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Astrology of February 2019: Dark Air and Double Twilight

By Month

Sun in Aquarius and then Pisces

We enter February with the Sun in Aquarius where he will steadily traverse until he transitions into the Fishes’ sign on the 19th. In Aquarius we might experience visions of detachment and disconnect from the norm and from status quo ideals, striving instead for new concepts and hypothetical solutions, taking ourselves and especially our intellects out on and beyond the frontiers to find alternate ideas to those tried and true; we strive for innovation over reliance on past precedent. Once our luminary reaches Pisces our outlooks plunge into emotional waters, swooning with mystical poetry and expansive romance. This is the world of fantastic ideals, of epic drama, of boundlessness and amorphous wholes. These seasons are certainly less concrete and less direct or specific but can be wonderfully dreamy or doused in confusion. With Pisces ruler, Jupiter in rulership in Sagittarius it is likely that much will be available to glean from the ambient oceans, and time spent in spiritual waters should be largely to our benefits, as long as we don’t sink our ships or at least keep hold of our tethers to dry docks.

Mars square Pluto

February opens with a fully fired Mars clashing against the ominous crater which is Pluto. This is not unlike firing warheads into a blackhole, but one that is present in the superstructure of our hierarchies and systems that Saturn has been busy all 2018 testing and more recently Ketu has been secretly dismantling. Our abilities, actions, capabilities, and tactical efforts may be up against too many unknowns to be effective. We are properly trained, tuned up and ready for battle, but the enemy army is both of enormous proportions and hidden from sight. We must fight in pitch black darkness while our opponents have night vision capabilities we do not. We may come to realize what we are fighting half way through is not even an army but a physical force itself, like trying to prevent the pull of gravity with arrows and swords or oppose the tides with slingshots; it's incompatible, we have no chance of competing because there’s no one there and we’re armed with weapons which can only deter other beings like us, not alter overwhelming forces that act unseen. There is potential to become largely obsessed by this conflict, losing ourselves to hopeless struggle, but there is mysterious potential for productivity in squares, and occult strategies might come in handy. Metaphorically it might be a fine time for cursing, for engaging the chthonic and the vast legions of dead and administrators of hell towards your destructive aims, but be warned, you would be certainly playing with fire, and your whole world could become shrouded over with shadow before you realized what had happened. It would be wise to watch your fire power, not over extend your energy, keep ears open while eyes are obscured, and be ready to admit (at least to your self) you don’t know what you’re doing or what you are really up against. This doesn’t mean surrender, but rather be keen and cunning, tap into the mysterious and oracular advantage of the scrying mirror set in stony Capricornian structure, and proceed carefully through the Underworld passage with martial mastery. This is truly the kung fu training sequence where the student spars with multiple opponents while blind folded; tap in to the secondary senses to succeed.

Venus trine Uranus, Mercury sextile Uranus

Before Venus moves into heavy Capricorn and Uranus into earthy Taurus they get a chance to trine across fire signs. Our attraction to epic quests and mythological aesthetics, our passion for adventure and our infectious desires harmonize with radical revolutions of impulse and identity, of volatile confrontation and experimental uprisings, of both technological and physically harnessed spirits. Though not a hard aspect, we may see something significant here as this is the last time planets will be aspecting Uranus in Aries for around 75 years, and Uranus is also about to reenter a Venus ruled sign. This might be some final changes and innovations to our identities and senses of personal power and global resistance from the stories woven over the past 7 years.

Venus moves into Capricorn the following day and spends February appreciating the skeletons and stones of the earth, the pleasures of architecture, the value of construction and comes to understand desires for contraction and restriction. Venus here loves building things, feels good in crushing corsets and relishes her restraints, lusts after minerals and metals, is attracted to old growth trees and the aesthetics of boulders and bones. She is a stone sphinx who spends eternities delighting in the sight of pyramids being assembled.

Mercury sextiles Uranus a few days later on the 9th, and here we may find that some of this revolutionized and radicalized and technologize independent spirit may work quite nicely with our intellectual perspectives on desires and needs surrounding the conceptual, innovative, hypothetical, avant garde, or even identity and resistance in exile; certainly all current themes driving at finding resolution or integration into a world with crumbling systems and threatened ecology.

Post Eclipse Season: New Moon in Aquarius

February also brings a close to January’s eclipse season with the New Moon in Aquarius, incepting intellectual speculations with conceptual seeds sown beyond the boundaries. This is also the first regular lunation to occur in Aquarius since January 2017, resounding the notion that the otherworldly gates have here closed, and regular human scale plantings and blossomings are again possible within this zodiacal territory. This might mean big things for those of us with prominent Aquarius placements or Saturnian signatures, as this area has finished its cleaning cycle and is ready to fill up with new activity. From the current calendrical perspective this means regular magic may once more commence unhindered by, muddied or modified by the nodal influences.

Mars on bends :: Mars conjunct Uranus

Fiery and impulsive Mars’ collision with volatile Uranus is worth us working carefully and with protective gear. Here we may certainly echo the idea that Uranus’ final adjustments to our identities and the stories he’s instigated surrounding revolts and uprisings will likely spark some events. In our personal lives it may come as excessive and potentially hazardous energy levels, sudden obstacles we must confront or accidents that raise our adrenaline levels rapidly. Who we are, how we fight, what our tactical approaches are and how capable we are under fire might get shaken up, molds might break which force us to innovate and experiment with the way we perform and attack, and in the end we might end up in new martial regalia, faster moves and an updated battle cry. But BE CAREFUL here. Just because rounds are popping off doesn’t mean you want to be involved. For some of us this may be more a time to run for cover, but even behind the barracks we must put this excess energy to a good purpose, channeling it into something safe yet critical, something experimental yet controlled. This is when we launch our risky prototype, so we may want to crouch for count down behind an appropriate blast wall. When trying out radically new techniques of metallurgy for the first time we absolutely must handle with care.

Mercury in Pisces

Hermes dives with winged helmet into the endless and eternal ocean waves of perpetual Pisces, a place our expert organizer and clever quantifier comes up against considerable disadvantage. This is his place of both detriment and fall, plus he is destined to meet Neptune halfway across the pool, a planet who is ultimately antithetical to his natural significations. For Mercury this is not unlike a heavy psychedelic experience. Our messenger is utterly mystified, the details and digits of the world are swirling and gyrating mosaics of color and sound, there is no description and instruction without poetry and song, pundits speak in tongues, great orators wail with swells of emotion, there is no difference between this and that, mathematics equal divine chaos, opposites blend and paradoxes melt into the undulating primordial stew along with integers and alphabets of all kinds that mean no more than anything else, simply attempting to describe the essence of a single divine everything beyond words. For some this sounds like great fun for a change, while some others might be right at home, but for the great many reliable systems and methods of communication, representation and organization will offer only nonsense. Obviously this is not the time to schedule your exam or highly technical operation, unless you only hope to gain from such efforts mystical realizations. We must expect to find synchronistic resonance after the equal signs of our equations for an extended sequence and avoid situations that require scholastic rigor. This is about the feel of your tongue in your mouth, and the emotions that this stirs, and the spiritual significance of phonemes over the definition of words. Organize your affairs accordingly if possible.

This is put on display by the Full Moon in Virgo on February 20th, an apex of light and manifestation in the sign Mercury rules only days after Mercury conjoins Neptune. Classical lunacy might be an understatement; basically turn the volume on everything above up to max and watch the soundwaves vibrate the carefully placed small parts all out of place. Make sure your sense of cosmic humor is primed and ready; maybe have Finnegan’s Wake on hand.

Interestingly, not long after the lunation Mercury squares Jupiter, bringing about perhaps the most activated moments of realization and inspiration which are stirred up from Hermes swim across Pisces, as the ruler prompts some motions as emotional logic splashes against the spiritual fires of wisdom.

Mars in Taurus

It’s notable that the planet of direct action also enters a yin modality sign along with Mercury and Venus. This is a lot of night sect at once. Receptive efforts, sensual impulses, material action. This is a slower and steady Mars more known for his use of the hoe and the plow and the tools of craft than of war. This will mean a tardiness in getting their momentum going but also a particular ability to keep up an organic pace of exertion once they are in motion. For some it will feel soothing and steady to either lay around or lock into a slow project, and for others it will simply feel like gravity is much too strong and they can’t get their mojo up.

Venus conjunct Saturn, and sextile Neptune

Venus’ conjunction with Saturn marks an event which occurs around roughly every year and a half, the last time landing on Christmas of 2017. The pair tend to not get along very well, the brunt of it being absolutely felt more for Venus as this is happening in Saturn’s formidable domicile. There is likely a small amount of the ‘pleasure of restraints’ and love of construction mentioned before baked into this conjunction, but more than anything we may expect the negation of desire, the hard no in response to our please for pleasure.

Interestingly, this occurs with both parties tightly separating from a sextile to Neptune, which for Saturn is one of the years signatures, this being the first of three such aspects. It’s interesting as Ketu in Capricorn seems intent on dismantling sections of the structure, or feeding extraneous pages of the blueprints through the shredder, this aspect is like a flood in the fortress, beginning perhaps with some leaky walls and resulting in some interior pools. Although, as this is a sextile we might find that it’s not necessarily a problem, unlike 2017’s barrage of misinformation and the introduction of ‘fake news’ when these planets were square. In sextile we might find that we are allowed to fantasize about what we will be able to build now that we have outdated or corrupted framing stripped and cleared out of the way, a dreamier interior, where the infrastructure allows for indoor pools and meditation chambers instead of so many extra rooms. In a more minimalized framework we are free to dream, and dream something more holistic and natural within the greater whole of the world or even universe. Of course, echoing Mercury’s dilemma in Pisces, for the more strictly structured among us, and the more rigid systems in general, this may be more water than is useful to have tracked into the house.

Venus conjunct Pluto

The same day Mercury squares Jupiter, Venus herself nearly traveling sextile Mercury, comes into conjunction with Pluto in the third decan of Capricorn. Having recently left the sobering aspect with Saturn Venus now looks into the vast underworld, the dark depths mystery, obsession and overwhelming force which lurks in the subterranean earth, the massive void of Hades, and both likes what she sees and becomes absolutely terrified all at once. This is the pleasure of going beyond fear, of embracing the darker or darkest mysteries of nature, and even though Venus is always trying to find what she can appreciate and bond with where she goes, for some this will be a much heavier and deeper draught than they can handle. Others might relish in occult delights, or the pleasures of vast forests uninviting to humans, or chase desires into obsessive and dangerous power games. Finding our pleasure centers might be a needle in a haystack in the vast darkness, or it might be the vastness and darkness itself that sizzles our sensors.

By Week

Monday January 28th—Sunday February 3rd

Marsday-1/29-10:pm: Superior conjunction of Mercury in Aquarius

-11:15pm: Mercury into Aquarius 2:

-midnight: Sun into Aquarius 2:

Mercuryday-1/30-11:30am: Mars into Aries 3:

Jupiterday-1/31-9am: Saturn square Neptune

Venusday-2/1-10:30pm: Mars square Pluto

Saturnday-2/2-Venus trine Uranus

Sunsday-2/3-5pm:Mercury sextile Jupiter

-5:30pm: Venus ingress Capricorn

We begin February fighting in the dark, or maybe more appropriately fighting the dark itself, a battle we’ll quickly learn is completely futile, or otherwise become obsessed with assailants that aren’t there but somehow seem to oppress us anyway. We’ve got to channel the energy somewhere and so it might be high time for some inner martial training, to tap into our tactical capabilities and see how they operate in the underworld or otherworld; how’s our sparring game in dreams? Can we get lucid and steer the ship? Can we tuck and roll and shoot in the dark? Or do we begin to start missing our targets at the onset of twilight?

By Saturday we will be watching our passions, seeing how our impulses toward identity expression and personal action have been revolutionized to seek out our truest desires and ultimate pleasures no matter what the cost. This might not be a bell clanger, but listen to the hum of your internal circuitry to see how its running, and try to catch what pitch its frequency is at so you can start plucking out a tune who’s melody might run much of 2019 and beyond.

Sunday Mercury in Aquarius’ second decan will be trafficking hypothetical concepts and organizing innovations from the far reaches of the mind that will likely work nicely in relation to our understanding of our big motivations and the philosophical ideals that drive them. This is a recipe of heart and brain, spirit and intellect that has excitability to expand into uncharted territory written around its swelling sphere. Simultaneously, Venus moves into Capricorn and our aesthetics get serious, we look at the territory and its clear what is worth being attracted to and what is simply devoid of pleasure. The stones textures and wood grains become lush resources of beauty that also double in functionality and material worth as our creative capacities calibrate to the territory we inhabit.


Monday February 4th—Sunday February 10th

Moonday- 4pm: new moon in Aquarius

-first lunation after eclipse season

-5pm: Mercury into Aquarius 3

Jupiterday- 8:30pm: Mercury sextile Mars

-7:45pm: Sun sextile Jupiter

Venusday- 9pm: Sun into Aquarius 3

Saturnday- 6pm: Mercury sextile Uranus

-3am: Mars on bends

Sunday-6am: Mercury ingress Pisces

-4pm: Moon conjunct Mars and Uranus

Arriving around 4pm EST on the Moon's day February 4th is the New Moon in Aquarius, the first non eclipse lunation in Aquarius since January 27th of 2017! Whatever was purged, pruned, banished or eliminated from your Aquarius area of life can now begin officially to once more accumulate and fill up with new information and fresh manifestation (check your chart to see which whole sign house you have Aquarius). Coincidentally, this is the first regular lunation since December 22nd, ad thus concludes this winter's eclipse season. Life now settles back into a more normal rhythm of identification and manifestation, rather than one at a Pandora's box type pace. Additionally, this is the Lunation which marks Lunar New year in China and much of the world. C clearly, there is a theme of newness and of beginning here, and indeed, this is a New Moon in Saturn's air domicile, one who's themes are of innovation, conceptualization, hypothesis, of searching for what is possible rather than relying on what has already been established. It's likely important new schemes and steps out into the unknown are taken today, especially mentally and intellectually. Meanwhile, Venus having just ingressed into Capricorn the previous evening has our desire spectrums restricted to physical, structured and pragmatic pleasures, like those found in the fieldstones and root stalks of our territories, and how we might arrange our furniture to best strategize for hosting guests within our compound-- so, with satisfaction coming from standard fare and solid ground our minds are able to engage and thoughts free to wander in exploratory expeditions beyond the regular boundaries and see what might come to pass now over the course of the month, the year, or the next 19, depending on which cycle you're following.

On Thursday both Mercury sextile's Mars and the Sun sextile's Jupiter. This might be largely about different areas of life that seem willing to collaborate and work hand in hand. Our ability to analyze, organize and communicate abstract concepts collaborating with our capabilities to confront, compete, combat and tactically respond to critical situations. Our visions and identifications and objective reasoning in frontier lands, in outsider modalities, in exile from our norms and in the search for new ideas collaborating with abundant opportunity to realize our ideals and adventure toward expanding our knowledge of the ultimate and be inspired to imagine bigger things. Our scribblings on the notepads by the phone may accidentally arrange the perfect schematic for our tactical assault. Our google wormhole into avant garde pioneers might lead us to stumble upon the most inspiring scholarship opportunity that could take us around the globe. These are best case scenarios, but even if this lands more on the low key level, where sextiles tend to anyway, pay attention around Thursday to which parts of your life might facilitate the directives of other areas.

By Saturday Mercury is sextile Uranus and Mars is on the bends of the Nodal Axis. Here is some potential for hyper-accelerated thought and smoldering or sparks that burn in the tension of the current eclipse axis. Irritations, conflicts, excitements, impulses and actions spike in the charts of the flow between methodically pruning out dead limbs of the system or hierarchy or structure and identifying what are the ideal conditions to nurture the growth of your best self. It is likely that a sudden update in brain technology trigger new ideas which spark impulsive moves and even have us making cuts we can't reverse which move the longer narrative themes along on their track; so, careful with over excitement here. The baseline here is suddenly having so many new ideas at once you think "all that old shit is dead, this is what I now need" and go out and do something about it. Just be careful to not cut the wrong cords in the process.

With perfect irony, Mercury enter's Pisces the following day, Sunday the 10th. Just after receiving this radical influx of possible concepts our thinking is submerged into fantasy. Math becomes mystical numerology, instructions read like poetry, we can only seem to organize objects from a feng shui perspective, analytical logic melts and morphs into empathic intuitions, and we can only efficiently think when we are in the right mood and 'mindspace'. This initiates a long haul of Mercury in the sign of both his fall and exile until April 17th, in which time he'll experience a retrograde and multiple conjunctions with Neptune. Now that Venus has also Moved into a yin modality sign, and Mars and the Sun to follow by the end of the month, we can expect all the whizzing ideas and inflamed inspirations to suddenly shift into being down in a shadowy pool playing with clay. If being at the potters wheel, singing songs and reciting poetry is your idea of delightful, then you're probably all good, but if you are more typically fueled up and quickly processing a lot of info then you might want to ready yourself for a slow down stretch where we'll need our bodies to help us understand and feel our way through a more mystically inclined time in the starlit mire and modeling mud. Preparing to get our hands dirty and our minds mystified will help propel us through some soft solids and dissolving details with more dignity. Jupiter in rulership ultimately presides of Mercury's time in the Fishes' sign, so even though it is where the Messenger finds his detriment, it is likely to be a mind expanding and inspiring splash through the lagoons of confusion. The Moon also passes between Mars and Uranus in Aries Sunday afternoon, so our initiatory splash in the face is likely to be more jarring at first than refreshing.


Monday February 11th—Sunday February 17th

Marsday- 10am: Venus into Cap 2

Mercuryday- 1:30am: Mars conjunct Uranus

Jupiterday- 6am: Mars ingress Taurus

-3pm: Jupiter into Sag 3

Venusday- 7:30pm: Mercury into Pisces 2

Sunday- 3:45am: Venus sextile Neptune

-applying to conjoin Saturn

Although Mars won't conjoint Uranus until 1:30am tomorrow morning, we are certainly living in this expression today, as it is Mars' day with the aspect tightly applying. This is a whole lot of volatility and impulse. The energy flow is disrupted but in a highly erratic way, kind of disconnect and then full throttle blast fashion, which might be similar to Mars retrograde, but with much more pushed into the high volumes rather than the long drive down the bumpy road grind. This is some sneaky weirdness, as if the energy is not apparent then it is getting probably piped into some random end of the array and might manifest in something unexpected at some point. Beware, a fiery rulership Mars conjoining the planet of turbulent lightening bolts sounds like sudden conflagrations, so lower your exposure to risk today generally. This aspect calls us to get innovative with our tactics, consider how we might hot rod our critical capacities and respond quicker and more effectively to alerts, how we can innovate with our competitive capabilities and deal with sudden shifts in challenges to our confidence. There's elements of independence and revolt here; some very teenage energy, and some might find they are suddenly mutated into samurai, for better or worse, and forced to lead revolutions or fight down upsurges of obstacles. Mercury in Pisces' murky logic can add to the confusion but luckily we have more wetness in the celestial atmosphere to keep us from catching fire. Venus is in cold and dry Capricorn as well, with only old stones to offer to the flames. This aspect luckily comes at this more yin end of the month, but its still a point on the timeline to get experimental with your yang game in a way that's safe and sound. Deep cleaning and tactically re-arranging the house would be a better fit for today than skydiving or spelunking.

Venus also moves into the second decan of Capricorn today where she has a little more dignity in the triplicity system of attribution. Her aesthetic sensibilities and sense of pleasure is attracted to construction, monumental works, permanent fixtures, enduring structures, statuary, historical pieces. As it's Mars' day and Saturn's night, the attention to tactics and battle stations and artistic strategies, or romantic effigies or pleasure hierarchies or the skeletal framework that leads up terraced steps to pleasure apexes, or the final and enduring system of bonds and fixtures and how it all is to be upgraded to operate more affectively, can be best defended, and make the most potent impact all mingle in the tactile as well as the passionate layers of our beings. Our heads may be a-swirl with muck and fog, but we can still feel our way through the ancient forest, especially if we follow our torchlight.

Around 6am on Thursday Mars ingresses Taurus which is a big game changer energy wise. After the fireball of Mars conjunct Uranus is emitted in the sky the planet of energy and attack immediately burrows into the earth. One final blast of radical excitement and rebellion and then it's time to get to work, put our hands into the dirt and make preparations for future fecundity. This is knife whittling away, plow plunging soil, toiling to turn what materials are in our territory into the kind of medium which bears fruit. This is creative action, slow and methodical, over and over, which in time makes a change that is stable and secure: after days and days of carving at the block it is rendered beautiful and won't simply revert back to raw and rugged, it is changed. Coming from Aries and having other planets in fire and air signs at the start of the month, this point can feel like running off the road and rolling down the hill to a muddy embankment where you suddenly start the laborious sequence of building your hut in the place where you land. Wild careening and then continuous clawing and gradual climb. With Venus simultaneously in Capricorn co-present with ruling Saturn we are really now more than doubling down on the earth element. There's a lot of gravity and attention to quantifiable units, tactile affairs, practical matters and material manipulation. It's not just a "reality check" but a time to act, to physically change the stuff around you and to enjoy yourself and your efforts while you work. Its a time to set yourself up for later, to get lost in the feeling and think with your hands and measure things by example. Mercury might not be able to read a ruler accurately right now but that doesn't mean you can hold one rock next to another to check that they are the same size. Jupiter also transitions into the 3rd face of Sagittarius here, typically given to Saturn, and a place that offers everything in exchange for the ultimate end. Endgame philosophies swelling our hearts and souls in a time when we have to put our nose to the grindstone is not necessarily a bad turn, just remember to not sacrifice your nose or any other part of your face in the process.

By Sunday Venus sextiles Neptune while she is coming into conjunction with Saturn. While typically Saturn and Neptune in combination can mean that your fortress is permeable, which is generally negative, in harmonious aspect it also allows for the right influence to temporarily slip through the cracks leading to a collaboration between fortification and fantasy, which can have you productively imagining your dreamhouse, and even more so with Venus involved, as its not just a time to construct the ideal object but to invite into the castle the interior decorator and see what they can intuit about the space. This is as good for building your sex dungeon as it is for picking out the right shade of paint. Doesn't sound so bad, right? Well its still much less fun than midsummer music festival on the scenic overlook fully catered with an open bar and all your friends and lovers in attendance; but you might feel like renovating or building anew here in a way that is particularly satisfying and rewarding in the long haul. Since Ketu is in house this might contain an element of reduction which characterizes 2019. There's certainly a streamlined, less is more aesthetic in the subtext right now, and with Neptune lending a hand mystical spatial dynamics are going to be a concern. Consult Feng Shui manuals, erect altars to the cardinal directions along the way, include a water feature and keep a sensual eye on the bare bones. Paradoxically, this is a time that taking your situation seriously can help relieve depression. With all the weight and water coming down here we've got to do something with the mud or else we'll get in a sink hole. It's time to play with the clay, bake some bricks and build ourselves something that can support us, rather than settle in to a slump. With Mercury in Pisces it's true our bodies will tell us what to build, but we still need to make sure that the structure is sound; keep the key stone for comparison and use all your senses to make sure the pieces fit securely as you go.


Monday February 18th—Sunday February 24th

Moonday- 5:45am: Venus conjunct Saturn

-6pmSun ingress Pisces

Marsday- 1:45am: Mercury conjunct Neptune

-10:52am: Full Moon in Virgo

Jupiterday- midnight: Venus into Cap 3

-9pm: Mercury into Pisces 2

Venusday- 3:45pm: Mercury square Jupiter

-close to sextile Venus for days prior, moving in unison

-10:45pm: Venus conjunct Pluto

Saturnsday- -noon: Mercury sextile Pluto


Monday February 25th—Sunday March 3rd

Marsday- 2am: Venus conjunct Ketu

Mercuryday- 9pm: Sun sextile Mars

Jupiterday- 4pm: Sun into Pisces 2

Venusday- 7am: Venus square Uranus

-noon: Venus ingress Aquarius


By Moon: (All times are EST)


waning 4/4: 1/27—2/4

new moon: 2/4

waxing 1/4: 2/4—2/12

waxing 2/4: 2/12—2/19

full moon : 2/19

waning 3/4: 2/19—2/26

waning 4/4: 2/26—3/6

—by day:

1st— 27 4:40

2nd— 28 5:29 3rd— 29 6:14

4th— 30 6:52, 1 16:03

5th— 2 7:26

6th— 3 7:56

7th— 4 8:24

8th— 5 8:49

9th— 6 9:14

10th— 7 9:39

11th— 8 10:06

12th— 9 10:36

13th— 10 11:11

14th— 11 11:53

15th— 12 12:43

16th— 13 13:43

17th— 14 14:52

18th— 15 16:07

19th— 16 17:25

20th— 17 18:43

21st— 18 19:59

22nd—19 21:12

23rd— 20 22:23

24th— 21 23:31


26th— 22 0:36

27th— 23 1:38

28th— 24 2:35


8pm 1/31—8am 2/3: Moon in Capricorn

8am 2/3—10pm 2/5: Moon in Aquarius

10pm 2/5—10am 2/8: Moon in Pisces

10am 2/8—9pm 2/10: Moon in Aries

9pm 2/10—5am 2/13: Moon in Taurus

5am 2/13—9am 2/15: Moon in Gemini

9am 2/15—11am 2/17: Moon in Cancer

11am 2/17—10am 2/19: Moon in Leo

10am 2/19—10am 2/21: Moon in Virgo

10am 2/21—11am 2/23: Moon in Libra

11am 2/23—5pm 2/25: Moon in Scorpio

5pm 2/25—2am 2/28: Moon in Sagittarius


21:26, 2/1: 23, Sa'd Bula

23:22, 2/2: 24, Sa'd al-Su'ud

1:27, 2/4: 25, Sa'd al-Akhbiyah

3:36, 2/5: 26, Al Fargh al-Awwal

5:43, 2/6: 27, Al Fargh al-Thani

7:44, 2/7: 28, Batn al-Hut

9:33, 2/8: 1, Al-Sharatain

11:05, 2/9: 2, Al-Butain

9:39, 2/10: 3, Al-Thurayya

12:49, 2/11: 4, Al-Dabaran

12:51, 2/12: 5, Al-Haqa

12:15, 2/13: 6, Al-Hana

10:58, 2/14: 7, Al-Dhira

9:02, 2/15: 8, Al-Nathrah

6:30, 2/16: 9, Al-Tarf

3:27, 2/17: 10, Al-Jabhah

00:00, 2/18: 11, Al-Zubrah

20:18, 2/18: 12, Al-Sarfah

16:30, 2/19: 13, Al-Awwa

12:46, 2/20: 14, Al-Simak

9:17, 2/21: 15, Al-Ghafr

6:11, 2/22: 16, Al-Zubana

3:38, 2/23: 17, Al-Iklil

01: 45, 2/24: 18, Al-Qalb

00:38, 2/25: 19, Al-Shaulah

00:17, 2/26: 20, Al-Na'am

00:42, 2/27: 21, Al-Baldah

1:47, 2/28: 22, Sa'd al-Dhabih

Feasts, Holidays, Traditions

2/1: Candlemas eve, St. Bridget

2/2: Candlemas,

2/5: St. Agatha

2/9: Apollonia

2/8: EG

2/10: EG

2/11: EG

2/12: Artemis

2/13: Parentalia

2/14: St.Valentine

2/15: Lupercalia

2/17: Fornacalia, EG

2/18: EG

2/21: Feralia

2/22: Concordia

2/26: EG

2/27: EG

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