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The Astrology of 11/11/19-11/17/19

-Monday 11/11/19: 10:20am: Inferior Conjunction of Mercury

-Tuesday 11/12/19: 8am: Full Moon in Taurus

noon: Sun into Scorpio 3

1pm: Mars sextile Jupiter

-Wednesday 11/13/19: 9am: MercuryRX sextile Saturn

5pm: MercuryRX trine Neptune

-Thursday 11/14/19: noon: Venus square Neptune

-Sunday 11/17/19: Venus into Sagittarius 3

Behind the mirror is another mirror, but one of shiny bootblack and beetle wings, empty irises and oily stones. There's always another mirror. Theres always more until there isn't. With the line cut, with the coin flipped, with the other face forward, where you turn so fast you try to glimpse your own visage. But this is different. Being face to face with your self and with the person in the mirror are different things. The Mirror Person's features are reversed, where as if you were to see your actual self it would be alarmingly body accurate, and not register as you, which can result in terror. We project into the pool a version of our body that rolls with ripples, affected by what it receives, stirred waters concealing the objects and lifeforms beneath. But this week the inferior conjunction of Mercury in Scorpio begins the sequence, as we slowly pass our face through the surface of the water and taking deep breaths of the stagnant pool submerge into our reflections, the echoing of light from the Sun bouncing off the liquid medium and revealing us to ourselves. In the deeps our actual self lurks, and when we come into contact we feel our bodies as someone else might instead of our own mind, but in this case inside out, our organs hang upon our outer layers like grotesque accessories, and whoever else that can handle taking our fluid into their lungs can reach out and caress our vitals, squeeze our spleen, cup our kidneys in their hands and feel their tender warmth, lean in and smell our interiors. This kind of courtship is open to few or none, and rarely do we even allow ourselves entry into this reversed and inverse version of our own natures and sensual signature space. But we might learn from such intimacy that not all exchange of erotic signal leads directly to coitus, and people can put their potency and sexual power on display simply as a mutual acknowledgement of power and trust. This can occur between any pair of people, as long as they pass the period of initial sniffing first; but it can't occur without one knowing what their own erotic frequency is, and how it modulates in the wilds.

This Mercury retrograde conjunction with the Sun reminds us of this electric current flowing through us, of its place, importance and how we might organize it better so that it powers other parts of our person instead of wasting valuable energy, or simply overloading outdated circuitry. We find deep inside something useful, the schematics of our passions, and even though you need to hold them in a mirror to correct the reflection, they can be deciphered. Hermes hands the manilla envelope up from the past, out of an old filing cabinet we may have forgot we once filled with emotionally waterlogged paperwork. Meticulous notes we took in blacked out states about the interior of our libidos and all of the personnel employed within. The nuances of their movements, signs and symbols to represent minute elements of their swagger. How they roll over, how they prop themselves up or pull off layers until the subtle body goes into shock, and for a fortnight flails from the flaying of skins, shed and fresh flesh splayed and subject to the Sun's examination. There is much to be found here in this erotic bewilderment. It is exactly what society tells you is worthless and a waste of time. It is the most sensual and satisfying hangover you ever experienced. Its the acute realizations that occur to you on the brink of a fit of madness. Its tactile connectivity with no solid expression. Its flesh made water and water made flesh. Its being melted like wax and within the warm slurry letters and numbers are released from the static mold now subdued. You can take the tiles with all their tight and tidy characters and assemble large paragraphs that loom monster shaped over the unassuming automatic functions of your life, and prepare these passionate panthers to rear up magnificent and then fall upon their fixations and pounce. There is a fine fishing line emerging from the reflecting pool nearly unseen save for a thin strand of light which is connected to a certain latch which lets loose your Other, and in the moment betwixt permission and invitation is a brief exchange of words in the hall, after which the identity of you and its's clever clone are corrupted. This is sometimes called being honest with yourself about your emotions and desires. Not as straightforward as other ends of the zodiac would like, as beneath each layer of flesh there is another self growing, rising up from the mud and firming into blood fed body parts. We ring our brain out over the developing forms to invoke them alive, and it is not thoughts or rational foam that rouses us awake, but the colloidal chemicals and secret serums and psychological syrup and sensory solutions that keep the mind mass wet and grey. The new flesh slathered in liquids, well lubricated and ready to take over for you, to shiv the old you with shattered mirror shards and coldly watch you die. It is the thrashing and cries of the dying one we experience in these transitions, where as the new us simply waits for the old soul to perish, lizard like but with mammalian blood flowing, and then once the last gasp has groped the air then this new us begins stalking anew, with fresh thoughts in mind of what prey they'd like to pursue. Its this line of logic which we hope to come away with through this tunnel of flapping fish on the floor wondering where all the water went.

The Full Moon in Taurus on Tuesday morning opposes this very Sun-Mercury conjunction, which will be then separating. Mercury's got some insights to mull over before he turns direct on the 20th, and this newly realized set of passionate thoughts lingers in the light the Moon receives from the Sun, filling her sensual body with ferocious fixations. But the Moon is well grounded here, in her exaltation and rolling through the grass in a groove with inertia. This is a much needed outlet for Scorpio's roiling energy. It makes all the animal instincts able to be expressed in a dance, and seated in the body and the physical space there are more possibilities to work through the movements with all the senses and massage it into stability, and put palms behind the vehicle of our lusts and give it a gentle but firm push toward realization. This is the climax of a cycle seeded in October 28th's Scorpio New Moon which occurred just before Mercury turned retrograde conjunct Venus who was leaving her detriment, when many of now's complicated issues became crossed. Now this Venus ruled full Moon, with Venus approaching conjunction with Jupiter in Sagittarius later in the month, swells rhythmic, crafty, organic, cyclical Taurus with inspired desires and motivating fire. The engine purrs and the large strong cat pulls our projects steadily toward creation. This is part of a series of pleasant, pleasurable and helpful interactions between planets over the course of the week. Mars sextiles Jupiter, delivering some much needed perspective on his ongoing project of mixing business with pleasure and attempting to be effective and fun simultaneously. Its been frustrating, but here comes some opportunity to improve the game, and maybe meet goals and hit targets anyway even though there was never even a single solid attempt along the way.

Mercury sextiles Saturn and trines Neptune on Wednesday, which he rules. This may be a convenient opportunity to test out some of these new thoughts about psycho-sexual subjects. As the Moon already set a precedent of making things physical, moving the body and manipulating materials, now putting hands upon the structures themselves becomes possible, and we can see how nature feels with this new erotic operating system in prototype stages, and make some adjustments to our saddles and harnesses. This likely gets us hypnotically carried away, as the trine to Neptune is sure to instigate some hallucinatory tangents and potent imaginings that lace our cognitive cocktail. Venus squares Neptune the following day, but from Jupiter ruled sign to Jupiter ruled sign, which strikes a match against these imaginings and lights up some fantasy desires, but these may be creative responses catalyzed by our current confusions. A delirious mind looks radiant when splashed across a canvas in polychromatic compositions. All in all this week looks like it pulls the strings that connect our loins to our hearts and our hearts to our minds and moves us through a creative process that feels even more vivid than it appears.

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