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The Astrology of 2/17/20-2/23/20: Get A Grip

Mercury has stopped in motion, spinning in aqua pirouette, intuitively within the empathic abyss, and when he does, like a fin displacing water, the liquid in our brains gurgles and a wake swirls behind the messenger following him in his strokes back to Aquarius, trailing after with bubbles and bits of marine biology which team in the emotional ocean and lift and fall upon the swells of the high seas of romance. Every letter in his sack is thoroughly soaked, and all the ink seeps from the pulpy pages and swirls around his limbs as he swims and curls around the perfect curvature of bubbles which blurb from Hermes mouth and nostrils. What are we saying? what are we even talking about? We’re just trying to get our heads above water. We’ve ben totally dissolved in recent tidal floods of excessive emotion. We have a lot of poetry in mind to pen, if we can get to a solid enough space to sculpt any of the impressions we’ve washed our wits through into some kind of form or shape. We’ll do it though. We have motive, our eyes are on the situation now with the Sun ingressing Pisces (late Tuesday or early Wednesday) and orienting to the mood and topics Mercury eddies endlessly in. Like a magnet the Solar center pulls Mercury into some kind of reset. Mars also calls for collaboration, exalted now in Capricorn. The solid ground station radio’s from the shore, and as Hermes swims towards some semblance of articulated structure Mars’ voice gets clearer and clearer with every nautical knot. We can track our progress and keep our mind aligned with both vibes side by side, our poetry anthology dripping in one hand and our survival kit slung over the opposite shoulder. It's all a matter of how willing we are to get the components of our life to work together right now in unexpected unison. Hallucination hand in hand with tactical operation.

Jupiter completes his sextile with Neptune in his rulership of Pisces on the morning of his own dedicated day of the week. From Capricorn Jupiter reluctantly stays within the structural guidelines while handling this illusory outer planet, but maybe to all our benefits in the aftermath of a particularly unprecedented period of heavy structural shifting and scary sudden changes to the underlying narrative. We need less paranoia rather than more powerful drugs. Jupiter attempts here to get coherence of our unbridled mystical experiences and ecstatic fantasies within the context of managing the improvement of our own empire building agendas and our foundational wisdom along the way. This is a pretty clear echo of the sextile being formed between Mercury in detriment and fall with Mars in exaltation and triplicity in the same pair of signs, the difference being scope, one is what we are doing, thinking, and saying in the now and the other is what that all means and ultimately brings to light within the wide world. We see reflections of the narratives playing out in our lives in the universe we live in, and though not best case scenario, they guide us and initiate us into an embrace with Mystery itself which is integral to beginning to commune with and respect the laws and limits of nature.

To continue with our themes of how the world works when set in a dockside environs, Mars trines Uranus on Friday while the Sun applies to sextile both Mars and Uranus simultaneously. The world has been radicalized, markets have shifted, the way in which we prepare for a fertile tomorrow means taking experimental steps and expecting the unexpected, we se all this as we survey the terrain, and as the Sun approaches the degrees of fixed star Fomalhaut, the Royal Watcher Of The South, The Archangel Gabriel, we orient to mystically inspired poetry issuing forth from the divine celestial seas above us in the sky as elements of how we answer practical concerns, transform society, avert global eco crisis and respond to challenges within our localities and landscapes as we move ahead in the timeline in the now. Orphic Hymns, Vedic verse, the songs of Bards and the advice of the Sages as well as some speaking in tongues or revisiting Revelations itself, searching back through Shakespeare, or singing to our futures as they form and manifest in the moment. We move forward into a brave new world, poised to play our best games of get our shit together with a head that listens to Guardian angels over our shoulders and singing the praises of the Archetypes that design the infinity in which we inhabit.

This culminates in Sunday’s New Moon in Pisces, seeding all these themes into the silent of the dark night which bristles with stellar chatter while the Luminaries hush and pass through the very slights of life. What will the stars say? What story does the entire sky say, all the stars are lit up and alive at once and all our souls simultaneously activated for at least a little spell on this side of flesh and blood existence? Ask breathlessly in the preponderance of the eternal, the infinite, the endless, the perpetual, the immense, the whole, the entire, the all, the everything. Venus squares Jupiter from Aries to Capricorn, and our burning desires kick at our own wise cage. We know we have to fit ourselves now into certain parameters to grow, even if we don’t like it. But that doesn’t mean we have to hate our smart structures, if it makes us squirm some against our attractions, we can find a way to convert our fidgeting into some fuel to initiate a move toward confronting our limitations, and with some desire born effort pull ourselves up onto a higher tier. The world is confusing, we don’t know what’s really going on and certainly what is going to happen, we now feel our way forward with respect to our path and the places we encounter along the way, sighting as many steps ahead of us as we can without losing focus for how we handle the moment we inhabit. Yes, time is also a place, with its own particular qualities and personae. Make them your allies equally with the things and beings you encounter at ground level.

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