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The week dawns with an upshift in energy, as the Moon moves into her second quarter phase in pisces, conjoining Neptune shortly after. This may touch upon a bodily or emotional fantasy, maybe even a heavy dream you awake from that laces the mood of your life, like young Alex’s moloko plus. The investigative or others that are looking for a jump on what’s to come might try to keep the essence of whatever emerges into the lunar faculties held in mind, as it is one of the initial strings that get caught in this week’s piquant, salacious and even Rabelaisian, weaveries.

Jupiter rolls into Scorpio’s second decan, directing attentions away from the appetite for philosophies of desire, depravity and transgressive transformation to the engagement of the acts themselves to achieve the coherence, understanding and attainment of knowledge from such experiences. This may arrive in intensive partnerships where you are able to drink gnosis from one another, where collaborations push through barriers of intimacy into the colloids-cocktail so that with the introduction of knew chromosomal serum you may catalyst mutual metamorphosis. History, especially the history of art, is full of such exemplary relationships: Herzog and Kinski, Bowie and Iggy, Willy and Waylon, Warhol and Morrissey, Chris and Cosey…

The inception of such an alliance might feel like a lunar upshift into a mood of fantasy, and indeed, it is corroborated by Venus’ trine to Chiron, which may have people attempting healing and letting go of restrictions through dissolving into games of glamour and weaving webs of seduction. This may be tantalizing yet tender territory, but, as the season suggests, it is not an ordeal if it is not uncomfortable and does not contain the possibility of failure.

This of course includes life altering sexual collaborations, especially of the magickal variety, but is by no means restricted to this, at least explicitly; it might be hard to dismiss those themes completely from whatever the collaboration is constructed on, even if literal copulation of some kind is far from employed.


At 2am (EST) which will probably feel much more like the evening of the 27th, Mercury conjoins Saturn in late Sagittarius. Our lips tingle and tongue waves to the beat of translation, communication of what steps MUST be taken to urgently complete tasks that arrive us at long standing goals. Mandatory messages and motivational soliloquies that organize weary work within restrictions of final steps toward ultimate accomplishment. This has everything to do with the past year’s transformation of life structure in order to install the infrastructure of greater individual freedom. This is likely a critical moment in the renovation and re-design of our foundations and fundamental architectures, a pivotal point in the redirection of our life trajectories. Mercury often finds gates, ports and hatch-holes in Saturn’s formidable boundaries. They are specifically defined and fit only to particular co-ordinates, but they are the keys of passage beyond seemingly insurmountable obstacles, so ultimately, they are worth the detours.

Their conjunction normally has a writing and research connotation, although, no dignity is available to Mercury here, Saturn is supported by resources of decan and triplicity. If you must chain yourself to a desk and get some sort of writing, communication or research project done, this would be a time to lock into such a groove.


The Moon’s conjunction with Uranus on the thirtieth might trigger uneasy feelings about the first day of December’s dramatic events. Around 5am (EST) Venus ingresses into Sagittarius where affections become contagion, and you may catch from others attractions to passion, love of aesthetic philosophies or the ecstasy of vibrant ideas. What’s most infectious is people’s fervor, zeal and ardor for explorations, expeditions, missions and pilgrimages. Falling in love with the object of someones penance you follow in the steps and genuflections of their path. Simultaneously Mars in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries: upheaval in the universal equilibrium, especially around social dynamics and relationships. The tower card landing as a plasma bursting UFO into communal courts and world civic equipoise, discharging of immortal fire from individual caches of pure will, which opposes intemperate lusts and may aggravate to invitation vengeful wrath. The “Do Not Disturb” sign does no good here, the door comes crashing down and a volatile redecorator rushes in. Incroyable! and whatever other slogan banter of the nadsat.

the combination of Venus’ ingress and the besiegement of her sign looks like eruptions of affectionate high ideals taken to extremes, resulting in romantic revolutions of all kinds, social, personal and political. A barrage of french films flood my mind. This is not unlike the romantic elements of the Paris Commune of 1871, bridging rationalist agenda with the Querelle erotico fixation on tobacco spittle and sweat clinging to chest hair, switch the genders and sexual symbolisms if need be; Sturm und Drang out canvasing. What Tower gets captured and what tumult follows depends on where this all falls in your chart, but whether its introverted or extroverted turmoil there will surely be a whole lotta shakin goin on. The Moon at this point will be waxing strong in venus’ sign of Taurus which is her exaltation, applying at least a body felt lunar organic rhythm to the greater volatile array. You might be able to hold down and wear the calm found in the storm by engaging with whatever house you have Taurus in.

Amidst this madness the Sun enters the second decan of Sagittarius, switching the stress on the volition and intent of the virtuous crusader from the swiftness of the sprinters first steps to the ongoing courage which resonates from those able to take on the harnessing of resources, the synthesization of anatomically varied models, the centering of ourselves as questing characters.


It all keeps coming down as we have by the 2nd four planets in Sagittarius with its ruler, Jupiter, in Scorpio in a trine to neptune: Scorpionic philosophies of mutual transformation and intense intimate partnerships of mutual learning harmonized to thresholds of tone that invoke fantasies, cascades of imagination, enchanting illusions, profound hallucination and so on, be they from the recesses of our psyches, the sinews of our loins, or from the scenarios of celluloid. Jupiter hosting Mercury, Saturn, the Sun and Venus in Sagittarius colors the quest with the visceral paints of Scorpio; midnight shades, cavern phosphorescence and pigments of blood garnish the crusaders and furnish their chariots. Adventures of death/rebirth interchange, the congregations of boatman’s stirrings as distant hounds bellow over the fog clutched water; far-striding sexo-magical collaborations with heavy intent, and the gnosis quaffed from such grails sought. Hallmarks of high Crowleanity come to mind: The Whole Of The Law as a byproduct of the Great Work, the path of IAO.

Dionysian elements are coherent at this time philosophically, but never the less, mundane sight becomes impaired even if visions of deeper states and ideal futures loom large. The Sun square to Neptune induces hallucinatory/fantasy elements that maybe cause a bit of confusion or delusion of what the true intention of the quest even is or ever was. This is commonly symptomatic of crusades, but a very explicit element of this one. Ironically, Mercury then turns retrograde at 7pm (EST) and a deluge of communication reversals, technological and technical complications, upsets in travel, the return of forgotten or lost details and ideas which drip and pour from the causal machinery like loosed lubrication; Mercury has stepped away from his post and begun his dive beneath the Earth’s surface, and in his absence all issues surrounding the restrictions and obstacles associated with the final stages of accomplishing goals and restructuring our lives for the sake of more individual freedom get thrown into organizational disarray. As usual, we might consider the set backs, rewinds and rewrites that occur during this period as pivotal junctures to how the eventual artifact had to form, as post-Christian’s are fond of saying “everything happens for a reason.”, which is highly debatable, but in the wake and aftermath of a Mercurial redux it often does appear that way.

Further augmenting this is the Moon in Gemini opposite Venus in Sagittarius. The overbrimming vessel of dazzling information and glimmering curiosities attracting people toward infectiously and wildly dizzying amounts of fascinating information and inspiring, beautiful ideas which overload us with amazing facts that add up to bewildering revelations. We are coming full circle to Venus’ contagion of fancy, and it is likely that some social media blitzes are celestially scheduled for the 2nd, setting new trends afloat. This is also the night of the most waxing visible Moon (as the Full Moon occurs at 11 am the following day) The interplay between planets and signs portends a chaotic, explosive, volatile, inspiring, revolutionary, and confusing period; similar to the cultural upheaval and spiritual fire which tends to surround certain protest movements, but as this is now with Jupiter in Scorpio, there is a much more personally intimate and possibly Occult nature to it all, occult both in its literal and etymological sense of that which is hidden and secret.

There is high Probability that the media will point its periscope at the movements and mutations emitting lava out of the layers of the “#metoo” narrative. The sexual philosophies and magical reactions to traumatic intimacies and the revolutionizing of new desires and visions of the world that are restricted by the slow pace of time but irregardless reach through the skeleton of societal structure with communication of fantastical and imaginative alternatives. With Neptune’s double involvement it would not be surprising if actual footage and acts caught on tape become a prominent component of the dialogue.

It is worth noting once more the intricate interplay of planets and signs: Saturn, Mercury retrograde, the Sun, and Venus all in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, who is currently in Scorpio and will be trine Neptune in Pisces which Jupiter rules; Scorpio is ruled by Mars, who is in detriment in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries, which Mars rules; the Full Moon in Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury, who is currently in detriment, retrograde and conjunct Saturn. This is a wild weave of interplay that spells out a very complicated overlapping and braiding of life’s elements. Everything might seem to have something to do with everything else. Synergetic but also sticky, a sticky situation that is also revolutionary. it was the best of times it was the worst of times. It’s a much different aesthetic/situation altogether but I can’t help not think of analogues to the height of acid rock and the Vietnam protest era and how it was also a cultural explosion of love, sex, violence, outrage, expression and mind altering drugs that dramatically transformed culture.

Do disloyal clowns hunt for the haunted in the pitted cave walls where the jewels of souls are set; encrusted with petrified florets and fruits that erupt like nuclear experiments from the deserts of our tender organ’s beds; when splayed open in rushing rivers of blood, with hysteria wandering away with our wombs, or at least the member of our finer faculties that murders our minds and mounts us in madness, turning around and around in the bed believing we are standing up or rotating like a music box that has no tune save the cacophony and cackling of crows and asylum riots? What has or can or will our world become, if we might or may take it back, pocket it or slip it in our purse, pilfering the parts we want and discarding the crust and dross by scraping it off with a finger nail or pocket knife out the omnibus window as the collective crowd clings to what handholds are available to save them from slipping and sliding down the gullet of the precipice? They, mountaineers and poets, that ascend tug their children and proteges in tow; the flotsam and jetsam of conglomerate tastes, all like twitching flies that spent too long in lover’s webs and are starved of broth and heart; if only they could sip and suckle from the cracked open end of divine marrow and be thence lustral washed would be their manes so the entire smokescreen in their palms made them flags that they might leave upon summits set on crag-top flats the spreads that summon sybilliae from nowhere so wishes may be granted. The warbling throats of loons, and thumping hearts of herons may do best to seal the season with wax of blood and fire, the seal pressed into the scarlet circle saved for futures guests who are now but vessels waiting for fulfillment.

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