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The Astrology of September 2019: Get To The Point

The many pods across the littered landscape open slightly to reveal the cream center within, soft gas wafting from the aperture and sweet must perfume seeping from the slit accompanying delightfully muffled whimpers. Listening closely four separate pitches can be discerned from the cries, one sounds like the source of wind, a kind of primeval squeal or porpoise thoughts lifting through a silent gale in white night; another the result of winds in the local environment, such as rustling leaves and tustling grass or sifting sand, the next a ball of bees mid-nest in the central crack of winter, and finally the gooseneck glide that woodwind instruments imitate. Teased out as such a lot of information about nutrition requirements can be established which help in selecting food and adjusting the PH of water and milk formulas. There has ben a long standing tradition surrounding coaxing pods such as these into existence and managing it on your own is inadvisable. Improvisation has led to many a disaster, so it is important and much beneficial to visit the monuments and converse with the statues you find there or sit amongst the ruins and contemplate how it has always ben done. There is currently no law against doing it your own way, but you’ll only have your self to blame when everything in your patch of pods goes sour and desiccates into a brittle brown husk devoid of precious froth, so its easy enough to follow along and follow the example of the great old masters, we are lucky to have them in our history.

At times the process hits snags and runs up against minor conflicts, such as exciting a nearby viper pit with the scent of village victuals and inciting a stampede of stallions across the verdant field overlooking the canyon below and across to the distant castle crest mountain peak decorated with flags and containing the most holy chalice. A neighbor shouts and spits with fury at the flight of his horses but within moments you stand together in awe of the sight of such freedom of movement and natural splendor your hearts kindle in mutual wonder and catalyze a conversation about philosophy and lofty spiritual concepts which leads you to realize your shared raison d’être (the sublimation of the stone) for which you’d be willing to intermingle your modus operandi’s. You part as brethren before you continue transporting the foodstuffs to the pulsating pod patch.

Back in the laboratory where you reduce the simple and rustic market ingredients into high potency serums and formulas necessary for the unfurling of the primary cortex which occurs around the 75th hour of the 9th week of development you pause amidst grinding old stale baguettes into fine powder, immersed in ambient notions brought to the surface by the days previous events. You imagine your beloved pods on swift and strong legs like those stallions sprinting across the plateau, their hoof falls ringing through the valley. Their normal cooing quadrupled in complexity, burblings and babblings of a mysterious language which is half audible and half telepathic, carrying coherent messages only when both are received at once and understood empathically, as if you were feeling the experience which is being described to you in archetypal watercolors that impress upon your emotions and stimulate physical responses: blushing and flushing and goosebumps and arousal and queasiness and heavy eyelids and thirst. You no longer have to say “you had to be there”, the cream cortex horse pod people bring you to the notion yourself so you can experience it directly out of space and time. What a daydream! You go to the cabinet and pour a brandy to stabilize your nerves and wet your wits. The chilled liquor is sweet and pleasant. You pull on a scarf and touch up your make up and then before returning to your tasks you take an unknown number of selfies and post 45 of them in quick succession. On the surgical table you use for a desk the small dishes of powdered and finely minced foods look messy and out of order. You spend the rest of the afternoon arranging them by the intelligence of the color wheel and by a textural logic until you are satisfied with the room’s general aesthetic.

That night with your head upon the pillow you go over all your meticulous notes for the day written in cipher in a minuscule script within your hidden diaries. There’s something missing but you’re not sure what. Things you can’t recall from previous batches and years, and new elements this time around that perturb and worry you, lichens showing up on the underside of the shells, clear discharge in the corners of the cracks, a kind of ominous glow coming from somewhere within the membrane. None of that ever happened before, and the signs you’re used to depending on seem to be altogether absent. You’re worried and filled with apprehension, but much like a character wandering through the darkened labyrinths of a noir mystery. You become obsessed and reread everything you ever read about pod hatching over the past 89 years, and then read it all again until you fall into a black sleep devoid of dream.

A few weeks later the time comes for welding crowbars and cracking open the pods and pulling the infant creatures into the light. You contact the council and make arrangements to hold an official inauguration ceremony at an appointed time, dress code severely enforced and proper procedure to be followed or else face heavy fines or worse, losing your license to hatch pods altogether. You hang lush and lavish curtains and tapestries, erect a chandelier, hire a sommelier and a three rotating septets to play adjacent components of a complex fugue from a forgotten piece of music. Everyone is nervous and excited simultaneously and wants to impress each other with how much foundational knowledge of the procedure they have rom their long history both raising pods independently as well as working within the council. Despite the anxiety and red tape the champagne is smashed over the finest of the pods and thereby christening your collection. Crowbars pry open the throbbing shells with the familiar crack and pure white infant humanoid mammals with damp fuzz and tufts of limp hair are lifted into the limelight and handed champagne flutes and join in the toast before the room erupts in the traditional banter of such an event and attendees discuss with the newborns, who have only moments ago hit the air and lost their aroma of cream, what its been like on the other side of the pod wall back in the old world that we all originated from in the polar end of our roots, everybody speaking the very formal conjugations of the antiquated dialect that the infants bring with them from within the freshly popped pods

Similarly to your conversation from weeks before, the chatter at the inauguration ball strums heart strings and the sextets climax into crescendos which parallel the rousing excitement of a good tet e tet with new podlings who just emerged from the old world and bringing into the discourse very fresh approaches to very firm and longstanding philosophical mainstays, a process which enlarges the basis of cultural wisdom and expands on the coherence of spiritual justice like nothing else. For those that didn’t find themselves trodden beneath the heavy boots of traditional structures and formal hierarchy that such events absolutely require to stand the test of time there are many fruits ripe for the picking that can advance one on their quests. And for those left alive the initiations have just begun. At saber point the entire party is led into tunnels and blindfolded, unaware of when they would be able to leave into the light of day, if ever again, and hand in hand with the infants who only moments ago rose up out of their pods they collectively dream of a more just world and search the recesses of their souls for an answer to such cultural conditions, savoring the beauty of oblivion while navigating the empty space.

By Month

This month sees the majority of the planets in Earth signs until late in the game when planets begin to dance their way through Libra’s gates. The crux of the pivot is upon the territory of Virgo, where we will be assessing, organizing, researching, processing, surgically operating, reverse engineering, creatively redecorating, confronting relationships in the lab or office, stripping down and critically streamlining how we tactically operate, and then hopefully bringing things to completion and tying up loose ends. There is much communication but unlike chatty Gemini it is instead the dispatches of research colleagues or the curt commands exchanged between doctor and nurse. Along the way, as planets (Venus, Mercury, the Sun and Mars) trine Saturn, we harmonize with established hierarchies and tried and true historical methods of construction, looking for common mile-markers and paths well worn for direction and support, and as the planets square Jupiter sparks fly under the tension of such heavy and very real and physical pressures motivational enthusiasms are kindled and we get a chance to reignite our torches when we need the mojo to burn the midnight oil. The spiritual or philosophical highs we experience might lead to more imagination than we had bargained for when they all oppose Neptune and our fantasies could easily get us carried off by the current and lost at sea where we are subject to the swells of both romanticism and tragic sensitivity, something we will need to put into balance for ourselves on a case to case basis.

Once within Libra’s airy area in late September the cultural discourse, social dynamic, diplomatic dealings and judging of what is just breezes in through an open window and with it fresh air and the pleasant temps and kaleidoscope of colors and fresh foods and all the pleasantness of early autumn. There planets are setting up to square the Saturn, Ketu, Pluto stellium and sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius. We go from the intense and intricate doings of early to mid September, filled with alphabets and factors and integers and amounts and pieces that must be fit with other pieces and resolved into manifolds towards a tail end of the month about interfacing with others, the demands and distinct architecture of cultural expressions and the systems set to keep things fair and just and working together within these parameters for the sake of movements maybe bigger than ourselves. It may be a time to show our work, and bring what we’ve been doing to the table and amidst dinner discussions partake in some show and tell, seeing where others are at and consult the culture for feedback. With Venus in rulership its bound to be pleasant and exceptionally charming, and with her moving along so close to Mercury, who love’s an air sign typically, tongues will be tireless, and also able to speak eloquently as well as express creatively, so possibly with the paintbrush as well as the pen and finding a place for the poem at the podium or setting your story to music and telling the tale as an instrumental with the lyre alone. Squaring Saturn will put pressure on the pleasantries and confine them to strict parameters whose clasp will be surely felt, although with the Greater Malefic stationing direct this month he may be much more willing to support and protect, to hold firm and incline toward construction now more than just being reduced to restriction and negation. But a square is a square, and a soiree doesn’t like to be squished into a box, although there are certain parties that benefit from a bit of bondage and its the support of straps that can suspend a participant from above where they are then admired by all in attendance.

Lots Of Aspects

As previously noted September is host to a plethora of aspects, and these are transits to our charts on the personal level, and depending on how sensitive to the signs activated in sequence, this could mean that we are entering a very busy month where a lot of things occur in your life and a lot of stuff is delivered to you and a lot of situations shift and need attention. This is Virgo, so it may find you stationed in the back room sorting through old boxes, or having your nose buried in dusty books, submerged in a deliriously complex translation project or have you alternately running the gamut behind the scenes attending to everything and helping everyone along. Either way, aspects completing tend to show up as something happening or something introduced or some situation transpiring. As this is an earth sign it is likely to be physical, something you can see, taste, touch feel etc. and are called to deal with, but expect for business and a lot to consider and equally or more to do. It’s easy to become stressed here, as well as succumb to gravity. You’ll need to both calm your anxiety as well as stimulate your motivation. It's a place of diligence and patience you are looking for as you weave at Septembers intricate and demanding loom, but its all part of a process that can bring real rewards if you follow it through methodically and with steady dexterity.

Mars Cazimi

Mars being combust can mean that the many things you have to do, the many cuts and precision punctures and surgical separations you are involved in put you in a rather contemplative state about how you want to tactically operate and how your critical game is up to snuff and what you are actually capable with. Can you cut the mustard and actually assemble the house of cards or 10,000 piece 3d puzzle? You always thought you could fix your hyper refined racing bike yourself or modify your modular synth but what happens when you actually do it, does it work out? This is a bit of a putting yourself to the test, fine tuning your martial arts and also letting go of false or outdated modes of action that you’ve been unnecessarily carrying around. Its a lot about efficiency, having just enough to do exactly what you came to do with no waste, just clean and effective operations. Leaving behind the old slop buckets and all the awkward and cumbersome tools that can get fumbled in cartoon hands and opting for one elegant multitool that is ergonomically designed and field tested for results.

As this occurs conjunct Mercury, its also a matter of communication and command. You might be wondering early in the month what the passcodes are to get a dog to do every trick in the book and how you can get them to listen to you every time and not miss a beat and be ready to help out around the ranch and carry messages across the acreage to co conspirators elsewhere so that when you need to rally the troops and spring into action its all systems go, rather than shouting down an ashamed hound to no avail.

Full Moon In Pisces

Mid Month the Moon goes full in the Fishes’ sign, separating from a conjunction with Neptune and opposing the entire Virgo stellium while squaring Jupiter and sextiling Saturn. This is the mirror of the activity on the ground, its the dreams you have about doing something when your neck deep in it, its being nose to the grindstone in an agrarian loop mode, harvesting hay all the live long day for weeks until the motions of your movement and the visions sun stained into your subconscious leak into your soul and rise from the watery depths of your emotions to haunt you while awake. Make sandwiches all day and then dream about making sandwiches, although between the layers of meat and bread and mayonnaise are many secrets and surreal symbols and masked messengers and fantastical portholes which look into mystical murals which come alive as they are splashed by shadow and light. Our dreams and daydreams and imaginary lives and fantastical reveries rear up amidst a rather sober and meticulous process and demand that we put the two faculties into some sort of balance or lose many of our precious small-parts in the transient waters as they wash through. For many this may come in a moment of escape, an episode at the bar letting off some steam with too many drinks, and for others its a good cry from all the anxiety that cleans the slate and calms the calculations on the blackboard, or a feasting on fantasy films to lubricate the dry wheels back into motion or simply some psychedelics to re-infuse the situation with insight and purpose. However it goes for you try to use it and abuse it, and also to fuse it and not lose it. Remember when in waterworld to keep track of the docks and dams and locks and lashes.

Saturn Station Direct

Old Kronos comes back around to direct motion a few days after the Full Moon and ships are righted and we might feel that we can depend on old dad for a change and that what seemed like a cell is actually a fortress and that its a safe and secure place from which to work and is really quite conducive to the process. We get a handle on time and can rely on that which is firm and stable for support, and even achieve a little more discipline with less effort than we might have needed to get tough and endure before. Saturn is retrograde for a little more than half of the year usually so this is not a major shift, but a change of tide with favorable aspects that come with it. That being said, a slow Saturn is a strong Saturn, and one who’s weight is pressed firmly into one part of your chart and likely leaning uncomfortably on a single or few topics in your life. I think this has been why many people didn’t have as fun and frenetic of an August as everybody else and had eclipse topics extend consistantly throughout the summer, as the eclipses this time around and Saturn’s position was inextricably tied. This is us getting the ball slowly rolling again and letting pressure carefully off that spot and eventually getting the tomb opened up so the dead can get let out and stop haunting the house so much anymore. It will be a relief, even though its so slow it might not at first get noticed.

New Moon In Libra

Finally, the Moon goes dark and is renewed in the early degrees of Libra five days after the Sun’s ingress which signals the Autumnal Equinox. We experience a new cycle of social discourse and cultural context and general justice and how we live and think with the other, how we are ambassadors and diplomats in our own life, as the amount of sunshine and night time is equal throughout the day. This is also the part of the zodiac which is known to be the Sun’s fall, right before he and the Moon move into the Via Combusta, the fiery way, through which the Moon also finds her fall after in Scorpio. This is a place populated by Crow constellations and stars of mythological catalyst, the gossip and curse and black feather flight which hisses through the chilling air and portends the utter annihilations and inevitable trials of winter. There is much magic here, oracular ability, hex potential, Venus’ dark sister, the intoxicated breath of poison laced lips loosened and ship sinking in the deep end of the party, in the shadowy corner of the soiree. But this is also a moment of social and cultural seeding, of incepting a new cycle of manifestation in the rich, blank medium of celestial space, the sparkling firmament above letting down its insights on how to clink crystals and summon forth the flow of sparkling wine, effervescent and speaking with sizzling fizz, enchanting, charming, facilitating spirits. It is within these degrees of Libra we come face to face with the other side of the mirror, and stepping through the reflection we pass through the black paper in the blink of an eye.

By Week

Monday September 9th to Sunday September 15th:

Moonday, 9/9/19: midnight (morning): Mars trine Saturn

-mystic rectangle virgo, capricorn, cancer, pisces

Marsday, 9/10/19: 3am: Sun opposite Neptune

Jupiterday, 912/19: 5am: Mars square Jupiter

Venusday, 11:30am: 9/13/19: Mercury conjunct Venus

-4pm: Sun trine Pluto

Saturnsday, midnight: Full Moon in Pisces

-1am: Mars opposite Neptune

-3:15am: Mercury ingress Libra

-9:45am: Venus ingress Libra

Upon the first moments of the calendar 9th Mars trines Saturn from Virgo to Capricorn, harmonizing all the intricate little actions and tactics and attacks in our complicated, multifaceted to do lists with the tried and true long standing traditions of procedure, the security of cornerstones set long ago and the deep furrows and well worn paths left by our forefathers to help shepherd our actions along and keep our energy exerted in a safe and secure track, as we come together to join in the lineage by bringing our hands into the work, contributing to the old current and contributing our cuts which continue the shaping of the stone as one era slowly becomes another imperceptibly. This trine is part of a bigger configuration which modern astrologers call a 'mystic rectangle'. The most mystical thing about it probably is that it involves Neptune in Pisces, but generally we have the stellium of Venus, Mercury, the Sun and Mars in Virgo trine the stellium of Saturn, the South Node and Pluto in Capricorn which is sextile Neptune in Pisces which is trine the North Node in Cancer which is sextile the stuff in Virgo while that particular sign's planets all oppose Neptune and the group in Capricorn hang around the nodal axis and consequently oppose the North Node; meanwhile, everything in Virgo also squares Jupiter in Sagittarius in the process. This is a month of MANY aspects throughout which signals complicated and full of factors and that everything seems to be aspecting across the zodiac in wider patterns all of these complicated factors cropping up in our lives currently are probably emerging in an interconnected lacework or less elegantly for others as a complicated knot. We'll likely experience inter-related narratives sharing the stage with things that just happen to be scheduled simultaneously or experience their actions as overlapping both innocuously as well as inconveniently. Your big audition is annoyingly set up to directly follow your root canal while your court case is pending and your test is being corrected, your paperwork processed, your fantasies fulfilled in a chance rendezvous in the elevator up to meet your long lost sibling you steal a moment in the bathroom to return the many messages that are filing into your inbox and get a curious email claiming you won a considerable sum of money but have to wait to scrutinize it until after the emotional episode next up on the agenda. Looking down the periscope of the week to come it appears more interwoven rather than less and you decide to inaugurate a spell of sobriety in order to deal with the tricky situation by hitting the lobby bar for one last stiff cocktail to snap your wits back into awareness with a splash of cold gin across your palate. You tap your fingers as you sip and flipping through your rolodex take a minute to eliminate the names which have recently become irrelevant so you can begin to wrap your mind around who you have to touch base with on the hot trail upon which you sniff toward unraveling the top five most integral mysteries that are begging to be solved for the sake of the family, the community, the nation and the history of the human race if not the earth itself or the universe at large. With a sharpened intellect and an exacto knife in parallel you set out through the polarities of stone posts and ramping balustrades and methodically moving betwixt monuments and making motions amongst the tombs you snip and slash, attending to the myriad details demanded by the denizens of the great mausoleum.

Tuesday Mars opposes Neptune, and despite our reliance on the traditions and structures which have decided our plan of attack thus far it seems the cold walls have become haunted, and in the reflections of the polished stones we see illusory images and as photographic flashes glint off the shiny surface of slick marble we slip from reality to dream seamlessly and its now unclear whether we operate in our imaginations or if our concrete conclusions are not the full extent of what they seem. The romantic dimensions slosh up against our temples, the file cabinets sloshing with intoxicating elixir, and even though the balancing act between fact and fantasy is often more slippery than the slice of a razors edge, it is upon this swelling crescent which we ride to our successes within this round, mostly hard and weighty like a palm stone, but one which flows with memory and emotion and leaks between the limits and smears the ink so we have space to rewrite the story how we wish and see if it holds. For some this will be inconvenient: the truth had been secure so why loosen it now and subject it to interpretation, and for others looking for a way out between the hard lines into free space and the wilds of illusory ambience then the typeset text might be conveniently fluid and allow not only reshaping but access into lush shadows where anything is possible, at least for now while supplies last. Mars squares Jupiter on Wednesday and all this fantastical and romantic confusion on exactly what is actually going on in reality sparks some bigger insights, incepts some critical detail shifts, changes the course on micro levels that might lead to large opportunities later, slightly changes the tuning, alters the tactics on a nuanced level so that down the line we end up achieving our chalice rather than missing our mark. How many grams or sand grains must the mixture be changed to ultimately make for the win? What grade of diamond grit must be put to our blades so that they make the cut when the time comes down the line out in the big wide world. What kinds of trims and snips can we do to make the big difference and motivate us to accumulate inertia in the race? The millimeters shaved off of engine components to lighten the vehicle slightly to gain a competitive edge, even if its by a fraction, in the long run these factors accumulate.

That square connects on Jupiter's day, so expect to fee it, while Friday, that of Venus, hosts her conjunction with Mercury, who have been riding close together for a spell already. As they come into perfect alignment our ability to express creatively or to express or organize our desires becomes clear, concise and logical, and in the modality of Virgo this could mean an eloquent and poignant critique, or perhaps the kind of literary criticism or critical film theory that is itself an important work of literature. This might be in particular about how things artfully end, how narratives most elegantly complete, how to get roses thrown by curtain drop, how everything can come together and resolve in the most beautiful patterning possible and be tied up in ribbons with no loose ends. As always with Virgo this requires selection, which means some of the elements don't make the pick and are tossed to the side and winnowed away. Analyzing aesthetics, deciding on and prioritizing desires and planning for pleasures in acute articulation especially as we intend to see things brought all the way through to the finish of the procedure, in this we artistically edit, intellectually stimulated as we work and finding pleasure in the process. The Sun trine's Pluto later in the day which echoes that we might get lost in the tunnels of these tasks, absorbed in the shadows cast by the delights of the analytical and creative workings of the mind. This might have us deliciously spiraling down a tube of Noir novel atmospherics, pencil skirts and cigarette smoke and brandy and splashed lamp light over perma-slick streets, which many will revel in the mystery and obsess over the investigation, but for those who find potboilers oppressive and cliff-hangers anxiety ridden, this might be too much grit and hard knocks for the system and feel like a life sentence of stones to overturn in search of a clue. Much of what stems from Earth signs is a lesson in patience, and hopefully we have conjured enough by this point as we go slowly from mid stream to finishing touches.

By late Friday night the Moon is plumping up to her full swollen state in high saturation Pisces separating from disorienting Neptune. She'll accomplish fullness by midnight and color much of Saturday as well, where we reach the climax of a cycle seeded in close listening and discerning of minute stimuli which culminates in wild confusion, tidal swells of intuition, empathic improvisation and romantic reasoning, or lack there off. This opposition between hyper organized, articulate, mild mannered Virgo and ambient, fluid and fantastical Pisces persists throughout most of September and in some respects is the balancing act between stone sobriety and lucid dreaming, analytical aptitude and entheogenic ecstasis. Current topics may require both in this episode, like infamous government experiments or the kind of science depicted in Sci-Fi flicks like Altered States. Without rigor and procedure we have psychedelic orgy, but without Dionysian lubrication we have meaningless integers; just math on the blackboard with nothing to move us into motion. What occurs in the laboratory this round needs to take some cues from Special Agent Dale Cooper; our dreams may be telling us more than our instrument read outs and only can we make a complete whole when we combine the information together and attempt subjective/objective synthesis. Needless to say, you may need to spike your own drinks this weekend, but still, tie off to something stable, arrange for a sitter or set an alarm so that you have a way back through the veil to the more stable side.

By Saturday morning we get a serious step change at the crest of our wave as Venus and Mercury, still holding hands skip across the sign boundary from Virgo into Libra, shifting dignity stress from Hermes to Aphrodite. With things properly wrapped up and processed, thought out and planned and organized on the microscopic scale so that everything is perfect, we are now ready to take it to the people and charm our way through the social swings of the scales. Beauty, art, poise, balance, justice, social delight and cultural pleasure sparkle and bud with floral perfumes and blossom with delicious delicacies for us to enjoy. Now that we've got our shit straightened out its time to talk about in late September about what we got excited about in early August and did throughout the interim. It's exhibition time, and we all flutter about as butterflies enjoying ourselves and those we encounter as the airy and aromatic breezes lift us around and delicately set us down here and there. There are some more serious sections of airspace coming up as the stretch of the zodiac containing the bends of the nodes and Saturn's square degree loom, but less menacingly but with a constructive yet assertive whip snap all the same. This soiree is traditional and directed closely and has some structure to it, but all the same, it's poised to be delightful and agenda advancing all the same.

By Week

Monday September 16th to Sunday September 22nd:

Marsday 9/17/19: 7am: Moon ingress Taurus

8pm: Saturn Stations direct

Jupiterday 9/19/19: noon: Mars trine Pluto

Saturnday 9/21/19: last quarter Moon,

noon: Jupiter Square Neptune

Sunsday: Mercury square Saturn

Within the first planetary hour of the day Tuesday the Moon enters Taurus. We've already been feeling Venus' ingress into her domicile of Libra for a few days, but here it really comes into alignment as several planets get dolled out her charm and balance and grace as a host, as she moves through her sphere distributing goodies and delights. Mercury rode with her into her rulership, so every time her and his hours, days and nights has rolled around we find them typified by her strong and equalizing perfumes. Things are more artful and more cheerful and its easier to think and talk about what we like and what makes us feel good, as well as experience it and bond with it. With the Moon also in one of her domiciles her beauty fills our moods and our minds as well as moves our bodies, and since the Moon trines both malefics from here even their more harsh or stark or startling or even cruel agendas doesn't feel so terrible, in fact it feels according to plan. Even if the pressure is on, it might be pressure you want or need or invite in to do what you ultimately love and get what you want. The mixture will vary person to person as not everyone is getting an equal portion of malefic and benefic, although there is harmony on the plate and elections are possible throughout the week, namely on Wednesday through Friday, to squeeze as much sweetness out of the berries as you can.

There is also a noticible clash present, that of Venus and Mercury applying to square Saturn, which Mercury finally does by Sunday the 22nd. Although, this will be a Saturn newly stationed direct as of Tuesday night, and aspecting a ruling Venus by sign to his own place of exaltation and dignity by decan once it perfects while he is also in sober rulership position himself and now newly direct. This doesn't seem as bad as a Venus- Saturn square at first might, but still, more of the same recipe we see earlier in the week but from a different angle: The pressure is certainly on, and its enough to rattle your nerves and frighten your wits but its what you signed up for and ultimately what you want. I've heard of other people already talking about the particular nervousness you have when you know you are about to grow, and I might also make the analogy of the nervousness one feels before they go on a first date. You are walking into a pleasure experience, into desires way, but its also show time, time to show what you are made of. The key is to cover all your bases, respect the Saturn side but also lean into and feel the Venus side for lubrication. Enjoy whatever comes your way, just savor the flavor even if there's bitter greens mixed into the salad or a stiff cocktail or earthy aperitif. Seek out pleasure in challenge.

More of this on Thursday as Mars trines Pluto. Between the date and the follow up phone call or tomorrows text is a time period of groping through the dark. How did it go last night? Did they have as good of a time as you did? We'll have to just keep moving through even when we don't know if our missiles are striking targets or not. We'll find out when the clouds lift and we can see whats what once more, but for a minute in the middle it is almost to our advantage to not know. We can kind of free wheel and improvise until we make it to the next real road, taking short cuts and joy rides and scenic passes along the way. Embrace the unknown and the unexpected and the incomplete, and let yourself get a little obsessed with what you're working on to see what kind of potential is lurking in there in the process stages waiting for you down the line. It might be the only way to manage it, with a flashlight and one component at a time.

Monday September 23rd to Sunday September 29th:

9/23/19: 4am: Sun ingress Libra

9/25/19: 3:30pm: Venus square Saturn

9/26/19: 8pm: Mercury square Pluto

9/28/19: 2:30pm: New Moon in Libra

-7:45pm: Venus sextile Jupiter

Early AM in the start of the week the Sun ingressed Libra thus inaugurating Autumn. The leaves in Maine are beginning to glow orange especially in the swamps amongst the Sumac, like swaying vultures with wings afire. This particular autumn we skim across the balance of equal light and darkness with Venus in rulership in the sign of Scales and Mercury having just passed her heralds her way. Sociality, cultural discourse and creative exchange are already very well lubricated and smoothly spinning on wheels of grace and charm, and now our attentions fall upon others and how we interact and inter-relate in general. There is an exhibition vibe going on, with everyone's eyes on someone else its like a Decadent dialectic of interlaced personae; sight lines form a crystal lattice which shimmers chandelier and then elegantly droops like wilting leaves and drapes over the ornate ephemera in a languid pose of perfection; eye-lure more pretense than pretend but not in a negative sense, its the art of seduction central to charm and with charisma quilting Queen cards of every suit, the deck shuffles with chimes and sonorous resonance as fruit peels from the slip of court and face and pip like pearl laughter babbling over soft toned stones in quick colloquial conversation as if quicksilver where enwrapping verdant candles all afternoon in anticipation of a wonderful evening event delicately hung from the calendar with nimble precision, a sweetly scented corsage. Intoxicated, but not inebriated, savoring the attention of the The Faerie Queene: The Queene of Curiosity, The Queene of Calm, The Queene of Pastries, The Queene of Clinking Glasses, The Queene of Collaborations, The Queene Of Concerts, The Queene of Quiet, The Queene Of Ornament, The Queene Of Opulence, The Queene Of Options, The Queene of Liqueur, The Queene Of Costume, The Queene Of Calls, The Queen Of Night Meets Day and deals are made sealed in moments in between, last years dream meets this years dream and exchange a detail, a hatpin or a drop of perfume, or swap numbers for impending rendezvous.

But its complex, really oh so complex, really hopelessly complex! But somehow it comes together. Like the deity bullying we see in antiquity's magic, the pressure is put on the right places, and the sweet spot gets pushed with grave weight and cannot withstand the stress and gives way, and with a flattened muscle here, a crushed castle there, a collapsed schedule here, bubbles of delight flow out freely as champagne is uncorked and spurts foam across the ballroom floor, an opal of optimism and acceptance into every person's mouth in attendance. Mercury squares Pluto and Venus squares Saturn mid to late week, ensuring our nerves are passed through the pasta press along our ways. Though the Queen Of Class presides over the tight twilight of this equinoctial tourniquet, she still climbs up our rib cages with her boney old elbows and frightens us half to death in her hag attack attempts but by the time she reaches our mouths, and we are rattled with terror instead of some horrific gesture she simply slips a confection past our lips and we relax into the caramel which melts into our mouth, our eyes filling with they're own kind of candy as we step in time to the crack of the whip and dance the steps painted on the floor in times of yore with songs of many moons ago rotating in our aural snares, and like puppets of perpetual manner marches we fall into line like glamorous soldiers in search of our diplomas, the tinkling of bells chilling our spines. We are lost succubi and incubi haunting one another through a gamut of training drills and ghastly deadlines. Border breaches and sidearm spells, anointed armory and ice pick levers, cobwebbed cages and dissent into crypts; for some reason it's all part of the party and we all have to do it; everyone else has before us.

The New Moon rolls like a coin into the slot of this equal space and the old android in the antique cage of glass tips his hat and whistles us a tune. "Make whish!" He commands and blinks his bejeweled orbs with a wave of long lashes. And we do. We greet the season with a special seeding. Where does culture go from here? In every way. Every action, interaction, thing, habit, environment, all host a kind of culture, all pose a certain way, are set to gesture and debate and discourse a certain way. We can angle ourselves to gain in each exchange, to have meaning saturate our lives, to have artfulness and beauty pour over our mental nakedness and stimulate our intellects, excite our minds. We can bare ourselves conceptually to the airy dimension and in all its horizontality we can theoretically open our arms and in full sexy smartness flirt with information and commence a foreplay of thoughts, choosing as many partners as we please to swirl in interests and swap ideas. We are minds and tongues out to taste what the world has to offer, and upon the night of Dark Moon, we may interrogate the ideaosphere with a seductive glance and inquire, "what kind of culture turns you on?". We may thank the Venus-Jupiter sextile that The House Of Mirrors flashes with reflections, and we may see in others our own asking and fall in love, the potential exponentially expanding before us into an infinity of crossed refractions.

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