarius, having us quietly contemplating what seeds of initiation we would like to sow into this elemental shift. This tugs on the very strings of the spiders web, as this lunation occurs very near the bend of the nodes, and likely speaks in sequence to what narrative themes are secretly woven into the eclipse tapestry and rolled out for all to see upon Summer Solstice, connecting equalized light to most light, and furthering the themes of what could possibly come from what is here merely conceived.

Mars Conjunctions in Capricorn and Aquarius

As Mars makes his way across the obstacle courses of upward mobilized Capricorn, treating each step like a well articulated and deployed chess maneuver, a tactic in a longer strategic chain, he encounters Jupiter, which sobers his enthusiasm but with the motivating effect of getting a glimpse of the entire field from birds eye view. The opposition is thick, to be sure, but despite their formidable ranks and dominance of the board, we can now make wiser choices moving forward from what we have learned. Maps and texts on the philosophies of war are digested during downtime and employed immediately or as conditions call for. From here he comes upon the ominous tunnels of Pluto, and realizes there is absolutely no way around whatsoever; as if abducted he becomes magnetized by his own fears and inserts himself into the center of darkness, moving by shadow beyond night through the unknown lands where anything could happen. The only way forward is through, and this also means under, incognito, through the deadlands, the abandoned places, the haunted sector, looking for clues, obsessed by managing his maneuvers and optimizing outcomes. He breaks from this heavy shroud into the open air and almost has an agoraphobic fit at the endless openness that sprawls before him, where he finds Saturn constructing his manifesto. This is not a terrain at all, hardly anything of tangibility, instead it’s a concept, an urgent need to devise and install new systems. When the two malefics come together in conjunction the Moon happens to be on the North Node and Venus passing over Algol, or the Gorgon’s Head. Conditions can be harsh out on the frontiers. Radical revolutionaries who put their lives on the line for the cause, scientists who experiment with dangerous new techniques, pioneers who push into inhospitable landscapes, forward thinkers who face being ostracized and even arrested for their ideas. We may be biting off more than we can chew this equinox, and it might be wise to pack apotropaic amulets with us to blast back those who might oppose what we propose.

Venus in Taurus

While moving through the licking flames of Aries desires itched, and the pursuit of pleasure was an instant rash inducing flash of heat and irritation, but in March Venus spends the entire time installed into her nocturnal domicile, where she holds court as the sensual Queen Of Comfort and Craft, and creative cycles of organic growth and pleasurable grooves naturally fit us into course toward achieving fertile fruition and fueling us with the force of Veriditas. Before she can get situated in the sign of dedicated desire satisfaction she squares Saturn in rulership from her detriment in Aries at the very top of the month, highlighting how frustrated we are at how we absolutely cannot have what our bodies burn for; but it as if this jolt of jarring negation lowers us into a more natural yet unwavering mode of moving toward what our bodies really want, building momentum as we roll ahead.

By the end of the first week she conjoins Uranus in her rulership and what it means to be driven by feeling good and luxuriating in material values, what it means to labor and feel things grow, to get ones hands dirty even if that is in the process of feeling and selecting fabrics or caressing fruits to check for ripeness, all this gets jolted with high voltage currents, and radical shifts can occur on substantial levels. We may here, tapped into the earth and what our bodies yearn for rather than what our egos tell us to do, that we find we can take the objects of our desires into earthy embrace and make dangerous yet exciting discoveries that change the substance upon which our lives are sustained.

She’ll sample from the entheogenic gardens in sextile with Neptune, coming to know the more hallucinatory plants and how they might enhance her sensual experiences and idealize her sensory perceptions, introducing mystical influences to touch her and bond her with the divine. She trine’s Jupiter as her draws near Pluto then trines Pluto shortly after. The coherence of a world brought beyond limits and moving past their fears, a society with a gaping hole in it, and the massive ancestral healing upon our plates is rather daunting and tends to expand rather than contract as you stare into it, but wisdom still emanates from the souls journey through the dark recesses of space— Venus harmonizes here too, understanding that the fertility of the earth hangs in the balance, and if the Greening is to be sustained these hard wisdoms are to be won, even when the Underworld itself must be negotiated with and asked to participate in our revitalization. A Danse Macabre ensues, and in similar fashion to the Humanist ideas infusing the renaissance, we embrace the earthy axiom of ‘live it up while you can today, as tomorrow you will be dead’.

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