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The Astrology of July 2019: The Need To Destroy

Milky liquid is the glass which flows in place of panes forming the skin within which pots hold the medium from which sprouts the fruits of our labors. Gently throbbing tubes supply the serum, the precious juice that feeds the fruit budding within soft nests resting upon the surface of the substance. With the slow and steady tides the whole place swells and then drains out and dries enough to take a brief breath before the pools refill with healthy fluid, everything rocks soothingly to the motion. Restored by sleep and sung songs by dream the kind a lute coos into oblivion, and streams of wistful weird amble over mossy beds and funnel to silent spots where concentric circles ripple out to meet the edges, engaging calmly with the circumference of containment. The snoring litters take the tincture drop by drop, their complexion improving day by day, the probing reach of curious creatures that yet to know the limits of their limb spans. One more letter added each hour to the word, one more word added to each day to the phrase, one more phrase added to the statement each week, one more statement added to the fiction piece each moon, one more piece added to the collection each season, and on and on, uninterrupted brooding.

Then comes the mechanical clicking of cicadas, insect wings on automatic oscillation, the cold clockwork of industrial engines, the unforgiving emptiness of a waste oil disposal pit, the shrieking noise of grinding gates swinging open on rusty metal hinges, and in the frictiive tension of the toil which dismantles whole portions of the structure with which the greenhouse is assembled vibrations shake the pots and spill fluid and loosen junctions on the tubing and waste precious drops of serum and upset the sleeping creatures and scare the sprouting seeds and muss the bed of moss sheets and soil the neatness of the nests. The metered tides free to breath with ease heave heavy, miss breaths, become erratic and toss and turn in fit. A hole appears in arcing skin through which new things ooze into the gardens and introduce unpredictable elements into the ecological balance now responding out of instinct to survive. Another hole appears in the floor, and fluid drains out through the breech, vital nutrition lost. We set off to fix the leak and encounter collapsed structures, crashed cars, forgotten projects, dead collections, drained batteries, scavenged frames, gutted houses, outdated electronics and the skeletons of old work horses littered upon the lawn along the way. We’ve got to clean this stuff out. The mainline is beneath the clutter, the pipes criscross between the stacks and heaps, the piles obscure the inlet and the juice is damming up around the excess and spilling over the side into the void beyond the circumference of the world. Who are we that we let this go on for this long? Have we been lost for so long out on the road to where we left behind a derailed train that we no longer know our names or what we came to accomplish in the greenhouse? We squint and try to see the steps we took down from the hill, and can’t find our footprints in the erosion caused by faulty land plans and poor resource use. We’ve got to do something. We have a whole hothouse full of lambs and pups and sprouts and babes that mew for attention, who we fought to bring into the world and now must follow through with our process of creation. Its time to clear the game board, to start new with what we’ve got growing, to clear out the old stable of storage and expand our nursery operation in earnest. The skies portend mechanical swarms of malfunctioning metal locusts and the droughts are the only thing worst than the floods. We’ve got to act fast. Drastic times call for drastic measures.

By Month

Eclipses on the Cancer-Capricorn axis

We receive two eclipses in the month of July, a North Node Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2nd and a South Node Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 16th. This has been part of a theme building up across the span of June as Saturn and Mars had positioned themselves on either end of the Nodal axis quadruple underlining it as a serious piece of zodiacal property across the spectrum. What we need to dismantle in the material world in order to achieve our goals, make use of our inspiration, insights and opportunities and also nurture the things we truly care about and need to grow in our lives has been an ongoing theme of 2019, and will continue to be present after this set of eclipses, but it is at this point that we usher in new identifications and realizations of what we must grow and what we need to assist it, and make the most hard and decisive cuts on the collection of dead limbs we face before us so light and water may flow into our orchards. As a reminder, eclipse seasons are times of imbalance, and this is certainly no exception with one end occurring in the Moon’s own sign and the other in the midst of Saturn and Pluto. We know now we must meet the needs we see so clearly or starve, and also we must nix some parts from the array we’ve assembled even though we have no clue what might happen after the scissors make the snip. At some point we must guess; is it the blue wire or the white wire? Deep down we realize it must be one or the other, but still tarry with clippers in hand until its time to cut the cord and step forward into an unknown future; the past cannot tell us here how to proceed, there is only a shadowed passage into tomorrow.

As Venus is passing through Cancer we romanticize our fears alla sturm und drang, and as the Sun trines Neptune this only increases; it seems we are up against the ultimate forces of darkness and oppression and our emotions swell so much it ignites our hearts by August as the planets process after Mars in Leo bushwhacking our way back to ourselves.

Squares to Uranus

While the Sun is being bathed in intuitive and empathic emotions of swelling drama and whole sea-fulls of fantasy fulfillment foci Mars clashes against Uranus via square in the second week of the month. It is the insatiable and salivating orientation of the Sun on sinking its teeth not only into the fruit that actually fuels us but also our wildest wishes while we’re at it and whatever else the world is willing to offer, it is this wet and wild summer Sun desperate to sip its fill which sends orders down the pipe to Mars describing how he should carry out his missions as the deployed soldier in tomorrow’s terrain swings his machete at too tall stalks until he encounters the ultramodern electric fence and gets 1000 volts of lightning while entheogenic compounds he’s collided with seep into his system and volatize his nerves. We seek visibility with some experimental methods and motivated by emotionally carried away objectives. We may be getting spotlights ready to display a very unstable version of ourselves and binging on caffeine and body building smoothies to get in shape for our upcoming debut with our priorities seeking new truth and wider understanding of ourselves and our condition but falling out of whack in the process. Another example of 2019’s theme of getting lost to ultimately find a better destination than we set out to look for. Here we might turn several feeding schedules up to 11 in haste before we get the mixture right for being stage and spotlight ready in actuality. Realizing we want to up our game we dump the whole hopper of supplements on ourselves and gorge on nutrition expecting it to make us superhuman, but the gastank only has so much capacity, and we’ll quickly learn lessons of waste if we over fill and petrol starts splashing to the pavement with the meter running all the while; we’ll ruin the soil that we stand on as well as pay for what we squandered.

Leo Season and New Moon in Leo

Mars will benefit greatly from the Sun’s ingress into his own sign of rulership late in the month after the boat quits rocking so much from the push and pull of Moons in extreme polarity. Once the King is securely on the throne his General begins to make most strategic decisions that benefit the kingdom, bring renown and spread word of our chivalric valor and glory. Venus enters the royal room and not only do we want to and feel perfectly comfortable paying attention to ourselves and promoting ourselves and standing up for who we truly are and what we represent and show our true colors, but we decide to dress up to the nines and decorate ourselves like peacocks and adorn ourselves with jewels that flash and sparkle and glimmer and mesmerize. The funny thing is everyone will be doing it, so there is a brief bit of the Summer of Love following the hard squeeze of a malefic laden eclipse season. This is different from normal beach and boardwalk strutting as it’s the return of the Sun to his sign of rulership after the nodes where throwing his significations out of balance for the past few years, and also this round Leo season happens in trine by sign and aspect along the way to Jupiter in rulership in Sagittarius. Luckily for us, our month of being super into ourselves kindles heart-flames across the board and lifts us up to noble heights and puts us in view of the entire landscape of our ultimate trajectories where we can clearly see and understand how all the elements could come together to move us toward our targets and seize the apex of success and our souls accomplishment. But that really kicks in in August, even though we find that the torches which will kindle the bonfire of our collective egos are sparked up by the end of July’s calendar days which sizzle off the sequence. We go from fantasizing about what we want to drip off our greedy jaws to celebrating ourselves and mythologizing our importance. Go us! We seed this first regular post eclipse lunation cycle of manifestation here and along these lines with a New Moon in Leo on the final day of July.

Mercury Retrograde in Leo and Cancer

Then there is the Mercury retrograde that spans the month, stationing retrograde on July 7th in Leo and then direct on July 31st, seeming to act in direct accordance with the eclipse sequence. The off balance and extreme pulls of the Moon this round have us rethinking, re-editing, re-organizing and re-writing who we think we are, what parts of us we want to be visible to the public, what we need to have stocked in our pantry, what is enough and what is too much and how to let everyone around us know how they can contribute. Since we don’t do this in isolation you’ll find yourself listening to everyone elses list of updated demands out-loud as they create them while you are trying yours out on the ears of your friends and family and coworkers etc. with plenty of tears showering over sympathetic shoulders and spittle of tantrum falling to the floor while baby has their hard cry. It’ll be soppily mutual and plenty of sogginess to sop up and get moped before Leo’s fires can get lit upon the emotion soaked ground. And don’t forget the drooling saliva we’ll release as we stare the sausage links of our wildest dreams in the proverbial face. Tuck a bib into your collar and grab a hanky, we’re gonna get wet and wild at the lobster pound, bring a wallet full of Arcanum XVIII’s (Moon Cards) to throw down on the table when the waiter comes around. Mercury begins the retrograde by turning tail conjunct Mars, realizing we’re not ready to talk about ourselves clearly or correctly in the new light the Red Planets slashing is letting in through the brush, and getting a look at Uranus’ revolutionary or perhaps techo-paranoiac equipment Hermes retreats to Cancer to hide up in the clam shell where we’re most comfortable until he backtracks almost to opposing Pluto again and decides its not worth staring Cerberus down all over again and with our shit finally straightened out and after a long and much needed weeping and a few primal scream sessions we get on the horn and do our duty ordering the supplies we needed to stock our shelves properly all along, asking for favors and exchanging intimate words with the people we care most about, even if its only to repair some burst bubbles from a week prior with some spit and elbow grease. In the end we’ll find out a bunch of stuff about each other we didn’t know before, or were trying to ignore or repress. Bon voyage! Safe sails and see you on the other side of the demented and disturbed lagoon where we can wear crazy homemade costumes and towering headdresses and fanning tail-trains in parade promoting emanations projecting from avatars of our egos!


By Week

Monday July 1st - Sunday July 7th

Moonday 7/1/19: 7pm: Mars ingress Leo

Marsday 7/2/19: 3pm: Solar eclipse in Cancer on the North Node

Mercuryday 7/3/19: 11am: Venus ingress Cancer

Sunday 7/7/19: 8pm: Mercury stations retrograde

Monday July 8th - Sunday July 14th

Monday July 15th - Sunday July 21st

Marsday 7/16/19: 5:30pm: Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on the South Node

Mercuryday 7/17/19: 2am: Venus opposite Saturn

Jupiterday 7/18/19: 2pm: Venus trine Neptune

Venusday 7/19/19: 3am: MercuryRX ingress Cancer

Sunday 7/21/19: 5am: Venus opposite Pluto

-8:30am: Inferior conjunction in Cancer

Tuesday afternoon around 5:30pm is the moment we have been waiting for for much of 2019, the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn conjunct Saturn and Pluto, the affects of which have been spanning since at least January 5th's solar eclipse in the same sign. Even though Tuesday, and the space of time around it until the next lunation on July 31st, could bring an event, it is part of a longer process that has been playing out for quite a while and will continue to play out through the next year. Blockages are being removed, obligatory purgation is taking place, the doors barring tunnels and cavernous recesses are being blown open and we take to the dark passages with muskets to our backs and march toward a sunlight that we can only hope will be there on the other end. And it will be there, as predictive astrology tells us about fire sign filled and light abundant August, although, from our current perspective today that looks like its on the other side of a shadowy chasm. This is critical and crucial work that we do, or trials and dare I say transformations we are forced to undergo, all long overdue. This is the "you can't bring it with you" stretch of road, and the load lightening we face as we traverse the course is hard and heavy and full of fear and unknown consequences, but we must proceed as subscribed. It's a period that we deal with Fate, and Necessity and Time, figures who rarely negotiate. The other end of the Eclipse axis guides us by demanding that we prioritize our needs and nurture what we feel we must generate and grow, and it being water finding balance with Earth via a temporary upset, we see how we have little control over the hard parameters of our fates, the events that befall us, but we do have considerable control on how we receive them, how they emotionally impact us, how we creatively respond, how we derive resource from what transpires, how we feed our souls and spirits in the process. It may be that after a couple years of sober Saturn in Capricorn we are sick of starving ourselves and now we seek to reconnect with the juice, the elixer of life, and by some twisted irony, amputating the dead limb Kronos has been menacing with his sickle all along is the key to clearing a path for tomorrow's ambrosia to flow in, even though the operation is squeamish and we fear the razor's edge, we know now that the appendage has greyed and cannot return, we must live with out and seek regeneration and firm territory elsewhere.

Call upon your dead and the patrons of protection and blessed saints in your life to watch your precious head as you pass through the aperture, for this is the best we can do until we slip from the crack into fresh light. The stony veil has been rent and cast aside, as you may have noticed in your dreams, or in the haunted recesses of your life. Spirits have been poking through and speaking of their own demands upon the living. Heed them and also keep them at bay; they deserve recourse to light and peace but not sourced from our own energia. But lend an ear at the breech, as much can be learned from the busy silences of Hades' depths, and in our slumbers secrets secrete filling our blear eyed thoughts upon sunrise or midnight chance awake and should be written down and considered as concretely as cold hard facts encountered in the light of day. Put a traditional prayer in for the honored dead and give the unhallowed harrowing. On the eclipse proper, avoid anything risky and start nothing new if you can help it.

Throughout the week Venus opposes Saturn on Wednesday, trines Neptune on Thursday and opposes Pluto on Sunday. This may reference her activity in mid to late February when she came into conjunction with with the crew in Capricorn while sextile to Piscean waters. This time, instead of mixing and mingling Venus' significations with skeletal, structural and hierarchal Saturn as well as dark and powerful and mysterious Pluto we pull them apart and feel them on opposite ends of the spectrum, where they are forced to exist in context of the other and need to be put into balance despite how frustrating that may be. Our needs to create and feel romance and nurture our desires and feed into our pleasures must be set at equal measure to our duties, obligations, responsibilities and restrictions, especially in relation to the purgation project in full swing: before we can sit down in our studio and nest amongst our pigments and inks in a mood to make art we have to remove the 2000 lbs object from previous prerogatives that blocks our desk and consumes the room. This monolithic stone lithograph sinks into the floor and threatens to compromise the structure and it's time to roll up our sleeves and jack the slab out of the house. A sort of reverse temple building operation that allows for our creative desires to culminate at a later date. The inviting bed which hosts our romantic exploits is buried beneath a whole history of haunted objects and for erotic fulfillment to fully flow we need to rent a u-haul and hire an exorcist to make way for sensual play. Despite the hard reality of the task at hand, our fantasies persist and with imagination to lubricate the rollers we in part hallucinate the massive blocks out of the designated area upon wings of desire.

Friday Mercury retrogrades back into Cancer, returning to the emotional waters and churned up foam of this eclipse sequence. There was more we wanted to express, other details of how the domestic space should be organized that got away from us, measurements of our larders and pantry inventories that need to be corrected. We maybe neglected to explain how we really felt, and like it or not now have to make clear what we really need, especially as our anger might have spoken for us initially, and out of the blindness of rage we can renegotiate some statements, now that we are not feeling so sensitive and overprotective. Understanding what we truly need to grow and feel safe to create and incubate and generate can be difficult as feelings are often counter intuitive and don't fit neatly along rational or predictable guidelines. Under this weeks pressures and cold, hard realizations our thoughts might be returning to the list of elements that would feed and fuel us or resources required to make our lives a go. Listening to your body for the information about what foods you need to eat is not the same as intellectually choosing a diet, but in the face of budgeting for groceries and selecting foods priced at the market some decisions have to be made which cause the mind and the belly to communicate with one another and collaborate. The Inferior Conjunction of Mercury and the Sun when Mercury is between the Sun and the Earth on Sunday morning at 8:30am is a moment you might want to find yourself in full Meditation mode, calling out to Hermes himself for help in understanding your feelings and delivering a message up from the depths of generative channels to the front of your analytical mind so you can best organize your feelings and filter your thoughts. This is often the best time for finding lost objects, remembering things you forgot, stumbling upon that which was previously hidden, untangling knots and receiving messages from the dead or from the material, natural and elemental realms. Observance here is likely to shed light on some key which unlocks pertinent information capable of rendering your experience of the eclipse sequence more personally realized.

Monday July 22nd - Sunday July 28th

Moonday 7/22/19: 11pm: Sun ingress Leo

Mercuryday 7/24/19: 8:30pm: Venus conjunct MercuryRX

Jupiterday 7/25/19: 8am: Mars trine Jupiter

Saturnsday 7/27/19: 10pm: Venus ingress Leo

The Sun returns to Leo late Monday night into dignity out of Cancer's sensitive and watery womb world and returns to the heights of the sky as the rich and golden yolk which it truly is, shining down on us with full and vital power. If we were to see over a very long stretch of time elapsed all at once the Sun might cease to be a sphere of erupting plasma and be instead a radiant and shining rod around which all the planets knot a lace and helix orbit: The staff of some Celestial King, singular and beyond binary (as for much of Northern Europe the Sun was once female and the Moon was once male), opposite to only his only dark self when beneath the earth from our perspective: all relative, the reality outside us is the single sovereign Sun. Central is the glimmer of us each inside and everyone says, "let me tell you about it, this special spark which I carry." This round we all gather all at once around our own spark like so many campfires round, similar to the firmament itself, and out of this we collide with what awaits our path alit individual by torch of passion, tugged and swiftly sent along by the inertia of it all along the way. There is much more to say about this in weeks to come, but for now we may savor the radiant flavor of one major marker out of this nasty eclipse sequence. Its not over, but there is now officially light at the end of the tunnel, and it may be that it is the light we somehow self generate from our selves, like glowing grapes hung of our hearts, that guide us out of vantblack abyss one step at a time. Look for signs of affirmation and listen for uplifting audio hallucinations, for voices in your head and messages in your dreams, a brighter and more hopeful version of your self may be trying to have a chat with you and give you a few pointers about what you should do next. It's your heart, a word as overloaded with cultural (and counter cultural) baggage and frankly absolute garbage as "transformation", "intuition" and "witch", but its the most major muscle of the body that circulates the sanguine, the humor that moves all the other humors around, and is intelligent and sets the pace of breath and metabolism and circadian rhythm, and is electrically pulsing along like a thumping drum holding down the music of our life, our own theme songs, which we should pause and listen to, conducting the symphony of our life, or at least our existence in a body on this earth within this broad and dynamic ecosystem. Give the king his throne, put your Sanguine Circulating Sovereign back in place as the Sun returns to rulership, even if its only for selfish reasons, i;e; because you want that trine to Jupiter and all the goodies and promotions which it might bring, no king is depicted without jewels and crown, you can have it all this round, but start with the heart. Throb, pump, steady, advance one step at a time, keep up the pace while also remaining at center. The Egg encircled by the Snake. This is roughly the beginning of the ancient Egyptian 1st month of the yearly cycle, that of Thoth, after the Epagomenal days where the big deal Gods celebrate their births. These days where you really were supposed to suspend most activity, especially magical, and basically watch the fuck out, this year fell roughly around the worst of the eclipse season, and were quite visceral and uncomfortable. We are coming out of it astrologically and mythopoetically. Egyptian culture, myth and magic pays great attention to the Heart, and it might serve us, considering the sync up, to take their advice. There's something to it.

We might get some assistance with this work on Wednesday the 24th as Venus conjoins Mercury in retrograde in late Cancer. She's following the Sun into Leo where she will reach superior conjunction in late August, but first she must swim through the womb waters and also be born by zodiacal motion before she can be reborn by synodic cycle. Venus and Mercury getting together always delivers an artistic streak, as with them in cahoots we can "communicate" our "creativity" and "express" "aesthetically". He'll have some invisible ink and mixed messages, some backmasked songs and cryptic themes to cover, so expect the images and vibes to be esoteric and emotionally impacting, as well as sensitive to how much there is, how much we need and how much their should or could be. We may be singing the alchemical blues or painting hermetic/domestic still lifes, quaint scenes from the spagyric kitchen or pastoral sequences out of the pages of physic almanacs. Secret emotions, remembered desires and hidden pleasures might also play a part, as well as confluences of yearning and intuitive logic. Its a moment where it doesn't matter if retrogrades are confusing, as art and romance don't care if things make logical sense.

Mars makes the first trine in the train with the Greater Benefic, Jupiter in Sagittarius on Jupiter's day at 8am, and with the Sun copresent the Red Planet we get even more points added onto our tactical agendas and operative actions. We might really impress the right patron here if we play our cards right, as they may be looking for just the kind of skill and muscle that we wield. Either way, getting a work out feels good and has benefits, and upping our exercise routines can elevate us to a higher level of capability and put us up a tier of competition. We have goals and things we imagine for ourselves and ideals we want to realize, and nothing is more motivating than seeing ourselves be good enough to get there and strong enough to succeed. We might get some serious support in our training throughout this trine. So its important to A: know what skills you need to get where you want to go, and B: identify what your natural and personal strengths already are. Sagittarius loves to consolidate resources, and its a good time to realize you already have what they're looking for if you just get the right perspective on it by pulling back and seeing the entire game board rather than the endless chain of moves ahead slot by slot.

Venus ingresses Leo Saturday evening, joining the planets rallying around double dignity and we get dressed up for the Royal Ball in full rave regalia. Here we might begin to think about glamor and regality and adornment and how to make ourselves pop and stand out in a crowd of people also strutting their stuff and signaling for favor. Dressing up is always a matter of knowing what works on you naturally, and adding flairs to summon our true spirits out of secrecy and join us on the external side of the flesh, so like we noted with Mars, what are your go tos and what else might you incorporate to let the world know what you want, what messages do you send to attract your desires to you and what can you do to create an image pleasing to your self? This is a kind of self portraiture, and self celebration, and bravery to pleasure the portion of you that can be conflated for the ego in out dated, corrupted psychological models. Dress for your deified self and let the protestant ethic eat their heart out.

This is not soley about costumery, but does carry a theatrical and performative arts element to it, and romances of that nature are likely to be cast and enacted. As Venus trines Jupiter, indulging yourself in fiery summer flings could even shake some valuable fruit from the tree which could either be eaten right away or stored for a later date. Opportunities can come from all kinds of acquaintances, even erotic ones. This goes for artistic collaborators as well. Get out there and mingle, show them who you are and what you got. (on your own terms of course) The squeaky wheel gets the grease and the Rhinestone Cowboy gets the gig, the Star Man drives them wild and they beg for an encore. REMEMBER, its still eclipse season until the Leo New Moon at the end of the month, so don't do anything drastic, just start enacting your game and feeling out how it can and will be played once we are safe distance from the Shadow Grabbers.

Monday July 29th - Sunday August 4th

Moonday, 7/29/19: 7pm: Sun square Uranus

Mercuryday, 7/30/19: 8pm: Mercury stations direct

-11pm: New Moon in Leo

Venusday, 8/2/19: 6am: Venus square Uranus

Before we swim out of the Mercury retrograde in Cancer and pop out of eclipse season into the light of a fresh, regular lunation in Leo the Sun squares Uranus, having completed aspect last night at 7pm. The week is sandwiched between two Uranus squares, one with the Sun in the early end and one with Venus in the late end. People are wondering who they are in a changing world, what their spirit, what their ego is driven to do now that the physical terrain is changed from what we remember, the territories have shifted, sensuality is let out of the pen, art can be done in a variety of new ways, both fragile as well as volatile and wild and we don't know where our next meal is coming from or if our gardens will grow next year, the feminine force is radicalized, art-culture is upset and itchy for an explosion, its summer time, the Sun calls us outside and in high contrast to the bright light like a permanent flashbulb we clearly see the kettle and the baton, we can see the new grooves and rhythms and follow through with our body, we make them ours by feeling them, by experimenting with their strange syncopations. These new ways of cooking and eating, of getting and having stuff, of growing our vegetables, of creating art, of sensing the world, they are jarring and disturbing but also motivate us and catalyze action: Who the hell are we in the second half of 2019? What is the natural world and what is technology? What has art become? What's up with food and restaurants? What's this new and innovative drum beat that excites us and has us dancing? We take these questions into the dressing room where we try on new outfits to try to make sense of who we have become on this rumbling grounds, and skipping the mirror we parade scantily clad in eccentric ensemble with streaks of make-up and adorned with more accessories than clothes before the throngs to test their reactions, or at least to see what gets noticed and what doesn't, what reflects and refracts light and what has become dull and dead. We seek glimmer, interplay from one visible beacon to another. The dizzy blindness of so much sight that keeps us connected to the rumbling and gyrating earth on which we ride.

We might go rom spiritual to sexual shock, but spiritual in the sense of who we are in our chests and hearts more than our transcendent selves, and then sexual in the sense of all that is desire driven and in everything with which we derive pleasure. This can effect us creatively, and might alter or upgrade our game of show and tell. What we seek, what we are after, what attracts us, what we present and what we project are all going to get some jolts from exterior stimulation which may have us running a different gamut or adjusting our tempo and jogging our internal drum machines into alternate modes that better suit the most current version of our identities available.

By Wednesday Mercury stations direct in late Cancer, turning tail right before he opposes Pluto, which is interesting as he did the about face which began the retrograde right before squaring Uranus. Now that his closest crew, The Sun and Venus are coming into position to make their squares he has decided to return to the fold, as if he had been waiting for them to catch up to speed, but also, going back and rethinking what we really want and need can only go too far before we get lost in a weepy and melancholic state, so Mercury turns heel before sinking into a pit and snorkels back toward the sunny shores, retrieving things we lost in the water up off the floor along the way. We can expect a process of getting our thoughts right with our feelings and equalizing the amount of water we have in our dry locks, leveling our docks and repairing our bilge pumps; attempts to clarify emotional confusions while being honest about analyzing what real notions arose while we were swayed into one mood or another. The eclipse axis being in Cancer and Capricorn is significant, as Mercury swims in waters in which there was recently a tsunami as well as circling sharks. This is no tranquil lagoon, but 2019's stewpot, so what he attempts to collect data on and quantify carries some very real content. Making some lists or flow charts that map your feelings and identify your various needs, what you require to feel supported and nourished and have resources to grow so that you can recognize and prioritize them is highly suggested, so at least, get your best case scenario wish list bullet point going if only to have a look at it yourself, and then compare it to the deficits in your actual life so you can carefully make appropriate changes.

Late Wednesday night we receive a New Moon in Leo, ending this rough eclipse season officially. Not only that but this is a regular lunation in Leo after becoming free from the nodes in this zodiacal territory. Other than the radical influence of Uranus by square we previously discussed, we can here sow seeds here for a more balanced Leo manifestation than we have been able to in the past couple years. Vitalizing, centering, confident clarity and striving toward what we see as honest and truly attractive. Uranus catalyzes and Jupiter opens his arms as if to say, 'by all means, go right ahead" so we get both the cattle prod onward as well as the invitation to chase our dreams and seize them. At the center of this is this quiet night void of light save the stars that stream down and weave our fantasies into tapestries. A quiet night, still and centered where there is us, our honest selves, sitting in our stirred desires and contemplating the open door before us. Thinking about what we might put on the list of what we should pack in our bag so that we may look the part we most yearn to play when we set out on the road later in the month, the Moon swelling to crescendo and us riding upon her curvature for all to see. Feel, see, and yearn here in equal silent measure, knowing that all that might come to be emerges from this ultimate dark, even stars themselves. The hush moment of pause in which we may collect ourselves before stepping onto the stage. The calm demeanor and gaze of our Tarot Kings upon their thrones with ready legs prepared to up and act and step as soon as they see the opportunity they are waiting for appear upon the horizon.

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