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The Astrology Of 2020: Prototype Wars

2020 Looks like a pivotal year, a mark upon the timeline where historians will point to later and say "The shift is here". Being in a part of history that holds that power is interesting. There are elements that you need a larger scope to realize you are in the middle of something transitional, but everything about right now seems past or beyond all conceivable limits, so it makes sense to nearly everyone that we are moving into and through a big change. Really, we've been in the end of one story and the beginning of another since 1981 when the first apparent conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn occurred in Libra, and then the next one followed in Taurus in 2000, although the mean or mathematical average conjunction in 2000 took place in Gemini. By December 21st of 2020 the conjunctions will agree to Air signs for the next 200 years. The entire industrialized period of human history exists within the Earth period of conjunctions which we are about to depart completely. We've already moved one foot with home computers and internet technology, and later this year the other foot drops. There is a lot to be said about this for another article, but let it be known that 2020 is certainly a major transition of historical epoch's astrologically. We receive another indication, Saturn and Mars' joint ingress into Aquarius just after Spring Equinox or 'Astrological New Year' and then the final Cancer eclipse occurring on Summer Solstice. Having these prominent points of light marked by strong celestial events also highlights this year as important to the larger story.

It appears to be a year of new systems and hypothetical structures rolled out into reality in response to crisis and then dealing with the havoc they cause and having to retreat back to stable ground to regroup and recalibrate before bringing new ideas and technologies into play with success by 2021. In the process we enter grinding and elongated conflicts, and change our minds and emotions about what we love, how we think and communicate, what even is of value and how we make cultural exchanges. The only way to the other side of a collapsing empire with an obvious shadow superpower behind it operating in sinister puppet play to all our detriment is through some radical and upsetting transitions; notably the uprisings and conflicts surrounding the wasting of energy and how this can both lull and grind the economy to a halt. 2020 looks hard, but not without necessary upgrades to the historical narrative. There is major mechanical maintenance scheduled for the reality machine, the rub being is that it goes down while we are inside it.

That being said, this will certainly be a year to remember, but also one in which we both build our future foundations and also get to baton down the hatches and stabilize our root structures. We might find ourselves stronger and in a more powerful position once we are on the other side of some hardball, so it's important we keep watch the moves available along the way.

1st quater: Winter

-Jupiter in cap

-cap eclipse

-saturn/pluto conjunction

-Uranus direct station

-Sun/Mercury square Uranus

-Venus in Pisces

-Venus conjunct Neptune

-Venus square Mars

-Sun and Mercury square Uranus

-Venus in Aries

-Venus square Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn

-Mars in Cap

-Mercury RX in pisces and aqua

-Venus in Taurus

-Venus conjunct Uranus

-Sun conjunct Neptune

-Mars conjunct Jupiter

By winter solstice we have begun to become acquainted with Jupiter in Capricorn. Opportunities have consequences, we take what we can get, we are focused on slowly solidifying our dreams, we do what we have to to grow and expand, we come to terms with pragmatic wisdom and earthen philosophies, we find joy in hard work and order. The fiery mojo of Jupiter in Sagittarius has died down and we have to keep the gears turning manually and constantly check for jams in the works and clear whatever gets caught in the cogs. But there is real potential to build here. We have a physical sense of such.

The eclipses toll some familiar bells from the past year and a half, intoning attention to hard lessons and urgent needs. Whatever we must nurture along and lend resources to for generations sake wells up to the surface in early-mid January, beginning the year with the ongoing theme of what is the hard reality right now, and what we need to live through it, be safe and thrive. What kind of plants do we need to be to grow abundantly in a harsh climate?

The climate is one of anxiety and fear, both paranoia and legitimate concern, and also wailing from the tombs that might need to be actively silenced, while other somber moanings simply need to play out and run their course. Saturn and Pluto’s conjunction is a collapsing star placed upon the timeline, and as whole systems and structures are sucked into it we skirt the edge and slip along into a future beyond a blinding shadow. We have to collectively move into an unknown future together, grasping for whatever handholds we might find.

Uranus stations and decides to continue through Taurus with plans to alter and revolutionize how we engage sensorily and sensually with the physical world and material culture altogether. Expect changes in food, craft, farming, fashion, and especially raw resources. How did we once prepare our world to be a fertile and productive place and how might we do that now in an amplified and technologically augmented way? What were yesterday’s rhythms and what might be tomorrow’s? The Sun and Mercury eye this from Aquarius where new ideas are assembled in our most abstract thoughts.

It’s important to follow Venus around as the benefic more free to move this year, as we’ll have her in exaltation as well as rulership in Taurus within the winter months and as we settle into the Jupiter in Capricorn period, where he is in fall and finds difficulty, we could make use of her dignity and strength as much as we can while we have it. Both positions find Venus in friendly aspect to the pile up of Saturn, Pluto and the South Node, as well as working hand in hand with what Jupiter is attempting to bring about out of the hard places of Saturn’s domicile. She both conjoins Neptune and squares Mars from Pisces, which certainly stirs the waters and amplifies our romantic fantasies. We’ll want to ride the currents without getting overly carried away. In this final hard road of a stone sober few years on end we could go for some serious escapism and steamy distraction, but keeping it in the art studio or wherever else it can be creatively corralled will help from losing track of our way and not getting lost within the labyrinthine tunnels and halls of the Capricornian complex. By the time she makes it to Taurus she’ll make her next conjunction with Uranus, and splatter the walls with whatever radical fertilizer has been concocted while he’s been in her sign, and rush some pleasure prototypes out into the light. Between her dignities she’ll be in Aries struggling through rash aesthetics, which can be edgy fun, but when we feel her desire drives become more combative we might sorely miss her gifts and niceties, especially as she’ll square Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn from the Ram’s sign, where we might find our anger around not having what we are immediately attracted to finds some very serious opposition. This of course leads us to radically adjust our groove and get into the obligatory timing, which will have tremendous benefits once we become acclimated.

Mercury’s retrograde in Pisces might parallel last years, but this time flees back into Aquarius as well to rethink what new ideas we might have brainstormed the few weeks prior. It’ll be interesting this round to not only get emotionally confused, but have it possibly lead to intellectual considerations that resolve in reworked hypotheses. The Sun conjoins Neptune towards the end of the winter, paralleling Mercury’s confused state while opening our eyes to Dionysian modalities.

Mars conjoins Jupiter as the Sun sails toward equinox, combining Mars’ chess-master stratagem of attack with Jupiter’s slow stacking and laborious opportunity availability. There is some striking gold here from an unlikely source but tactically maneuvering into place to do so, but also some tricks and traps set around what might get offered up along the way.

2nd quarter: Spring

-Sun in Aries

-Saturn ingress Aquarius day after equinox

-Mars ingress Aquarius, conjunct Saturn

-Mercury conjunct Neptune

-Jupiter conjunct pluto

-Mars square Uranus

-Sun conjunct Uranus

-Pluto stations rx

-still tight with Jupiter

-Mercury conjunct Uranus

-Nodes switch into Gem/Sag

-Saturn stations rx

-Mercury in gemini

-Mars ingress Pisces

-Venus stations RX in gemini

-Mercury in Gemini

-Jupiter stations RX

-Mars square Venusrx

-inferior conjunction of Venus

-slight lunar sn eclipse in sag

-Mars conjunct Neptune

-Mercury stations rx

It is the Mars conjoined to Jupiter in Capricorn that rules over the Sun as he enters Aries and signals spring. Light and darkness level, the natural world is waking up, activating, and we scan the landscape, a board locked down with limited openings, but a few decisive moves can get us close to closing the deal and elevating us up to a modestly improved playing field. With the Sun in exaltation and little help coming this year from Jupiter we want to use the Sun’s dignified position in Aries to show how competent we are and radiate our capabilities. Saturn makes his first move into Aquarius the day after the Equinox, almost stimulated to ingress by the updraft of warmish wind from the tomb depths as Mars and Jupiter join forces. Mars doesn’t take long to follow Saturn into air triplicity and the pair instigate abstract constructs and hypothetical systems and conceptual strategies, moving them into the real world long before they’ve been tested in the lab. There’s hasty research and development on the new hierarchies and architectures that roll out in 2020, they just hit the real world and we have to see what problems they solve and which ones they create. Mars’ riding into Saturn’s air domicile upon his cloak tails likely foretells some urgency will be surrounding installing systems being thought up as they begin to interface with reality. That the pair enters in square tension to Uranus in Taurus tells us that whatever these strategies, systems and tactics are made up of they will be causing some reactive shifts and quakes in the material world and we will see some revolutionary changes on the way.

Before Mars completes this square to Uranus Mercury conjoins Neptune and Jupiter conjoins Pluto. We are confused, romantic notions and emotions blur our analytical abilities, our coherence of the unknown and wisdom born of fear falls into obsession states and paranoiac investigations ensue. Intelligence here and the understanding of what is real and what is not falls into utter distortion. But this doesn’t mean we come away with nothing. Poetic organization and advance into initiatic states opens up as sound pathways in a world of confusion and darkness. The only way through is to understand the world from Dionysian and Chthonic perspectives. To be receptive to what caves and wine and other nonhuman allies have to offer us. Nature still guides when society falls into disarray. The Sun conjoins Uranus, and we see the world through the lens of this revolutionary perspective. Pluto stations retrograde, and our overturning of stones suddenly seems to pull us back where we came from, as if we’ve found a sent in the dark to turn us around, and some hard won wisdom can be there retrieved.

Mercury conjoins Uranus, and our thinking receives a considerable jolt of the sensory juice, and it as if this voltage running through our practical understanding of what stuff makes up the world moves the nodes over into a mutable axis. Now it is Gemini that hosts the Dragon’s Head, and the Mercurial things of curiosity and polarity cause us to salivate excessively. Sagittarius receives the Dragons Tail, where purgation takes place, almost in response to Jupiter’s recent visit to the sign of motivation and optimism, and his current position in Capricorn which cuts this mojo back towards what’s doable in reality.

Saturn stations retrograde, and tides of realizations pull back over possible laws and limits that maybe didn’t hold up as well as hoped, and destined for a return to Capricorn, we might retreat for more stable or familiar territory after getting ourselves far out into hypothetical space. There’s a lot further we could go, but we might have gotten out farther than we’d yet been and realized how much more space there is to try out.

Mercury ingresses Gemini where he is in rulership and we should make thorough use of this optimization of analytical and information sourcing and polarity juggling cleverness. Jupiter is in a Saturn ruled sign for the year, and the art of timing is key to unlock many of the benefits 2020 has to offer. There’s some lockdowns and shutdowns and slow comebacks along the way, and the grinding tension of Saturn and Mars throughout, but what we can optimize when the faster moving planets reach their power places should be taken advantage of in full. Find communications, writing and magic work to fit into this stretch of time.

Mars ingresses Pisces where he is a bit disarmed, and out of Saturn’s way for a time. Here he seeks out the potency of essences. The point of the infinite flow. Venus stations retrograde in Gemini, square by sign to Mars in her exaltation, where she was not too long prior, and now copresent with Mercury she turns around to feel out the depths of our desires to be eclectic, ephemeral, clever, curious, polarity switching, option oriented. We remap our values and passions while Venus is retrograde. We come to face our attractions and aesthetics and loves in the face and our tastes shift and swap and change in the process. It’s a tender time, but a visceral one of importance to what and who we love.

It’s around this time that the tides turn for Jupiter, and he begins his long walk back to earlier Capricorn, making sure he thoroughly understands the whole of what he’s built in Saturn’s laborious and permanent place of rule.

In a short span of time Mars squares retrograde Venus, kicking up a considerable amount of sexual tension to a Venus already feeling through reconsiderations of her desires, then she is burnt up in her conjunction with the Sun, where she is purified and recentered, despite being reduced and burned asunder. It is at this point the issue which she speaks to is revealed for you, and perhaps all to clearly see. Your true desires can no longer hide from you. Simultaneously there is a slight lunar eclipse on the South Node in Sagittarius. Just a sip of the purgative poison to altar our tastes for the mythological and adventurous. There may be some quest in progress we are considering abandoning, or some ideals that need winnowing.

Mars reaches his conjunction with Neptune, and our actions, tactics and critical abilities are thrown into confusion and doused with psychedelic sedative. We could maybe muster a ritualistic trance dance here, but typical warlike activities are likely to be beyond sloppy. This is just in time for Mercury to station retrograde in Cancer, in an ironic harmony with diffused actions, energy and efforts, our thinking about what we need and are in the mood for or not sinks us into circumambulatory thought lagoons.

3rd quarter: Summer

-summer solstice nn solar cancer eclipse

-neptune stations rx

-inferior conjunction in cancer mercury

-Venus station direct

-slight sn lunar eclipse in cap

-mars ingress Aries

-mars sextile Saturn

-Jupiter-rx conjunct Pluto

-Saturn return to Cap

-Sun in Leo

-sun and mercury square Uranus

-Jupiter sextile Neptune

-Mars square Jupiter

-Mars squares Pluto

-Uranus stations rx

-Superior conjunction in Leo

-Mercury in Virgo

-Mercury and Sun on regulus

-Mars square Saturn

-Venus opposes Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn

-Mars stations RX

-Jupiter stations direct

-Sun on bends

The Summer also begins with a dramatic solstitial event, a Solar eclipse on the North Node in Cancer. This has the lunation in question not much more than a degree away from the node, so its Total, although the Node is on the other side of the sign border in Gemini. This is the final piece in the Cancer eclipse story, and a bit of a crown jewel, the identification with prioritizing the best conditions and needs and resources to nurture, grow, protect and generate whatever this sign corresponds to in your chart will be spotlighted hard and all attention will be put upon it and appetites on overdrive to get at whatever this garden grows. There may just be a little shadow pull flavoring the oncoming eclipses to come in Gemini, so watch out for foreshadowing or other premonitory information to what that cycle might be about for you. There may here be some new contexts sneaking in around buzzing curiosities and clever interexchange of information and polarity dynamics. An eclipse on Solstice, like the important Saturn ingress which took place on the spring equinox both mark 2020 as a pivotal and particularly important year, not to mention the finale of the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction which marks our years end. This means an important year in history, but living through a historically important year certainly means crucial events taking place in our own personal lives and in the lives of those around us.

As Summer gets rolling Neptune stations retrograde, which is a more subtle and larger tidal type motion, and regards wide cycles of our collective imaginations and cultural beliefs, although, it is worth noting that six planets are retrograde at this time, so the ebb and flow feeling of things is certainly set to a hard ebb, with Mercury and Venus burrowing deep down to take a close look at what is really going on and how we really feel. Although the inferior conjunction of Mercury quickly follows, handing insightful messages about what we forgot and what we might need to remember, and then Venus stations direct, and begins to emerge from her Underworld experiences reborn and renewed and ready to move with more confidence toward new attractions, desirable ideas, social pleasures and curiosities. We receive our last, yet very slight South Node Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, ending the purgation process and architectural reduction or system dismantling that has gone on with maybe a work site sweep up for some closure, but not necessarily major cuts or chops.

Mars then marches into Aries, where he finds strength in his own domicile and will spend a considerable amount of time, until January of 2021, as he will turn retrograde for a couple months there beginning just before the Autumn. He almost immediately sextiles Saturn, with irony, as they ingressed into Aquarius practically holding hands back around the equinox and here just after solstice they work again hand in hand pulling and sounding alarms between new hypothetical and possible structures versus our individual impulses and personal power: the new plan in light of what gets the best results when carried out in action. The deja vu continues with Jupiter’s retrograde conjunction with Pluto, which he had around the time the malefics were conjoining in the first degree on Aquarius in early April. There will likely be strong parallels between the challenges, new plans, and transformative events of early spring and early summer. So expect echoes and reverberations. This is especially true as Saturn next makes his move to retrograde back into Capricorn until mid December. There is certainly some tension and challenges holding things back here, delaying the inevitable, or sending us back to the drawing board to finalize and solidify new and theoretical versions of reality before they can be fully installed and pursued. There is a kind of gravity of the grave sucking the future world away from its footsteps forward, but it can only claim so many victims, as the show must inevitably go on, and a year of careless prototypes ends in an actuality of new technology and techniques, but along the way the tension and attention is placed on understanding how we are built and what upon before we can hack our way into an altogether new reality.

At least we stride forward at this point with the predictable yet glorious transit of the Sun in Leo, of which we want to harvest as much vitality, clarity, auspiciousness, favor, glamour and gold as we can while the brighter luminary passes through his homeland. Both the Sun and Mercury make their next square to Uranus here, so again, some of the themes of earlier in the year might rear their head once again but from a different angle. What we thought of theories and abstract possibilities in light of a rapidly changing natural world might be called to be considered here from much more centralizing perspective and general rallying truth.

Mars will square both Jupiter and Pluto from Aries while Jupiter himself is trining Neptune. More clashes and conflicts and uprising about what works versus what we are paranoid about and what romantic ideas we have about progress, no matter how sage they may be, they might still be deluded by history and its considerable weight. Effectiveness and power can sometimes speak volumes in comparison to the historical record. Individual agendas can be a challenge to the status quo, often igniting full on rebellions and revolts against the system. The planet of revolution himself, Uranus, stations retrograde at this time, passing back over the territory its been changing, altering, upgrading, quaking and shifting. Mercury and the Sun complete a Superior Conjunction in Leo, where insights of the central and virtuous kind, about leadership, bravery and truth of the individual soul are passed to us from our higher minds. We may be realizing things at this point about who we really are, who we’re fighting and what kind of artillery is required to actually take on the fortifications we face.

Shortly after Mercury enters his night rulership in Virgo, where we want to harvest his power to coldly and clinically sort through all the details and minutia, to separate the wheat from the chaff, to listen to all the various testimony, to thoroughly do his homework. Just after they pass under the arches of the prominant star Regulus Mars completes a square to Saturn from Aries to Capricorn. What we can do, which is dictated by the old system and structure under collapse that we have always relied on, limits what is possible and where we can put our excessive energy and anger. There is major clashing between structural limitations and critical impulse. Mercury is trine by sign to Saturn and the other planets in Capricorn: There is simply a lot to sort out behind the scenes before the old deal can hand the baton back to the new plan. Things have run for the cover of safety despite the energy and aggression on the rise amongst individuals. Unsurprisingly, Venus spends the next several days opposing Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. There are things we want and need but they are not necessarily available, and what we do have of these things is precious.

Then Mars stations retrograde from early September to November. Energy levels vary wildly and chaotically, and challenges are complicated and convoluted and anything rather than straightforward. It is during Mars retrogrades we learn about how we waste energy and how we might avoid losing ourselves in unnecessary conflicts and challenges that get us little reward for enormous effort. In the case of Aries this might be the struggle to be ourselves, retain our individuality, to carve our own path and be effective generally. But either way, it is a lot of pissed off and irritated Mars. Ironic that as Mars begins his struggle to keep up with what life demands of him and his energy output, Jupiter stations direct, ready now to slowly and steadily take new territory. The labor with which growth and development are accomplished while Jupiter is in Capricorn almost echoes perfectly Mars’ excessive efforts in Aries retrograde. The Sun also visits the bends of the nodes before the Autumnal ingress, finding the tension point between the upcoming and very new set of eclipses, so look here to the end of Summer to themes that may become present in some alternate form for the next 18 and a half months.

4th quater: Fall

-Mercury square Saturn and opposite Mars

-on entering shadow

-Venus trine Mars

-Saturn stations direct

-Mars square Saturn

-Pluto stations direct

-Mercury opposite Uranus

-MarsRX square Pluto

-Sun square Jupiter

-Mercury station RX in scorpio

-Sun opposite Mars

-t-square to Pluto

-Sun square Saturn

-Venus trine Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn

-MercuryRX opposite Uranus

-Venus in Libra

-same time as MercuryRX in Libra

-MercuryRX square Saturn

-Mercury stations direct in Libra

-Venus opposite MarsRX

-Sun trine Neptune

-Jupiter conjunct Pluto

-Mars stations direct

-just before new Moon in Scorpio

-Venus ingress Scorpio

-Sun ingress Sag

-NN lunar eclipse in Gemini

-Sun trine Mars

-SN solar eclipse in Sag

-Saturn ingress Aquarius

-Jupiter ingress Aquarius

-Superior conjunction of Mercury in Sag

-Sun ingress Capricorn

-Jupiter conjunct Saturn

-Mars square Pluto

Mercury opposes retrograde Mars and squares Saturn as the Sun passes through Autumn Equinox into his fall in Libra. This is pretty much the degree in which Mercury enters the shadow of his upcoming retrograde, 25* Libra. We are thinking about the inter-relational and cultural logic of our anger and energy over expenditure and the tired old systems that won’t seem to budge. This sends us into an episode of analyzation and mental organization which will require a few drafts; our ideas are not going to come out perfect in one go. The retrograde is ruled over by a currently retrograde Mars with a lot of strength, so the mental re-write’s may be born of incendiary emotions, as Mercury stations retrograde in Scorpio around mid October. Libra’s ruler, Venus applies to trine Mars and sextile Mercury at this time, so there is likely some creative, aesthetic, romantic or cultural context in which these tensions and confusions fits and might feel good or glamorous for your confidence despite being challenging and complicated. We can look hot when we’re mad, or “I love how passionate you get when you get all pissed off”, etc.

Saturn then stations direct while Mars is making his next and second to last square in the set. The grinding tension we’ve been describing between them comes to another head here and systems begin to stabilize and attempt continued construction while Mars has us working double time to keep up and react to the situation in the moment. There is certainly pounding against a wall vibe present, and there is only so much you can do, but giving up doesn’t look like an option. Pluto is the next to station, and the ominous paranoia and fear of the Void might begin to seem alluring and worth investigating, noir style mysteries embedded in the structure beckon us into obsession.

Mercury opposes Uranus, Mars squares Pluto and the Sun squares Jupiter within a few days leading up to Mercury’s retrograde station. A lot of alarms suddenly go off with volatile and radical new factors shifting the way we feel about the mixture of information and emotion, our wasted energy might be seriously slashing away into oblivion and contributing to dark causes and our attention to harmony and justice could be in conflict with how things need to happen to progress and build up into something stable. The Sun then opposes Mars, centering the retrograde and bringing in a bit of balance and perspective to right the rate of attack, but not necessarily without upsetting the social balance. This occurs while both planets are square Pluto, rendering the need for balance rather ominous and overwhelming.

The Sun then squares Saturn, from Saturn’s exaltation to his rulership, and being of one sect, and having a relation to clarity and clockwork this might be a wake up call, but not necessarily so bad, especially as the ruler of Libra is trining all the Capricorn planets at the same time. This could be a set of sobering realizations amidst a hectic and demanding episode. Highlighted by the fact that Mercury returns to its opposition with Uranus going back for another jolt of the high voltage juice. There is something highly experimental about this. Back to the lab. The whole year has a theme of running prtotypes and watching them create chaos and then having to wrestle them back into submission to make some final adjustments before they can be let out for the long haul.

Venus ingresses her sign of rulership in Libra essentially the same moment Mercury steps retrograde into the same sign, echoing their copresence earlier in the spring when she was retrograde in his domicile of Gemini, another air sign. There is something this year also about changing our values and how we think about love, money, art and social culture that might be a side story or a product to the system pressure versus the actions and agendas of the individual. I’ll insert another reminder here to make FULL use of Venus in great dignity while we cant rely very much on Jupiter to dole out the golden opportunities. Find here artistic equilibrium and social diplomacy and all the charm and clever wit Libra is known for. Mercury will square Saturn copresent with Venus and then shortly after station direct, having got the memo, and brought together whatever report he made ready for final printing and etching into the cultural consciousness.

Venus follows up Mercury’s direct station with an opposition to retrograde Mars. This will certainly insight some arguments and the like, but it is a good balancing energy to apply to the out of wack warrior trying to work his way through some difficult territory. Venus will do what she can to bring some calm to the storm, even though this might render the soirée spicy to say the least. The Sun trines Neptune from Mars’ nocturnal sign, echoing the admixture of intensity with empathic diffusion. Jupiter then conjoins Pluto for the final time, bringing opportunities out of the dense darkness and ultimate fears present in our own lives as well as empire at this stage of history. Mars then stations direct. Almost corrected by these configurations, this mixture of charm and cultural grace being violated by his mis use of violence and the ability of Jupiter to see spiritual value in accepting ultimate darkness. Our energy levels, still on high as this is Mars in Aries, but now we may wield our weapons most efficiently and effectively. This occurs at last right before a New Moon in Scorpio, where secret seeds are planted which relate to how we might use our powers and strengths under a more stealthy modality in the future now that we’ve been through the wringer so hard.

Venus ingresses Scorpio and the Sun ingresses Sagittarius. We lose the dignity of our Lovely Lady right as things set up for the next round of eclipse. A North Node Lunar Eclipse in Gemini which increases our appetites for the informational, the social, the curious, the eclectic, the ephemeral, the polarized, the trixy, the dual, the clever; that which can say many different things at once, and especially two different things at the same time. The Sun trines Mars, and our energy usage is given some solar support and praise, but from a Sun in eclipse season, s the next one solar eclipse occurs on the South Node in Sagittarius with Mercury on axis in detriment. The mythologized, dream swollen, scope dilated, ultimate adventure aims seem top-heavy and ultimately confusing compared to the many details involved and require some purging and pairing back. As previously stated, this is likely a result of where Jupiter was last year, saying yes to everything that had a Holy Grail at the end of it, and this year, chasing Saturn down at the end of Capricorn trying to get as serious and stable as he can about what is a good idea for progressive growth.

In quick succession just before the solstice Saturn and Jupiter ingress Aquarius and conjoin upon the first degree. Simultaneously Mercury accomplishes a Superior Conjunction with the Sun in Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius. Whatever new systems were hastily and urgently installed last March and had to be rolled back through a serious of grinding conflicts into stable territory can here be introduced to greater success and benefit, and the realizations to our optimistic thinking ascend from our higher states of consciousness. Saturn and Pluto are no longer sharing a sign, they are making real distance between one another, and a new era has begun. 200 years of Saturn and Jupiter conjunctions in Air signs. The Sun passes into Capricorn and past the Solstitial degree, and the year ends with Mars final square to Pluto in the set. There are still fears and mysteries and paranoia and obsession, and they will continue to alarm us into action, call us to respond to their pressures, but Saturn and Pluto are no longer writing history together for a while, the next time they come together being in Pisces in 2054. For the time being, new structures and articulations and concepts are being introduced into the narrative of our lives. We will have to meet them with open minds.

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