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Astrology of January 2019: Goes Off With A Bang

January 2019 : By Month

-Mars ingress Aries

Mars returned to his rulership at 9pm on December 31st, where he’ll be until February 14th, concluding his time in his own domicile with a dramatic conjunction with Uranus. Mars’ ingress into his fire sign might have made made for a particularly heated New Years eve, especially when considering the other strands and elements afoot during a night normally marked by unchecked excess and degraded behavior. The Moon being in Mars ruled Scorpio brings an intense and brooding character to the evening, and being Mars ruled, when the red planet crosses over into Aries we are likely going to feel the sudden jolt. Aries is a sign of combat, confrontation, competition, energy, individuality, independence, competence, capability, ignition, “go!”, impulsivity— it is the bullet leaving the barrel, shot out of a cannon, the very impulse that caused the mythological ‘First-Mover’ to lurch forward out of dark, primordial nothingness and un-differentiation. As this is a night haunted by the ghost of Saturnalian festivities, throngs abound and many people might feel the need to flame-on and propel themselves away from the masses, fighting their way through the crowd, a particular style of thrashing , like flames swimming out of the wood they mince and cleft, which will persist for a month and a half. On January 1st particularly, the Moon trines Neptune in Pisces by 1am, and confusion, delusion, imagination, hallucination of emotion has us brooding and seething when we suddenly get all fired up and feel a need to “stick up for ourselves” and take an individual stand. Inebriation abounds in the early hours of January 1st worldwide, and it’s not too hard to imagine this as an ugly scene. Just as concerning, the Sun is applying to conjoin Saturn the following night (1/3/19, 12:30am) our outlooks are growing quickly sober as we get a full view of the underlying structure, realize all the inherent restrictions, and thus see what we’re “up against”. It’s hard to not see the recipe of getting overly inebriated, doing something violent or destructive and then having to face the music the next day. Seems simple enough to avoid now that you’re warned, right, but what about everyone else, and the world at large?

This would be a good time to look before you leap, maybe opt for the quieter celebration over the big bash, load up on protective amulets and petitions before hand, and keep your instincts securely lashed down to your logic. As Mars is spending about a month and a half here, keep these strategies in mind, but as engines will be firing hot in general, find a place to direct all those torches and hammers, being sure to channel the energy into something positive and constructive, or, alternately, into destroying something worth destroying, so that the power tools aren’t running in the wrong room. The planets passing through Sagittarius will love this as well; the gun is already firing, just keep it pointed at the target.

-Sun conjunct Saturn and Pluto & the Solar eclipse in Capricorn

As mentioned the Sun comes round for his annual visit to Saturn and Pluto. The density as well as intensity of what he gathers with his eyes as he circumambulates the structure is much more foreboding and gravity laden with the Greater Malefic and the Outermost Planet in Saturn’s earthly domicile. This occurred once already last year on December 21st 2018, the day of the Sun’s ingress into Capricorn marking winter Solstice, and indeed, it marked a particularly cold and trial heavy winter in many people’s personal lives. This time they meet further along than the solstitial degree, although the drama if anything is only escalated this round by Ketu’s presence in the sign of the Goat-Horned One. We receive a partial Solar Eclipse at 15 degrees Capricorn on Saturn’s-day January 5th around 8:30pm EST. With the Sun in Capricorn, we are tested whether or not we heeded past precedents and made sure our shelter and supplies were winter ready, and with the Sun visiting Saturn we come face to face with our mortality, our time here on Earth, our obligations and responsibilities, revelations of strengths and weaknesses; those structures that are flimsy are obliterated as we are forced into more formidable postures of discipline. If we have followed after the example of our instructors to the letter then we are rewarded and acknowledged here with somber ceremony, if otherwise we are merely prodded into more profound labour. As this conjunction occurs in the second decan of Capricorn it involves many themes of construction, where the Sun gazes over the blueprints of our life’s work and is minded to assemble enduring monuments and build up our material to higher levels of the strata; what will immortalize us, how will we be remembered.

Since the solar eclipse occurs here we look to this weighty layer with a mind to purge. Wings of our personal museums are demolished, extra-skeletal appendages are extracted, build up of sediment and silt which obscures the visage of the statue is blown away with force so we may see the boldness of the bust, sharp features stark and singular. The fortress cleansed and cleared, the genealogy pruned, the blueprints reduced, the system stripped down, society wheeled in for surgery and upon the clipboard is scrawled amputation.

And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and

cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee

that one of thy members should perish, and not

that thy whole body should be cast into hell.

During eclipses generally we must make more concerted efforts to remain balanced, as what is manifesting from the unseen here rushes through the gates of the otherworld into ours, and what is coming to an end of its narrative is getting sucked through the shattered window. Astrologically, eclipse season is when turbulence hits and the oxygen masks drop. It is typically recommended to suspend most magical activities during this period, as the New Moon is replaced by the Solar Eclipse and the Full Moon is replaced by the Lunar Eclipse; literally swallowed by shadow, lending a deformed and twisted nature to the Moon that grows betwixt, not the best medium upon which to graft your desires. Magic doesn’t cease within these parameters but shifts focus toward harder leans into devotional practices and propitiations. When the stars are vexed we may turn to the Saints and our own Dead who are there waiting to receive us; our ancestors and magical patron’s will help us cross this dark corridor. The time between eclipses spans from January 5th to January 21st, although the distance between normal lunations widens the wingspan-- December 22nd to February 4th; something to consider.

-Venus in Sagittarius

Venus, now well out of her retrograde shadow, spends the majority of January in Sagittarius, ingressing at 6am on Monday the 7th. Venus here is quite naturally a trendsetter, partly via sourcing her aesthetic inspiration from far afield. She is passionate and driven to find ideal love, and on a creative quest to seize the very space between religion and art. She indulges in pleasures of mythological proportions and becomes chimerical in her hunt for holy gratification and sacred love. Her scope in Sagittarius is much inflated by the sign ruler, Jupiter copresent and awaiting a conjunction that will come at 7am on January 22nd, when fixation of exotic desires combines with a coherence of philosophical ideals and spiritual inspiration. What pounds our hearts in invoking the greatest loves of all time? This is surely cupid’s arrow on a grand scale. Aspects to Mars, Neptune and Uranus throughout the month assure that this is an action packed, hallucinatory adventure that concludes in riot and revolution; which reads like On Broadway praise.

-Jupiter Square Neptune

This being the core of our hallucinatory epiphanies to come, perfecting on January 13th at 2pm, but coloring the month leading up to as well as winding away from. Jupiter in rulership in his diurnal sect, yang polarity, fire modality domicile squaring the Outer planet of illusion and fantasy in his nocturnal, yin, water domicile of Pisces. The only negative manifestation of this aspect might be wild overoptimism, getting sucked out into expanding tides of dream realities, crashing waves of enchanted apprehension tumbling us in mystical eddies and moistening the torch of our hot air balloon so that we become a traveling cloud within which a surfer funnels the curve. Night intrudes upon day, where dream journeys wash over our agendas. Water and fire splash and flare up at each other, naturally producing steam through which we proceed; traveling amidst misty jungles and frothfull lagoons. Yang and yin cornered, sexual tensions, the push and pull of giving and receiving keep us moving steadily along our trajectory through the humid marsh. This is interesting, especially considering Venus will share this experience under Jupiter’s wing, but even more so when you contrast these vibes with the activity in leaden Capricorn. This quickly becomes a J.G. Ballard scenario, a lush resort in which to spend the apocalypse. But also, if we are planning to dismantle portions of societies infrastructure, we are free to dream a re-wilding replenish the space.

-Sun square Uranus (w/Venus trine Mars)

The Sun’s final gesture before exiting Capricorn for Aquarius is to square Uranus in Aries as he walks out the gates of the walled city and out into the frontiers. With the great arch of the door above him and his foot about to step up onto the plank across the moat a bolt of lightening strikes the adjacent tower and the top blows off, and its contents cartwheel out into the street. This was his last day managing the empire, and looking to leave the reigns in other’s hands, eject himself into the outlaying lands where he might explore the perimeters he encounters in passing through the portal a radical new way to look at the structure, the whole system and how its handled, a revolution, and a bloody one where the gates are stormed by radicalized throngs casting stones and flaming bottles all for singular and solitary reasons. There is not one concern, but an uprising of disparate identities which cause a chemical chain reaction in the Emperor’s brain as he steps down, and deciding he’d rather not operate in his prior matrix at all, sets his sights on the horizon and draws identification into the abstractness of its distance. Radical individuality clashing with visions of managing the system before attention switches to orient to the exile.

Venus square Neptune

see above

Sun ingress Aquarius

see above

-Lunar eclipse in Leo

This is the final eclipse in a series of eclipses that began on February10th of 2017, and it’s a near total Lunar eclipse but with the nodes in a different pair of signs. For the final time we receive the delivery of substance in the arena of visibility, charisma, and centrality, but this time perhaps for different underlying reasons, as we will be bitting into the issues of needs, nurturing and incubation as the next eclipse cycle gets rolling. Whatever direction the last eclipse series sent you, this continues the direction, but now for new reasons. Certain stuff may be showing up that makes you more noticeable in some area of life, and that bears somehow on what you feel you want to take care of in the coming months.

The Moon will turn red over all the America’s, so we might surely expect something in the states sticking out like a sore thumb.

Venus conjunct Jupiter

see above

-Superior Conjunction in Aquarius

Tuesday Jan 29th: 10:pm: Our Messenger is here handed something up from the celestial spheres, a message from heaven received from the other side of the Sun, a realization about what is out there on the frontier, how people speak in the fringe, the details of the expedition trigger theological insights, the footage of the landing just made it back to earth, ‘hey, you’ve got to see this. Look at what they found!”. Make sure you’re meditating at 10pm on January 29th to find out.

Just over an hour later he enters the second decan of Aquarius which he rules in both systems; a place where abstract, obscure and speculative concepts are explained naturally and articulated clearly. Ready your logical mind for new ideas.

-Saturn square Neptune (1/31/19):

The system is submerged in swamp, the marshlands permeate the superstructure, the fortress is flooded, the cell suffused with solution. The ultimate restrictions of reality, the mechanics of the system, the laws of nature itself clashing against the limitless imagination of ultimate hallucinatory infinity. Mountains struggling to keep from melting, time endeavors against dissolve. Outer planet aspects are mile-markers spinning out historical events, paradigm shifts; this is where the water breaks. The great flood, we know it mythologically as many things across the world, but what it was historically is even less clear. The first time you had a strong psychedelic experience you changed. Reality looked different from then on.

Mars squares Pluto the following day, adding to the nail bitting excitement, inspired, impulsive and highly individual action in a confrontational stance clashing against the ultimate power in unprecedented circumstances, fighting the void itself, attacking the beyond, taking on the unknown. Two malefics in the signs of their rulerships making hard aspects simultaneously to outer planets should sound some alarms, so in the melee, why not throw in a third; Mars is also applying to soon conjoin Uranus, where this inspired confrontation suddenly becomes much more radical and unpredictable. Interesting that Mars’ brush with what is beyond fear only serves to radicalize him, and that while the structure faces dissolution individual aggression face the black hole elsewhere in the system. A war is going on here, whether or not shots are fired; angry individuals, manipulative systems, mystical philosophies, the structure itself and our wildest imaginations are not seeing eye to eye, and sparks are beginning to fly as castles sink into the sand as the tides come to collect them. It would not be surprising if new technology were introduced here, or at least prototype versions of it. If we are going to live an AI assisted, holographic tomorrow, we have to contend with the precognition of that today, which requires a whole lot of house cleaning, maybe only the kind a hurricane can accomplish.

January 2019 : By week

-Monday December 31—Sunday January 6th

Moonday-12/31-Mars just entered Aries at 9pm Dec 31

Mercuryday-1/2-12:30am (just past midnight) Sun conjunct Saturn

Venusday-1/4-2:am: Venus trine NN and sextile SN

-3:pm: Sun sextiles Neptune:

-10:30pm: Mercury ingress Capricorn (just after conjoining the Moon)

Saturnsday-1/6-1pm: Moon conjoins Saturn

-8:30pm: partial Solar eclipse on the SN in Capricorn

Mars’ return to Aries on the 31st is likely to fire off some starter pistols and startling projectiles, especially with the Moon in intense, intuitive and deeply sensitive Scorpio. Many might throw on their cloaks, having been called to fight. Late on Tuesday night and in the first calendar hour of January 2nd the Sun conjoins Saturn, time for his annual sobering check up with all the hard realities, responsibilities and tests, having to face the music, receive his share of earnings if there are any, and get reassigned to the hardest task on the list; although this makes for an opportunity to scrap superfluous obligations. Friday is host to multiple events in the sky. Venus feels out the nodal axis by sextiling Rahu and trining Ketu. This may be a fine foreshadowing to pay attention to, as her addictions to pleasure are willing to work with purgations of the system and in harmony with what we want to grow and need to incubate. Easier said than done, as the Sun sextiles Neptune; visions of our life’s work collaborate with our wildest dreams and fantastical imaginings, so it is a good time to search out wide ranging intuitions, as long as we keep our heads organized. Luckily, Mercury ingresses Capricorn just after the Moon. Despite the rest of what transpires there is a sobering mood and thoughts turn to assessing the territory, to surveying the land, to examining both the deed and the blueprints, doing soil tests and quantifying materials. Clearly we want to build something in our future, something that might need a lot of attention, and will hopefully fulfill our dreams and provide us with perpetual pleasure.

Then the partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, not far away from Pluto and Saturn, has us realizing that if we are to carry on with this life we wish to build, some blueprints must be scrapped, some buildings demolished, some systems purged, and the structure simplified, reducing the construction project by throwing out part of the plan, dissembling or stripping elements down from the monument.


-Monday January 7th—Sunday January 13th

Moonday-1/7-6:am: Venus ingress Sagittarius:

-6pm: Mercury square Mars

Jupiterday-1/10-8:am: Sun into Cap 3

Venusday-1/11-6:30am: Sun conjunct Pluto

-noon: Mercury into Capricorn 2:

Saturnday-1/12-7:pm: Moon conjoins Mars:

Sunday-1/13-8:30am: Mercury conjunct Saturn

-2pm: Jupiter square Neptune

We begin the week with Venus' morning ingress into Sagittarius, a turn in a pleasant direction and a relief as we finally have her move out of detriment in Scorpio, which she first entered before her retrograde back on September 9th, where she was stuck finding beauty and pleasure in the intense, the disturbing and the violent, having be drawn into over indulgence, excess and perpetual satiation. Although, peregrine and therefore without dignity in most of Sagittarius she is copresent with Jupiter, the ruler of the Archer's sign. Both benefics will be applying to a glorious conjunction which will take place on the 22nd, and until then we may enjoy the drawing together of desire, pleasure with opportunity and optimism; a combination which can easily engender attractions and aesthetic delights of mythological proportions. This Venus is larger than life, exotic and chimerical, excitedly incorporating elements from the world over into a synthesis that draws attention and tends to set trends. This is a love of epic allures that romanticize the hunt, the chase after our desires, the objects of which drive us on with fiery passions; our yearnings taking us over hot coals, and cresting mountains and swimming across vast seas in search of ideal love. This romantic spirit is known for both restlessness and adventurousness. With the domicile ruler in house we can count on a broader, wiser and more realized version of this dynamic, especially as they come into close contact.

Monday evening at 6pm (EST) Mercury in Capricorn squares Mars in Aries, and examination of the blueprints clashes with individual action and impulsive agendas. We may encounter something urgent to attend to when we survey the land in detail and quantify its integers, details that ignite our operational tactics. Try to not wage war over the technical details or let individual agendas override smart strategies.

On Thursday the Sun moves into the 3rd decan of Capricorn, where we look more directly at how we might manage our empires. The Sun, a natural king, has some power in this decan, rulership and visions of centrality come natural to the source of all light in our solar system. This is certainly the start of a ten day stretch where we want to put our eyes on all the elements under our command so that we are aware of what we are obligated to, as one would scan the chessboard for possible plays, how they can move their pieces around most effectively. We don't want to simply draft a single strategy, but plot a plan A, B, C and so on. Complicating this is the Sun's annual conjunction with Pluto which perfects Friday morning. We don't just simply gaze upon the game of life but stick our heads into caves and around corners where we encounter unprecedented or even overwhelming elements. Pluto has a tendency to surprise, as things walk up out of the darkness that we never could have previously conceived of, things that were beyond our previous comprehension. But Pluto also has the ability to obsess, getting us so deep in the game that we forget there is more to life than power plays and empire building; keep your feelers into the other planets so as to not get over-shadowed.

Mercury moves into Capricorn's 2nd decan the same day, where the blueprints he previously carried begin to include features which apply more to what you would ultimately build rather than what you would efficiently build. The scale here is more fit for the Cathedral that takes a century to complete rather than the renovation you hoped to tackle over the weekend. This fits in with the Sun's time in Pluto's vortex, where fear abounds and security escapes us. Being between eclipses we must sift through the extraneous components and extract them to expedite our projects and strengthen our systems and schedules.

Sunday morning Mercury conjoins Saturn and looking at the actual details, the hard numbers and the physical facts will be painfully obvious. For those that have been letting affairs slip, this point in the timeline might manifest with anxiety, but for those who have respected their deadlines and budgets we receive a detailed list of our transactions and an opportunity to count and catalogue the fasteners in our toolbox, adding up amounts of nuts and bolts and checking if we have enough stuff to build the ark that will brave the floods. This can be productive and satisfying for the more technically inclined and horrifying and dull for the dreamier among us; either way its an opportunity to get real, and since so much occurs in the side by side signs of Capricorn and Sagittarius in 2019, we can begin practicing right now trafficking optimism and inspiration and opportunity from one section of life and installing it in the practical affairs of another; the major trick and persistent theme of the year. We may be head over heals excited about painting and all fired up creatively to work in our studios but how is that going to help us pay off our mortgages? 2019 says 'figure it out!"

By the afternoon the deluge of fantastical intuition flooding our inspired spirits hits a steamy climax as Jupiter makes its first square of the year with Neptune in Pisces, an aspect we'll get three times in 2019. Coherence of ideal expansion, questing philosophies, inspired spiritual motivation in tension with mystical confusion, imagination, hallucination, delusion, and psychic intuition. Both signs are Jupiter ruled, so all this tidal emotion and creative kindling could be ultimately positive, and should certainly be harnessed to help out our lives and the status of our successes, but its a matter of turning winds and waves and fire and photons into the kind of energy that runs the mechanics of our lives and fuels the production of our prosperity. 2019 is not a year to check out and ignore the responsibilities and obligations of hierarchy and structure, security and foundational construction, and neither is it a year to strap down and never look up to daydream; instead your wild vacation has to be what lands you the key to your greatest architectural success. Your wild dream is the propulsion fluid that propels your rocket towards your most practical target. With Jupiter square Neptune we can easily get carried away, but we must divide space for this big dreaming to understand what we could possibly build to catch and collect the most or best resources available. There is a cinematic element to this, and life then becomes much like directing the movie you want to see yourself in; there are creative and fantastical elements, but it requires epic organization, sequential focus, the ability to defer time-eating bullshit, the necessity of sticking to a budget and a willingness to conduct hard edits later on to assure your film hits the theaters.


-Monday January 14th—Sunday January 20th

Marsday-1/15-5:pm: Mars enters Aries 2:

Mercuryday-1/16-6pm: Venus into Sag 2:

-11:45pm: Sun conjunct SN

Jupiterday-1/17-9pm: Mercury into Cap 3

-10pm: Moon opposite Jupiter and Venus:

Venusday-1/18-noon: Venus trine Mars

-8pm: Sun square Uranus:

Sunday-1/20-4am: Sun into Aquarius

-11pm: Venus square Neptune

We are midway between eclipses, and after having just been sloshed with enthusiasm and fantasy from the Jupiter Neptune square as well as had Mercury check in with strict Saturn, we move forward into a week with a waxing Moon destined to be darkened by the South Node, concluding the final eclipse in the Leo-Aquarius axis for nearly the next 18 years. Mars enters Aries 2nd decan on Tuesday, where he is still very strong and has the potential to burn fiery hot, but being the decanic rulership of the Sun in both systems this territory of the Ram’s sign generally has more to do with identity and capability than it does with impulse ad ignition. This is the area of Aries which speaks of showing who you are by what you do, its our actions that make us and we are defined by what challenges we can stand up to and what tasks we can tackle and ultimately what we cannot. Some of us may be putting effort into proving ourselves while Mars moves through this face.

Venus enters Sagittarius’s second decan on Wednesday, the face she’ll conjoin Jupiter in at the beginning of next week, and coming into orb to make their partnership both felt and known. This is obviously great for just feeling good, having fun, laughing and being lucky, but also is an important event of this years theme of realizing and embracing what you really want unconditionally, discovering your most noble desires, understanding what stirs your heart above all else and what is worth going far and wide to find. The Sun also passes over the South Node on Wednesday, so we get a look at the structures that need to get cleaned out, lopped off or dismantled so we can adjust our systems to so they are poised to achieve these more realized ends, tying two of 2019’s themes together again. This continues into Thursday night when Mercury progresses into Capricorn’s third decan, where he has more dignity by face and can use his communication and organization skills to best manage practical affairs. The brightening Moon opposes the the coalescing benefics in Mercury’s sign of Gemini, getting some outside perspective on our passions for adventure and ideals which we may feel intuitively as many notions quickly moving through our stream of conscious thought, distant candle flames we feel we’d like to journey to and posses their sacred flames.

Venus and Mars then form a trine on Friday, harmonizing our passion for adventure, exotic aesthetics and infectious desires with our drive to prove what we are capable of which might having us directing our energy and focusing our tactics on noble targets and taking action to achieve our dreams and aims. We may even let some arrows fly here, compelled to take some of our first major shots of the year. The Sun in late Capricorn then squares Uranus in the last degrees of Aries, the sign that Mars is trining Venus from. Once more the previously discussed themes intertwine, this time with the Aries and Uranus dynamics highlighted. Our foundational systems and past precedents, how we’ve constructed our lives and set up our literal or metaphorical fortress, our walls and barriers and the hierarchies that are erected within them clash with the final radicalizations and hot rod innovations we are making to our identities and spirits of action before Uranus moves into Taurus. We may feel inspired to shoot at some of our targets for the first time in the sequence of 2019’s aspects, but this might also might require rocking some of our own boats, breaking out of some molds and blowing the top off our Towers. This might come as breakthrough actions, especially related to our visions of how we manage our lives, but even though Eureka’s may be delivered, they might come with some shattered structures. Don’t be surprised if to be the new you that is needed to saddle up for the adventures the Sagittarius placements portend you suddenly realize you must break out of a room you built to protect yourself years ago. Depending on where this all falls in your chart it may come as some general turbulence, so expect some heavy shuffling and randomization to come into sight late Friday night. I wouldn’t be surprised if elements here were related to the first of the year when Mars first entered Aries and the Sun conjoined Saturn. There are certainly also themes that should run back to Uranus time in late Aries last year and the seven that proceeded it, as well as what you’ve been “Capricorning” for the last few decades.

The Sun ingresses Aquarius very early Sunday morning, having us wake up to visions of the outside, the frontiers, what lies outside our security and our own past and our practical dimensions. We see new possibilities, new ideas, innovations, open frontiers, hypothetical solutions, conceptual pathways. This is quite an appropriate orientation shift to follow the previous days aspects, and whatever activities they triggered, a whole solar month of perspective shift falls right into place. This part of the year typically has us thinking outside the box. The year is young, the holidays are over, some time has gone by and some thinking has been directed at what we’d like to build and achieve this time around, and as we come towards halfway through the winter season we give our attention to what we might possibly do and explore come spring. Perfect timing for Venus to square Neptune, nearly conjunct Jupiter from the sign of his diurnal rulership to that of his nocturnal. This is really an extension of the Jupiter-Neptune square from last week, only this time our pleasures and desires and creativity and aesthetic and attractions and love and lust and romance all come into play. This might be the utter heights of inspired decadent fantasy, a tidal wave of creative inspiration, the apex of romanticism, or deadly over indulgence in the sense of drowned in sweet and intoxicating syrup. How you experienced the Jupiter square, still separating, will give you some insight on how careful you need to be here, but either way, if you’re tightening your belt with each drink or simply washing canvases with oceanic waves of colliding colors, keep watch for realization and coherence of your wants, desires, fantasies, dreams and how they suit your spiritual philosophies and what in the stream of that current you most ideally desire, what gives you the most pleasure, what brings you to spiritual ecstasy, what you really want in life, or even beyond life, so that you know what it is, and can make the many, many adjustments to your life to bring you closer to this brimming over holy grail, and some how come to carefully escape the confines of the life you were just settling for. This is a time to engage with fantasies but not necessarily make huge calls on the pieces and parts, just find the essence of your desire, and come to know it completely and clearly, so that all that is extraneous to that you can in the coming months begin to stealthily escape.


-Monday January 21st—Sunday January 27th

Moonday-1/21-12:15am: total Lunar eclipse in Leo on the North Node

Marsday-1/22-7am: Venus conjunct Jupiter

Jupiterday-1/24-12:30am: Mercury ingress Aquarius (w/Moon in Virgo)

Venusday-8:40 pm: Venus into Sag 3

In the first fifteen calendar minutes of Monday the 21st (midnight, so more like Sunday night for many) A Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo occurs, the final in a cycle dating back into February of 2017. As this is a North Node eclipse, it is about increase and biting into and swallowing more, and since its Lunar its substance and stuff that we see more of manifesting, and being Leo it revolves around themes of centrality, visibility, charisma, leadership, generosity, showing off, radiating- essentially strutting your stuff and getting attention for it in a particular area of your life. Eclipses are always imbalanced by nature, so as the gates open and everything that has been waiting to emerge into the material layer from the invisible layer suddenly lands on your lap and appears in your path it causes you to have to spin your head and requires a third hand often to keep all the balls in the air, stressing the abilities of even the most proficient juggler. This is why levies often tend to break when the Moon swells dark red in our skies with Rahu involved; too much, biting off more than you can chew, insatiably hungry and gobbling up all you can might bust your gut. Of course make sure to not reach for things your not ready to handle and ovoid overload, but also pause to consider that this is the final eclipse in the cycle, and the past 18 and a half months have woven a story where certain elements of your character where marked by a highlighter with a concluding note struck late Sunday night and resounding for the next two weeks. Who have you become? How do people know you? What are you radiating? What part of your life has increased in visibility and centrality? From this perspective what are you giving to others, what generosity and offerings from the heart flow forth? Have you become in some way more courageous and brave? A second series of questions emerge as the Node itself is already in Cancer and the first eclipse in the opposite end of Capricorn has already taken place on January 5th. Continuing from this development of visibility and bravery what new needs are noticeable, what now must be nurtured, incubated, protected and carefully allowed to grow? The topics here intertwine, and strings will be strewn from this event to mid summer when the first eclipse in Cancer occurs in earnest. Be careful and attentive in the coming days, reduce risk, contemplate the past couple years' narratives, and carefully head the direction you're ultimately going with measured steps, as Temperance can offer tools to excessive indulgence.

For those so inclined mantras to Rahu and performances of the Headless Rite can help reduce the turbulence North Node eclipses can dole out.

On Tuesday we receive the long awaited and much anticipated and celebrated conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in Jupiter's sign of rulership, Sagittarius. We've been experiencing and enjoying this aspect applying for a week, but here the sugar flows and sensual and spiritual excess has us banking luxuriously in the warmth of inspiration and enthusiasm around noble pursuits toward mythologically scaled aesthetics and desires. These are the flames of flamboyant sangrael, those that kindle flames for pleasures which act as hot air inflations which lift us up above our street level attractions and poise us to pick and point to what catches our fancy over the horizon. We might fly there and feel it in our hands and in our hearts, and spend a season swooning that folds into so many paper cranes and lanterns of love illuminating new knowledge; in this decadence we grow wise and in this indulgence sagacious. This is a very important moment on the 2019 timeline to visualize and engage with our ultimate fantasies so they might inform what dead limbs we will ongoingly prune away in our orchards so next falls fruit bearing season is most abundant. What do we truly want, with our heart and with our spirit? What does our higher self desire and what delivers the most satisfying sensual pleasure to our bodies, both at once and in eternal tandem?

In the initiatory hours of Thursday Mercury enters Aquarius, a sign he rather enjoys as a planet which excels in the air triplicity where he is able to express freely in the intellectual dimension, attuned to abstraction and conceptual discourse. He doesn't acheive his double decanic dignity until Aquarius' second face, but as he approaches this preferred territory he revels in the lightness of mind, inviting us to attempt to consider other ideas, and communicate complicated concepts which might be found outside the status quo or even consensus reality. A particular potent spaciness to follow overload of charismatic resonance and expansive desire realizations, realizing who we are, stepping into who we have become, experiencing what we truly love and lust after leaves us with a lot to consider, much of which has no previous precedent, and breezes blow in new thoughts we have yet to encounter.


-Monday January 28th—Sunday February 3rd

Marsday-1/29-10:pm: Superior conjunction of Mercury in Aquarius

-11:15pm: Mercury into Aquarius 2:

-midnight: Sun into Aquarius 2:

Mercuryday-1/30-11:30am: Mars into Aries 3:

Jupiterday-1/31-9am: Saturn square Neptune

Venusday-2/1-10:30pm: Mars square Pluto

Saturnday-2/2-Venus trine Uranus

Sunsday-2/3-5pm:Mercury sextile Jupiter

-5:30pm: Venus ingress Capricorn


January 2019 : By Moon


waning 4/4: 12/29—1/5

solar eclipse: 1/5

waxing 1/4: 1/5—1/14

waxing 2/4: 1/14—1/21

lunar eclipse: 1/21

waning 3/4: 1/21—1/27

waning 4/4: 1/27—2/4

new moon: 2/4


































4am-1/2—2pm-1/4:Moon in Sag:

2pm-1/4—2am-1/7:Moon in Cap

2am-1/7—3pm-1/9:Moon in Aqu

3pm-1/9—3am-1/12:Moon in Pis

3am-1/12—2pm-1/14:Moon in Ari

2pm-1/14—8pm-1/16:Moon in Tau

8pm-1/6—11pm-1/18:Moon in Gem

11pm-1/18—11pm-1/20:Moon in Can

11pm-1/20—11pm-1/22:Moon in Leo

11pm-1/22—11pm-1/24:Moon in Vir

11pm-1/24—3am-1/27:Moon in Lib

3am-1/27—10am-1/29:Moon in Sco

10am-1/29—8pm-1/31:Moon in Sag


11:50am, 1/1: 19, Al-Shaulah

12:06pm, 1/2: 20, Al-Na'am

12:48pm, 1/3: 21, Al-Baldah

1:54pm, 1/4: 22, Sa'd al-Dhabih

3:21pm, 1/5: 23, Sa'd Bula

5:07pm, 1/6: 24, Sa'd al-Su'ud

7:07pm, 1/7: 25, Sa'd al-Akhbiyah

9:16pm, 1/8: 26, Al Fargh al-Awwal

11:26pm, 1/9: 27, Al Fargh al-Thani

1:30am, 1/11: 28, Batn al-Hut

3:17am, 1/12: 1, Al-Sharatain

4:38am, 1/13: 2, Al-Butain

5:24am, 1/14: 3, Al-Thurayya

5:29am, 1/15: 4, Al-Dabaran

4:50am, 1/16: 5, Al-Haqa

3:27am, 1/17: 6, Al-Hana

1:23am, 1/18: 7, Al-Dhira

10:43pm, 1/18: 8, Al-Nathrah

7:35pm, 1/19: 9, Al-Tarf

4:06pm, 1/20: 10, Al-Jabhah

12:27pm, 1/21: 11, Al-Zubrah

8:45am, 1/22: 12, Al-Sarfah

5:12am, 1/23, 13, Al-Awwa

1:54am, 1/24, 14: Al-Simak

11:02pm, 1/24: 15, Al-Ghafr

8:41pm, 1/25: 16, Al-Zubana

6:56pm, 1/26: 17, Al-Iklil

5:51pm, 1/27: 18, Al-Qalb

5:27pm, 1/28: 19, Al-Shaulah

5:41pm, 1/29: 20, Al-Na'am

6:29pm, 1/30, 21, Al-Baldah

7:46pm, 1/31, 22, Sa'd al-Dhabih


8am, 1/1: Zuben Eschamali

3am, 1/2: Toliman

11pm, 1/2: Antares

11am, 1/3: Ras Algethi

January 2019 : Feasts, Holidays, Traditions

Jan 5: Epiphany eve

Jan 6: Epiphany

Jan 20: St. Agnes eve

Jan 21: St. Agnes day

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