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The Astrology Of 11/18/19-11/24/19

Monday November 18th to Sunday November 24th

-Tuesday 11/19/19: 3am: Mars ingress Scorpio

-Wednesday 11/20/19: 6pm: Mercury stations direct

-w/ Moon in Virgo

-Friday 11/22/19: 10am: Sun ingress Sagittarius

-Venus day, Moon in Libra, Venus conjunct Jupiter

-Sunday 11/24/19: 8:30am: Venus conjunct Jupiter

-noon: Mars opposite Uranus conjunct Moon

The Moon cruises across Leo over the course of her own day, Monday the 18th, thinking about what the Sun sees in Scorpio's rippled and textured terrain. Our solar eye itself is wandering lost in the lacework of our loins, while Mercury reverses the messages and scrambles the emotional data so that we are forced to toss turpentine over the paintings and watch our memories weep and melt. The Sun sees the situation clearly, and like a deer in the headlights watches in a kind of frozen fear, like observing your doppleganger do his dirty work to your life from behind the plate glass window of sleep. He has no real power in this place, but his objectives and orientation are pushed past the primal into endless loops of lust, biting and gnashing he follows a Fox into its lair and again and again swallows the serum for the sake of the stinging pain deep within his guts, twisting of his insides a gyrating engine of perpetual habitual motion, episode after episode. But early Tuesday Morning something serious sparks off. A fiery hand bursts up from the grave, and before the cracking stone and shattering sarcophagus rises something infernal. The potency of night, the capability of fang to pierce flesh, the advantage of darkness, the ruthlessness of nature, the sound of pumping blood, the vibration of beating hearts, the scent of skin calling out unfortunate from its hiding place and summoning the predatory in response to its aimless shivering. It will be consumed, the Cat is too keen, the Wolf is too famished, the canines quake in their sockets, and the sinuses fill with the wrathful gas and spirits torn from their spines wriggle through the sinuses and caress the cartilage as they make their way through so many chemical and electrical exchanges to the brain then race like plasmic squirells down to the base of the spine, throw gasoline across the primary post and toss a match, but because of a certain kind of suction, the conflagration remains in the chiminy stack, sucked up to top, reddening the eyes, flaring the nostrils, swelling the lips, wetting the appetite, and the body falls down into stalking pose, and slowly, silently moves forward towards its directive, destined to take its kill. The inevitable destruction of a truly nourishing exchange. The marrow rattling consummation of the act. The connect. The membrane no longer intact. The beyond seeking you out and fore-passing you. The capability of languid panther in repose catching a scent and its body shaming all machines. This is not artifice. This is not mechanical, not industrial pressure munching and crushing. This is nature being most ultimately effective, and in all the horror and fear it causes in us, as we are just a morsel of food for something stronger and faster, we awe at its resolve, and our carnal centers feel the stimulus and respond. Mars enters Scorpio, and the Sun becomes copresent with the ruler of this potent place. Are you predator or prey?

Mercury gets the memo and is directly effected. He has been swirling our inner landscapes and warping the impressionistic organization of our passions. We might have thought we were strict vegetarians but then remembered the taste of blood and spent the past few weeks wandering the meat market contemplating what's on the chopping block. Wednesday evening we either begin thinking like hunters or not. Having melted away the definition in swathes upon the once considered complete canvas upon which we painted the true expression of our deepest and most intense emotional communication, and before us a dripping mess of mixed color fields and visages collapsed, we at last know what we must do to bring the piece back together so it speaks directly from our guts rather than from our brains or hearts doing a safe translation that won't frighten the neighbors or disrupt the status quo. Mars gives us the bravery to be direct, to make killing cuts and burn the bodies in the backfeild, and now that he will rule a direct Mercury our directives, thinking and actions are for a time now all in line, as we slip into the either cruise through the shadows unseen or slip into the open to pounce. Remember my caveat from previously, we are both hunter and hunted, everything eats, so watch your back, even if you are just positioned before your easel.

On Venus' Day the Sun ingresses Sagittarius, and basks in the optimism of Venus applying to conjoin Jupiter. Anything's possible, the world is your oyster, but really so many oysters, and only one Holy, and a delicious dive into any one oyster can lead you to the ultimate oyster that flashes prismatic beyond the many as celestial opal, an open signal, a channel alive with energy, flashing beacons, divine decadence gold paving up the winding path which you can see now straight across to the tower on top which wears the crown seal of your hearts emblazoned symbol, and like a multivalent sigil seared into your ear you speak with visual color and lance extended out place the tip upon the receiver and transmissions from God rush as feedback and your feet rise above the ground as incendiary voices sing into your eyes, becoming acutely synaesthetic, the vehicle from your dreams, the multiform beast, in all its beauty, with the potential to carry you to the source of the signal, to be broadcast, and to receive the wavelength in your burning soul, the symbols cascading down and bursting fire, their meanings released from their constricting shapes, and now with pure expression released from cast off husks information is free, energy is free, and we frictionless vault through chromatic tunnels unimpeded toward the upper end of escalation itself, the elevator rising with ecstatic electricity and faster faster as theres more, and the heights are endless and beyond this feast of every delight is just more, more, more more to be had. You see it, you saw it, you are seeing it, the ultimate potential, the juice, the stuff, the jazz.

Venus finally conjoins Jupiter on Sunday, while Mars, holding the Moon hostage, is opposing Uranus. The voltage here both benefic and malefic is nothing to balk at or play around with foolishly. We have some extremely strong visionary drugs and fairy dust and magical lamps at our disposal and plenty of high tech silenced firearms and assassins swords lying around the place before the acid kicks in. We say we want to meet god, destroy the system, curse the plutocrats, and rewild the earth. Well lets fucking do it. On social media, sure why not, if you must, go ahead, but this week, slink off somewhere into a corner of your own physical and personal world, and with some safety gear on and a spotter if you require one, and have a life altering experience. Invite divine creative epiphany. Call to the Muse and when she comes you must consider: "if thy left hand offend thee cut it off". The juice is loose, get some.

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