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The Astrology Of 2/10/20--2/16/20: Lance The Boil, Hatch A Plan

We’ve just passed over a full Moon in the Sun’s sign of Leo, trine by sign to Venus newly in Aries conjoining Chiron and Mars still is pushing it hard through the final degrees of Sagittarius: despite all the infinite pounds piled upon us in weighty Capricorn and the Sun’s airy perspective, this weekend had more than a flash of fire to contemplate and digest. We’re getting used to Venus in her traditional exile, which quite frankly, is usually pretty sexy. Venus being bold and flashy and impatient in her pursuit of pleasure and initiations of lust makes for being all around hot and bothered. We prioritize the spice, and reach for more heat, what’s hot? We’ll take it. It’s not necessarily Creamy curls rising from the surf, but I find Venus doesn’t fair that poorly in her detriments, Mars ruled Aries and Scorpio; it doesn’t lead to an inability to function, but gets Venus less concerned with making things nice and more concerned with turning up the temperature several degrees. This can lead to conflicts, the sizzle reel isn’t meant to have a calming effect, but it’s not inherently strife ridden, yin and yang have their own intuitive logic when they mingle and play.

Her meeting with Chiron surely calls forth some love wounds and sends us off to fetch the salts and balms and encourage the flesh to regenerate. But Chiron I often see being kind of a house of cards, like exactly what you were trippin’ about that if you approach directly you realize is less of a big deal than you thought, and know that you know you can help point it out to others. We might need to just cauterize on the go in Aries. Hit the gauge with a blow torch, slap some super glue on it and head back into the fray. We know we get banged up in Aries, its part of the fun. And while we convalesce we might find that our nurse even catches our fancy. Doctor and patient intimacy.

In Leo, the Full Moon was Sun ruled, and the Sun is in Saturn ruled Aquarius, and Saturn is strong in Capricorn, already as heavy as grave reality could be, but with Pluto still right behind him, its a heaviness that exceeds known reality’s limits. Heaviest, unprecedented weight. But behind weight there’s power. There’s a force there that has transformed our world from the deep structural level. The stress Saturn received from passing over Pluto warped the infrastructure and now the whole set up is altered. We become detectives, investigating the inter-workings of our altered world. We’ve been effected by the powerful pull. So under these intense influences the Sun receives resources of an extreme Aquarius signature. Extremely disconnected, dissociative, finished with the past but through the lens of the past. So crushed with historical narrative and nostalgia and the tombs of previous structures that you can only bear to look into the binoculars at the frontier in the distance and mentally imagine yourself proceeding into the unknown which bristles with potentiality. It’s time to move on. We turn away from boredoms we have never even known before and think up avenues for escape into our more mentally stimulating circumstances to come. The Moon swelled to fullness with our hearts over-pouring with these emotions, heavy and harsh but kindling to a certain kind of fire, that when it got crackling in earnest we were called almost ceremonially to tell our tale from the beginning one last time, as the licking flames ate up the old blueprints and cleared our drawing tables for initiating some bleeding edge invention in the heart of our confinement within the story of our life, and the clock ticking so hard it becomes an inevitability that it will tock itself off the wall, and what we do in the wake of the clocktower’s collapse is ours alone; ours and the collective that catches insights in the wind and the communications that cling to it, idea hooking upon idea as the talk and chatter over what we all do next from here on out commences.

Mars won’t let up. It’s going for the gold. It’s gonna ride this thing out. Fuck it. There’s no turning back anyway, all the bridges have been burned. There’s only one Grail, and now that the sacred cup has been glimpsed, giving up is a certain type of death. So energy and tactical focus continues to get fed into the fire, keep the candles lit, keep the game going, turn up the volume, increase the speed, there’s only one thing left to do, play for keeps. By next Sunday he lands himself a chance to play for real. As he reaches exaltation in Capricorn on the 16th we realize it’s no longer a game at all, it’s as real as can be. All our enthusiasm over everything has been well and good, but now we have to move our pieces around the board with consequences in mind. If we don’t win then we lose, and that comes with a nasty penalty. Winning is the only option, so we get our heads straight, cool our minds, slow our role, look at the scene, scan for openings, look twenty steps down the line, get ahead of our opposition, get things set up in a certain way, give ourselves an advantage. Mars is crafty here, lying in wait for its enemies to fall into his trap. It will be wise to get used to the operative and calculating mode of attack as quickly as possible as everyone repositions to the best high spot for active defense and quantifies the risks to break open toward level ups. Go sit upon the roots of an old tree at the crest of a hilltop and overlook the territory and with a calm and grounded disposition hatch your plans.

Funny enough, Mercury stations retrograde in detriment in Pisces the same day, with emotions mixing up into a stew of confusion and realizations that things are certainly not what they had seemed and you might need to go back and sort through your intuitions to find a more lucid modality within the formless flow of universal impressions. We look into the sprawling poetry we’ve penned and cease to make sense of any of it. What is this all even about? Our moods swing and swell as we swim back toward the open air and surface for some breath before a deeper dive to come in a few weeks. So Mercury seeks a clear head as Mars concocts a solid strategy, and backtracking through psychic transmissions and empathic tides to a point when transmissions were still clear might help us banish some blur. ‘What kind of systems had we been thinking up a few weeks ago? We got really enchanted and all I can talk about is how I feel not what I think. What was the plan, anyway?” This is fine, and some more realizations and poetic epiphanies will likely resound in the process of reviewing the story, in rewinding and watching the replay to see how we feel about the footage so far and getting back to the original notes we made detailing where we wanted to see the plot go in the first place. It’s something we have to do if we want to set our ducks in a row in the real world and sweep the game. If we’re destined for some time in the pool we might as well be Pool Sharks.

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